Always a Mama’s Boy

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A story about a middle aged mother and the son who loved each other in every way. Please read the description and the story tags attached.


“You don’t waste any time do you?” Angela Winter told the man who was on her bed naked as the day he was born exactly 22 years earlier, shaking her head as he casually moved his hand up and down the shaft of his fully engorged manhood, which while not exceptional in length, was so thick that even his man’s hand could not get all the way around the shaft.

“I’m excited about seeing what you got me for my birthday Mommy,” Tom Winter replied, enjoying her cringing when he used that term, the same one he had used much of the time to the woman who gave birth to him.

“Same thing you get just about every night, Tommy,” Angela told him as she took off her earrings and watch and set them on the dresser, her eyes fixed on watching the foreskin of her boy’s uncircumcised penis slide up and down, making the bulbous glans that was similar to a plum in both size and hue appear and disappear.

“Tough day at work Mom?” Tom asked as she kicked off her shoes and grimaced at the effort.

“They all are when you get to be my age honey,” Angela replied, contorting her back which always reminded her that she was now on the wrong side of 50 now, and the physical work she did at the hospital was no help. “Let me take a shower first.”

“No Mom, you’re perfect as you are – please?” Tommy said. “Just relax and get undressed for me. Nice and slow, you know the way I like it. Sweet and sexy.”

“You should get your head examined Tommy,” she told him, because there was no way she was sexy anymore.

Not even her husband had thought she was attractive after a while, which was why he skipped out on the two of them several years back, and when he booked on her Angela was certain that she would live the rest of her life alone.

No one would want an aging woman carrying at least 30 pounds too many, but then she discovered there was one very interested male and he was the one on the bed stroking his thick cock while staring at her. While it wasn’t easy to give it to temptation as he pursued her, in the end she had.

Angela bent down to take off her white ankle socks and then straightened up and asked her son what he wanted next. “You tell me what to do. You’re the puppet master.”

“Take your uniform off first Mommy, slowly,” Tommy requested, and as she undid the buttons of the drab beige garment that had faint sweat stains under the arms he remembered how when he was very young he would tell friends that his mother was a doctor at the hospital even though she worked in the kitchen.

They found out though and one jerk made fun of her, just once though because Tom kicked the crap out of him, and after that he dropped the doctor lie because he didn’t care what those jerks thought. She worked at the hospital, was a mother and a father to him, and he was proud of her.

“Slowly Mom, don’t go too fast,” he asked as she neared the end of the row of buttons. “Now just wiggle out of it. Let it slide off your shoulders and onto the floor. That’s it.”

As the matronly woman did a little hula to coax the uniform down to the carpet the thought occurred to her that she must look silly, as if Rosanne Barr had become a stripper, but this audience was not laughing. Tommy was loving it.

“You’re leaking,” Angela mentioned as she saw the cream drooling out of her boy’s fat dick and down towards his fist.

“I know,” Tommy said as he watched the uniform hang at the edge of his Mom’s round shoulders a second before dropping off. “Amazing. Sweet. You’re wearing the bra I bought you.”

“Never had one that fit this nice before,” Angela admitted as she held the over-sized cups in her palms. “It gives me such good support.”

“Tits that big need it,” Tommy said, and after she made a face he amended that language, because although once she got aroused she was as bawdy as he would be, she was still in the mother-mode until then. “Sorry. Breasts.”

“That’s better.”

“Keep doing that Mom. Squeeze those beauties through the bra. Are your nipples hard yet?” he asked, and after she said they were getting there he nodded. “What we got to get you is new panties. Sexy french cut ones in place of those granny drawers.”

“Please Tommy,” Angela said. “I would be a sight in something like that. Even these matronly things don’t keep it all hidden.”

“I see, and it’s driving me wild,” her son said as it gazed at ‘it’, with the ‘it’ being her abundant pubic hair which despite the very modest cut of the panties still peeked out the sides from under the elastic leg openings. “Besides, who would see it besides me?”

“I guess, but as long as I don’t have to get fitted for them like I did with the brassiere,” Angela said as she stood still for inspection while waiting for instructions.

“Why? That was fun,” Tommy protested.

“For you maybe, but I was humiliated Tommy,” Angela said. “And I don’t think Giresun Escort that woman believed us when I said you were my husband and you insisted on watching to make sure I got good service.”

