Ambien Ch. 01: The Beginning

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“Uunnngghh,” Dirk moaned as he ejaculated into the facial tissues in his hand. Masturbating to his favorite fantasy, his hot mother, he felt that this momentary pleasure, intense as it was, would pale in comparison to the fulfillment of his heartfelt desire. He and his mother lived alone after his father left for a younger woman. In Dirk’s fantasies, the potential was always there, keeping his hope alive that he might, someday, realize some of them, making love with his mother.

Still, Dirk was wary of approaching her to pursue his desire. She had never given him any overt indication that she might be interested. And sex between a mother and son was such a forbidden subject that he feared her probable rejection. Even if she was kind about rejecting him, he was afraid that her rejection would forever change the close relationship they shared.

The pleasure of his fantasy was one of Dirk’s reasons for masturbating on this morning. He and his mother were to go for a special brunch together, followed by visits to some of the museums and galleries she loved so much. He didn’t want this special day to be marred by a hard-on tenting his trousers.

Dirk often sported a hard-on when around his mother but thought he was somewhat successful in hiding his protruding member. He habitually wore slightly baggy trousers to leave room and underwear that encouraged his hard-on to point up rather than out. As hard as he got, down was not an option.

Thoughts about making this a special day for his mother resurrected his cock and he gathered more tissues. Reclining naked on his bed, his reviving member standing proudly above his pelvis, he drew comfort from knowing that his mother wouldn’t get out of bed for another hour. Then she would get ready for their outing.

Dirk welcomed his second hard-on of the day. Each additional time he masturbated would make it easier to control his rampant cock while he and his mother explored some of her favorite activities.

Slipping into his fantasies of shared sexual pleasures with his beautiful, sexy mother, he gently stroked his hardening cock, synchronizing his touch with his increasingly intimate fantasy of being with his mother.

A soft rapping at his door sent a shock of fear through his chest. Had he fallen asleep? Had the expected hour evaporated in a fantasy slumber?

He relinquished his hold on his hard-on and glanced at his clock. No, the time was as he expected. It had to be his mother knocking at his door but she should still be sleeping, under the influence of her nightly dose of Ambien. When he returned his gaze to the already opened door, he saw his mother standing there, dressed in a short, translucent nightgown. He saw the loveliness of her mostly bare legs, the outline of her slender-waisted figure through the nightgown and the bumps of her erect nipples in front. With the vision of his mother before him, he felt his cock fully harden.

He looked at his mother’s face to see if she was shocked by seeing his hard-on standing up so proudly from his naked torso. But she didn’t look shocked. Her rapt gaze was locked on his hard, erect cock.

“That’s a nice cock,” she murmured softly, “a very nice cock.”

Her statement was the last thing Dirk expected to hear from his mother. What was going on? Why was she focused on his hard-on instead of meeting his gaze?

She took three slow steps into the room, her gaze still locked on his erection. “Oh, yes, that’s a nice cock,” she said softly. “It’s so much nicer than what I’ve been getting.”

Ambien! That had to be it! It was an hour before she was supposed to get out of bed and she must still be under the influence of her Ambien, having an Ambien moment! Dirk mentally cited the evidence in support of his conclusion. His mother’s actions and words were uncharacteristic. She was oblivious to anything but the focus of her attention. But why was she up an hour early? And what was her reference to what she was getting? Was she unhappy with Casper, her current boyfriend?

Dirk realized that this was the day for changing from daylight saving time to standard time. His mother’s clock must not have been set properly. That would have her up an hour early.

With his conclusions mostly confirmed, at least close enough, Dirk had to decide what to do next. Usually, when his mother had Ambien moments, he would leave her alone to finish whatever she was doing. He only interfered if she appeared close to damaging herself. A few times, he had tried to rouse her from Ambien moments but that never quite worked as he wanted it to. Still, he might have to do something in this case. She was still focused on his cock and had taken more steps toward his bed.

Dirk’s fantasies told him he should let her do anything she wanted, with the hope that she would initiate the sexual congress he so desired. But he loved his mother so much that he couldn’t take advantage of her that way. If she started to climb onto his cock, would he be able to resist? Would he even find himself helping so escort bayan bursa that he was a party to the sexual encounter he both desired and, under the current circumstances, dreaded?

