All Girl Family Reunion Ch. 06

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The next morning, when Lizzie woke she had to shake the cobwebs before she could remember where she was. She looked down and smiled, seeing her sister’s sweet face resting against her shoulder.

Mal’s legs were wrapped tightly around her bare thigh, and her hand was placed firmly over her right breast.

“Mmmm…” she sighed, then put her nose in her sister’s hair, breathing in her scent.

Mal started to wake, her eyes fluttering open. She looked up at Lizzie’s face, confused, then down at their bodies. A smile formed across her lips as the memories flooded back to her, and she snuggled deeper into her sister’s arms.

The girls turned their faces to each other, kissing tenderly. Lizzie’s fingers played in Mal’s hair, and Mal lightly stroked her sister’s bare stomach. The kiss continued, both girls enjoying the feel of soft lips against their own.

Their bodies began to react, waking slowly with the steady build of sexual arousal. Hands began to explore, and tongues pushed past lips as their kissing deepened and their pussies moistened.


In the next room, Candace began to stir, pushing her naked butt back into her sister’s crotch. They were spooning naked together after their own night of incestuous love making.

Candace heard a soft moan coming from the other room, and rolled her eyes, chuckling to herself.

“Hmm? What?” Jill asked groggily, lifting her half sleeping head from the pillow.

“They’re at it again.” Candace replied, rubbing her butt back against her sister’s crotch once more. Jill looked up at the wall behind their heads, and she heard it too. Barely audible, but clearly one of them had just moaned softly. She smiled.

The night before while Candace and Jill fucked each other, they couldn’t help but notice the sounds of their cousins’ love making shaking the walls of the basement. It had inspired some energetic sex between her and Candace, but was nothing compared to the noises exploding from the other room.

“It must be their first time together.” Jill had said, remembering her’s and Candace’s.

Now, in the light of day, Jill was once again getting inspired by her cousins, and she reached around to cup one of Candace’s soft breasts.

“What do you say we pay our dear cousins a visit?” she suggested, leaning over to place a kiss on the younger girl’s shoulder. Candace grinned back at her.

“An excellent idea.” she said. The two climbed from the bed, walking naked out into the hall.


Mal and Lizzie were making out heavily now. Mal was pushing her sister into the bed, with the full weight of her body, their legs rubbing deliciously. She started to drag herself down Lizzie’s torso, her tongue running along the nape of her neck, traveling across her chest, past her stomach, until she was once again pushing it against the slick folds between her thighs.

As she began to lap earnestly at Lizzie’s pussy lips, the younger girl twisted her fingers in her hair, holding her in place. Mal let out a muffled moan against Lizzie’s hot slit, slurping at it hungrily.

Lizzie started grinding herself hard into Mal’s face, an orgasm already quickly approaching.

As Mal began pushing a finger into Lizzie’s slit, the door suddenly swung open, and Jill and Candace, completely naked, bounded into the room.

Both sisters jumped, pulling away from each other quickly in surprise, but it was pointless trying to hide what they were doing.

Jill and Candace feasted their eyes on the sight before them, and smiled at one another. Their cousins looked delectable, naked and sweaty, their hair tousled and their lips swollen from their lovemaking.

Candace closed the door, and they approached the bed.

“Well well well, what are you two up too?” she asked with a laugh.

Mal’s eyes drifted down to her cousins’ bodies, drinking them in, and she licked her lips. Climbing up to her knees, she pulled Jill towards her, their lips colliding, and their hands groping at each other.

Lizzie watched wide eyed as Mal hungrily made out with their older cousin, then turned as she saw Candace climbing onto the bed.

Candace crawled seductively over her body, lowering herself until their noses were brushing together. They breathed into each other’s open mouths, Lizzie moaned, and their bodies crashed together, kissing furiously.

Mal and Jill fell to the bed next to them, and the two pairs of cousins ground their bodies together as their hands and tongues explored.

As the two older girls made out, Jill shoved her thigh between Mal’s, forcing them open, and pushed her crotch down against her cousin’s.

The younger girl whimpered, feeling Jill’s wet cunt press hard against her, and the two started to grind seductively.

Mal reached up to squeeze Jill’s ample breasts, and Jill threw her head back, her hips slamming down harder against Mal’s. The younger cousin then started to lick eagerly at Jill’s nipples, coating them with saliva as she pulled and kneaded at them.

The bursa eskort bayan girls were quickly building up their passion, their skin becoming covered in a sheen of sweat.

