An Autumn Encounter Ch. 05

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Mike pulled the corvette into a parking spot in front of the small inn. As Stacy checked them in, he looked over a brochure for the place. It was located on about 30 acres overlooking a small lake complete with walking trails and secluded picnic areas. There was an outdoor spa/hot tub situated in a secluded garden, perfect for a late night dip. The setting was remote and private, yet it was only a short walk from a nearby village center filled with restaurants, antique shops, and curio stores.

Stacy walked up and handed him a room key. “Isn’t this place fantastic?” Mike had to admit she was right.

The view across the lake from their suite was naturally scenic, and promised to be spectacular at sunset. The suite had a small sitting area complete with an antique writing desk and an elegant love seat facing a classic stone fireplace. Tucked away in a small alcove were a microwave, refrigerator, and coffee maker. The generously sized bedroom also had a fireplace, and was appointed with an awesome, four posted, king sized bed, covered in the obligatory down comforter and adorned with numerous fluffy pillows. The bath was spacious and elegant, with a tub large enough for two.

Stacy wanted to walk into the village and window shop a bit before dinner at her friends place. She needed some time to change and freshen up so she grabbed her bag and went into the bathroom, then stuck her head out and said, “Why don’t you go and grab a paper, and I’ll meet you inn the lobby in a few minutes.” Mike quickly changed into his slacks, grabbed his jacket, and headed downstairs.

He was sitting in a plush leather chair reading a local newspaper when he saw her coming down the stairs. She was wearing a sleeveless, paisley dress with a plunging neckline. When the light hit her from behind he could see her shapely figure and tiny, thong panties silhouetted through the sheer fabric of the flowery dress. As she walked up to him, her beautiful breasts bounced and swayed suggestively, barely contained by the thin material and revealing neckline.

“Stacy, you certainly know how to make an entrance. You look good enough to eat!”

She kissed him full and sensuously and then put her lips next to his ear and whispered, “Maybe later…”

It had been unusually warm for the time of year and the temperature was still high as they walked down the short path to the village, chatting casually about the scenery. Stacy was telling him, “You are going to love this restaurant. It has the best wine cellar in the whole area. Plus, there is a great cigar room I think you will like.”

Mike brightened, “Cigars? I love to smoke them. But my ex hated them…”

Stacy smiled, “Well… I know they are bad for you, but I think there is something very sexy about a man smoking a cigar. I used to love doing my homework in my father’s office where he smoked them.”

Mike grinned, “Then by all means, I’ll indulge myself. After dinner of course…”

Stacy hooked her arm into Mike’s and snuggled against him. She didn’t really understand why he made her feel so happy and contented, but she was sure glad they had found each other. Mike was a solid, smart, honest, old fashion guy, and she was rapidly falling for him.

They walked past a few shops peering through the windows before Stacy pulled him through the door of an antique store. They browsed through the inventory for a few minutes, and then moved on, visiting a number of other shops and boutiques over the next hour.

Suddenly Stacy pulled his arm and said, “We’re here.” The small sign next to the door simply said “Allesandro’s… Open Daily, 5:30PM to 10PM”

They stepped inside and waited for the hostess, who turned out to be a voluptuous, dark haired woman of obvious Mediterranean descent. As soon as she saw Stacy she rushed forward and embraced her. “Anastasia! Cara mia. I didn’t know you were in town. Who’s this?”

Stacy kissed both her cheeks and then said, “Angie, this is Mike Williams. Mike, this is Angelina Allesandro.”

“Pleased to meet you, Angelina.”

Angelina pulled Mike into a tight embrace, and then said “Please, call me Angie… Well, let’s find you two a table.”

The place was packed, but Angie led them to a small, round table near the fireplace, and then rushed off to seat another couple. The décor was all stone and dark hardwoods, and the place smelled fragrantly of wood smoke and garlic. Mike was about to istanbul escort signal a waiter was when a man in a chef’s hat rushed up to the table.

