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For a special lady. She knows who she is.


I think most people have spoken to others on the net about sex and swapped sexual fantasies and desires. I know I have more than once. I’d like to tell you of a particular experience of mine with a special lady whom I shall call Wendy.

It all started on Literotica. I contacted Wendy and she replied. The first mails were fairly vanilla, however as time went on and we got more comfortable and trusting of each other, we started to reveal more and more about ourselves and our lives.

It turned out that Wendy was married but this was a marriage in name only. Her husband had showed less and less interest in her both sexually and socially over the years. She was having a bad time of it. He wouldn’t take her on holiday or out at all, preferring to slump in front of the television or go to the pub with his mates. She told me she felt unwanted and unloved. I was as supportive as I could be even though I could not really interfere.

Eventually they split up. Which in itself created difficulties for her as she now had to find somewhere to live and sort out all the other problems that come with a parting of the ways. Again I encouraged and supported her as much as I could, hoping I could be someone she could lean on emotionally when she felt the need. I did offer to help her financially and although she was grateful, she managed to sort things out on her own, which I have to admit increased my respect for her although I would have been glad to help. She is now settled in her new home, getting herself back on track and enjoying her new found independence.

Now our chats turned a new corner. Wendy confided in me that she had a rather delicate problem that she was embarrassed telling anyone about. It turned out that Wendy had been suffering from an itchy anus for quite some time. She told me that at first she actually quite enjoyed the itch – or rather she enjoyed scratching and rubbing her arsehole to gain relief as it felt pleasurable. I’ve always been turned on by the thought of anal sex and I found it so exciting to hear Wendy describing how much pleasure she got from touching her own arsehole. I did volunteer to do this for her but we were quite some distance apart and it wasn’t practical.

She was starting to find this itch more annoying and was worried because it was so persistent. I advised her to go to see the Doctor but she was hesitant and fearful of the embarrassment of being examined in this most intimate of places. Finally she knew she would have to bite the bullet and go. The Doctor assured her that it was nothing serious and gave her some cream to apply. Happily Wendy reported that the cream did the trick and all was now well.

We had been talking for quite some months now. Wendy’s confession about her itchy anus had encouraged me to confide my love of women’s arses and in particular, rimming. Wendy said there’s nothing wrong with anal sex and rimming and that she found the idea of having her arsehole licked canlı bahis naughty and exciting.

Wendy also said she would like to come and meet me and take me for a meal as a Thank You for all the help I had been to her through her troubles. I said that I didn’t need a thank you and was glad to be of what little help I could. Indeed I would like to thank her for making me understand that it was Ok to be a rimmer and a wanker, however I’d be delighted to finally meet up.

Arrangements were made and I met Wendy off the train. I was really impressed when I set eyes on her for the first time. Small and perfectly formed with beautiful blue eyes framed by dark hair and what looked like a glorious pair of tits. The forecast was for one of the hottest days of the year so far and she was wearing a pink floral summer dress which showed her womanly curves nicely, especially the shape and size of her ample arse to which my attention was immediately drawn. All in all, she had a full figure which I love.

She had no idea what I had planned for the day. I wanted to make it special so we drove up to a place that is special to me: Alnwick Castle in Northumberland.

Alnwick Castle is still the home of the Percy family; the present Duke of Northumberland is the 12th. It has been in their family for over 700 years. In Tudor times the Percys were Kingmakers and very powerful. The castle itself stands on high ground, giving fantastic views of the beautiful Northumberland countryside. Entering over the drawbridge and under the elevated portcullis I am always struck by the medieval splendour of the towering keep and walls. This is where parts of the “Harry Potter” movies were filmed, also the 2014 Christmas special of “Downton Abbey”.

Just a few miles away is Lindisfarne or Holy Island as it is sometimes called, where Christianity was first introduced to England.

Standing on the battlements, we had a view over the magnificent grounds and the River Aln. The double ramparts stand testament to numerous battles with Scottish armies.

We decided to go for a walk along the river after buying a couple of bottles of water from the castle shop. (It really was a hot day.)

As we walked along the riverside Wendy linked her arm in mine. I could feel the firm fleshy bump of her right tit pushing into me. We walked for a mile or so before coming upon a small secluded copse. We decided to sit for a while in the shade of the trees at a picnic table that was off the beaten track and still had a view of the Northumberland countryside.

I decided to inject a bit of humour into the conversation and asked Wendy how her itchy arsehole was. I was taken aback when she said “Oh it’s all better now. Would you like to see it?”

Not being one to look a gift horse in the mouth, never mind such a splendid arse as Wendy’s in the hole, I replied: “Wow! I’d love to see your arsehole Wendy.”

“Well I’d love to show you it,” she said. “All your emails about your love of arses and how beautiful you bahis siteleri think they are made me more confident about showing mine to the Doctor.I wanted to see a female Doctor but there was such a long wait that I saw a male Doctor. He was down there ages and gave me a prescription for ten tubes of cream instead of one!”

“Well,” I said, “you have a beautiful arse Wendy. I think the Doctor was probably overcome just looking at its little hole.”

