Alone with Dad and his friend

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Alone with Dad and his friendOn this day I was on my way to a friend’s house when I happened to be passing by Dawn’s house, I knew she wasn’t home so had no intentions on stopping although I seen her dad standing by the fence talking to the neighbor, as I waved he motioned me to come over, I came over and he introduced me to his friend / neighbor and had asked me what I had going on and so on he then told his friend that I was a player and asked his friend what he thought of me in which he said he looks pretty good. But now I had a pretty good idea what was going on but I wasn’t sure what was about to take place or what he had on his mind but he asked me and his friend if we wanted to go take a dip in the pool and I told him I didn’t have any trunks in which he said we don’t need them, we made our way around to the back and I strip down to my underwear and they both got completely naked and got in the pool in which I removed my underwear and got in as well, we sat around in the pool and bullshitted for a while before they started fondling my dick and ass and I made sure I stood there and let them do it and let them know that I was enjoying it, me and her dad we’re stroking each other’s cock while his friend was was behind me squeezing my nipples and rubbing his big hard cock between the cheeks of my ass, After a bit just playing around and fondling each other her dad said let’s grab our stuff and head in the house and as we got out of the pool I got a look at his friends dick and it was nice and big and pretty thick and I thought damn both these guys got nice cocks and I was looking forward to get my hands on them, we made our way up to the bedroom and her dad reached in the drawer and grabbed a big ass bottle of lube and I knew I was getting fucked by both these guys, as I laid down on the bed his friend went directly for my cock and begins sucking bye already hard dick and sucking my balls while stroking my cock. Her dad grabbed my head with one hand and his dick with the other as I begin to open wide, as he put his cock in my mouth he said to me oh yeah suck Daddy’s cock as bursa escort I began to Bob my head up and down on that big hard cock of his, by this point I had already sucked a his cock and his son’s cock in which I knew buy now that I really enjoy sucking cock and as I could feel his hard throbbing cock sliding in and out of my mouth and rubbing against my tongue it would continue to turn me on more and more.I was getting to the point of getting more creative and better at sucking cock and I was reaching the point to where I liked sliding my tongue up and down his shaft and I liked sucking his balls and stroking his dick at the same time and as I got to the head of his dick I tried something new in which I began sucking on the head and swirling my tongue around the head of his cock at the same time and when I did he completely began climbing the walls as I heard him say oh fuck yeah just like that right there don’t stop and I continued to suck on the head of his cock and use my tongue at the same time and listen to him get louder and more into it. I sucked his dick a little longer and then pulled his cock out of my mouth and stroked it for a little bit before his friend came up and grabbed my head and shoved his cock in my mouth in which I felt her dad begin sucking on my dick. While sucking his his friends dick I realized his was a little longer and much thicker as I was having a hard time keeping my mouth open wide enough to suck his dick and at times I could feel my teeth rubbing on his dick but when they did I could hear him saying oh yeah and which I got the idea that he enjoyed it, I was really loving this man’s cock in my mouth and even as I licked his balls and sucked his balls I really enjoyed the feel of having his hard cock in my hand and I was really getting off by sucking his balls and stroking his cock and listening to him saying oh fuck yeah and I could hear Dawn’s Dad saying are you liking the way he sucks your dick? As he replied fuck yeah he sucks dick like a pro, he’s a hell of a little cock sucker and you will have to let me borrow him from you from time to time bursa escort bayan in which Dawn’s dad said he’s all yours whenever you feel the need, I was thinking to myself while I was getting my dick sucked and while I was sucking this man’s big hard throbbing cock oh I’m going to suck this dick again, I’m definitely going to suck this guy’s dick anytime he wants me to.After a while of taking turns sucking each other’s cocks her dad rolls me over and got me up on my knees and lubed his cock up and began to fuck me and his friend got up on his knees and grabbed my head and began fucking my mouth and ask her dad was fucking me he would ask me from time to time do you like that cock in your ass? Or do you like that big dick in your mouth in which I would reply with his dick in my mouth ummm humm in which they would pigeon fucking my mouth and ass even harder and which not only did I enjoy it but I enjoyed listening to them enjoying themselves and hearing them both saying oh yeah oh yeah. Her dad had asked him if he wanted some of this ass and he said fuck yes I do and her dad pulled his cock out of my ass and came around to the front of me and shoved his cock in my mouth and I felt his friend slide his dick in me and as he did I could feel my ass stretch open and that dick had me moaning out loud and his friend had asked me if I was doing alright and I pulled the dick out of my mouth and looked back at him and said oh yeah fuck me while I was stroking a nice hard cock and as I did so I told him again fuck me fuck me harder and he began fucking me with long hard Strokes and I could feel his balls slapping against mine as I got louder and louder almost yelling oh yeah oh fuck yeah as I could hear pimp slap against my ass, OMG he was fucking the hell out of my ass and fucking me hard and it felt so fucking good I couldn’t believe it. I went back to sucking fat hard cock while his friend fucked me from behind until finally I could hear Dawn’s dad say oh fuck yeah I’m going to shoot this load down your throat, and then asked me are you going to swallow my load and I replied with his escort bursa dick in my mouth again UMM HUMM and he pushed down on my head so his dick was all the way in my mouth and my nose was pressed against his stomach and his balls pressed against my chin and he shot his load down my throat and I could feel his dick throb on every shot of cum he shot down my throat, I totally loved the feeling of his cock throbbing in my mouth while shooting his load and finally I heard his friend say turn around as he pulled his cock out of me and he grab the back of my head and stroked his cock well I felt Dawn’s dad Dad stick his cock back in my ass and begin fucking me and I continue to watch his friend stroke his cock and begin to moan really loud and I open my mouth figuring he was going to shove his dick in my mouth but he grabbed my head and pulled my head towards his cock and shot his load all over my face and then took his still hard dick and rubbed his cum all over my face and I grabbed his cock and stuck it in my mouth again and continue to suck his dick while getting fucked again by Dawn’s dad until he shot his load in my ass and his friend shot another load this time down my throat.By this time the three of us were pretty exhausted and my ass was fucking sore man but at the same time it felt good, fucking head I got my ass fucked nice and hard and the feeling of a dick sliding in and out of my ass was so awesome I knew I would be begging this guy to fuck my ass again and let me suck his dick again and I told them both when we were finished that we need to do this more often and just the three of us, her dad said to me so you like multiple dicks and I said yes I do this was awesome and which she replied perfect we will do this more often and I’m sure I can find a couple more guys to fuck you if you want and which I told him I will suck and fuck as many cocks as you want to bring over and they both smiled and said oh hell yes gangbang and they both said if that’s what you want we can arrange that for you.I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into with this gang bang thing but I loved the feeling of these two cocks taking turns fucking my mouth and ass and shooting their loads all over me and inside me and I knew I wanted even more Cox to take turns on me and that day was going to come and it did.

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