Lizzie was sucking seductively on Candace’s tongue, her fingers gliding down between the girl’s legs to rub eagerly at her opening.

Candace straddled her, grinding her pussy hard against her fingers, her tits jiggling against her cousin’s. She groped and squeezed Lizzie’s ass, pulling it up off the bed.

Lizzie’s legs were splayed out around Candace, and she wrapped them around the girl’s torso humping up against the back of the hand she was fingering her with. Candace pressed down harder, and Lizzie pulled her hand out of the way, mashing her pussy up against the other girl’s.

Lizzie slid her hands down to Candace’s ass too, and the two pumped their hips wantonly, intense pleasure shooting up their bodies with every passionate thrust. They kissed and fucked against each other harder and harder, their moans filling the room.

Jill pulled her tit from Mal’s mouth with a wet popping sound, straightening up on her knees to press her pussy down harder on her cousin’s. Their sweaty thighs scissored tightly, they ground back and forth, their foaming pussies squishing deliciously together.

She reached down to fondle the younger girl’s tits, pulling hard on her nipples to make her gasp with pleasure.

Mal pumped her hips hard against Jill’s fucking cunt, the two making wet slapping noises as they whimpered and shivered.

As the four girls fucked excitedly, the bed shook and groaned under their weight. They were all hurtling towards an orgasm, and the sounds of all four girls moaning and squealing were deafening in the room.

Candace pushed her hands deeper against Lizzie’s ass, shoving a finger hard against her tight anus. The sensation pushed Lizzie over the edge, and she convulsed in orgasm.

Not long after her wildly humping pussy slammed Candace’s orgasm out of her, and she screamed into Lizzie’s mouth, the two spasming violently against each other.

Mal was writhing beneath her cousin’s forceful fucking, her pussy weeping with juices. She let out a strangled cry when the two girls next to them started to cum, her own orgasm shooting threw her and spraying into Jill’s pussy.

Jill felt Mal’s cum splashing against her crotch, her cunt slapping harder as she enjoyed her powerful climax. Soon, Jill too exploded, cumming hard as her pussy juices mingled with her cousin’s.

The four girls convulsed and humped for several moments, their bodies shining with sweat, their thighs and stomachs coated in pussy cream. They kissed and groped and humped and fucked until their orgasms slowly ebbed away, leaving them panting and slipping lovingly into each other’s arms.

The two pairs of girls kissed lovingly, their legs tangled together, their pussies still leaking against each other’s thighs.

Then Candace reached over, kissing Mal’s neck as Jill was kissing her lips. Mal turned her face to Candace, their lips touching for the first time, and her tongue pushed hungrily into the younger girl’s mouth.

Jill and Lizzie watched the two excite each other with their kiss, then looked past them to each other. Jill climbed out of Mal’s arms, letting Candace move over on top of her. She lowered herself to Lizzie, kissing her as passionately as she had been kissing Mal moments before.

Once they’d traded partners, all four girls were once again burning with need, and their bodies ground eagerly against their new partners’.

Mal rolled over on top of Candace, her fingers playing in the younger girl’s pussy folds. She pulled her face back, licking her lips seductively before pulling her fingers up to taste her cousin’s juices. She closed her eyes and sucked in her breath as the flavour absorbed into her tongue, and quickly lowered herself back to Candace’s body, taking her tits in her hands and sucking on her nipples.

Candace moaned, pushing her chest against Mal’s hot mouth.

Mal didn’t stay long at Candace’s tits, and instead slid quickly down to taste more of her juices.

Candace spread her legs wide, inviting Mal’s face between her thighs. She groaned as Mal gave a long slow lick up the length of her pussy.

“G-get on top of me.” she breathed. “I want to taste you too!”

Mal’s eyes lit up, and she quickly climbed over Candace’s body, facing the other way. She lowered herself back down again, pushing her tongue back between Candace’s folds.

Candace groaned again, and grabbed Mal’s ass, pulling her down and shoving her own tongue into Mal’s cunt. The two girls got to work, licking and sucking and exploring each other’s sex.

“That looks like fun!” Jill said with a giggle, looking over at her sister and cousin.

She gave Lizzie a peck on the nose, then spun around herself, pulling Lizzie’s legs wide apart and dipping her head between them.

Lizzie sucked in her breath as she felt Jill’s tongue slide through her bursa merkez escort pussy, and pushed her face forward to lap at her cousin’s flowing snatch. They licked and sucked each other greedily, their breasts and stomachs pressing hard against each other.