“I thought you were convincing.”

“Standing there topless while that skinny dame measured me, probably laughing inside at what a hairy cow I am.”

“I don’t think so. I think she was a lesbian, the way she was staring at your breasts and kept measuring you over and over again,” Tommy opined. “I loved the way she said she would have to order the bra special, in that prim and proper English accent when she said – “A 44 inch bust is uncommon and we don’t often get calls for women requiring an E cup either’ – I was hard as a rock the whole time.”

“What else is new? What next honey?”

“The way you’re fidgeting there. Got ants in your pants? You want it as bad as I do, don’t you Mommy?”

“Come on Tommy,” Angela pleaded.

“Admit it or you won’t get it,” Tommy crowed as he wiggled his stiff pole in her direction.

“Alright alright, I want it,” Angela said in exasperation. “What do you expect, making me stand here and watch you stroke that horse cock of yours?”

“Ooh, dirty talk. I like that. Now what I want you to do is take the top of your panties and slowly pull them down,” Tommy said, and as his mother gripped the elastic and pulled them off her belly and downward, he kept repeating, “Slowly, slowly.”

The only sound was the hissing of Tom’s breath as he inhaled and exhaled slowly through his teeth as first the row of black curls appeared, and then the trail widened until the timberline of the spacious jungle of pubic hair came into view, the bush so densely thick that it even obscured her thick labia beneath the bush.

“Beautiful Mom,” Tommy almost sobbed as she brought the panties down her chunky thighs and off. “Give them to me Mommy.”

The plump woman bent down and picked up her old beige panties and tossed them over to the bed and watched as her son took them and looked them over.

“Lost one,” Tommy said as he plucked a curly from the stained crotch of the panties, and the aroma of her mature pussy hit him before the undies got anywhere near his face.

“Plenty more where that came from,” Angela told him as her hand went idly down, raking her bush with her fingers as Tommy first sniffed the cotton crotch and then put the damp panel of the underwear right onto his nose and inhaled, much like he had done for years before she knew of his love.

“Omigod,” Tommy mumbled as he sniffed the intoxicating aroma of her juices and watched his mother play with her pussy hair, most likely without her even realizing it she was doing it. “They’re pungent and dripping wet. Did you squirt already or pee?”

“Geez!” his mother said when she saw Tommy looking at her, pulling her hand away and muttering, “I’m as sick as you are.”

“And now without further adieu, for the piece de resistance,” Tommy said as he cast the panties aside and watched his mother undo the series of hooks in the front of the lacy red brassiere.

With her plump arms bent and slightly raised, Tommy was afforded the spectacular view of seeing the thick tufts of black hair that filled the spacious caverns under her arms, armpits that had not been shaved since her husband left and stayed that way at her son’s insistence.

The bra began to part as more and more cleavage began to be revealed until the last hook came free, and at point her massive breasts lurched down to her belly, the incredibly full breasts sagging as natural ones tend to do, helped downward by their size and age.

“Happy birthday Tommy,” Angela sighed as she absorbed her baby’s obvious adoration over what she had begun to consider a curse, as her bosom had kept getting larger and larger and making her back ache more and more as time passed, but it was worth it for this.

“Beautiful,” Tommy whispered, her eyes devouring his mother’s dark pink pebbly areolas that were even larger than drink coasters, and at their centers the plump nipples he had nursed on over 20 years ago.

“Yeah,” he whispered as without needing to be asked his mother cupped her hands over the doughy globes, squeezing and kneading the very giving flesh with her nipples popping out even more as she did.

“You going to put your dick between them tonight Tommy?” Angela asked and as he nodded she added “Gonna wrap my breasts around your big thing until you shoot? You know your mother likes that.”

“Yes,” Tommy said, and as she let go of her breasts and raised her arms he sighed, “Oh yeah!”

Angela ran her hands through her short black scalp to pull it backward and then left her hands behind her head so Tommy could enjoy her unshaven armpits which were bushier than any he had ever seen of either gender.

Smiling at Tommy, she brought her right hand down and ran her fingers through the dense tuft in her left armpit, the thick hair a bit moist to the touch, and as she did that Giresun Escort Bayan she thought about what he ex-husband would do if she saw her like this.

