Alyson Gets It

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As Alyson reclined on the couch she studied her husband Joe. After being married for more than twenty years she had become an expert at figuring out his many moods. But right now she really could not tell what was going on in his head. Not knowing what he was thinking would make her crazy so she asked “Joe what in the world are you thinking so hard about?”

Joe took another drink of his wine and gazed at her for a moment before replying “I’m thinking about our sexual relationship. We’ve done a lot of different things over the years, most of which you have not wanted to do, yet we are still together and I really don’t know what you actually think about it all. I guess that it’s pretty sad that I never stopped to think why you allow me to dominate and often humiliate you.”

“I mean look at you. You’re in your mid forties and you still look great. You’re as slim as you were when we were married. You’re hair is still naturally blonde and you still have the greatest set of boobs that I have ever seen.”

“Over the years I’ve used you, in some cases abused you, and forced you to provide sexual favors to a long list of strangers both black and white. For much of that time I have just done what seemed natural and, despite your vigorous protests, you have done what I demanded and remained with me. Maybe it’s because I have gotten more introspective as I’ve aged but I’ve begun to ask myself why? Why have you gone along with everything that I have demanded of you and never left me?”

The real concern on his face was so obvious to me that I took pity on him and decided to try to answer his question. It would take some soul searching for me because I have never tried to put my feelings about our relationship into words.

Why did I allow my husband to do the things that he has done to me over the years? What was it in me that made me feel such a rush when Joe allowed a stranger to see me naked or even use my mouth, pussy and ass for their pleasure? Was something wrong with me? Maybe Joe was normal and I was the sick one. While I may have given these things some thought over the years I never truly examined the “why” of it all. Now my husband wanted a conversation about it. Okay, I thought. Here goes.

“Joe, I’m not exactly sure what part of our sexual relationship you are referring to.” I said.

Joe looked at me seriously as he considered my question and he finally said “All of it I guess.”

That caused me to chuckle so I took another sip of my wine to buy myself some time before I answered. “Joe, over the years you have subjected me to BDSM, interracial sex, exposed me to strangers, forced me to have sex with multiple partners, deep throat, anal sex and more. Exactly where would you like me to start?”

Now it was his turn to pause and think about the deeper meaning of his questions. “Well sweetheart the basis for my question is simple. Why? I’d like to understand and discuss each aspect but the bigger question always comes back to why. Is there one overriding thing that acts as an umbrella over it all?”

When I considered Joe’s last question I had to accept the fact that there was one overriding reason. I answered “Because I enjoy it.”

The look of surprise on his face was priceless. His jaw actually dropped as he opened and closed his mouth a couple of times before he was able to get his wits about him. When he finally regained control he blurted out “Because you like it? How can that be? I have listened to you bitch at me countless times, both before and after I had forced you to do something that you claimed you did not want to do.”

Now I laughed openly. “Oh Joe” I said. “Of course you could force me to do something that I didn’t want to do but do you honestly think that I would still be here if I really disliked what you make me do?”

“Okay. Okay.” He said. “What about the first time that I made you let that black college kid fuck you? You have a religious upbringing and you were raised in the South. While I have never known you to do anything overt against blacks in general I know you would never willingly have sex with one. Yet you kissed him as I filmed and took pictures. You stood there calmly while I undressed you first exposing your lovely tits and then your pussy. I made you lay there and spread your legs giving him a clear view of your shaved pussy. I forced you to allow him to play with your tits and finger your pussy. When I ordered you to suck his long black dick you did so and you even wrapped your left hand around his shaft as you sucked his dick showing your wedding rings to the camera. Finally I had him lie down on the floor and told you to squat over him and take his cock in your hand and guide it to your pussy entrance and then slide down on it until his black dick was buried in your white pussy which you did. Then you rolled over onto your back and spread your legs letting him fuck you until he shot a load of his black seed into your pussy. And then I instructed you to spread your legs hastane porno so that I could get good pictures of his semen as it dripped between your pussy lips. You bitched and complained the whole time. Now you say it was because you liked it? Pardon me if I seem somewhat confused.”

