An afternoon distraction

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An afternoon distractionThis tale is a true as I can remember it and recounts an afternoon in Lincoln whilst I was at college, so for those who know the area they can work out where.It was early summer, a British summer, so cool and wet, although we hadn’t seen rain for a week or so, which was making a pleasant change. This was a few years before I or my fellow students had to enter the working world so the shortened days of college life still seemed far too long and we all were looking forward to summer holidays a month or so away. I know I was bored of what seemed to be never ending lessons. I needed a break, but certainly wasn’t expecting this. At eighteen I had more insistant thoughts that studying occuring to me. The lesson came to an end and we shuffled from the room and set off towards the Student Union Coffee Bar, even a short half hour break was always welcome. Just short of the entrance I saw her, my current main distraction, who seemed to go out of her way to distract. Today particularly so. She always dressed well, seldom the usual college uniform of jeans, trainers and top, usually skirt, heels and blouse. Today the heels were her highest, nothing so unusual as she was not so tall. The skirt and blouse replaced by a slit pencil skirted dress buttoned down the front. Her hands, unusually, covered by tight lace short gloves. kocaeli escort Her lips a shocking crimson. Almost every teens wet dream. But she was mine. “Lets go for a walk” she said. She reached out and grasped my hand and started to lead me back outside. “Just lose this bag, be right back” I smiled. I walked past and into the Student Union where I was lucky enough to share an office. The bag was duly deposited under my desk and I wandered back outside where my vision in loveliness awaited me.Rather than leading me onto the main road passing the college I was led by the hand, happily, up through the campus and up a path which cut straight up the side of the hill on which Lincoln was built. We walked eastwards, the view to the south across the roofs of the city, the river and to the tree covered hill across the valley. A short walk brought us to the top of the large landscaped ornamental park on this side of the city, a popular place for dog walking and little else during the day, students would flock to the place when it got warmer to lay out in the sun and drink beer rather than working, but not today. “I need to show you something, it’s on the other side” she chuckled. Almost dragging me she took off along the paths to other side to a stone folly, built to resemble a castle seemingly buried in the hill on which the park was kocaeli escort bayan built. I knew the place as some of us practiced our climbing skills up it’s walls, the chalk we used for grip peppered the walls. This was a shelter, with benches, to cower from the all to frequent rain. Although it was barely used anymore. The park wasn’t nearly as pleasant as it once was, meaning that there were a lot less visitors.I found myself pushed down on to one of the benches without a word. “So what did you need to show me?” I asked. “Just this” she replied, as she unbuttoned the dress, allowing it to fall open. The lace gloves, it seemed, matched her underwear. High cut panties and balcony bra cupping her. A more than sly smile on her face matched the certain shocked look on my face. At eighteen the reaction was immediate, I was suddenly rock hard, clearly excited. I wasn’t the only one. I could see hard buds beneath the lace of the bra. “Like?” she laughed. “Of course” I coughed. Before I knew it she was upon me, reaching down and unbuttoning my jeans and releasing me from the tightness. “I can see that, which is just what I want” came from her lips in a giggle. Without another word she had stood astride me, moved her panties aside and dropped down onto me, sliding hard and fast around me in a sudden gasp, her wetness hot on me. “I’ve izmit escort been thinking about this all morning, I didn’t think I’d make it” she grinned, grinding her hips onto mine, making me, in turn, harder inside her. I reached around to hold her, to stop her falling backwards. Leaning back into my arms she slid up and down on me. I could feel her heat almost burning me. “Quick, before someone comes” I was ordered. I pushed up off the bench, standing slightly. Her legs wrapped around my hips, still moving on me. I turned slightly and laid her back on the bench, laying above her, deeper inside. Both of us moving now, faster and more insistantly. Fucking for all we were worth. Her gasping with each move, me breathing heavy, neither wanting to attract attention by making too much noise. She proves that her morning thinking about having me had given her a headstart as she exploded around me, the sudden spasm milking me the one time I need to fill her with my own cum. “Oh God, that’s what I wanted” she murmered, pulling me down and kissing me hard. “Lets get back, you shouldn’t be skiving” she suggested, as I sat back and slide out of her. Our joined juices bubbling out of her. She pulled her panties back across, leaving them sopping wet. A damp patch in the back of her dress. She stood and buttoned herself up smiling. The moment was gone, and so were we. Back to college and the rest of the normal day.It sounds like a fantasy, but it happened. And happened a lot more in the weeks ahead before the college year ended and we drifted apart over those empty weeks.

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