An Extended Family Ch. 02

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A reader recently wrote me a very lovely note on “An Extended Family”, asking me if I planned to revisit the characters. I hadn’t – but this story came to me immediately after and I set out to write it. Hope that reader enjoys it and I dedicate it gratefully.

Mike Cooper walked into the Living Room and saw the dour look on his wife’s face. He knew that expression well and had seen it on her face and in her sea-green eyes several times over the last few months. She was in one of those “don’t try to cheer me up” moods.

“Something wrong, hon?” Mike asked, knowing what the answer would be.

“Well, for one thing, you’re an hour late for dinner – luckily, our daughter is making us cold plates – my stomach has been doing flip-flops and …” Janis sighed “…I’m horny as hell and there isn’t a damned thing I can do about it.” She patted her growing stomach and said “This kid of ours better be an acrobat, with all the flipping about it’s doing.”

Mike kissed his wife gently on the forehead, knowing most of her exasperation had come from feeling so lousy over the past 4 weeks. He knew she loved him dearly. Her having a child after all these years had been a complete surprise to them both, but their daughter – his stepdaughter Jessica – had been thrilled to death.

“I’ve always been cool with being an only child Mom – Daddy – you know that, but now I get to play big sister! Woo-Hoo!”

Janis looked at her husband, shrugged and said quietly “Woo-Hoo.”

“Woo-Hoo.” Mike laughed.

Now, late in her pregnancy, Mike looked at his wife and found he couldn’t wipe the constant dopey grin off his face. He loved his legally-adopted daughter with every fiber of his being – but knowing Janis was carrying his child, seeing that she did indeed have a glow made him happy beyond words. She was still the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. She always had been, since the day she had walked into his bookstore and transformed his life.

Jessica walked into the room and gave her father a big kiss. “Hello Daddy, you gorgeous hunk of man. Dinner’s in an hour, have a drink – don’t give me that look mother, you know you can’t have any alcohol.”

“I wasn’t giving you any look.”

“You were too giving me a look. Just stop being such an old grump.” Jessica sighed. “We all love you mother, but recently …”

Monica walked into the room and kissed her sister on the forehead. “…recently Sis, you’ve been a miserable so-and-so.” She kissed her brother-in-law and smiled when she saw he’d poured a Pepsi as not to make his wife unhappy. “She was like this when she was pregnant with you, Jessica.”

Jessica grinned a very crooked smile. “Sorry about that, Mom.”

“S’okay kiddo, you were worth it. I’m sorry everyone … it’s just I am sick and tired of being fat and cranky and achy and I want this darned kid out of me !” Janis moaned.

“We all think you’re still gorgeous and sexy, you really do look good, babe!” Mike said, cheering her up a bit. To find a man who accepted her and her family, craziness and all – Janis hadn’t expected it after being single all those years, but Mike was the most unique man she had ever known. She had never once regretted taking the bull by the horns and asking him out, even if it had initially shocked him right down to his toes.

“I’m also so fucking horny!” Janis muttered under her breath. “My tits are full of milk and I just …” She looked over at Monica. “What do you have going on it that mind of yours?”

The petite pixie that was Monica sat by her sister on the couch. “Do you remember what I did to help you out when you were expecting Jess?”

Janis’s eyes took on a glazed, far-away look. “Ohhh yeah – how could I ever forget?” She smiled softly.

“I think there’s something we’re not in on, punkin’,” Mike said to his daughter as his sister-in-law helped his pregnant wife to her feet and led her to the bedroom. Monica motioned for them to follow. Mike Giresun Escort knew his sister-in-law was up to something and figured there was a 95% chance it was something they’d all enjoy, so he followed.

Monica sat her sister down on the bed and began nuzzling Janis’s neck. Mike watched with interest – he wasn’t shocked by their play, because all of the women in the household had been his lovers at one point or another, as well as each other’s. In marrying Janis he had married a true free spirit, a sexual hedonist who lived for the joy and pleasure of sex. Once her daughter turned old enough and showed an interest, Janis taught her all she knew about woman-woman sex. Mike discovered their secret trysts soon after and from that point on; both women shared his bed nightly. Because she didn’t do any dating, quite a few members of the community assumed Jessica was gay and she didn’t do anything to try and change that perception, in fact, she encouraged it by openly flirting with cute girls. In truth, once she had tasted her Daddy’s wonderful cock, there were no others for her – ever again.