“Anastasia! How nice to see you again.” He embraced her boisterously as she stood to greet him.

“Buonasera, Antonio. Mike this is Tony Allesandro, the owner and chef. Tony, this is Mike Williams.”

Tony shook Mike’s hand exuberantly, “Very nice to meet you Mike. Welcome to my restaurant.” He looked at Stacy again, “Stacy, you get more beautiful every time I see you.”

Then he said to Mike, “Put that menu away. I’ll take care of everything…” and he rushed off to the kitchen yelling in Italian at the waiters.

After that things happened swiftly. A waiter arrived with a bottle of excellent Chianti and fresh bread with seasoned olive oil for dipping. Soon after came a purée of artichoke hearts with garlic and olive oil. The soup was simple, beans laced with hints of ham and touches of tomato. The main course was a lightly grilled sea bass with a covering of mussels, olives, green beans and baby clams. A little fluffy cappuccino mouse finished off the meal.

The wine flowed freely, and Mike and Stacy talked and ate till they were sated. She told Mike how she met Tony and Angelina on a cruise right after her divorce, and they practically adopted her. Since then she came up every couple months just to visit them. When the meal was over, Tony and Angelina joined them for coffee. The four of them chatted for at least an hour about the restaurant and the village. Tony and Angie seemed to know all the local gossip and Mike ate it up with a spoon, much to their delight. Mike could tell they were curious about him and Stacy, but they politely stayed from the subject until Stacy mentioned they had only known each other for about two weeks.

“So Stacy, how did you meet Mike?” asked Angelina.

Stacy was coy, “Oh, let’s just say we saw each other around the building and one thing led to another.”

“Well, I like him. What do you think Tony?” She said, eyeing Mike.

Tony said, “If he can stand my cooking, he’ll do fine.”

They all laughed.

After that, Tony and Angie hugged them and kissed them and then went back to work. Stacy led Mike to the bar and poured them both a snifter of cognac, and then she showed him the cigar room. It was behind a glass door off of the bar. The room was paneled ornately in dark mahogany. There were several high backed leather chairs situated throughout the room, each next to a small table complete with a large ashtray. Just inside the door was a large glass topped humidor with a variety of cigars inside.

“Let me choose, OK Mike?”

“Okay, surprise me. I am sure they are all good.”

Stacy walked past the large humidor and over to the bookshelf. There she opened a smaller humidor and brought back two cigars, a clipper, and a lighter.

“Tony’s private stash”, she smiled. “He won’t mind.”

Mike looked at the cigars and realized they were Cubans, Montecristo No. 2’s. “No, I couldn’t. These are worth a fortune!”

Stacy just smiled and expertly clipped the cigar at the point where it began to round off. Then she slipped it into her mouth, sparked the lighter, and rolled the cigar around on the flame, puffing on it until it was evenly burning. She handed it to Mike, and then surprisingly clipped and lit the other one for herself.

They were alone in the room but still within sight of the large glass door. Stacy sat down in the chair across from Mike and took a long drag off her cigar. They could see people still moving about in the dining room, although the crowd appeared to be thinning out.

Mike thought, “God she looks sexy.” Stacy was sitting back, legs crossed, clearly enjoying her cigar. Watching her smoke was like watching a sex act. Every time she wrapped her red lips around the slender, brown tube Mike held his breath. When she puffed on it, her breasts moved tantalizingly under thin cloth of her dress. Mike was puffing away on his, but still he couldn’t take his eyes off her.

Stacy blew out a long plume of smoke. “They have a room like this at the country club, but they don’t allow women inside.”

“Well, that is pretty standard in most clubs.”

“My ex used to sit around for hours puffing on these things and drinking. Just what do you men talk about for so long?”

Mike smiled, “Oh, you know–news, sports, escort bayan politics, finance, golf…”

Stacy interrupted him, “You left out women. I’ll bet there are some pretty tall tales told in the stag room.”

“Stag room?”

“Yeah, that’s what the wives called it.”

