An Apocalyptic Uncle and Niece

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Disclaimer: Everyone in this story is 18 years of age or older. The line breaks indicate a ‘time jump’ between the past and present.

Synopsis: An uncle and niece become lovers while living together in a post-apocalyptic world.

It was the third week of September 2024. Earlier that year, Evelyn Owens had secured a place at a well-regarded university. Her excitement since then was palpable and had reached a crescendo by September as this new period in her life drew closer. Evelyn, a diligent and organised young woman, eagerly prepared herself for this transition. She crafted meticulous lists of every article of clothing and each accessory she intended to bring. After carefully scrolling through her university’s website, she wrote in her leatherbound notebook – in alphabetical order – the name of each student organisation that caught her eye as one she may be interested in joining. Evelyn had, for all intents and purposes, memorised the map of the university’s campus. At any given time she was bound to be found reading through the digital pamphlet “Advice for New Students,” which she downloaded from her university’s website just minutes after her place was confirmed.

Evelyn and her parents lived in a small village in rural Wales. She was friendly but, owing to her position as an only child, quite introverted. The upcoming change of scenery gave Evelyn a chance to “reinvent” herself as someone more outgoing. She was keen to take full advantage of this opportunity, especially considering that she would not know anyone at her university; she was, after all, the only student from her school to be attending this university.

Evelyn would not be completely alone in her new city, however. Her uncle Stephen and aunt Rhiannon (her father’s younger sister), who were in their early 40s, lived only a short walk from her university’s main campus. Evelyn had always enjoyed a close relationship with her aunt and uncle. Stephen and Rhiannon had no children of their own, and Evelyn was their only niece. As such, they relished every opportunity to spoil her with gifts and praise. Evelyn kept in touch with her aunt and uncle by text and through social media. She often found it refreshing to talk with Stephen and Rhiannon about topics she preferred not to broach with her parents.

Their closeness led Evelyn to ask Stephen and Rhiannon if they would be willing to pick her up and take her to university. They were more than happy to help their niece in any way they could. Evelyn’s parents, for their part, were relieved to know that they no longer needed to make the lengthy drive to and from the university. Her parents planned to visit during the university-sponsored parents’ weekend in the second week of October, and so they did not feel particularly bad about not dropping Evelyn off themselves.

Buzz-buzz. Buzz-buzz. Buzz-buzz. Stephen was jolted awake by his alarm. It was 05:20. Stephen’s eyes struggled to adjust to the darkness in the bedroom. He grabbed the alarm clock and silenced the alarm. Rhiannon stirred and rolled onto her back.

“Morning,” said Rhiannon with a strained, raspy voice.

“Morning,” said Stephen. “Any better?”

“Not really,” Rhiannon confirmed. She had caught a particularly bad cold a few days earlier and still felt miserable.

“I’m sorry, babe. Just get some rest.”

“Mhmm,” Rhiannon mumbled before promptly turning onto her stomach and falling back asleep.

Stephen quickly showered and dressed. He made his way into the kitchen, where he put on a large pot of coffee to take with him on the drive. As he waited for the coffee to brew, he texted Evelyn and her parents.

Morning! Hope you’re not awake this early, just wanted to give you a heads-up that I’m gonna head out in a couple minutes. BTW Rhiannon isn’t feeling well so she isn’t coming today. See you soon!

Stephen arrived at his in-laws’ house just before 09:00. He got out of the car and walked to the door. Before Stephen had the chance to knock, he was greeted by his sister-in-law Cheryl. Stephen had always found himself attracted to Cheryl. She was pretty, with a round, lightly freckled face, warm brown eyes, and dark brown hair with a faint tinge of auburn. Stephen’s favourite feature of Cheryl’s, though, were her large breasts. Cheryl’s breasts, in fact, the first thing he noticed about her when they first met almost twenty years ago.

“Hey, Cheryl,” said Stephen. “Is Evelyn ready?”

“Evelyn!” Cheryl shouted up the stairs.

“Yeah?” Evelyn responded.

“Uncle Stephen is here.”

“Just a minute,” said Evelyn. “I’m putting my trainers on. I need a quick double-check of my backpack, too, and then I’ll be ready.”

