Alex, the Good Son Ch. 05

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Big Tits

I was sitting on the beach with a large group of men, staring at the calm sea.

All of a sudden we saw dark hair starting to surface above water, slowly moving toward us.

As the head became visible, I recognize my mom…

She was strolling in the tiny waves, totally oblivious to our presence!

Her nude body was gradually appearing above the whitish foam… A true goddess!

“Mom, I’m here!”

More and more of her body was revealed…

Her pretty face… loose wet hair… statuesque body… shapely neckline… curvaceous breasts swaying gently from side to side… her flat muscular tummy… beautifully proportioned hips…

I felt my cock begin to throb… I wanted to touch her, but she was still far away…

All the men around me were watching mom. They were cheering and clapping their hands enthusiastically.

She ignored them completely and continued her slow walk along the beach.

I stood up, pushed some people out of my way and ran after her.

“Mom, wait for me!…”

She turned to me with a wicked smile, “Son, see if you can catch me…”

I increased the pace with my erection leading the way. But the faster I ran, the farther away she was…

“Mom, wait for me, I love you!…”

I woke up feeling a soft hand touching my face.

“Alex, are you OK? you were rolling in bed and making strange sounds… Did you have a bad dream?!…”

“Oh, never mind, I’ll tell you later…”

Mom lifted the blanket on my side and my woodie revealed itself with all his glory…

“So my horny son was having a sexual dream! Now I get it… Sorry to have waken you up…”

“Mom, I was dreaming about you!!! Can I fuck you now, please?…”

“Hey buddy, is this the way to talk to your sweet little mother?… Aren’t you ashamed of yourself???…”

Then she got out of bed and stood… NAKED! in front of me.

“Mom, you slept in the nude…”

“Yes, I did. At one point during the night I was too hot and removed my gown. I was able to fall asleep, but I woke up early, feeling itchy between my legs… It didn’t feel like an infection or other pathologic issue. It felt like emptiness that needed a robust filling… I still have the same ‘missing something’ down there… you are a good son. Would you take care of it for me?!…”

Is this the mother I always cherished, but never before dared to think of her other than helpful, gentle, nice…?

I didn’t have much time to think. She jumped in bed, hugged me and her hard nipples poked me…

“Mom, your sexy talk and sexier body make me crazy! I am losing all my manners with you… I am trying my best to control myself, but I want you to know that the last thing I want to do is make love to you!!! I have the urge to FUCK YOU HARD RIGHT HERE AND NOW!…”

“As a weak old lady, I don’t think that I’ll be able to defend myself against a large bully like you… So I give up… Use my body as you wish for your pervert desires…”

In less than a minute her legs were on my shoulders, I was kneeling against her pussy, and my flagpole buried inside her wet cunt. I stayed there for few seconds, letting her vagina expand appropriately and then pounded her slow and hard a couple of times.

She whispered, “My itch is going away… You are so strong!…”

“Mom, I want your honey before letting you cum!…” She remained silent.

I removed my cock from her love box and descended on her gorgeous body.

On my way down I stopped to pinch and softly bite her perky tits.

She moaned, “Your body feels so good…”

I spread her legs further, forcing her to expose the inner labia. The sopping pink lips looked so enticing…

I kissed them and sucked the nectar! Ah, the taste!…

Mom’s body jolted slightly.

I licked all around her pussy. I wanted to get as much honey as I could…

Then I inserted 2 fingers inside and collected additional juice.

Her pelvis began shaking against my face and hand, “Please Alex, I am ready now… Give it to me!…”

My fingers remained inside her snatch, gently rubbing the front wall of her vagina.

I raised my head, “Venus, no lovemaking here! I want to fuck the hell out of you!!! You wish to have my cock inside your cunt? You better ask for it NICELY!…”

Whimpering, “Please, Sir. Would you please insert your huge beautiful cock inside my hungry pussy…”

“You are so horny, that you behave like a real slut!”

“Yes! I am your slut-mother! Please, PLEASE FUCK ME NOW! I can’t take it anymore…”

I moved up, pushed my tumescent organ to the hilt and started shoving it at high speed.

As her orgasm was fast approaching, I bit her nipple and gently inserted my middle finger into her saliva surrounded puckered hole.