With his mother right next to the bed, apparently ready to climb in with him, Dirk made a quick decision. It was clear that she would do something with his cock unless he moved away from her. But he couldn’t bring himself to move away. Maybe he could divert her so that she didn’t climb into his bed.

“Mom, if you like it so much, you should hold it,” he said. Surely that wouldn’t be taking advantage of her and she might find that holding his cock would hold her attention enough to steer her away from oblivious sex. Would she even hear his suggestion?

She sat on the edge of the bed and gently grasped his cock.

Dirk gasped with the first contact of her soft, slim hand on his hard shaft. He had wanted this for so long that the sudden pleasure of his desire’s fulfillment almost made him cum. But this was his second boner of the morning. It could last a while longer. If only his mother would play with his cock for long enough to make him cum again, one of his favorite fantasies would be fulfilled. Granted, he had many other fantasies. But this one, having her soft hand stroke him to orgasm, so much better than using his own hand, was the only one in his mind at the moment. He lifted himself on his elbows so he could see what she was doing.

She began to slide her hand up and down his shaft, softly and gently exploring to find the dimensions and responses of this wonderful new toy.

Dirk’s dick did respond to his mother’s touch. Waves of pleasure flowed through his body as she stroked his shaft, slid her fingers over the glans to spread the pre-cum that he produced and explored the distended veins and caressed that special sensitive spot under the head.

Dirk wanted the feelings to continue forever as he watched his mother’s hand give him intense pleasure. But the growing pressure in his balls and the almost intolerable levels of pleasure told him he was close to the peak he desired. He thought of giving her the tissues he had ready, to keep his cum from turning into a wide-spread mess, but his arousal didn’t let him do anything but enjoy the results of her touch.

“Uunnngghh,” Dirk moaned. He felt the inner surge as his eruption forced its way out of his hard cock, shooting a little ways into the air before landing on his mother’s wrist. Subsequent pulses flew shorter distances, again landing on her wrist and hand. The final flow of cum ran down his shaft to join the rest on her hand. Dirk collapsed back onto the bed as the wonderful sensations washed over him.

Thinking of the tissues as he felt his mother’s hand leave his shaft, Dirk propped himself up on his elbows again and looked. She wasn’t reaching for tissues. Her focus was now entirely on her hand. She licked up his cum! His mother was eating his cum!

Dirk used his tissues to wipe his diminishing cock clean as his mother continued to lap up his seed.

“This is wonderful,” his mother said after swallowing another taste of Dirk’s cum that she licked from her hand. “It’s so much nicer than what I’ve been getting.” She looked quite happy as she licked up her son’s cum, clearly savoring each taste. She didn’t capture the maximum with each lick, instead getting just enough to keep it from running off her hand, just enough for another taste. Still, it wasn’t long before she had all of Dirk’s cum licked off her hand. She licked around her hand, making sure she had all of his spunk that she could find. Then she looked at his cock again, as though hoping it would be hard and ready to produce another load.

“Mom, it’s daylight savings time,” Dirk reminded her, interrupting her reverie, wondering if his comment would register or if she would continue to be oblivious of her surroundings. “You should go back to bed for an hour. Then you can get up and we’ll go on our outing.” He’d love nothing more than for his mother to jack him off again, or do something even more interesting, but feelings of guilt spurred him to try to divert her in yet another direction. If the diversion worked, he’d regret the loss of her touch. If it didn’t work, he strongly suspected that his guilt would grow.

She didn’t say anything but stood and moved to leave Dirk’s bedroom. He took the opportunity to watch the sensual sway of his mother’s hips as she walked toward the door. This was no show put on for an audience. This was her natural sensuality that was just the way she was. While still under the influence of Ambien, she wouldn’t put on any airs. She was just so naturally sexy!

Dirk remained thoughtful after she left his room. Why did she continue to refer to what she had been getting? She seemed so happy and so sexually attuned when she was with Casper. Indeed, she often embarrassed her son with comments to Casper, like, “I just can’t get enough of your cock,” and “I need more to eat up.” The comments were bursa sinirsiz eskort usually made when Dirk should have been out of earshot but Dirk had heard them anyway.

Dirk thought the comments indicated that Casper and Dirk’s mother were quite compatible but her comments while she saw Dirk’s cock and tasted his cum indicated something quite different.