Stephen glanced at Cheryl’s chest as she spoke with her daughter. Cheryl, who had woken only ten minutes earlier, was still in her light blue bathrobe. Stephen was treated to a generous view of his sister-in-law’s impressive cleavage. While he would never tell anyone – not Cheryl and certainly not ankara escort Rhiannon – Stephen recalled the many times he had masturbated while scrolling through Cheryl’s social media accounts. Stephen was sated with this glimpse at his sister-in-law. Not wanting to be caught blatantly ogling Cheryl’s breasts, he pulled his phone from his pocket and pretended to swipe through a slew of imaginary notifications.

“She’ll just be a second,” said Cheryl. “In the meantime, do you want me to help with those?” she asked, pointing to the large pastel pink suitcases that were positioned against the stairs.

“No, no, that’s okay. I’ll just take ’em now while Evelyn finishes getting ready.”

“That would be amazing,” Cheryl said. She smiled and stepped aside. Stephen grabbed the top handle of each suitcase and carried them to his car, setting them in the backseat. As he walked back to the house he saw that Evelyn had made her way downstairs. Stephen was taken aback. Evelyn looked completely different from when he last saw her at her graduation party a few months prior. Standing before him was a beautiful, radiant young woman.

Evelyn was on the shorter side. Her body was soft and curvy. She was wearing a pink button-down blouse with a multicoloured floral pattern. Despite the relative looseness of the blouse, Stephen was able to discern that his niece’s breasts were as equally magnificent as her mother’s – if not more so. Evelyn’s somewhat tight blue jeans allowed Stephen to make out the curves of her hips and ass. Evelyn’s most noticeable feature, though, was her light red hair, which was perfectly complemented by her hazel eyes and porcelain skin.

“Ready?” Stephen asked. He made sure to focus his attention on her eyes, not wanting to give into his natural inclination to admire her feminine curves.

“Yeah,” Evelyn said. She hugged her mother and father, who had recently emerged from his bedroom upstairs, and gave them each a kiss on the cheek. Evelyn and her parents exchanged their goodbyes, and Evelyn’s parents reminded her to let them know when she and Stephen arrived. Evelyn opened the passenger door and climbed into the car. She turned to her uncle, who had taken his seat about thirty seconds earlier so as to give his relatives a moment of privacy.

“Shall we?” she asked. Stephen nodded and pulled out of the driveway. Evelyn and her parents waved back-and-forth until neither of them could see the other.

“You can put some music on if you’d like,” Stephen said. “You just need to connect the cable.”

“No, thanks,” said Evelyn. “I’ll probably just look out the window until I fall asleep,” she laughed. Evelyn, in her excitement, had slept quite poorly the previous night, and as promised she fell asleep within a matter of minutes.

Stephen looked at the clock in the dashboard. 10:27. They had been on the road for just under an hour-and-a-half, which meant they were almost halfway to their destination. Stephen remembered the small amount of coffee in his travel mug. As he looked for the mug in the centre console, his eyes instinctively took note of Evelyn’s body. Although he repeatedly admonished himself for being attracted to his own niece, Stephen was unable to resist glancing at Evelyn as she slept. He took in the shape of her breasts and the outline of her stomach, catching a glimpse of her plain white bra through an open button on her blouse. He

Stephen looked up and was temporarily blinded by an intense burst of light in the distance. This was followed by several more bursts that seemed to be farther than the first. The car began to slow, and Stephen realised that the engine had died. He steered onto the shoulder of the motorway before coming to a final halt. Evelyn awoke, at first believing they had arrived at the university. She took account of her surroundings and quickly understood that this was not the case.

“Why are we stopped?” Evelyn asked.

“I dunno. There were some flashes off in the distance,” he said, pointing ahead, “And then the engine died. I have no idea what the hell happened,” he said.

Evelyn pulled her phone from her purse. The screen was black. All she could see was her own confused, terrified reflection.

“What about yours?” she asked.

Stephen grabbed his phone from his pocket and pressed the power button, to no avail. Frustrated, Stephen set the phone on the dashboard.

“Nothing,” he said.

“What do you think it was?” Evelyn asked. It was a question that would, for the rest of their lives, remain unanswered.

It was September 2025. At least, Stephen and Evelyn were reasonably confident it was September 2025. The calendar on the wall by the door was for 2024, but by their count it should be the 16th of September, 2025. Nearly a year had passed since the Incident, as they had taken to calling it, and they had not encountered any signs of humanity since that day.

It was early afternoon and they had finished eating lunch. Like every meal they had eaten çankaya escort since the Incident, it consisted of canned meat served with a side of canned vegetables. They initially loathed the monotony of eating the same food over and over, but now they were simply thankful to have food at all.

