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Subject: Air Unit Hunks (11) This is a purely fictional story about several of the men that had come to work on the air and cooling issue I recently had. Long story short. I had moved into a new home recently. And soon found a few issues with the place. Mostly minor. Until the air unit started leaking. This story is for all the hunks involved in the placement of the air unit. From the hot guy with the best quote and the chosen company, to the beefy studs that put in the unit. Again only fiction. And a shame couldn’t have even one of these hot hunks. Hope you all enjoy…. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Air Unit Hunks (11) Double Test… … It was some months later when I was sitting at home and there was a knock at my door. I was in the middle of dinner when the annoying knock came. I got up and then went to open the door. I did and looked out there to see Andrew and Tim from the air conditioner company standing there at my door. Both the hot guys i had had sex with. I didn’t know why they were here, except an assumption of more sex. “Him. Hello” I said to them oddly “How can i help you guys?” Andrew smirked at me and then he just moved on in. Pushing me aside as he and the hotter Tim came in. Tim winked at me as he stepped in behind his boss. “You know why we are here” Andrew then said in a commanding voice. “I want sex.” He added “And I know Tim here would love to get at that hole again” Andrew then just began to put clothes off. Waiting little time in relieving himself if the confines of his clothes. His meaty body soon out. Tim then followed suite and removed his shirt too. I was then standing there before the kocaeli escort two got men. Andrew then ordered me to do the same. To get naked as he now went to his pants to get them off. He was sure ready for the upcoming sex. I watched as he hefted his package just as he undid the pants he had on. Then pulled them down. Taking his underwear with them. Out fell his big ole dick. “Fuckk!” I huffed as I saw him I was soon tearing my own clothes off as he wanted. Then I looked over at Tim. He was now down to just his underwear. And showing of a nice bulge. Andrew grabbed at his huge dick and played with it some. Swinging it back and forth, side to side and slapping the massive tube into his palm. Then he moved in closer to me. And again ordering me to service him. “Now. On her knees” he commanded. “Service this fucker” I kicked off my shirts and then dropped to my knees for him and the hot hairy Tim. I looked at the two delicious forms of maleness. Both had very nice bodies. One big and hunky, the other more average but a gay mans hairy dream. I reached to Andrews huge schlong. Wrapping my fingers around him. It had been a bit, but I remembered his big thick cock ohh soo well. I stroked at the mighty shaft a few times. Licking at my lips as I moved in closer. I then did as he wanted and opened my mouth over his dick. Sliding down several thick inches. He moaned in delight as he moving over his big and growing cock “Yeah man. That is what I wanted” he said “Best fucking cock sucker” “Right Tim” Tim looked down ad he saw me slurping up and down hus bosses enormous dick. He was already very excited by the growing bulge in his boxer briefs. He rubbed at it as kocaeli escort bayan I slobbered on Andrew I looked over to see the gorgeous hairy man man nect to my object of current work. I reached for him. First running my fingers up to his gorgeous chest. Feeling that delicious fur under my fingers. The feel of him gad me all the hungrier for sex. I slurped more intently in andrews huge dick as it was pointing upwards in getting to full mast. Then as I sucked on him I brought my hand down from Tim’s awesome chest and down his body and to the now throbbing hard im still trapped in his briefs. Rubbing at his confined dick. “Now me man” he said So I did as the hot hairy man wanted. I pulled off the schlong in my fave and then moved over to his crotch. First I kissed the hard covered dick. Then i pulled down his underwear. Letting his rock hard dick out to play. He wasn’t as big as his friend and boss. But he was delicious nonetheless. I swooped in and took Tim’s dick into my hungry mouth now. I heard his moan above me as he felt my lips surround and suck on him “Ohh fuck yeah baby” he cooed “That is such a great mouth” I was quickly to just slurp and slobber on his tasty dick. Moving over his cock at a faster pace as it was less of a threat to my throat that Andrew was. Not to mention that he was far more gentle in sex than the beast his boss was. Andrew was in it to ruin and destroy, that was his enjoyment. Tim wanted us both to enjoy it. His hand caressed my head and hair. Gently pushing his dick at my head as I worshiped it. But Andrew wanted back in my mouth. He ordered Tim out and the man did as he was told. I turned to andrew and he grabbed my head and slammed izmit escort his huge cock into my throat on first go. This of course produced the horrible gag. But he didn’t care. All he wanted was his pleasure. “Fuck. Awe fuck yeah man” he growled “Pussy fucking whore”. “ big cock. Eat it faggot ” He humped and shoved his huge dick repeatedly into my throat. Choking me over and over again. Meanwhile as I was sucking on him I felt a hand at my lower back. It was Tim. He was now behind me. Caressing my back and head as I was face raped by his boss. “That’s good” he said “Just suck it man”. Then I felt his fingers move down and to my butt. And then I heard hus spit. Then the fingers changed to wet ones. And he was at my hole. Then the got bear if a man thrust two digits into my hole. I groaned on the huge dick in my face. And Andrew moaned too. “Yeah Bitch. Yess” he moaned “Soo good” He saw his buddy fucking my ass with his fingers. Opening me up for more fun. I moaned more as Tim fucked me with them. I felt his awesome chest behind me as he moved in close. His lips close to my head and ears. “Do You want me to fuck you?” He then said I was able to pull off Andrew’s dick and then say a resounding ‘yes’ to Tim. I did want this hit hairy man in my ass again. His cock was big but not painfully so. And I liked hos he felt in me the last time. So him crouched down behind me and he brought that hard dick back to my now very wanton hole. I felt him bck there as he presented his cock to my ass. His hot body pressing near mine. I was almost desperate for him as I went back down on the horse dick before me. I pushed my ass to Tim as it begged for dick. “So you want it then?” He asked “Mm hmm” I hummed on the cock in my mouth “Great then. Here you go baby” And woth that Tim thrust into my ass…. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ To be continued

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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