When Monica finally dumped her doofus husband, Duncan, an open invitation had been extended to her to come and stay with them. Mike had overheard an earlier discussion about Monica being Janis’s first lesbian playmate and hoped he would get a chance to see that. He didn’t have to wait long, only a little while later, their threesome turned into a foursome. They all chipped in and had two bedrooms converted to one, the bathrooms all redone and a custom-made bed was ordered. Monica adored fucking her brother-in-law – she had never been with a man who was kinder or more loving. Mike treated them all as his ladies and they all thought of him as a husband in their own way, although Jess still got off on the thrill of “fucking Daddy”.

One night, while Janis was downstairs watching a movie, Mike had just finished a three-way with his daughter and Monica. He looked at them both, sexy and perfect and sighed. Jessica picked up on it right away.

“Daddy? What’s wrong?”

“Sometimes I feel guilty; I monopolize your time too much. You and Monica should be out there, meeting other men, having fun. What if either of you wants to have children?”

Monica just looked straight into his eyes and said “Then you will have to get me pregnant lover, because you’re the only man I care to have.” She said, jabbing him in the chest with her index finger.

“Aunt Monica’s right Daddy, I feel the same way.”

“Jess, be reasonable …”

“I am being reasonable. You’re the man I love and yes, you’re my own darling Daddy, but you’re not my biological father. What could be more perfect? We can have a child and there’s no reason not to. If anyone should ask, there’s lots of ways to explain it – Sperm Bank, a friend donated … loads of explanations are possible, but I am going to have your baby one day Daddy, count on it – and if that child’s a girl, you’d better be careful when you’re a sexy old man, because she’s going to want you as much as I do.”

Both women pushed him down on the bed and began a three-way again. The matter was settled, that was that. Less than a month later, it was Janis who found herself pregnant. Everyone had been elated, aside from Janis herself, who took a while to accept it, but once she did, she started getting into the whole thing, buying baby and Maternity clothes, changing one of the rooms into a nursery, looking at names in a baby book – although she and Mike had both agreed not to know the child’s sex beforehand.

Seeing his redheaded sister-in-law / lover pleasure his wife by undressing her, stroking her like the adored treasure she truly was, then ultimately, suck the milk from her swollen tits – it was really getting to Mark. He thought it was both loving and erotic and the little coos Janis was making let him know his wife was finding some kind of sexual release. Their daughter joined Giresun Escort Bayan them on the bed and began sucking the other tit, rolling her tongue around a swollen bud as she did so. Janis held her daughter’s head in place for a while as Jessica suckled her.

“Oooh Mommy, if I knew your milk was this delicious; I might not have stopped nursing!” Jessica sighed. She looked over at her father and saw the joyous look on his face, the love he felt for all three of his “girls” evident in his expression. Not only that – the desire he felt for them all was obvious as well from the large bulge in his pants. Jessica got off the bed and walked over to where her father was standing, watching the scene unfold.

“Tch – come on Daddy, you’re not going to be any good to anyone in that condition, supper isn’t going to get any colder. Let’s go to the guest bedroom and you can remind me why I’m so crazy about you!” Jessica teased.

“I thought you loved me for my mind,” Mikes hot back.

“That’s way down on the list, Daddy,” Jess said, not giving him the chance to one-up her.

Jess walked ahead of her father, giving Mike a chance to look at her gorgeous buttocks as she did. He often thought her ass was Jessica’s best feature, that and her beautiful sea-green eyes, which always seemed to be dancing merrily. She hadn’t been wearing much today, as it had been warm, and once in the guest bedroom, she shrugged her shoulders and the tiny sun dress fell to the floor, leaving her naked and delectable, as always.

Mike swept her up in his arms and nuzzled her neck; she smelled of the expensive perfume he’d gotten her for her birthday. “God, I never get tired of looking at you, you naughty thing!” He sighed.

“I hope you never do, Daddy,” Jessica smiled as she reached out and began unbuttoning his shirt. She often teased her father about wearing too many clothes; she herself was practically a nudist around their home. Her mother and aunt, on the other hand, loved shopping for and wearing sexy clothes, it was a good thing they both had invested well and that Mark’s bookstore was doing a brisk business.

“Come on Daddy – I’ve been thinking of that fucking wonderful cock of yours all day, waiting for you to get home. Fuck me Daddy – screw your hot little bitch daughter, the way you know she likes!”

“Mind if I eat some pussy first?” Mike asked as he Joined the long-legged blonde on the bed. She stroked the side of his cheek and looked at him with the same sea-green eyes her mother had.

“Of course not Daddy, you know I never turn down good oral sex,” Jessica sighed, spreading her legs wide. All the women loved being teased and licked and loved foreplay, there was rarely a night in the Cooper household that someone wasn’t kissing and playing with someone else. He licked up his daughter’s tanned, long legs, the insides of her thighs, hearing the sweet little mewls of pleasure she sometimes made. In the distance, he could hear the moans and groans of his wife and sister-in-law two rooms down.