The rest of the morning and the special day went as Dirk and his mother had planned. She gave no hint that she might be aware of giving her son a hand job or licking up his cum. Yet even as he continued to make the day special for her, he often found himself thinking about her comments and what they might mean. He had to hide a hard-on from time to time and wondered if cumming twice in the morning helped to keep his cock down or if the excitement of his mother’s oblivious hand-job worked to give him more erections.

When they arrived home, Dirk’s mother threw herself into her favorite chair with a happy laugh. “This has been a wonderful day, Dirk,” she said. “Thank you so much for setting it up and spending it with me.”

“It was my pleasure, Mom,” Dirk responded. “I only wish I could make every day special for you.” He thought happily of several ways he’d like to make his mother’s days special. When his cock started to respond to the thought, he tried to think of other things to prevent further arousal.

“Oh, you do, Dear,” she assured him. “But today was extra special.” As she sprawled in her chair, her expression slowly changed from happy and relaxed to concerned. “Dirk, you sometimes seemed to be a million miles away, today. Is there something going on that I need to know about?”

Thoughts of the hand-job flashed through Dirk’s mind. His cock stirred again. “Not a thing,” he answered. He hoped she’d believe his denial. He had never been good at keeping secrets from his mother and this was a big one.

“Dirk, I think there is something,” she stated. “I can tell that something’s bothering you and that it’s bothering you a lot.”

“It’s nothing, Mom,” Dirk assured her, still hoping she’d let him off the hook. He mentally kicked himself. By claiming that the something was small, he had admitted that there was something.

“I can tell it’s not nothing,” she said. “Dirk, I don’t do this very often but I think it’s time for a tell-the-truth talk.”

“Mom, it’s nothing,” he said defensively. He frantically tried to think of a way out. A tell-the-truth talk was one of their family traditions. When they had a talk like that, no topic was out of bounds and they each had to tell the truth with no shading. It was the ultimate exposure. But because of that exposure and to make the tell-the-truth talk acceptable, there were no repercussions because of what was revealed. If she insisted, he would have to tell her about her Ambien moments and the hand job. And if he told her about the hand-job, his cock would stand up for more. No, a tell-the-truth would be very unfortunate in the circumstances.

“Dirk, I insist,” she said. “Whatever it is, it’s really bothering you and we have to get it out in the open. You know that.”

“I know, Mom,” Dirk admitted, “but it’s never easy and this one won’t be easy at all.”

“I tell you what,” she said. “Since it’s not easy, I’ll let you go first. If there’s anything you want to know, ask away.”

Dirk was shocked. Tell-the-truth talks usually involved his mother finding out about him. But this could answer some of his questions about Casper. And the repercussions were reduced. Maybe this tell-the-truth talk would be a good thing, if his cock would behave for long enough.

“OK, Mom, we can do a tell-the-truth talk,” he agreed.

“Good,” she confirmed. “Now, what do you have to ask about?”

“Mom, when you talk with Casper, you say you can’t get enough of his cock,” Dirk said. “What exactly do you mean by that?”

His mother got a shocked look on her face. Clearly, she hadn’t expected any question like that. She thought for a few moments before responding.

“Before we’re done, I want to find out where that question came from,” she announced.

“You will, I promise,” Dirk assured her. “We are telling the truth, after all.”

“Yes, we are,” she said thoughtfully. “The honest truth is that Casper’s cock is smaller than your father’s. When I say I can’t get enough of it, I really mean two things. One is to encourage Casper to try harder to fill me up. He gets more excited when he thinks I really want him. The other is that I really wish he had more. If only he had as much as your father. That’s pretty nasty, isn’t it?”

“It’s not nasty at all,” Dirk responded. “And why do you tell him that where people might hear you?”

“Casper likes to think he’s a risk taker,” she answered. “It helps to get him excited when I make a comment like that where someone might hear. I guess you heard.”

“Several times,” Dirk admitted. “What about your comment about more to eat up?”

“You escort bayan heard that, too?” she asked in surprise.

Dirk nodded.

“It’s the same kind of thing,” she said. “Casper doesn’t produce much cum and it has a funny taste to it. Not only that but he’d rather smear it around than have me eat it. He likes to smear it all over, or at least as far as he can spread such a small amount. So I make the comment to tell him I like to eat cum. Your father’s cum tasted much nicer. I miss that about him.”