Wow I thought. Where is this conversation going? Even as I wondered about that I realized that the conversation was making me hot. I was not sure how I could adequately explain my feelings to my husband because I had never really examined them in detail myself. So I looked deep inside myself and began to answer.

“Joe you are correct about my upbringing and my religion. But let me ask you something first. What is it about interracial sex that you find so exciting when you watch those videos of other men’s wives being used by one or more black guys? Do you just like the thought of interracial sex? I know that you watch unmarried women having sex with blacks too. Is it the idea of a married white woman being used by blacks for their entertainment? Do you feel that it is degrading or humiliating for a white woman to allow herself to be used by other men and especially black men?”

“Alyson you keep asking me questions instead of answering mine. I’ll answer you but then I want to hear your reasons. Personally it is a turn on for me because I am into humiliation. I think that any white woman who humiliates herself by letting men other than her husband use her is somewhat of a tramp or whore. Being a married woman makes it even more intense and interracial pushes it over the top. The fact that you allow me to manipulate you like that is a turn on too. You might think that it would make me respect you less but it doesn’t.”

“Okay fair is fair” Alyson responded. It is humiliating. Being used as a play thing by one or more men that I have never met and will probably never meet again makes me feel like a tramp. It is something that I have fantasized about often over the years. What would it be like to have a string of different dicks shooting loads of cum into my pussy one after the other? But it is a fantasy that I would never act on by myself. Yet, because of you, I have had that experience numerous times. But because you make me do it I can enjoy the experience and still rationalize my guilt away.”

“When I spread my legs giving a black man access to my pussy and allowing him to hump me until he shoots cum deep into my vagina is a total turn on. It is not something that any married white woman should do but I have thought about it often. I can’t tell you how many times I have dreamed about being used by one or more blacks. My prim and proper Southern upbringing would never allow me to do that but because of you I have been able to enjoy the experience numerous times.”

“You force me to do things that I have wondered about for years but would never do on my own. Do you have any idea how many women fantasize about interracial sex? Do you know how many white women would secretly love to be dominated by a group of well endowed aggressive black bucks? More than will ever admit it and I’m one of them. I love it when you force me to do degrading things. I am a slut at heart but I am not strong enough to actually act on my impulses because of my upbringing. I am able to enjoy being degraded and humiliated because of you and I love it and I love you.”

My husband gave me an appraising look as he considered what I had just said. After a moment he said “Let me get this straight. You enjoy having your body used by all kinds of strangers giving them full and complete access to do whatever they want sexually. You enjoy being displayed to strangers and even being bound helpless in degrading positions. You enjoy being humiliated by having cum in all of your holes and splashed on your face and then having pictures and video taken knowing that these images will be shared by men that you may never meet. Does that about cover it?”

“I think so.” I said.

“Ok” he said. “I think we need to go out right now. I’ve got something in mind that I think you might enjoy. Give me a few minutes to lay out your wardrobe. I’ll come down and get you when I’m ready.”

A few minutes later Joe came back down stairs and said “Come on. I’ve got your wardrobe all laid out on the bed.”

He led me upstairs to our bedroom where he had everything laid out on the bed. What I saw gave me a shiver of anticipation. I had no idea what he had in mind but I was blown away by the outfit he had laid out. Some things were conspicuously missing.

For instance there were no bra and panties. Surprise, surprise. Even though there weren’t any panties and bra does not mean that there wasn’t any underwear. He had chosen my favorite garter belt. It was red silk with frilly white lace. There were red suspenders front and back with white lace on them also. These were used to hold up the dark stockings laid out nearby.

He had also laid out a black pleated skirt hemşire porno which I already knew was so short that my snow white ass cheeks would be plainly on view. My soft white thighs would be in stark contrast to the dark stockings and the fire engine red garters.

