All Girl Family Reunion Ch. 01

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The first of Mallory’s relatives were arriving for the Christmas holiday. This year her family would be hosting all of her cousins and aunts for two weeks as they arrived from other cities and towns across the state. Mal was 22 and just starting her winter break from her final year at the nearby arts college, and was looking forward to seeing her family, most of whom lived too far away to visit regularly.

That day her two cousins, Jill and Candice would be arriving, with their mother Leslie. Jill was 2 years older than Mal. She had just finished university and was living at home while she job hunted. Her sister, Candace, also lived at home and was studying her second year at the local community college.

They would be joining Mal along with her younger sister, Lizzie, who was just a year younger, and her mother Debra in time for dinner, which the three women were busily preparing. As Mallory put the last of the dishes out on the table, her mother spotted their relatives pulling into the driveway.

“They’re here!” she said excitedly, rushing to the door to greet them. Her daughters joined her as she opened the door.

“Hi girls! Welcome! Mal, Liz, help your cousins with their bags!” Debra said. Mallory and Lizzie stepped out to the driveway, helping Jill and Candice haul their luggage from the trunk, while Leslie walked up to hug her sister. “Thanks so much for having us!” she enthused, holding her little sister at arms length and smiling warmly.

“Jeez, what did you pack in here, rocks?” Lizzie exclaimed, struggling with one of the larger bags.

“Worse than that, Jill couldn’t bear to go anywhere without at least a dozen books to read!” Candace laughed, rolling her eyes as she reached out to help her cousin.

“Hey, they’re not all for me! I thought Mal would enjoy a few of them while we’re here!” Her big sister exclaimed, looking cheerfully at Mallory. The two girls were definitely the bookworms of the family.

“Cool, thanks! You always have such good taste in books!” Mal replied, taking her big cousin’s arm as they walked back to the house.

That evening, the 6 women spent hours catching up, laughing and sipping wine until quite late. Finally, Debra stood and stretched.

“Well, you ladies must be very tired from your trip. I think it’s time we head to bed soon. We’ve got another group to welcome in the morning!” she said, gathering up the empty glasses. She was right. Her other sister, Laura, was due to arrive with her three girls, Tiffany, Nikki and Jessica no later than 9 o’clock. The others helped her clean up, and they said their good nights.

That night Jill and Candice would be bunking together in the spare basement room, right next to Mallory’s. Lizzie would be staying in her room upstairs until the rest of the family arrived, and Debra would share her bed with Leslie.

A few minutes later, when Candace entered the guest room after brushing her teeth, Jill was already under the covers, her back to the door. Both girls were dressed for bed in panties and tank tops. Candace smiled, turned out the light, and crawled in to bed next to her. She spooned herself against her big sister, sliding her hand along the older girl’s naked thigh under the blanket. Jill let out a small gasp, looking back into Candace’s eyes and whispered:

“Candace, we shouldn’t… not while we’re here…” To Candace, though, Jill’s voice didn’t sound very convincing, and so she continued, back up the thigh, until she was reaching around to touch Jill’s panty-clad mons. Jill groaned, opening her thighs slowly and allowing access to her quickly moistening pussy. She still couldn’t believe how hot her sister could get her. She found it impossible to say no to the sexy minx. They had been having a secret affair for weeks now, sleeping together every night, and it was already looking like tonight would be no different!

“Come on, Sis. You’re pussy’s begging for it…” Candace whispered, her breath warm against Jill’s skin. She started to kiss and lick at her sister’s neck, causing Jill to shudder. Candace meanwhile, was slowly beginning to grind her own crotch against her big sister’s ass, her own pussy becoming a swamp of girl juices as well. Jill only sighed, leaning back into her sister, letting her take control. Candace let out a happy giggle, slipping her fingers into Jill’s panties and feeling the heat of her pussy.

