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The party was at 9:00. It was finally the big 1-8! I was absolutely pumped for it and I wanted to look fabulous. I pulled on a tight tube black dress and slipped on cute high heel sandals. I felt the flesh of my ass touch the soft material of the dress. All i had on was a flesh colored thong that was just barely there. My hair was pulled up, curls flowing down, red flower on the side. Long black faux pearls were hanging from my neck, resting atop my breasts. I think they are nice in sex, a handful, perky, and pretty pink nickel sized nipples. I’m no skinny minnie, but beautifully figured with a pleasant disposition. My nails were painted a shiny silver and toes the same. I smelt like Muske de Cartier and I was ready to party the night away with friends.

The phone rang, I walked over slowly to the nightdresser and picked it up. “Hello?” I asked. “Hey, What time is the party?” the voice asked me this question, but for the life of me I couldn’t recognize who it was. “It’s at 9, whose this?”

“It’s Andrew.” The voice suddenly sounded more charming. A friend of mine. Oh, god I wished he was more. “Oohh, hi andrew. Yeah, its at 9.”

“Okay, see you there.” He promised. “Okay, same.” I asked, almost breathless.

I shivered as I hung up and fantasized about the party to come. Finally the time came, I drove out to the restaurant where I would meet about 10 of my closest friends. We waited about 20 minutes, then out around the corner, he appeared. Slicked back brown hair, the most intense green eyes, shorter than I yet still handsome as the devil! His Semetic look just put him over the edge. I’m not quite sure what it is, but its something about that good ol’ jewish/italian look that gets me going. “HEY! Where were you?” he asked flashing his pearly whites quickly. “Oh sorry Andrew, we were out here.” Talking Manavgat Escort Bayan for a bit, I got more than 10 smiles out of him and I could think of nothing else but wanting to touch his body all over if anything have a one night stand where all i would do is suck on his cock. I could see it clear as day in my head: Him sitting down on my sofa, knees apart, pants down around his ankles while I knelt between them, mouth bobbing up and down on his dick. He wouldn’t be too big, but perfect, his flesh just sawing in and out of my rosy full lips. Mm, so hot…

After a little while more, we finally were seated by a rather pleasant host. Walking the walk of sexy ladies, i swayed my hips left to right, walked in step with Andrew. We were then seated at a circular booth, perfect I thought. I sat next to him, and honest! it wasn’t planned. It just so happened to be like that. Everyone ordered drinks, talked merrirly and laughed at dirty perverse jokes. Occasionally, I would speak solely to Andrew, enjoying staring into his eyes. His lashes were soooo long, it only made him appear more sexy. I would touch his arm, and make sexual references about him and I. To which, he would simply laugh, smile, make a screwed up face or shake it off. Mixed signals are the worse. After eating my meal, and taking bites off everyone elses, I decided on getting a slice of cheesecake. I cracked up at my best friends jokes and dramatic overtones while eating my delicious dessert. Andrew became quiet right around then, and I looked over at him, offered a piece. I wanted to feed him cheesecake…off of my body would be most pleasant! Two more hours had passed, feeling a little lightheaded from the high of happiness, I was flying through the night smiling. Finally it was time to return to my house where everyone had planned Manavgat Escort on either smoking a few J’s, or tossing back a few drinks.

It was almost 2:30am, when my friends and I arrived at my home. Andrew followed me gingerly into the living room, and sat down on the sofa next to me. I stretched out, kicked off my shoes and smiled as my friends horsed around. I played just the same, pushing, smacking around and what have you. My breasts were swaying around, dress barely containing them. Music was playing in the background. Some sort of sexy fast beat that made me hot all over. Slowly, people began to call it a night, knowing that they had work the next day. An hour later there was only myself, Andrew, and two other couples who seemed to be very…busy? in their own affairs. I waved Andrew over with my little finger to come into the kitchen. “Want a drink?”

“Sure…I guess…what you got?”

“Anything you want, I’ll fix it.”

“How about a water?” he asked, smiling. “We have that, most certainly.” I giggled cutely, and knocked him lightly on the shoulder. He touched my hip, teeth glowing, I pushed him back, and we tousled each other gently until he had me backed into the corner wall of the kitchen. I was laughing, and slowly came to a hault. “ me.”

“Yep.” he managed to whisper. His breathing was coming out shallow, and his face was only an inch from mine. Cocking his head to the side, he leaned in. I closed my eyes and gently rested my palms on his chest. My heart was pounding, I was ready for it. I wanted him to kiss me that instant. I could feel the bulge inside of his pants gently rub upon my right thigh. My dress was pulled above my knee a few inches and nothing but bare skin was blocking him from me. Andrew put his hand on my neck, moved it to the back of Escort Manavgat my head and licked up behind my left ear. I shuddered. Finally, he was “close” to me. This is the close I wanted between us. His fingers found there way to my lips, and he dragged his index and middle finger all over my lips, one inside of my mouth. I cringed, bit down ever so softly, and moaned.

My hands were gripping onto his chest, nails slightly scratching him. I put one hand down onto his side, around to his back. He started to dryly rock his hips against the air between us. Sliding the hand that he had on my mouth, he pulled down his zipper. I heard it, let out a gasp..partially in shock, partially in ecstasy and want…and I heard his hand ruffle the material of his boxers. “uUnn..” he grunted. He had touched his extremely hot cock. It was now resting in his hand, and he worked my dress up to around my hips. Slowly his fingers worked their way up to my flesh thong. His hot touch separated my thong. Andrew paused, feeling my pussy. I was hot, wet and very slick. He then all of the sudden, forcefully shoved his finger inside of me. I let out a yell and bit down on his shoulder, kissing it through his shirt. Madly he put his lips all over my neck and all I could think of was the warmth of his body on mine. The music had changed to a fast, exotic rock-sounding kind of tune. I rolled my shoulders back, and swayed my hips. Our dance was beginning.

Quickly, Andrew moaned deeply into my ear, and shoved his cock up inside of me. Deeply, he stroked my insides. He whispered that I felt like velvet, smooth to the touch and I fit him like a glove. Our rocking, our constant fucking motion, hard and deep then soft and shallow. It was becoming rougher and rougher. Finally after all of these dreams, night of laying with my legs spread fingering in my cunt calling his name into the darkness. HE WAS REALLY FUCKING MY PUSSY! I wanted him to bust inside of me, and I begged him to cum inside of me. “Cum in me Andrew. Cum in me.”

“Oh, ohhh god. Oh. Ohhh….yesss…” He came in me.

I’ve been with him ever since.

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