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Auto Tech class again. The longest, most boring class of the day. Though, there was one thing that always made the class better – Amber. She was about 5’5 with short, dark red hair which was brown before she dyed it, a perfectly shaped body of no more than 115 pounds, and beautiful C-cup tits. We had been fooling around together for about a month, and occasionally talked about having sex, though we were yet to try it. She was a virgin, still somewhat nervous of the idea.

We were both 18, seniors, and neither of us ever did any work in the class, and fulfilling the daily routine, I went into a corner of the work area where she was already waiting for me. “Miss me?” I asked as I approached her. I put my arms around her, and gave her a sensual kiss on the lips.

I sat down in a chair, and she replied, “you wish,” as she sat down on my lap, smiling with her arms around my neck. “I’m bored, let’s fuck,” she said, teasing me with a grin on her face.

“Well then let’s go,” I answered.

“Yeah, too bad we’re in school, or else this could be your lucky day.”

“We can always go to my house,” I said, remembering that my parents were both at work. I began kissing her neck, since I knew that this was a sure way to turn her on.

“Fine, just stop doing that to me during class! Even if we don’t do much, we can at least make out,” she told me. With that, we both snuck out to the parking lot, got in my car, and took the five minute trip back to my house.

Once inside my house, she automatically headed to my bedroom, while I went to the kitchen to get us a Coke. I went to my bedroom to find her leaning back on my bed with her legs spread invitingly. I put the Coke on my desk and quickly joined her on the bed.

I got inbetween her legs, and put my lips to hers, moving my tongue into her mouth as she laid back with me on top of her. I took my tongue from seyranbağları escort her mouth, and started kissing her neck, making my way down to her chest and cleavage which was showing perfectly through her white tanktop. She started giggling, with some light moaning mixed in.

I put my hand under her tanktop, and creeped it from her flat stomach up to her breasts, still held back by her bra. As my hand finally reached her right breast, she pulled her tanktop up over her head. We both sat up, me still on top of her. I put my hands behind her back and unsnapped her bra, pulling it off. Her luscious tits bounced forward as the bra came off, and Amber smiled as she saw my eyes take in the sight as they do each time she’s topless.

I lifted her up so she was on my lap, and put my mouth around her left nipple, sucking on it, carressing it with my tongue. She started breathing a little quicker than usual, and I moved my actions over to her right nipple. I could only imagine what I was in for as she closed her eyes slowly with a pleasant look on her face.

I laid her down on her back and traced my tongue down to her belly button, and then to her waist. I unsnapped the button on her tight denim pants and pulled the zipper down. As I did, I saw her skimpy black thong. With her help, I slid her pants all the way down her legs until they were off, and I threw them into the hallway.

She was now nearly nude, wearing nothing but her thong. The view was stunning, and as she parted her legs slightly, I took the invitation and moved my head down between her legs which quickly spread further apart. The string of her thong was already damp, a clear indication of how she’d been feeling. I lifted the string and pushed it to the left of her moist lips.

I put my head inbetween her thighs, and ran my tongue down the length of her pink sincan escort slit. She let out a brief, sudden moan as my tongue contacted her lips. I moved my mouth over her clit, and began flicking my tongue across it lightly. Amber pushed her back up on her elbows as she started moaning much more heavily. Her chest was heaving, and her breaths were very quick and light.

I slowly moved my tongue down a little to her hole, spread her lips with my tongue, and pushed it into her waiting pussy. She emitted a loud moan, and put her left hand on the back of my head, forcing my entire face into her pussy. I could feel her pussy starting to contract around my tongue and knew that she was going to have her first orgasm soon.

I pulled my head completely away from her body, and she looked at me with a half angry, half disappointed face. I grabbed a condom which was already sitting on my nightstand, and showed it to her. She simply said, “oh fuck yeah.”

I took off my shirt, and as I began unbuttoning my pants, she got off the bed, and slid the thong down her legs. By the time it reached the floor, I was already completely naked, not to mention hard. I saw a grin form on her face as she saw my 7″ dick pointing forward, ready to give anything she could take.

I started to let her down onto the bed, but she soon pushed me onto the bed on my back, and mounted herself on me, sitting just above my waiting cock. “We’re doing this my way,” she said. I of course had no problem with that. I just put on the condom, nodded my head, and with that she lifted herself up, grabbed my cock to position it, and slowly lowered herself onto me. “Ohh shit,” she moaned as the head of my dick broke through her virgin cunt. She winced a little as her cherry was broken, but kept going.

After about thirty seconds her pussy finally reached the base of my cock. sıhhiye escort Her upper body fell forward onto mine and we began kissing as she sat still, impaled on my cock. I put both of my hands under her ass, and slowly lifted her up about an inch, then let her come back down. After this, she began lifting herself up a couple inches at a time, then coming back down on me.

After a few small humps, I lifted her ass all the way up until my dick was no longer inside her. I then dropped her right back down on it, and she yelled into my mouth over the intense new feeling. She sat upright on me, and began bouncing up and down, slowly at first. She soon began coming all the way up my cock, then all the way back down very quickly.

She was fucking me full-force, moaning long and loud with every thrust of her hips. I was enjoying the most intense pleasure of my life, holding onto her breasts with one in each hand as she bounced sensually on my cock. Deciding I’d like to deal some of the damage here, I lifted her all the way off my cock and whispered, “doggystyle,” into her ear. She nodded, smiling, and turned herself around onto her hands and knees.

With her ass pointing perfectly into the air, I got on my knees behind her and lined my dick up with her hole. I ran it up and down the length of her lips, and slowly forced myself into her. She resumed her moaning as I inched inward until I was all the way in. I began fucking her with sharp, fast thrusts that quickly did the job.

Her moaning turned to yells and screams of pleasure as I let loose on her, my body constantly banging against hers. “Jesus…Christ!” she yelled, and I felt her pussy squeezing hard on my cock, almost milking it. She buried her face into the pillow and began moaning and yelling into it.

I couldn’t take it anymore. The pressure her pussy was putting on my cock was too much, and I was banging her faster than I’d ever dreamt before. I slammed into her one last time, feeling my cum shoot into the condom. We collapsed at the same time into a sweating pile. As we separated, we headed to the bathroom to shower before returning to school. I could only imagine what our next experience would involve.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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