The sisters started to grind- Jill against Candace’s invading fingers, and Candace against Jill’s sexy ass. She draped her leg over her sister’s hip, her breath coming quicker as her excitement grew. In minutes, both girls were panting and sweating as their movements grew more Gaziantep Escort intense. They stifled whimpers and groans as their arousal took over. Before long, the bed was shaking as they fucked against each other.

Mallory had just settled into bed, reading the first chapter of one of the books Jill had brought for her. As she read, she began to hear noises through the thin wall separating her from the guest room. She could hear the bed creaking, and assumed her cousins were still settling in and getting comfortable.

She knew she’d be having trouble getting comfortable the following night when she’d be bunking with her sister, and didn’t imagine Jill and Candace liked the situation any more than she would. She tried to ignore the creaks emanating through the wall and get back to her book.

Candace and Jill were slapping their bodies against each other violently now, their sweat soaked skin smacking over and over again as Candace’s drenched pussy scraped across her sister’s hip, and her fingers pummeled Jill’s drooling gash. Their panties were now pushed down to their knees. Both girls were quickly climbing to an intense orgasm.

Panting for air, Jill frantically kicked the covers away, and turned her head, pulling her sister down for an intense kiss. Their wet tongues invading one another’s mouths, both girls squealed in ecstasy, their orgasms exploding and their panties becoming drenched in their gooey ejaculate.

As they came down from their orgasms, they continued their passionate kiss. Both knew they could never be sated with just one orgasm, and Jill was eagerly turning to face her sister, their mouths still clamped tightly together. They fought to pull what little clothing they wore from each other’s sweat drenched bodies, and soon they were tightly embracing, naked skin on naked skin. Jill rolled on top of her sister, and they began to grind again, this time pussy to pussy, their juicy mounds squelching against each other as they made out feverishly.

The sisters’ moans were muffled well enough in this position, their tongues burrowed deep in each other’s mouths, but Jill’s pussy was demanding something harder. She wrenched her lips from her sister’s, Pulling herself up on her knees and scissoring her legs tightly with Candace’s. She grabbed hold of her baby sister’s right leg, grinding herself down hard into her wetness. The humping was suddenly twice as intense, as both girls pushed with every ounce of strength to slap their slippery cunts against each other. Candace reached up, greedily mauling her sister’s sweat coated tits, causing her to moan audibly.

On the other side of the wall, meanwhile, Mallory could clearly hear the bed still creaking, and it seemed to be getting worse. Then she heard something else, something she thought could be described as a moan. She tensed, listening intently for a moment. Then she heard it again, more clearly this time. She blushed, her mind racing as she heard the intimate noises. Unable to stop herself, she decided she’d better investigate, thinking she couldn’t possibly be hearing what she thought she was.

Quietly, she padded barefoot from her room and over to the guest room door. The sounds were much louder out in the hall, and she blushed even redder. It was obvious what was happening. She listened at the door, and could clearly hear two feminine voices, moaning and gasping, and the bed creaking like it would break apart at any minute.

She felt sick to her stomach. Her cousins, fucking each other! It was so sick! And yet, she was still listening intently, her cheeks burning, and her pussy moistening. Her hand slowly drifted to her panties, feeling the warmth of her excitement and her eyes closed, imagining what she would find if she opened the door at that moment.

Suddenly shaking herself back to reality, she pulled her hand from her crotch, and backed away from the door, walking quickly back to her own room. She climbed back into bed, setting her book aside, and turned out the light. What was wrong with her? She decided she would try to get some sleep, and try to forget about the feelings of arousal growing inside her.

Jill and Candice were losing control now, their inhibitions melting in the molten heat of their rubbing pussies. All caution was thrown away as they ground against each other, moaning and calling each other’s names passionately, hurdling towards their second shared climax.

Mal tossed and turned. It seemed like the noises in the next room were only getting louder and more frequent. She couldn’t ignore them, despite her best efforts. Her own pussy was becoming a swampy mess, and she knew she needed Gaziantep Escort Bayan to take care of it.