The bed was shaking again, bumping against the wall repeatedly as the four girls gorged themselves on each other’s pussies. They whimpered and gasped, the smell of female arousal thick in the air of the room.

Mal reached up to play with Candace’s ass, running her finger along the crack until she was pushing against her anal opening. Candace bit down on Mal’s thigh as she felt herself being penetrated. She pushed her ass back, impaling herself on Mal’s finger, and increased her efforts to lick her cousin to orgasm.

Mal started to pump her finger faster, and Candace’s legs trembled as she struggled to keep herself up on her knees. She spread Mal’s pussy lips wide with her hands, dipping one, two, then three fingers deeply inside and pumping hard while sucking at her clit.

Jill was licking Lizzie with long, even strokes, her tongue pushing hard through the slippery gash until it reached the end of her pussy and flicked at her anal opening. Each time she reached the edge of Lizzie’s anus, the younger girl would push her hips forward, trying to wiggle her asshole against her cousin’s tongue.

Jill took the hint, straining her neck to reach for Lizzie’s anus and started to lick it as fast as she had been her pussy. To reach Lizzie’s ass easier, she had to slide forward a little, pulling her own pussy away from Lizzie’s mouth.

Lizzie reached up, kneading Jill’s butt cheeks, pulling them open and closed and watching her anus stretch.

She reached for the pillows, propping them under her head. Laying like that, she was able to reach Jill with her mouth again.

She ran her tongue over Jill’s butt cheek, and trailed it back down the crack, stopping against her tight asshole. The taste was strong, and it drove her wild. She started lapping ravenously, pulling her cheeks apart with her hands so she could push her tongue deeper.

Orgasms were building fast for all four girls as they had their bodies worked over expertly by one another.

Mal and Candace’s fingers dug in and out of each other, and Jill and Lizzie’s tongues wiggled and wormed as deep as they could reach. All four girls were plastered with sweat, their bodies straining with physical exertion.

For Mal, it all finally came to it’s explosive conclusion, and she pushed her hips in the air hard against Candace’s fingers. She screamed with ecstasy, pumping her finger faster in Candace’s ass, and sending her cousin over the edge.

Candace howled in bliss, bucking her cunt against Mal’s face. The girls convulsed together, rolling hard into Jill and Lizzie.

The collision caused Lizzie to dig harder into Jill’s ass flesh, pushing her face deeper into her crack and forcing the older girl into her own climax. As Jill shook, she fell sideways against Candace, the two girls bumping against each other even as they groped at their cousins.

Jill reached out, digging her fingers desperately against Lizzie’s asshole. After the thorough tonguing it had received, it easily took in two of Jill’s groping fingers. The fingers stretched Lizzie to her limit, and she threw her head back, moaning to the ceiling as she too convulsed with pleasure.

The four young women were all cumming now, their fingers fucking, their hips bucking, and their bodies rolling around on the bed. The couples melded into a pile of flesh. They clutched at pussies and asses, completely unaware of who they belonged to.

At that moment, the door swung open, and their younger cousin, Brittany strode into the room, freezing in place when she saw her cousins writhing together on the bed. Her eyes went wide, her mouth agape.

The others were oblivious to their youngest cousin’s arrival, still lost in what was now an orgy of multiple orgasms.

Brittany slowly backed out of the room, closing the door completely unnoticed. She waited in the hall for the sounds of her cousins’ orgy to die down, then knocked on the door.

“Hey guys, Aunt Debra and Leslie phoned and said they’re on their way here!” she called, before dashing back up the stairs, her face burning pink.

The four cousins rolled away from each other, scrambling apart when they first heard the knock. Their pussies contracted with aftershocks still, but they held their breath as they heard Brittany speak to them through the door, then climb back up the stairs.

“Do you think she heard us?” Lizzie asked with a bit of panic in her voice.

“Of course she did!” Candace answered, exasperated. “How could she not have? We probably woke up the neighbourhood just now.”

“Calm down, Sis. She sounded normal. It’s not like she walked in on us.” Jill said.

She stood, pulling her wet panties over her shaky legs. “Come on, lets just get dressed and cleaned up before bursa sınırsız escort bayan our moms get here.”

“I don’t know Jill… It’s been my experience that these walls are pretty thin…” Mal said, still not moving from the bed.

“Look, if it makes you guys feel better, I’ll talk to her.” Jill answered, picking shirts up from the floor.