Mom’s body abruptly stopped in it’s tracks and then şişli escort she exploded…

Her body was quivering uncontrollably, her thumb in her mouth and her other hand squeezing painfully her suffering tit…

Then her mouth opened wide and alarming screams echoed in the room.

I felt sorry for our neighboring guests and covered her mouth with my lips, slipping my tongue down her throat.

Suddenly I felt a jet stream against my lower tummy and my sac. Mom just squirted…

I kept pounding mercilessly her tortured body for 15 minutes.

During all that time her involuntary movements continued.

She was experiencing ‘status orgasmicus’…

The thought of ME being able to bring mom to such a high level climax was the last straw for me too…

My spunk gushed inside her vagina like an overflowing river, threatening to drown her womb…

When I was done, I fell to her side, trying to recover.

Mom was still in a daze for almost half an hour.

Checking that mom was OK, I touched her tummy. Her body shook.

I waited few more minutes.

At last her eyes opened and I saw a big smile.

“What was that?!… Did you try to show me heaven or just kill me?…”

“I love you mom!…”

“I’ve never in my life experienced something like that before… When your father was younger, we experimented with… how shall I say it… wild things, but NEVER EVER I felt like this before!!! Where did you learn these sexual techniques? Were you in Amsterdam visiting Xaviera Hollander?…”

“Mom, Xaviera is almost 80 years old now! Long time ago I read one of her books about ‘sexual positions’. Nowadays everybody can watch porn for free and get instructions on-line…”

“Son, to say it bluntly – You became a great motherfucker!…”

I laughed, “The mom I used to have in the past would murder me or at least put me in jail for even just thinking about doing what I did…”

“Well Alex, I think that your former mother died weeks ago. She is now buried and done with… I know that we may be exaggerating these days here in this resort, but we can still be free of guilt or remorse for few more days… Let’s enjoy now while we can!… BTW, I am famished, how about you?”

“Let’s dress up and have breakfast.”

The breakfast buffet was again beyond our expectation.

Just imagine in addition to the usual stuff there were 7 types of Herring and Matthias, 10 kinds of cheeses from all over the world, 8 different oysters, 20 large bowls of variety salads… Add these to a long table filled with exotic fruits… You get my drifts?…

Mom sighed, “If we continue pigging out in the restaurants around here, no exercise will help… Not even our morning world record shattering activity…”

Mom filled her large plate with an assortment of salads & Herring and stood by the coffee machine.

She filled it almost to the rim and turned sideway to add a touch of milk.

As her hand was moving, she hit somebody’s chest and the hot coffee was all spilled over… the older guy we saw on the beach the day before!

Mom froze for a moment and then mumbled, “I am so sorry… I was careless… If you take it off and put on another shirt, I’ll clean it for you as soon as possible…”

He smiled pleasantly at mom and with a noticeable French accent said, “Madame, it was only a small mistake. I’ll take care of it later. But you still owe me, so we will call it even if the two of you join MY table…”

Mom gazed at my reaction. I nodded ‘YES’.

He led us to a table of 4, that was near one of the windows.

He was a tall man, taller than me by about 2″, but less ‘stacked’. If my body would be described as a typical footballer, his body would fit a long distance swimmer. His head was covered with an impressive silver hair.

As a man myself it was difficult for me to assess his degree of ‘handsomeness’. But he was at least ‘OK’…

Once we reached his table he pulled backwards mom’s chair, let her sit and then gently pushed it back in place.

Next he introduced himself, “My name is Alexandre, and yours?”

“I am Sandro and this lady is Venus…”

He chuckled, “Somebody here is into art, especially painting…”

I smiled, but wasn’t sure how to answer.

“You see, the most famous picture of Venus was created by Sandro Botticelli. The second most known picture of her was painted by a French guy by the name of Alexandre Cabanel who lived, I’d say, around 1830. My father, who was a painter, admired his style and named me after him…”

Mom, “What an amazing story and coincidence… And what do YOU do for living?”

“I am a painter too. In the last 20 years I’d come to the Caribbean’s every year for 2 months. It relaxed my mind and occasionally offered new inspiration for my next mecidiyeköy escort set of paintings…”

“Do you have a favorite subject for your paintings or you decide on a whim?!…”

“Occasionally I see a scenery that I find especially interesting, but most of the time I paint women.”