“Oh, I see now. Yes, I have heard some pretty wild fantasies in the stag room.”

Abruptly Stacy said, “Really? Tell me about your fantasies Mike.”

He was stymied for a moment, but quickly recovered. “You are my fantasy come true…”

“Aw, that’s real sweet. But you know what I mean. Everyone fantasizes. What do you fantasize about?”

She was making him nervous, but Mike could tell Stacy wasn’t going to take no for an answer. He took a long drag on his cigar, and then said, “Well, I have often dreamed of doing the sixty-nine…,” He hoped she wouldn’t be shocked.

She took a thoughtful puff on her cigar and blew a large smoke ring, then smiled. “Nice try. Now tell me another one.”

Mike thought for a moment, then said, “I have recurring dream about when I was in catholic school. The girls all wore those typical uniforms. You know the kind–pleated tartan skirts, starched white blouses, knee socks, etc. There was this girl in my 10th grade science class; everyone talked behind her back and called her a slut. I still often dream about her…”

Stacy’s voice got a little husky and she said, “Tell me about the dream.”

Mike noticed that her free hand had drifted up and was clenched in the middle of her chest.

He took a deep breath and started again, “Her name was Mary Katherine O’Malley and she had a way about her that always turned me on. She seemed to instinctively know how to be sexy; like wearing her skirt shorter then all the other girls or having her blouse open an extra button or two. She had red hair, nice legs, a shapely butt, and a pretty big chest. My friends all said she was very well-developed for a high-school sophomore. I just thought she looked sexy; much rounder and curvier than the other girls.”

Mike took a sip of cognac, and then continued, “The lab tables in our science class were arranged along the sides of the room, and I sat directly opposite and facing Mary Kate. She always sat with her legs slightly parted, but never quite enough for me to see anything. I always had a hard time concentrating in class because I spent too much time trying to peek under her skirt.”

Stacy laughed, creating a large cloud of smoke, “Just a normal, horny, teenaged boy!”

Mike picked up his cigar again, “In my dream we are always in science class. The room is full of students, laughing and talking. When I look up, Mary Kate’s legs are a little farther apart than usual. As I watch–no one else can see her–she slides her hand under her desk to scratch the inside of her thigh. Her skirt slides up for just a second, but in that instant I clearly see a thin tuft of red hair covering her naked pussy.”

Mike noticed that Stacy’s fingers had slipped inside her dress and were beginning to lightly toy with her breast.

“Suddenly, everyone else is gone, and only Mary Kate and I are left. We are supposed to be studying, but I know she isn’t interested in science. She gets out of her chair and locks the door and then lowers the blinds on the windows. After that she walks back to the front of her desk to retrieve her books. She has to lean over the desk to grab something from her chair and her skirt rides up. Her ass cheeks are round and firm, like a ripe melon waiting to be plucked.”

Mike had to stop for a moment. The memories were so vivid in his mind that he was becoming aroused. Stacy had put down her cigar, and now had one hand under her dress and the other stroking her breast. This was clearly turning her on as well.

She stared at him, eyes smoldering. “Go on Mike. Tell me the rest.”

Mike cleared his throat, and then started again. “I get out of my chair and walk over to her. Mary Kate turns to face me and looks directly at my bulging crotch, licking her lips. She reaches out and slides her hand across the front of my pants, then drops to her knees, slowly unzips my fly, and lowers my pants freeing my intensely hard cock.”

Mike heard a low moan from Stacy as he continued, “Mary Kate grabs my cock in one hand and slides her red lips over the swollen, round head. Her mouth feels warm and wet as it slides down my shaft and escort istanbul then back up again. In contrast, her soft hand is squeezing my meat, stroking it in time with her mouth. I grab her hair in both hands, guiding her farther downward with each bob of her head until my cock hits the back of her mouth. I gasp when she opens wider, letting me into her throat. Her nails are dragging across my balls and I know I am going to explode any moment.”

