Amelie part 2

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Amelie part 2Later that same Wednesday, Amelie left her small, but cozy apartment and took the bus down-town. The incident had been an eye-opener to her. She had not really thought about such things before, but she was keen to learn more about it. At that time, the internet in the building where she lived, was having stability-issues, so when she got off the bus, she walked back a bit and turned down a narrow side-street. There was an old and very friendly second hand bookstore that she had visited on several occasions in the past. It was a very large shop, but is was not very often that there was many customers. Before one was allowed to enter the many back rooms, you had to leave coat and bags at the counter in the front room. And Amelie did that, as so many time before The owner was an old man, well over 70, so she thought it safe to ask him where he kept the psychology and related topics. He showed her into a remote room that she had never seen before, when she had been searching for poetry and novels. When the old man had left, she began looking.“My…uncle tell me that you are looking for…sexual deviations…”She jumped when she heard the voice. It was a man, tall and dressed in black. Could be around 40 or so.“Ehhh” was all she could say.“I can help you with sexual deviations” he said, but remained in Çankaya Escort the doorway, blocking it. She was caught in a cul-de-sac. Again!“Well, I…”“No, don´t be shy…”The man took a few steps towards her. She swallowed. This could not be happening, not again, not already!“What exact deviation do you want to explore?” he asked in a soft, dark voice. Then he had his hand on the side of her hip. She looked down at the hand, stunned with surprise. The man came a little closer.“Who…are you?” she asked in a whisper.“My uncle owns this place…and I think I can guess your…deviation…bitch!”Her mouth dropped open. Was it suddenly something that other could actually see?Had see begun to send signals without even knowing?“Turn around, bitch..”“What?…but…why..?”“Because you want to…and you need to..”He had both hands on her hip now and he was behind her. There was not very much room, there was book-shelves covering all walls.“We have Von Aschenfick´s book on painless submission here..” he said as he rubbing his groin against her behind. Amelie knew it was happening again. She was getting horny again, against her own will. She let out a deep sigh. WHY?“And…Lotta Cox´s “painless humiliating for the next century”…there..”The man began to lift up Keçiören Escort her long, loose skirt. Why was she not running for the door?“Are..are they…expensive?”she asked with a voice she hardly could recognize.“I am sure we can…arrange a fair discount…little whore..”She could hear the door-bell ringing in the front room. Some-one arriving. Poetry-lovers, she hoped. The man had her skirt up around her hips, and she pulled her panties down her self. There was no way out. She kicked the panties off. They landed on a volume titled “rare tropical diseases in full colour”. The sound of shuffling steps came closer. She held her breath. “Cunt” he whispered into her ear, while the owner led the new customer down an aisle not too far away. His warm hand between her thighs. Amelie shook her head in disbelieve and parted her feet a little.“So wet and willing…horny bitch”There was no denying that!“Please, sir,” she whispered, “If…you are gonna do it…at least hold my arms…”She reached back and twitched, when he grabbed her wrists and held them both in his fist, surprisingly large for a second hand book-store assistant. There she was, caught again, an instrument for his desires.“Beg..for my cock, bitch”She shook her head.“, sir” she whispered.“Again!”“Fuck Etimesgut Escort me, sir…”The sound of his fly being pulled down together with a joke about Baudelaire from a few aisles away. She snapped for air as the man began to fuck her from behind. Luckily, the shelves that she was pressed up against, were not rickety. Her head was resting next to books about sports injury treatment, and she was concentrating on not to make any noises. There was laughter in the background and she heard names like Verlaine and Jean Cocteau.“No…please” she begged, but she knew it was going to happen. Her legs almost collapsed when she came, but the man kept on fucking her anyway.“Are you a bitch?”“I…i guess so..” she said, still trying to catch her breath again.“Say it, cunt!”He had raised his voice a fraction“I…am a bitch, sir.”“On your knees, bitch…”She did so. Leaned her back against the shelf and turned to face him. Or rather, to face his cock, gleaming with her own juices. She closed her hand on the shaft, at the very base.“Suck it, bitch..”Amelie took the cock in her mouth. It was very humiliating and it was a job that needed to be done, so that she could get home and learn more about her condition. Both his hands held her head and his prick filled her mouth. She had to breathe through her nose. Gertrude Stein, Hemingway and Pablo Picasso were mentioned in the next aisle.“Yeah, bitch…”She held his balls while she sucked him. If only she knew what had triggered her new condition, then she would know how to avoid ending up in these situations.He grunted but only once when he came in her mouth.She got a 25% discount on the two books.

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