And so, tentatively, as she listened to the sounds of her cousins’ incestuous tryst, her hand slipped into her soaking panties, and she began to strum excitedly at her clit. The feeling was incredible. She couldn’t remember ever being this turned on! She tried to think of a boy to picture as she fucked herself, but the only image in her mind was that of her naked cousins, grinding their sweaty bodies together. She gasped as she slid her fingers deep inside herself.

‘It must be so sexy’ she thought to herself. ‘And so nasty… they’re sisters… sisters fucking each other… I couldn’t imagine fucking my…’ and then the image in her mind instantly changed. The image was now of her and Lizzie, doing the same thing, exploring the forbidden taboo of lesbian incest.

As soon as the thought entered her mind, she couldn’t get it out again, and her fingers slapped wetly inside her pussy again and again, her hips rising off the mattress as the most overwhelming orgasm of her young life overtook her. She bit down on her free hand to stifle the scream curdling through her vocal chords at the intensity of her release, and then slumped back again into the tangled sheets beneath her.

Even if Mal had cried out as she orgasmed, her cousins wouldn’t have heard her. At that moment they were lost in their own ecstasy, their sweaty thighs clamped tightly around each other as they finally slammed each other with a final orgasm. Jill held on tight to her sister’s leg, convulsing uncontrollably on top of her. Candace was babbling incoherently, her head thrown back and her hips gyrating as her climax shot through her body. The sisters held their strained positions as their orgasms crested, their hot pussies plastered together, spewing juices out into puddles on the sheets.

Finally, they collapsed on the mattress, Jill slumping over next to her sister. They looked at each over through half open eyes, panting heavily, their bodies exhausted. After several minutes, they struggled to move to each other, wrapping their arms around one another and kissing tenderly, before sleep took them.

In the next room, Mallory groaned as she pulled her wet hand from her sticky panties. She licked the juices from her fingers slowly, savoring the taste. The sounds in the other room had finally stopped, and she was ready to pass out. Her mind still filled with images of her cousins and sister, she closed her eyes and fell into a deep sleep.


Mal was quickly brought back to the land of the living early the next morning. There was a loud knock at the door from Debra, followed quickly by her mother poking her head in and calling: “Wake up, sleepy head! Your other cousins are set to arrive in an hour!” Mal groaned as she rolled over. Her mom was already gone, running to wake her sister, no doubt.

As Mal’s brain started functioning again, she started to remember the events from the night before. ‘Oh my God…’ she thought. She could smell the dried pussy juices still stained on her panties. They were now dry and crusty. Disgusted with herself, she quickly got up to shower.

As she headed to the bathroom, the guest room door swung open, and her two cousins, dressed in nothing but t-shirts and panties emerged, arm and arm, whispering and giggling to one another. They smiled at her. “Morning, Mal!” Candice said cheerfully before the two girls disappeared into the downstairs bathroom together. Mal groaned. The sight of their barely covered asses brought her pussy back to life at an alarming speed. Giving her head a shake, she quickly climbed the stairs to claim the upstairs bathroom.

When she got there, her sister was just emerging, wearing nothing but a towel around her chest, her wet hair plastered deliciously to her skin. “Hey, it’s all yours.” She said as she brushed past to her room. “Th-thanks” Mal croaked, her eyes glued to her younger sister’s cleavage. She shook her head and dashed into the bathroom, closing the door tightly.

Downstairs, meanwhile, the sisters were getting more than a little friendly in the shower. Candace had Jill pushed against the wall, water splashing over her impressive breasts. Her baby sister was suckling greedily at her pert nipples and fingering the older girl enthusiastically. Jill moaned, running her hands all over her sister’s body as the younger girl worked her over. Candace’s tongue felt amazing on Jill’s breasts, giving long, hungry licks and slurping up the shower water as it ran down her supple skin. She had three fingers pistoning Escort Gaziantep in and out of the older girl, and her thumb scraped deliciously over her clit. When Jill felt Candace’s other hand slide up her thigh to her ass she shuddered, moaning “F-finger me… i-i-in my ass, Sis!”