He had tolerated the jungle between her legs but insisted she shave under her arms every day because the hair grew so fast, although when she mentioned to him on a weekend that he should shave once in a while himself she got slapped for her advice.

Tommy though was different. Although he made it clear that she shouldn’t do anything she wasn’t comfortable about, he admitted that he had a thing about girls with armpit hair and he would love for her to put the razor away.

Although the profuse hair embarrassed Angela at times, like when she had to go to the doctor or that day when that woman measured her bust, Angela loved not having to rake that razor under her arms all the time, and since she showered religious every morning she always smelled fresh although by the time she got out of work…

“Worked hard today Tommy,” Angela told him as she leaned over and inhaled the slightly off aroma.

“Mmm,” Tommy responded and then made a gasping sound when his mother stuck her tongue out and wiggled it against the closest hairs.

“Sure you don’t want me to take a shower Tommy?” she asked after tasting the slightly salty armpit hair, knowing what the answer was before she asked, and as she looked at her son’s beet red-cock and the dribbles of semen on the backs of his fingers she waited for his call.

“I’m not going to last long Mommy,” Tommy warned as she moved closer to her bed.

“You never do the first time,” she reminded Tommy as she put her knees on the bed.

“I know, but I know I’m going to cum as soon as you touch me,” Tommy told her.

“Then I’m going to have to wait forever until you can get it up again,” she kidded as he walked over to him on all fours, her jugs swaying a beat behind her.

“Ten minutes. Fifteen tops,” he said and Angela knew that it wasn’t just talk because her boy was beyond virile and could have more orgasms in one night that her ex could used to have in a month.

“Feed it to me,” Angela said as she reached his side, and Tommy changed the grip so only the thumb and index finger held his manhood, squeezing at the stump and making the slit open wide while she bowed her head and opened her mouth as far as she could.

“OMIGOD!” Tommy cried out as his mother’s full lips slid down his throbbing cock, further and further as her face strained and her eyes bulged, forcing her mouth down and down until she had reached his thumb with her lip.

As Angela just as slowly brought her lips back up the meaty organ he let out a warning that she didn’t really need as she felt what was surging through it before the initial blast hit her throat, and she kept going up and down in the same slow and steady manner as Tommy kept cumming and cumming while his legs kept churning.

When she felt him going limp Angela straightened up, letting the semen she hadn’t swallowed run down the sides of her mouth and down her chin onto her breasts just as he liked it, and as she worked the seed into her globes she contorted her mouth to get her jaw back in line.

“Fifteen minutes?” she reminded him.

“Faster if you come around and give me your pussy. You’re so wet the hairs are shining,” Tommy said, so Angela knee-walked around to straddle her boy’s face and looked down on his now-limp penis.

Angela took the rubbery stub up from between his legs and pulled it upright, her hand barely reaching halfway around the thick shaft, and as she dipped her tongue under the foreskin to tease the tip and felt Tommy’s face grinding into her bush.

Angela leaned down at bit so that his nose and mouth were swallowed up by her dripping sex and then tried to concentrate on getting his cock hard again. Her mouth stretched to take in the bulbous knob and her lips swooped down once again until they were at the roots of the rubbery tool.

Her boy’s manhood grew very little when it became erect so the slightly less that 6″ would only get about an inch longer when it rose again, but it was the almost inhuman thickness of his penis that made her jaws ache. It would be a pleasant ache that would remind her of Tommy the next day at work while she was cooking.

Angela’s head bobbed up and down, feeling the meaty monolith already showing signs of coming back to life, and then she pulled his cock up towards his belly button, exposing the grisly undercarriage of his cock as well as the equally inhuman balls below.

She let her tongue run down the length of his cock and continued down to his balls, licking the furry sac because even the slightly smaller left one was too meaty to suck, but she was having trouble concentrating because Tommy was eating her pussy so well.

Angela gave up for the time being and straightened up a little so she was sitting on his face better, grinding her sloppy crotch into her son’s mouth while pulling on his dick hard Escort Giresun with her fist.

“You eat Mommy’s cunt so good baby, and you’re almost hard again Tommy!” Angela almost screamed, and even though she was on the verge of an orgasm, the sight of that cock throbbing once again had the cafeteria worker forget her aches and pains as she flew off Tommy’s crimson face.