“I’m gonna go for a walk and get some fresh air,” said Evelyn as she stood from her chair. Having spent a year isolated in a remote cabin, Evelyn and Stephen had learned the value in simple things like fresh air and walks in the woods. “Do you want to join me?”

“No, thanks. I might lie down for a bit,” Stephen said. “Please be safe,” he reminded her.

“I will,” Evelyn said. She recalled the many instances in which her parents asked her to be safe, to which she had annoyedly replied, “I will!” That was before the Incident. When Stephen beseeched her to be safe, she understood that this was more than a simple pleasantry.

“I’ll see you in a bit!” she shouted before leaving the cabin.

Stephen cleaned the few dishes they used to prepare lunch. Afterwards, he tidied the main room that served as an all-in-one kitchen, dining room, and living room. Stephen picked up his wallet, which he kept on the table between the window and the door. He opened the wallet and rummaged through its contents before finally removing a picture of Rhiannon. Stephen sighed. The morning of the Incident was the last he had seen or heard from his wife.

He stared at the photograph and took in Rhiannon’s beauty. He formed a mental image of his wife, who he pictured standing before him, fully nude. Several minutes had passed since Evelyn left for her walk, and Stephen expected to have at least fifteen to twenty minutes to himself. He lowered his trousers to his knees and began to rhythmically stroke his cock until he was fully hard.

“Oh, fuck, baby,” he softly moaned to himself. He imagined his wife on her knees, making love to his cock with her mouth. He closed his eyes and pictured himself reaching down to fondle his wife’s pert breasts and stroke her brown hair as she sensually sucked on him.

Stephen heard the doorknob turn.

“Hey,” said Evelyn, opening and quickly shutting the door to preserve the warmth. She glanced at Stephen and in an instant surmised what he was doing.

“Oh, shit, I’m so sorry,” Evelyn blurted out.

“Evelyn!” Stephen shouted in embarrassment. “I didn’t think you’d be back so soon,” he said, his heart racing and his face turning red. He hurriedly pulled his trousers up.

“No, it’s okay,” Evelyn reassured him. “It’s fine. Completely normal,” she said, hoping to change the subject.

“How was your walk?” Stephen asked, picking up on Evelyn’s body language and intonation.

“Yeah, it was good, thanks.” Evelyn removed her scarf and draped it over the back of a kitchen chair. “I’m going to go take a nap now,” she said. They sought to avoid any further awkward interactions, and so kept to themselves for the remainder of the day. This time apart gave them the chance to think, however.

Stephen, for his part, still felt deeply embarrassed. Even though Evelyn had not actually seen anything, she still caught him masturbating. Despite his embarrassment, Stephen found himself aroused. There was something deliciously naughty about having been discovered masturbating by his niece. Stephen also couldn’t help but acknowledge that his niece was a beautiful young woman. He remembered the way he noticed Evelyn the day he picked her up to take her to university.

Rather than feeling horrified or dismayed by the situation, Evelyn also found herself more aroused than anything. Part of Evelyn wished that her uncle would have continued to masturbate in front of her. She and her uncle had spent almost a year living together. In many ways their relationship had evolved into that of a romantic couple, regardless of whether they acknowledged it.

Traffic had been sparse all morning, and unsurprisingly theirs was the only car in sight. They left the car at the side of the motorway and, on foot, followed signage to a small town about two miles away. The town appeared empty, but Stephen and Evelyn held out hope they would find someone – anyone. They went from house to house, knocking on every door and peering in every window. Despite spending most of the afternoon searching for any signs of life, their efforts were in vain. It seemed as though everyone had vanished, abandoning every possession in the process.

Suddenly Evelyn stopped and lifted her head.

“Do you hear that?” she asked.

“I think so,” Stephen replied. Stephen actually didn’t hear anything, but by this point he was desperate enough to follow along.

“I think it’s just up ahead,” Evelyn said. They walked past several rows of terraced houses until they found the source of the noise: An idling car parked in a driveway. Stephen ran to the door and rang the doorbell repeatedly.

“Hello! Anybody?” he asked, realising kızılay escort that no one was home.

“Should we just, like, take it?” Evelyn asked. Under normal circumstances Evelyn would have been too straight-laced to even imagine stealing a car, let alone to be the one to suggest it. She understood, however, that these were far from normal circumstances.

“I don’t think we have much of a choice.”