“Yeah, but Dad left to be with another woman,” Dirk reminded her. “You’re well rid of him.”

“That’s true, and his leaving was kind of abrupt,” she admitted. “Even so, I miss his cock. Does that shock you?”

“It doesn’t shock me but it makes me curious,” Dirk asked. “If Casper is too small, tastes funny and doesn’t like the same sex that you do, why do you keep him around?”

“Dirk, it’s not easy for a divorced woman,” she explained sadly. “Casper gives me some of what I want. Who else would want an old woman like me, saggy boobs and all?”

“Mom, that’s nuts,” he said. “You’re beautiful and sexy. Any guy would be happy to go with you. You could be a cougar without even trying, scoring with anyone you wanted, from barely legal on up.”

Dirk’s cock stirred with his words. He knew from his own personal desire that someone barely legal would want to score with his mother. After all, he was just a few years beyond that age and had wanted to make love to his mother for a long time. He hoped she didn’t notice his growing bulge in his loose trousers.

“And your boobs are wonderful,” he continued. “I was at a party on campus a while back where one of the hottest cheerleaders on the college squad bared her tits. Her tits hung lower than yours and weren’t nearly as pretty.” There was much more to the party than that, but he had told his mother enough.

“What kind of party have you been going to?” she asked. Then she shook her head. “OK, don’t answer that. It’s not pertinent. Still, I wonder what kind of party you’ve been going to. But how do you know about my boobs? It’s not like I parade them around where you can see them.”

“It’s your Ambien, Mom,” he said. “After you take your Ambien, you sometimes do things you don’t remember the next day. One of my favorites is when you go around the house naked.”

“One of your favorites, huh?” Dirk’s mother prompted with a little grin.

“Sorry, Mom, that kind of slipped out,” Dirk explained. “But yes, I like seeing you naked. You’re beautiful and really sexy. I love the way your boobs sway. And I love the way your hips move when you walk. You’re naturally sexy.” His cock grew even harder with his admission. Did he dare try to move it to be less conspicuous?

“I guess I can’t argue with that since we’re in a tell-the-truth talk,” she said. “Why don’t I know about walking around naked?”

“It’s your Ambien, Mom,” Dirk affirmed. “I’ve told you about it before but you don’t seem to want to hear it. But it’s one of the side-effects of Ambien. People do things they might not normally do, then they don’t remember them the next day. Different people do different things and I guess some people don’t have any Ambien moments. But walking around naked is one of my favorites of your Ambien moments.”

“Oh, do I have others?” she asked.

“Yes, but I have other questions for you first,” Dirk diverted the conversation. He wasn’t ready to tell his mother about the hand-job or give his cock reason to get harder than it already was. “Does Casper love you?”

“I think he does,” she said reluctantly. “He’s never quite tried to convince me, or at least he hasn’t tried very hard. His actions don’t say he loves me, though, and I often have my doubts.”

“Does he desire you?” he asked.

“He seems to,” she said sadly. “He desires me more when I get him fired up with sexy comments but sometimes I wonder about it. Maybe he just loves the comments, not me.”

“Mom, if you found a cock that you liked, what would you do?” Derek asked.

“I’d claim it in a heartbeat,” his mother answered. “Why do you ask?”

“I’m still asking questions, so it’s not your turn, yet,” Dirk reminded her. “If you found a man who loved you, who had a cock like that and whose cum tasted good, what would you do?” His cock pulsed when he asked the question. He knew of a man who met all those qualifications, him. Would she make the connection between his desire and availability?

“If I loved him, too, I’d keep him in my bed and make passionate love to him as often as I could,” she answered wistfully. “But what are the odds?”

“If you continue to settle for Casper, the odds are nil,” Dirk stated. “I think you need to keep your mind open for other possibilities. I have just one more question. Other than Dad, have you ever seen a cock that you thought was just right?”

“Not really,” she answered. “I did see one, kind of, but that doesn’t count.”

“Tell me about it,” Dirk ordered.

His mother looked at him with a questioning gaze. “I had a dream last night, but it was impossible,” she explained. “I dreamt that I saw a perfect cock. I held it in my hand and stroked it until it came, coating my hand with its spunk. Then I licked it up like an ice cream cone. It was delicious. But it was impossible, it couldn’t be.”

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