“Yeah Mom. Ride me!” Tommy yelped as he watched his mother swing a chubby thigh over his hip and squat over the erect cock she held in her fist.

“AW!” Angela cried out as Tommy’s cock got forced into her pussy by her easing down on it, and as the throbbing weapon disappeared into the hairy grotto she moaned “Damn!”

“Why does your dick have to be so damn thick?” she scolded him which catching her breath for a seconds.

“You love my fat cock Mom,” Tommy chirped, clearly proud of his member and the effect it had on his mother, and as she began to slowly rock on him he reached up and squeezed her breasts as they rolled from side to side with her movement. “That’s it. Grab the headboard behind me.”

Angela leaned forward and grabbed the thick oak, giving her a sense of balance but also making her pendulous breasts sway over Tommy’s face, and as he always did he buried his face between them, kissing and licking the thickly pebbled areolas and kneading them roughly.

“Don’t cum yet Tommy,” Angela grunted as her began moving faster, the bed frame creaking as she rode him harder and harder. “Not yet.”

“Don’t worry Mommy – I’m in control,” he assured her, with his first orgasm having taken the edge off.

“You look so sexy!” Tommy said as he looked up at his mother’s face while she neared orgasm, and as her sweet features contorted her pussy contracted savagely.

Tommy shoved his hips upward as best he could, driving his cock in to the hilt as his mother spoke in tongues, uttering curse words in Greek that she learned from listening to her father decades ago, and when her orgasm ended Tommy rolled her onto her back.

“Oh!” Angela moaned when Tommy mounted her, and she wrapped her plump arms and legs around him as best she could while he thrust into her slow and deep, their bodies already dripping with sweat as they ground into each other. “That’s my baby. Nobody ever do me like you.”

“Someday when you get crazy, I want you to say those things in English,” Tommy told her. “I love it when you talk dirty. I know that word poutana means whore – I looked it up.”

“Shouldn’t talk like that to my baby in any language but I can’t help it though because you make me cum so hard I lose my mind,” Angela said as he nibbled into Tommy’s neck while they undulated together. “This is nice like this.”

“Just think Mommy, 22 years ago today I was coming out of you and now look,” Tommy said as he braced himself up over her with her hands.

“You felt big both ways.”

“Play with your tits for me Mom,” Tommy said of the mammoth bosom which was still impressive even with her on her back. “That’s it. Your boss play his games with you today?”

“Just once,” Angela said, and as she thought about the way the old coot would ‘accidentally’ brush against her breasts while they worked she added, “Shouldn’t have told you about that.”

“Yes you should. I want to know everything about you, and I can’t blame him for doing it either, but if he gets too much…”

“I can handle him. He’s just a little shit,” Angela told him and as kept kneading her doughy globes. “I got all the man I need right now, and until you find somebody better…”

“Not possible.”

“Younger then. The time will come. I understand honey,” Angela replied as Tommy began thrusting a little faster. “Oh that’s good.”

“You might find someone too Mom,” Tommy suggested.

“Not interested. Besides, I’m spoiled. I doubt whether I could even feel another man inside me what with the way you’ve stretched me out so much with that huge cock of yours,” Angela responded, smiling when she saw his reaction to her praise of his massive endowment. “So thick and so good.”

“You going to cum Mommy?” Tommy asked as his motion got the bed rocking, and when he saw her nodding and recognized the other signs that signaled he was near he let loose with everything he had while watching his mother’s tortured face and hearing her guttural cry as her pussy muscles milked Tommy’s own orgasm from him.

“Whew!” Angela said as Tommy fell off to her side while her thighs still twitched with the aftershocks of her cumming.

“Can I get you something to drink Mommy?” he offered as he rolled off the bed, and after she told him to bring the bottle that was on the bottom rack of the fridge she watched his cute butt and his muscular thighs while sighing.

The view when Tommy returned was ever better, and she was enthralled by the way Tommy’s over-sized penis rolled back and forth like an elephant trunk.

“Champagne!” Tommy chirped as he brought the bubbly and a couple of glasses to the bed.

“It’s cheap champagne,” Angela apologized as he popped the cork and poured them.

“You thought of me Mom, that’s the important thing,” Tommy assured her as they clinked the old Flintstones jelly glasses together and added, “besides, I wouldn’t know one champagne from another.”

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