The top, what there was of it, was a black open net mesh. That’s it! No other material. My stiff upright nipples would protrude through the mesh. My areola would also be clearly visible to anyone that we encountered. Joe had never taken me out in public dressed so provocatively.

He sat in a chair and watched as I stripped down and began to get dressed. First I fastened the garter belt around my waist. Then I sat on the edge of the bed and pulled on the dark stockings. I made sure to give my husband a good view of my shaved pussy as often as possible. I clipped the stocking tops to the garter suspenders and stood to admire the result. The red garter belt and dark stockings highlighted my soft pale white thighs and nestled in the middle of it all was my shaved pink pussy.

Next I put on the top and looked into the mirror. As expected, my nipples protruded through the mesh and my areolas were clearly visible. I stepped into the skirt and fastened it at my waist. I stepped up to my vanity mirror to view the result. Looking into the vanity mirror I could see the full length mirror behind me allowing me to see the effect from behind. I was right. My ass cheeks were clearly visible peeking out from under the bottom of the skirt.

Finally I stepped into a pair of black strappy open toed sandals. Despite the dark stockings you could tell that my toe nails were painted a fire engine red to match my nails and the lipstick I had chosen. I thought that the effect was stunning. The outfit displayed my body in a way that was sure to be a turn on for any man lucky enough to get a good look.

I turned to my husband for inspection. He motioned for me to turn around and I did so. I must have passed inspection because he simply turned and left the room saying “Let’s go.”

As we pulled out of the driveway I turned and said “Joe where are we going?”

He didn’t speak for so long that I actually thought that he was not going to answer me. Finally he said “We’re on our way to Union City College.”

“I was reading in the news paper this morning that they are having football practice this afternoon. I thought that we would go to the school. Maybe take a walk around campus and end up over at the practice field. I’m guessing that you will attract a bunch of attention.”

I sucked in my breath. My heart had begun to beat faster as I thought of all of the young men and women who would be out and about on this warm sunny afternoon. How would they respond to my outfit? Then I thought about the football tryouts. What would these viral young men think about my brazen display of sexuality? Would they want to touch me? Even fuck me. And then there was the interracial component. Weren’t most football teams made up mostly of black men? The possibilities seemed almost endless.

Joe pulled up and parked on the street adjacent to the college square. There must have been a hundred students strolling around the green space. Several couples were relaxing on blankets soaking up the sun. As I started to reach for the door Joe stopped me. “Just a minute” he said. I have something else for your outfit. He reached into the back seat and pulled a small paper bag into the front seat. From within the bag he removed a black dog collar with silver studs. A six foot black leash was already attached. As he leaned towards me I lifted my blonde hair out of the way and he attached the collar.

We both exited the car and Joe took the leash and led me into the square.

It took a few moments for the first students to notice us. When they did they gave us a long second look. The first person to notice me was a thin young man with glasses. I guess he was what you would call a nerd or geek. Slowly he managed to walk closer and Joe led me towards him.

When we got close Joe asked “Do you like what you see?” He looked at Joe and then over at me. He glanced down at my wedding rings and hesitated to answer. “Well?” Joe asked. “Uh yes Sir” he replied. He was obviously fascinated by my tits and was finding it impossible not to stare.

“Want to touch them?” Joe asked. “Wh . . what?” he stammered. “Do you want to touch them?” Joe said again. “Right here. Right now.” Joe stated.

“Unh yes Sir.” He said. His response was little more firm this time. “Do you think she would mind?”

Joe laughed and told the young man that I would do anything that I was told to do. His eyes widened in surprise and he blurted “Anything?” Joe confirmed “Anything.” He said. “She likes being bad and being touched and used by strangers so I’ll ask if you want to touch them one more time and then we need to get moving.”

The young man reached forward tentatively and then pulled hikaye porno back. “Just touch them?” he asked. “Shit man. Touch them, pinch them, slap them or suck on them. I don’t care but you better do something now.” Joe said.