“Oh God damn Daddy, but you are one talented fucker!” Jessica groaned. It was sometimes hard to reconcile the sweet child she’d been with this wild, uninhibited nymph who shared his bed every night, but then Mike remembered she had the most giving nature and generous spirit and that Jessica was a lovely soul who brightened the lives of everyone she touched. Her hands were in his now-graying hair, holding him in place as he ate her pussy, her thighs also gripping him tightly.

“Oh Daddy, oh Daddy, oh Daddeeeeeee!! ” Jess squealed and flooded his face. Mike always felt a sense of pride when he made any of the women cum, seeing as they had each other to practice on and were women, he figured knew they were likely better at it. A woman knows what a woman likes, Mike assumed. Janis pointed out to him that he had three women that would all be willing to give him lessons or let him practice all he wanted Escort Giresun – problem solved.

He pulled Jessica upright, her legs around him and he kissed her beautiful face and ran his hands through her long, blonde hair. It never ceased to amaze him that his daughter, who was doing quite well in her burgeoning modeling career, would still want him in her bed. Her arms were around his neck and she was peppering his lips with little kisses, the ways she liked to do.

“So – how was your day?” He asked her, needing a minute to catch his breath.

That was how they all were; they could leave their sexual routine for a time and go right back into it. “It was okay,” Jessica responded. “One of the other models made a pass at me.”

“Oh? Are you going to take her up on it?” Mike wanted to know. He and her mother had often suggested she date a few women to establish her “Gay Alibi”. Jessica had recently been warming to the idea, although she wasn’t going to tell her parents that if she found the right girl, she was bringing her home as a surprise.

“I might – she’s black, with these beautiful brown eyes, very tall and classy. I’ve never been with a black woman before Daddy – have you?” Mike shook his head.

“Before you, your mother and that insatiable aunt of yours, I lived a very conventional life, and you know it. Tsk – how you all corrupted me!” Mike said, his daughter swatting his back.

“There was probably a dirty old man under there all along,” Jess shot back, still displaying her quick wit.

“I am not old yet, young lady!” Mike said firmly, although in jest. Jessica ran her hands up and down her father’s still-muscular arms, glad they all believed in physical fitness, biking or swimming near-daily. Running a bookstore was not the best way to get a workout and for their kind of lifestyle, it was very important to maintain a healthy regimen.

“You’re the hottest stud a girl could want – Daddy – so let me prove it by fucking your brains out, okay?” Jessica smiled sweetly as she moved her slender, tanned body on top of his. She looked down on his beaming face, full of love and pride in her own innate sensuality. Jessica moved her body down on to her father’s big cock and began to move it deep within her pussy, secretly glad her mother and aunt were otherwise occupied. Every so often, she greedily wanted Daddy all to herself.

“Oh Lord, this is what I wanted – beautiful, hard Daddy-cock – put it to me Daddy, fuck me, fuck your hot slut of a daughter, fuck her hard!” Jessica groaned as her eyes closed and her cunt ground against his thrusting cock. He was guiding her with his hands upon her shoulders and once they got into a rhythm, he moved his hands around to play with her delectable, 34D breasts. She had beautiful, sensitive nipples that she loved having touched, he knew just where to stroke and make her sigh with pleasure. Her body rocked against his and her long blonde hair tossed back as she fucked the only man she had ever loved, her own sexy Daddy.

The bed rocked and banged a bit against the wall as they fucked – hard, strong and with all the love and passion that had built up over the years. Jessica was close – she’d been horny all day, but had resisted the temptation to play, either solo, with vibe or with her very-willing Aunt Monica. She wanted to save her lusts and slake her thirsts with Daddy – boy, had she made the right choice!

“Daddy – it’s here Daddy, I’m cumming. Come in me Daddy, you know I love your cum, shoot in your daughter’s pussy, DO it!” Jessica groaned. Her words spurred him on and Mike let his load shoot deep inside his daughter’s body. They clung together for a while, panting, then got up and made their way from the Guest Bedroom, meeting up with Monica and Janis emerging from the Master Bedroom. Janis had a slightly-dazed, but satisfied, look on her face. She gave her husband a big hug and smiled at her daughter – all was well again, there was calm, tranquility and as she saw her sister wink and drag Jessica back down the hall, she knew there was still lots of lust. Mike went to get a robe while Janis began setting the table for dinner, thanking her lucky stars they all had a man who fully understood the kind of family they needed to be.

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