Mike paused again, breathing hard. His cock was straining against the front of his slacks, and he could feel the sticky wetness of his precum soaking into his boxers.

Stacy had slipped one of her breasts free of the loose top of her dress, and was tweaking the erect nipple. Her head was back, eyes closed, and her other hand was still buried under her dress, but he could tell she was fingering herself.

He wondered, “Should I go on?” He wanted desperately to take Stacy and fuck her right here, but something told him that she wanted him to continue. “Mary Kate knows I am close and chooses that moment to stand up and open her blouse. She reaches behind and unclasps her bra freeing her perky teen breasts, and then she bends over the desk, ass in the air and shows me her dripping pussy.”

“I move in behind her and roughly enter her. She gasps as I begin to pump my hips, slamming into her repeatedly and hard. She starts to wiggle a bit so I grab her hips in my hands and keep her centered over my ramming rod. Her cries build as I hammer her, ‘Fuck me! Oh shit it feels so good. Fuck me harder!’ Suddenly I feel her tight little pussy clamp down hard on my throbbing cock. A second later she squeals and cums.”

Mike looked out through the door. The restaurant was dark and no one seemed to be around anymore. Stacy opened her eyes and hissed, “God you are making me so hot, please go on.”

Mike smiled. “I continue to pound her sweet little school girl pussy, driving wave after wave of orgasm over her. She groans loudly and soon begins to claw the desk, trying to escape the repeated thrusts and pounding of my hard cock. She murmurs, ‘Enough. Please stop’ and forcefully pulls herself forward until my hammering tool pops out of her pussy. But I am not finished yet. I grab her hips and push her down on the desk, pinning her there. Then I position my wet cock at the entrance to her puckered anus. She quietly whispers, “Noooo”, but there isn’t any real resistance behind it.”

Mike could see plainly that Stacy had lost control. She had slipped the straps from her shoulders and both her breasts were bare and accessible. The crotch of her thong was pushed aside, and her fingers were flicking her clit frantically from side to side. Mike unzipped his fly and pulled his stiff cock out and started to stroke himself.

“I press forward, pushing the tip in slowly. My cock and her ass are so wet with her pussy juices that it slips in with only a little resistance. Mary Kate squeals and shudders, but she pushes back against me until my prick is fully inside her. I start to thrust again, but she is tight. ‘OH NO!’ she groans. ‘N-no, n-no.’ Then, ‘Y-yes. Oh yes, fuck my ass. Oh fuck, Oh fuck, Oh fuck… Ohhhhhhh!’ After only a few thrusts, she begins to shake and cum again, this time with a loud wail, ‘OOOOOOOOHHHHH!’

Mike started to pump his cock faster. He closed his eyes and could see the dream happening in his mind as he told it. “I am afraid I have hurt her, and I pull free. Worried, I step back, standing there with my hard cock in my hand and watch as she whimpers and shudders until her orgasm passes. Then she turns and drops to her knees. ‘Cum on me… Pleeeease… I need your cum… Pleeeease, cum on my face…’ I pump my hard cock as she shinnies up closer to it, her eyes blazing as they stare into mine. A couple more strokes and I explode shooting ropes of white, hot cum all over her face and perky tits.”

Just then Stacy’s legs clamped together, her back arched, and she cried out, “”OHOHOHOH…. AAAHHHHH!!!!” Mike watched, slowly stroking his meat as she continued to cum for what seemed like 2 minutes. When at last she seemed finished; she opened her eyes and smiled at him.

“You are a VERY good story teller, you naughty boy!”

“I am glad you liked it.”

Stacy slid off her chair and kneeled before Mike. There was mischief in her eyes as she whispered, “Cum on my face… Pleeeease….”

Mike pumped his cock a couple more times and exploded, spewing a single, huge stream of cum all over her face and hair. He stroked himself a few more times and milked another glob that fell onto her breasts.

When he was done, Stacy smiled and said, “Now that’s a fantasy come true!”

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