The young man stepped forward with both hands outstretched. Gingerly he placed a hand on each breast. He slowly squeezed them and began to pinch and worry the nipples which quickly hardened under his inexperienced touch.

I stood there as this young stranger explored each of my breasts even leaning forward to suck the nipples. He was so engrossed that he never noticed Joe taking pictures as I was used. Reluctantly he stepped back and then he noticed Joe and the camera. “Can I take a picture?” he asked.

Joe nodded yes and then even offered to take a few pictures using the boy’s camera. Joe snapped a picture as his hands once again explored my generous tits. Joe told him to stand beside me and he would get a few more pictures. As we stood side by side I took the initiative and placed my hand on his bulging cock. When Joe snapped the picture I turned to the young man and kissed him full on the lips. This would be a picture he would never forget.

After Joe returned the geek’s camera he tugged on my leash saying “Let’s go Alyson. We need to go see how football practice is going.”

When we got to the field we sat on the bleachers to watch. I made sure that I spread my legs wide giving everyone a good view between my legs. I’m sure the juices oozing from my pussy must have been visible. It wasn’t long before the coach ended practice. As one of the players was passing by I gave him a full on wide angle shot of my pussy. He stopped immediately and took a second look. “Whoa pretty lady. What do we have here?” he said. Then he took a closer look and noticed my nipples poking out through the mesh top. He looked directly at Joe and said “Man that is some fine stuff but you should not be advertising like that unless you want someone to come along assume that your lady is available.”

“No one said that she wasn’t available” Joe replied. The young football player just looked at Joe for a moment and said “Well this is just a little too public for the team. We could get thrown off the team if the coach were to see us and even a fine white piece of ass such as your lady is not worth that. Now if you and your wife were to go over there behind that concession building you might just find yourself some action.”

Joe stood up and pulled on my leash. “Come on” he said. “We need to go see some people over by the concession stand sweetheart.” As I stood and walked past our young friend I felt his hand on my ass.

“I’ll be over there in just a moment. I need to check on something with my teammates.”

When Joe and I got to the concession stand he pushed me to my knees and stepped in front of me. I knew what he expected and quickly pulled down the zipper to his pants and reached in. I wrapped my hand around his rigid cock and pulled it out. After I stroked it a few times I took his hot shaft between my lips and into my mouth.

That was the way our young black football friend found us when he came around the corner with seven or eight of his teammates.

I was immediately surrounded by all the guys as they all began to fish in their pants for their cocks. In moments I was surrounded by black cocks of all sizes but most seemed to fit the stature of the football players. Big!

After a few moments Joe pulled his cock from my mouth and stepped back. A huge black shaft was immediately shoved into my mouth to take the place of Joe’s cock. My hands were placed on two more and I began to stroke them also. Additional cocks were pushed into my face trying to get into my mouth to replace the one already there.

I glanced up and saw that Joe had faded into the background and was using his cell phone to video everything. Meanwhile hands were all over my tits squeezing and pinching my nipples. More hands wandered under my dress and discovered my nakedness down there. There was immediately a finger tussle as several hands wrestled to be the first into my pussy.

Then someone got the idea to stand me up bent over at the waist so that I could continue sucking the cock in my mouth. I immediately felt a cock slide into my soaking wet pussy splitting my pussy lips wide. Hands grabbed my waist and that big black dick was pounded into my pussy to the hilt. He slammed into me only a few more times when I felt hot cum spurt deep into me.

Meanwhile the owner of the cock in my mouth had discovered that I was able and even willing to take deep throat. So while he was busy shoving his cock down my throat I felt another cock plunge into my pussy. Then my raw throat was soothed as a huge load of cum slid down it into my tummy.

From then on I totally lost count. It was a free for all. Cocks in my pussy and cocks in my mouth. As fast as one released its hot sticky load another cock took its place. A few even managed to slip into my well trained ass.

When everyone was finally sated I had cum dripping down between my thighs from the numerous loads that had been deposited there. There was cum all over my face and in my hair and there was even cum that had been splattered onto my breasts.

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