She smiled. “I know you are an arse man and like arses and I’ve decided I’d like you to see mine as you won’t make me feel that it’s ugly. I would so like to show my arse to someone, I find the idea very exciting.” Without further ado she knelt up on the bench of the picnic table and leant forward over the table, her bum facing me.

“I’ll let you lift up my dress,” she said, looking back at me over her shoulder and smiling.

I could feel my heart starting to beat faster as I lifted her dress up slowly to savour the moment and pushed it up to her waist. What a beautiful sight before my eyes. She was wearing a pair of yellow lace knickers that stretched across her arse outlining her cheeks and her camel toe beneath.

“Pull my knickers down!” she said, interrupting my staring at this lovely view.

Again moving slowly I pulled down her knickers as she lifted first one knee then the other to allow me to get them completely removed. Once they were off Wendy spread her legs apart and raised her bum allowing me to see her beautiful pussy.

She had a luxurious growth of hair above and down the sides of her cunt with puffy outer lips and a gorgeous slit between them. I could see the tip of her clit peeking out at the top and her slit looked very moist. I wondered if this was caused by the hot day or the position she was in. I leaned in and ran my tongue up her slit form her perineum to her clit. That certainly wasn’t sweat I was tasting.

Wendy gave a low moan, then laughed: “I thought it was my arsehole that you wanted to see!”

Well I do love a juicy cunt but at heart I’m an arse man so I put one hand on each cheek and stroked her flesh, feeling the smooth skin under my palms and admiring her arse crack. I couldn’t resist running my tongue the length of her crack and she gave out another moan.

Slowly I spread her cheeks open to reveal her hole. I have seen a few women’s arseholes in my time but Wendy’s is a beauty. The hole itself was a dark pink and I could clearly see her sphincter muscle forming a perfect small circle from which radiated small creases to form a starburst. She had a light brown halo ring around her hole and a circle of dark hairs. Just enough to set her ring off perfectly.

I put my finger on the centre, pressing gently. Moving my finger out of the way I put my face into her crack with my nose touching her arsehole and sniffed deeply. It’s hard to describe the unique smell of a woman’s arsehole. Hers was a mixture of one day’s sweat and the remaining odour of her last shit. It was intoxicating.

After bahis şirketleri a few moments of breathing in Wendy’s anal smells I moved my face up and pressed my tongue onto her bumhole. Wendy gave a slight jerk and looked round over her shoulder. “Be careful,” she said. “I haven’t been to the toilet today.”

My spirits soared as I replied: “Good! I was hoping you hadn’t.”

She just giggled and said: “You dirty man.” No argument there then.

I licked all over the inside of her cheeks then ran my tongue the length of her arse crack from the bottom of her juicy cunt to the small of her back. My God she tasted good. I flattened my tongue and lapped at her tight puckered hole before forming my tongue into a tube and pressing it against her shitter to gain entry inside, spreading her cheeks as wide as possible.

Wendy moaned as she felt my tongue sliding into her shithole. I got inside her as far as the length of my tongue would allow. Sometimes I wish I had a foot long tongue. I licked the inside walls of her rectum, feeling how smooth and hot they were and relishing the earthy taste of her insides. “Oh my God, that feels fantastic,” she cried. I didn’t reply…I couldn’t. I just kept licking deeply into her as I sealed my lips around her arsehole and started to suck.

I felt a firm mass hit the end of my tongue which was still inside her. “Oh shit,” she shouted.

‘Yes that was my guess too,’ I thought. Her turd was now pressing firmly against my embedded tongue so I licked the end of it, feeling its heat and texture.

I’ve had a long held fantasy and now was the time to fulfill it. I pulled my tongue out of Wendy’s arsehole and took hold of my hard cock, aiming it at her slightly gaping bumhole. The very tip of her shit was starting to emerge so I pressed the end of my cock onto her turd and pushed. A small amount of shit squeezed over my cock, the rest being pushed back into her as my cock entered her back door.

Holding her by the waist I slowly pushed into her shithole, watching my cock go in as some of her shit squeezed out. Once I was fully in I marvelled at the exquisite hot feeling. “Oh yes, oh yes!” was all she could say as I started to fuck her shit filled arse. I looked down and could see that my cock was getting well smeared and shit was dropping onto the bench.

“Harder, please harder,” Wendy cried as I slammed into her. I saw her reach back and rub her clit furiously as she fucked back at me, shit splattering all over my stomach and legs.

I felt my balls retract and I knew I was going to cum. When she starting crying out loud I knew she was cumming and let myself go shooting a huge load of my cum into her shit packed hole.

We were both breathing hard, my heart was hammering and I could feel Wendy trembling.

“Wendy,” I said. “That was wonderful. Thank you so much.”

“It was special for me too,” she smiled. “I’ve waited so long to feel like this. I’m so glad I did it with you.”

After a minute or so of just resting in that position I pulled my cock out and Wendy turned around. We both looked at my cock which now was caked brown as was the whole of her arse.

I knew that water would come in handy!

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