“Do you mean unique faces of women? Models showing the latest fashion? Gaugin style women?…”

“Actually I do mostly nudes. If you are interested, after breakfast you can come with me and I’ll show you my latest painting.”

I looked at mom, “Would you like to see it?”

“Sure, why not…”

When we were done, Alexandre guided us to his nice suite on the 4th floor.

As we entered, he blurted, “Here under the sheet you’ll see the painting. Let me change my shirt and I’ll be back with you soon.”

I lifted the cover. Both mom and I gasped in unison…

It showed the back of mom as she was leaning on on her side on the blanket!…

On the beach the day before Alexandre was watching mom giving me head while on her side, just like in the picture, but here only mom was displayed… No sexual activity or even me in the painting…

The delicate paintbrush strokes were very flattering to mom’s body – One could recognize her scapular indentations, the slightly wrinkled waist due to her position on the sand, mom’s full dark hair floating in the light breeze…

I loved the picture!

“Mom, what do you think?”

“Is this really the way I look from the back? It’s a beautiful painting… When he was watching us, he didn’t have painting equipment with him, so his memory must be exceptional!”

Alexandre came out of the bathroom. He was now wearing a tight tee shirt that highlighted his sculpted body (in spite of his advanced age, I might add…).

‘Well guys, what do you think?…”

Mom, “The painting is amazing. I saw you looking at us on the shore, but I didn’t spot a paint brush…”

“Madame, when I see an object that raises my curiosity, and especially if it excites me… I try to memorize as many details as I can to put it on canvas later. Your body is not too young or immature like so many skinny models! I consider YOUR body to be the ‘ideal femininity’. I hope that painting you without permission does not offend you… But as you see, I did not include Sandro, the actual sex or even your face, so only you and I know the truth about the identity of the picture’s subject…”

Mom, “Alexandre, God gave you a gift.”

Me, “Can we buy the painting from you?…”

“Actually, last night I called a famous gallery in Paris and told them that I made another picture for them. I promised to ship tonight! But if you are interested, I’ll be happy to paint 2 more pictures of you for free. You’ll take the one you choose and I’ll hang the other one near it’s ‘sister’ at the Paris gallery. Is this a deal?…”

Mom was thrilled…

Alexandre smiled, “Ok then. If you pose for me in the afternoon, either today or tomorrow, we could start… In the meantime, the day is nice and sunny. I was thinking about going to one of the pools and the adjacent jacuzzi. I’d be honored if you two join me.”

Mom, “Sandro, we didn’t plan our day yet. Unless you have a better idea, I’d go to the pool too…”

Mom was saying it nonchalantly, but it was obvious to me that she was interested…

“OK Alexandre. We’ll go to our room first, prepare our stuff and meet you there in 20 minutes.”

He smiled, “Here you do not need much… Most people are naked! You can carry a small bag with a cellphone if you need one, your room key, a wallet, hat, sunglasses and sunblock lotion…”

Mom blushed, “See you there…” And we were on our way to our room.

In the room mom laughed, “This handsome painter saw me naked… giving head to a young stud… And he was able to remember all those details…”

“He wasn’t just memorizing the details of your backside… He became very aroused himself and masturbated right there!… I guess in France they are less conservative than most Americans!”

Mom left the room wearing one of her barely-there bikinis and I had my Speedo on.

When we arrived, Alexandre was sitting in the jacuzzi. He pointed to 2 empty places to his right.

Mom and I removed our swimsuits and entered the hot ‘boiling’ water.

Getting our body to adjust to the water took a minute or so.

Alexandre was staring blatantly at moms ample boobs, “Venus, your breasts are marvelous! I would love to paint them… They are among the best looking ones I’ve ever seen! And trust me, I’ve seen many in my lifetime…”

Mom blushed profusely and moved closer to me. I hugged her from behind and she leaned on my chest.

“You two look like a very cute couple! In America it may be unusual to have much younger man escort istanbul with older woman, you call it ‘cougar’, right? But in France it is very common. Look at our president Macron and his wife.

