Anita and a new black client

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Anita and a new black clientAna told me her plans for the week end. She would not meet her three young black lovers, because they would be all going out with their sweet girlfriends.But then my sexy wife told me she would meet a new black client that had been recommended to her care by her Boss at the firm.Ana made me laugh when she said she needed a cheerleader outfit because it was a special request by that client for her to wear…I asked her if she could set up her phone cam again; so I could watch her during the meeting with that black man. Anita agreed…But she warned me I should not fuck her during the next days until the week end. I could just finger fuck her or suck her nipples…I asked her the reason and Ana just laughed, saying she wanted to be real horny to enjoy the better of that new black cock…That afternoon she got her cheerleader outfit at a costume store.Saturday evening I got home after playing some holes at the Golf Club. Anita had dinner ready for me. We enjoyed a romantic meal with some soft music and lit candles. Someone was going to get lucky tonight, but it would be not me…It was time for Ana to get ready. She took a warm shower. I joined her and fingered her wet cunt under the warm water. She came crying and then she kissed me deeply. Ana told me she loved me; but I should understand she needed some extra black cocks…After the shower I helped her to shave her sweet mound. I wanted to be sure my wife’s pussy would be soft and bare for güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri that unknown black bastard to enjoy. I kissed her labia, smelling how fresh it was Anita finally got dressed in some jeans with a tight spandex t-shirt.Her hard nipples were poking against the sheer fabric of that shirt.Ana kissed me and left, carrying her bag with the cheerleader outfit. One hour later I received a phone call and I saw Ana in the screen, as she positioned the cell phone onto a night stand table, besides a king size bed in a luxury hotel room downtown. My sexy wife smiled and sent me a kiss; telling to the screen that she was going to change her outfit in the bathroom.Then I could see a handsome middle aged black man, wearing an elegant suit and sitting on a sofa in the middle of the bedroom.His name was Leroy and he waited patiently while Ana was locked inside the bathroom. He looked into the camera and smiled… Anita finally showed up. She was wearing now that infamous cheerleader outfit. A short skirt showed her firm round buttocks and a tight jumper style cat suit indicated that her boobs were loose…Leroy opened her eyes real wide and my sensual wife told him to relax and enjoy; she used to make her clients feel at home.Then Ana crawled onto the carpet heading towards the black man. She reached and pulled down Leroy’s pants. Soon he stood only in his boxer shorts but I could notice his black dick hanging below it. I estimated güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri that his black cock was huge; my sexy wife would enjoy it very much…Ana game me a quick smile back to the camera.Then she just got eye level with his shorts to remove them.Leroy’s giant black cock popped out, almost hitting her red lips. Anita smiled again and she grabbed that huge black thing between her soft long fingers. After stroking it several times, my sensual wife engulfed that huge piece of black meat. Just a few minutes later, Leroy pushed Ana onto the carpet. She hiked up her little and I saw she had no panties on. Then Ana smiled to her client and opened her long legs wider; knowing this was what she was sent there to do. Let a black man fuck her for the improvement of the firm…Leroy knelt down and started to push his black cock into my wife. Anita moaned loud as that black bastard planted his root all the way in, real deep inside her wet cunt. But he was huge…He started a very hard fucking rhythm. His strong arms wrapped around her back pressing her nice boobs against his hard chest. Anita wrapped her long legs around Leroy’s waist to buck back with each long and brutal stroke.They fucked for about one hour in all possible positions. The black man made my sexy wife cum four times in that same hour…Then I finally guessed he was about to dump his cum in my wife.Anita got vocal knowing Leroy was about to cum. She begged him in tears güvenilir bahis şirketleri to save his cum a bit more and fuck her harder and faster.She looked in his eyes as she was bucking wildly back on his dick.This was the tipping point for Leroy as he grunted and shot off into my sensual wife’s hot pussy. As the black guy was still grunting he grabbed one of Ana’s hard nipples and sucked on it. My wife came another time…The black guy rolled off from my wife’s body. Ana got up and grabbed some colorful pompoms from her bag and started to do a cheerleader routine. She danced in a sensual way in front of him. I could notice some fresh cum was running down her thighs. She then went up to Leroy who was sitting in the sofa. I saw he grew another hard on. Anita then threw the pompoms to the side and straddled across the black man’s lap. She impaled herself onto that huge black rod; as he sucked her hard nipples.They fucked again for another two hours and both of them cum many times. After the last time Leroy filled my wife’s sweet cunt with semen, she went to have a shower.As Ana came out from the bathroom, she was fully dressed in her jeans and t-shirt. She saw Leroy still naked, standing at the middle of the bedroom. My wife fell to her knees and started sucking him…Soon he came again; but this time in her hungry wet mouth.Leroy took the camera and he said into the screen that he would be a good partner of the firm and he would take my sexy wife whenever he wanted. Then he added that I could be present next time; but only on the condition that I should undress Ana in front of him and should help her to climb on top of his hard huge cock…I heard Ana laughing and she told him that her cuckold hubby would be glad of watching her climbing onto that huge black rod…

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