Anal Sex with my Japanese Nanny.

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Anal Sex with my Japanese Nanny.My wife had passed away recently and left me with our two young c***dren. My busy schedule required that I hire a nanny to help raise the k**s. My work required alot of travel to Japan to conduct business so it followed that a Japanese nanny would be best to teach my k**s about that culture while I was working. My company wanted me to move there for a year. So, I inquired about such a nanny from a Japanese firm. They sent me a brochure of prospective nannies and as I leafed through it I came across a startling beautiful 18-year old that had me instantly mesmerized and I must admit, instantly erect. Her name was Keisha and from her pics she appeared to be about 5 feet tall and weighed about 100 pounds. She had jet black hair that went down to her ass with porcelain white skin. I called the agency and set up a meeting to meet her the next day. The following day we met and she was even smaller than I initially thought. She was probably only 4’6″ and couldn’t have weighed more than 80 pounds. She bowed to me as was the custom and then sat with her eyes cast to the ground. She seemed very shy but as we conversed, she expressed her love for k**s and promised to fulfill her duties with great istanbul escort passion. I hired her on the spot. The next day she moved in and in the following weeks my k**s grew to love her. I too had fallen in love with her too… despite being 30 years her senior. I made a decision one day to come to her late that night to have sex. Knowing how obsequious she was, I was confidant that she would service me. That night came and as I slid open her door she was sleeping in the fetal position, yet her blanket had slipped off her backside to expose her tiny ass and her panties cinched up her ass crack. As I quietly came closer, I was stunned to see a massive black bush covering the area of her exposed crack. I’d never seen such a hirsute ass crack before! I immediately removed my bathrobe exposing my turgid, erect cock. I then kneeled onto the floor bed and began to rub my cock against her ass cheeks. She stirred a bit in her sleep but did not wake. I then lay next to her and pulled her panties aside to massage her pussy and asshole with my cock. This time she did wake up but froze not sure what to do??? I told her to be absolutely quiet because the k**s were avcılar escort in the next room and to submissively arch her ass in the air. She did so obediently. I then pulled her panties down to the backs of her knees and spread her cheeks to pepper her tiny, hairy asshole with it’s first of many kisses. When my lips met her rosebud her whole ass bucked and quivered at such a perverse act. I had to reach my arms under her legs to grip each ass cheek so that I could accurately kiss it. Soon my tongue was matting down her thick anal bush as I teased her anal slit by encircling her brown starfish. Finally, my tongue slid into her asshole and wriggled up and down until her pussy sprayed my chin. I lapped up the aftermath and gave her one last anal kiss before telling her I had to go back to my room to get the lube. I told her not to move a muscle and to keep her petite ass arched with her anus pointing directly towards the ceiling. Back in my room I greased my cock up with a thick coating of lube. When I returned to Keisha’s room minutes later, sure enough, her porcelain white ass was still in the same position…arched and ready to be sodomized. I quickly stood over her and clamped my şirinevler escort legs around her waist. As I bent down I whispered in her ear with a commanding tone not to make a sound. I reached down to grab my cock and began to spank her anus with my purple mushroom. Finally, I pressed it against her spongy slit and eased my cock into her forbidden hole. She let out an involuntary gasp but my hand cupped her mouth to diminish the sound. Slowly but surely, each inch of my 9-inch cock eased in until finally my cock was embedded in her asshole to the hilt. I spent the next half hour slow fucking her asshole as I gave her pussy a reach around. I then began to increase my cadence and soon enough I was fucking it as hard as I would fuck her pussy in the days that followed. That unique sound of ass cheeks pounding against the small of my tummy filled the room until finally I could no longer control myself and I released a tidal wave of cum in her tight ass. After exploding, I let my cock marinate in our intermingled juices for a minute or two before pulling out. I then moved in front of her and grabbed her by the hair and shoved my cock in her mouth to clean off our juices. She greedily slurped on it while I slammed her head back in forth into my loins so that she gagged on my cockmeat. Finally, I sent another river of cum down her throat. I then whispered in her ear thanks and that I intended on fucking her mouth, pussy and especially her asshole on a nightly basis. With that said, on her knees she bowed and said yes Master…the daytime too.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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