Candace smiled around her sister’s tit flesh, obediently reaching around and sliding a wet finger into the tight opening. Jill convulsed against the wall, feeling both of Candace’s hands thrusting into her harder and faster. She was quickly losing the ability to stand, but her baby sis’s body was sandwiching her firmly against the wall. Finally the rapidly pumping fingers and slurping mouth on her nipple drove her over the edge, and the sexy older girl threw her head back, chest heaving against Candace’s lips as an orgasm overtook her. She shook violently against the wall, her hips pushing wildly down against the younger girl’s pussy coated hand.

In the upstairs bathroom, Mallory quickly shed her night clothing. She couldn’t contain herself. Hands trembling, she quickly started the shower and climbed in, her hands already on her body. She fondled her own tits, visions of pussy dancing in her newly depraved mind. The power of her arousal caused her to lean back against the shower wall, both hands sliding wantonly down her wet body to her rapidly moistening opening.

She quickly shoved two fingers into herself with one hand, the other rubbing fiercely against her throbbing button. She gasped, her eyes squeezed shut tight as she worked her pussy over, her slick hips gyrating uncontrollably. Her mind had immediately returned to the sounds from the night before, the image of her cousins locked in a torrid 69, slurping at one another’s drooling gashes. She pictured herself there with them, rolling around in the bed, a tangle of limbs, lips and fingers doing very naughty things to one another. And then, Lizzie was there too…

She exploded in orgasm for the second time in 24 hours, her knees shaking as she struggled to support herself. A strangled cry escaped her lips as she whipped her head back and forth, her fingers pumping her pussy throughout her intense climax.

It was now Candace’s turn to lean against the wall, and her big sister was doing an amazing job between the young girl’s legs. She smiled wickedly down at Jill’s face as she felt the older girl’s tongue sliding over her flesh, running along her pussy and all over her thighs and stomach. Jill quickly settled herself with her tongue nestled between Candace’s pussy lips, lapping at her hungrily.

Candace groaned, her fingers twisted in her sister’s wet hair, her hips pushing out against the invading tongue. Jill quickly slid three fingers into her little sis’s opening, sliding her tongue up to the girl’s clit and sucking it between her teeth. Candace’s hips ground down on the invading fingers, a delighted squeal escaping her lips. “Ooo, Baby, you fuck me so good…” she moaned, looking into her big sis’s lust filled eyes. In response, Jill doubled her efforts, her fingers pumping faster, her lips slurping noisily at Candace’s wetness. Her baby sister groaned again, louder, her face contorting as orgasm claimed her and a flood of juices splashed into Jill’s eagerly waiting mouth.

Mal was amazed at her own stamina! She still couldn’t stop fucking herself! After her first orgasm, she started to lick her juices from her fingers. Tasting her own pussy, she wished she could taste someone else’s, and the thought started her fire all over again.

Now she had turned around, leaning into the wall with one hand, the other one reaching behind her and shoving a finger in her tight asshole. She always reserved ass play for times when she was feeling particularly nasty, and this was certainly one of those! Her anus squelched as her wet finger invaded it repeatedly, and she fantasized again about her and her cousins, now all three of them in this very shower, soaping up each other’s nubile young bodies. As her finger pumped her asshole, her other hand reached up to tweak and pull at her hardened nipples.

In her mind, her cousins had moved on to doing much nastier things to her in the shower than soaping her up. Their hands were all over her body, fingers invading her pussy and ass, tongues lapping at her tits and neck and face. Then suddenly, she imagined the shower curtain being pulled back, her sister standing there staring at her, and she came again, pressing her ass back hard against her finger, pulling her nipple fiercely and pressing her face tightly against the wall.

She cried out again, panting for breath as her hips convulsed, her pussy spewing hot liquid against her inner thighs. She twisted around, scooping up her juices and sucking them into her mouth greedily, then sucking hungrily at the finger she’d been fucking her ass with. She groaned, shivering in the aftermath of her orgasm, before reluctantly snapping herself back to reality and finishing her shower.

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