Evelyn walked down the hallway and knocked on the door to Stephen’s room.

“Yeah?” Stephen asked.

“Do you mind if we talk? Nothing bad, I promise,” said Evelyn.

“Of course,” said Stephen. He got up from the bed and opened the door, allowing his niece to enter.

“Thanks, uncle Stephen,” Evelyn said as she leaned against the shelf above the unused fireplace. Stephen sat on the edge of his bed. “I just wanted to talk. Y’know, about earlier.”

“I’m sorry, Evelyn,” said Stephen, his face reddening.

“No, don’t be,” Evelyn interrupted. “The last thing I want is for you to feel bad about it. Everyone has those needs. And everyone deserves to feel good.”

Stephen nodded in agreement. Evelyn’s understanding brought him a sense of relief.

“Look, there’s no easy way to say it, but…” Evelyn trailed off before finding the courage to finish expressing herself. “But what if we could take care of each other’s needs? We could make each other feel good. I mean, it’s not like we’re related by blood or anything,” she said before Stephen could respond.

“Yeah,” Stephen said. He was too shocked to offer anything more than one-syllable responses.

“Just think about it, okay?” Evelyn said. “Obviously there’s no pressure. And if you don’t want to, we can forget that I ever brought this up.” Evelyn smiled at her uncle and left his room, softly shutting the door behind her.

Stephen laid back on his bed and attempted to process his niece’s proposal. She’s right, he thought. It’s not like we’re related by blood. And evidently she’s into the idea. Stephen’s thoughts turned to the more practical aspects of Evcelyn’s suggestion, and he felt himself become erect. He slid his hand down his trousers and began to stroke himself. Stephen did not imagine his wife Rhiannon as he masturbated. Instead he pictured his niece as he pleasured himself. He imagined her strawberry blonde hair. Her pretty face. Her plump tits. Her wide hips and her thick ass. He imagined how warm and soft Evelyn’s cunt must feel.

His strokes became more fast-paced. Stephen closed his eyes. He imagined bending Evelyn over the wooden dining table and taking her from behind. He imagined ripping her blouse open, exposing her full breasts. Stephen pictured his darling niece moaning for him. These fantasies became too much for Stephen to take. His balls tightened and he began to thrust upwards.

“Fuck,” he groaned as quietly as he could. “Oh, fuck, Evelyn.” He lightened his grip on his cock and felt his warm cum spurt into his trousers. He took a few minutes to recover before making his way to the bathroom, where he cleaned himself and his trousers as best he could. It was now dusk and he heard Evelyn in the main room as she prepared dinner.

Within a few minutes they returned to Stephen’s car on the side of the motorway.

“Stay here. I’m just gonna grab the suitcases and some stuff from the car,” said Stephen.

Stephen opened the door to his own car and grabbed Evelyn’s suitcases, which he threw into the back of the car he and Evelyn recently acquired. He made one more trip, this time to gather a small amount of emergency supplies including blankets, flashlights, and a first aid kit.

“Right,” he said to Evelyn as he entered the car. “Let’s drive back to your house and see if we can find your parents.”

Abandoned cars – including some in the middle of the motorway – were the only ones that Stephen and Evelyn encountered on the drive to her house. As the sun set, they noticed several bright flashes that seemed to come from several directions in the distance. They arrived at Evelyn’s house. Her parents, however, had seemingly vanished.

“Let’s stay here for the night,” Evelyn suggested. “Maybe they’ve gone out to look for us.”

“Good idea. I’m sure they’re looking for us,” he replied, not wanting to stifle Evelyn’s optimism. They both had seen her parents’ cars in the garage but did not want to think about what this implied.

“Morning, Evelyn,” Stephen said.

Evelyn rubbed her eyes and for a brief, blissful moment she assumed the previous day’s events were no more than a strange dream. This illusion was dispelled when she saw her dishevelled-looking uncle standing in the doorway to her bedroom. Evelyn leapt from her bed and rushed past Stephen before he could say anything else.

“Mom?” she shouted as she ran downstairs. “Dad? Anyone?” she asked, pleading into the silence. Her eyes filled with tears. Stephen joined Evelyn downstairs and stood next to her, putting his arm around her.

“I’ve been awake for a few hours now and I haven’t seen anyone,” he whispered.

Evelyn had always thought of herself as calm, collected, and rational, and she did not want this situation to change that. She wiped the tears from her eyes and focused her attention on the next step.

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