“Here.” she said, pitching one at her sister. “Let’s go, before someone does walk in and sees the three of you naked in bed together.”

She giggled, taking in the sight of her three thoroughly fucked relatives. Their faces matted in pussy juice, their hair damp and plastered to their skin. Their bodies were shiny with sweat, and their thighs stained with copious amounts of girl nectar.

She grinned realizing she must look just as grimy.

The other three looked around at each other too, sharing in Jill’s laughter, and got up to dress themselves. They trusted that Jill would get to the bottom of things with Brittany, and hoped it wouldn’t put an end to the amazing sex they’d been sharing.

As the girls left the room and headed for the stairs, Lizzie’s eyes wandered down to look at her sister’s tight ass. Forgetting her concerns about Brittany almost immediately, she grabbed her older sister by the hand and pulled her to the downstairs bathroom.

“Come on Sis, let’s save some time and shower together.” she said mischievously.

Jill and Candace laughed, whistling and cat calling as they watched their cousins stumble into the bathroom and shut the door.


Meanwhile, in Lizzie’s bedroom upstairs, Nikki and Tiffany were just waking up. Nikki turned around, facing her big sister, and they shared a shy smile with each other.

“Any regrets?” Tiff asked sheepishly.

Nikki looked her big sister in the eye, and shook her head vigorously, letting out a sexy giggle. The two cuddled into each other, their lips joining in a tender kiss.

The kiss quickly intensified as their young bodies responded to each other. Their nipples hardened and their pussies moistened, and soon they were making out passionately, their hands once again exploring.

Tiff rolled on top of her sister, and started bathing Nikki’s perky tits with her tongue.

“Fuck, I can’t get enough of you’re body…” she sighed, before returning her tongue to her sister’s nipple.

Nikki groaned, thrusting her chest forward, and wrapped her legs tightly around the older girl’s waist. She started to grind her cunt into Tiff’s hard stomach, her pussy juices smearing across the heated skin.

Tiffany’s nipples scraped against Nikki’s tummy, and she started to pant against her tits as her excitement grew. She reached up, plunging her tongue back into her sister’s mouth, and slid her body up until their pussies mashed together.

Whimpering into each other’s mouths, the girls started to fuck hard against one another. Their wet pussies sloshed together over and over as they pounded their hips back and forth.

As Tiff fucked her sister into oblivion, a delirious Nikki started licking and slurping at the older girl’s throat. In moments, she threw her head back, saliva smeared across her chin as a climax ripped through her body.

She convulsed against Tiff’s thrusting cunt, her juices spraying out and drenching both of them.

Tiff squealed, watching her sister cum was the hottest thing she’d ever witnessed. She started humping faster, her own orgasm hurtling towards her.

Nikki lay splayed on the bed, her head hanging off the edge as her sister used her mangled body.

Finally, Tiff’s cunt smacked one final time against Nikki’s, and she gasped as her body trembled in ecstasy.

Feeling her sister’s orgasm, Nikki struggled to lift her head, and reached up to grasp at Tiff’s slippery tit flesh. She forced herself to thrust her hips a few more times, and Tiff lunged forward, kissing her passionately with gratitude.

The two girls slipped into their second orgasm simultaneously, their pussies flowing over each other.


As soon as they were alone in the bathroom, Lizzie shoved her sister against the door, kissing her passionately.

Mal squealed, returning the kiss energetically, and reaching for Lizzie’s braless tits. She squeezed them roughly, and Lizzie moaned at the exquisite sensation.

Panting into each other’s lips, the girls stumbled back, grabbing desperately at each other’s shirts and pulling them up. They tore their lips apart, removing the shirts completely, and crashed into each other again.

Mal pushed her little sister into the shower, and lowered her face to her naked chest. She lapped hungrily at Lizzie’s aching nipples, her hands reaching to grope at her panty covered ass cheeks.

“Fuck, Sis… I can’t believe how amazing this feels…” Lizzie groaned, her fingers tangling themselves in Mal’s hair.

“Mmmm… I know, Baby. We should have done this a long time ago.” Mal panted, looking up from Lizzie’s tit.

Lizzie pulled her sister’s head back up, colliding with her in another hungry kiss. As they made out, they groped for the faucet’s, turning the shower on.

The water sprayed over their burning skin, and they squealed against each other’s lips. Mal broke their kiss, sinking down to her knees, and pulled her sister’s drenched panties down with her.

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