Venus, your face really looks like what a goddess would like, and your body is stunning!…So age difference is meaningless.” He smiled at me, “In fact, if Venus was not YOUR girl, I might be tempted to try my luck, even though I am much older than her…”

Mom blushed again. She seemed to be falling for his charming demeanor…

Mom, “Alexandre, do French people learn in school how to compliment ladies or you acquired it by yourself?”

“Madame, in your case it’s not a compliment. It’s a true fact. Here…” He raised himself above the water and his circumcised engorged cock appeared in front of her startled eyes.

It was slightly thinner, but longer than mine…

Mom was speechless. She turned her crimson face in my direction.

I hugged her tighter and kissed her softly on her red lips, “Alexandre is just proving to you that he wasn’t lying…”

“I know!…”

“Guys, I can bring a waterball, do you care to play catch in the pool?”

“Venus, interested?”

“Let’s try. You men are probably in better shape than me, so I’ll likely get tired of the game before you.”

We went to one of the smaller pools. No other guests were in. Alexandre brought a big yellow ball.

“Sandro, you are the youngest, so Venus and I will throw the ball to each other first and you’ll try to catch it. Whoever’s throw is missed will be in the middle next.”

Alexandre was a good baller and I was never even close to catch one thrown by him. But mom was shorter than me and was struggling to move sideways each time she had the ball.

Pretty soon, for Alexandre and me the ball game lost it’s luster and became a secondary issue… We were focusing our eyes on mom’s voluptuous tits, that were juggling freely with every move of hers…

In the beginning, she wasn’t aware of the direction of our eyes.

When mom eventually noticed our stare, she stopped for a moment, but then she continued, jumping even higher and cheerfully declared, “You naughty guys can peek as much as you want. In the meantime I am winning!…”

I said, “Venus, that is not fair! your amazing tits are in front of our eyes all the time and we get distracted. Our junk is in the water, so you have nothing to sidetrack your mind…”

Mom started laughing hard and almost slipped over.

I caught her from behind, covered her tits with my palms and said to Alexandre, “This will be a much more fair game. Your brain won’t be put off by these boobs and I’ll enjoy a much better ‘play’ myself…”

Alexandre, “That’s only ‘half fair’… A ‘complete fair’ would be if both of us have the same privileges…”

I looked at mom, “Alexandre argument has some logic to it… What do you think?” Then I kissed her.

I began to massage her breast, then went for her hard nipple. I twisted it and she moaned in my mouth.

I turned mom 180 degrees. Now my erect cock was sitting in her crack and both my hands were exploring her tits. She closed her eyes.

Both her hands were hanging by her sides. I released one of her tits and pulled her hand backwards toward my hardness.

Alexandre was watching us up close. He was sitting about 4 feet from us with one of his hands under water…

I whispered in her ear, “Alexandre would love it if you invite him to celebrate with us your sexy body…

Don’t you wish to feel two aroused cocks in your hands rather than one?…

You wanted to feel free here. This is a chance in a lifetime to play with 2 men…”

Her voice revealed her lust, “It’s crazy! Are you sure about it? I want you badly and I can’t think right now. You decide…”

I signaled to Alexandre to come closer.

He stood few centimeters from her, examining her dazed face expression.

Her hand was now squeezing my cock extremely hard. She didn’t want to let go.

I gently moved her free hand forward until it met his pole.

I wrapped her small hand around it and helped her slowly move up and down.

She kept her eyes shut, but her hand was now moving on his cock without my help.

I gazed at him and pointed to her ‘less used’ tit.

He touched it softly. Mom’s body shivered for several seconds.

Her breathing rate increased and her heart was racing 100 miles per hour…

Alexandre bent his head and sucked on her nipple.

She sighed, removed her palm from my cock and pulled Alexandre’s head into her soft breast…

Then I noticed a group of people on the way to our area.

I grabbed mom’s shoulders and backed her away from him.

They both looked confused.

“Too many people are coming in this direction… Later in the afternoon Alexandre can start painting you… Then if the mood is right, we may decide on other activities too…”

Alexandre took mom’s hand and kissed it gently, “Lady, you really ARE Venus! The goddess of beauty and love!… Children, I’ll see you in my suite at 3 pm!”

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