Ann: A Love Story Ch. 61

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“Baby, I’m done in the bathroom…you need to get up,” Ann called out from the other room.

She’d woken up first, and I had heard her in the shower at some point, but I’d dozed back off. Then I heard the hair dryer after she’d gotten out, and it woke me up again for a moment. But it was all so fuzzy. I mean, I knew what the noises were, but it seemed more like a dream. I was still tired…actually, I was exhausted. I heard Ann calling out to me, but all I wanted to curl back up under the big red comforter, and drift off again.

Instead, I was staring out the window, looking at the dawning of another gorgeous day. Normally that would have excited me, but it seemed so cruel at the time. I wanted to sleep, yet I knew I couldn’t. And it wasn’t just that the bright blue skies seemed to be calling to me. Ann and I had one more stop to make on our long cross-country drive, and that was about 550 miles away.

Ann hopped onto the cushions of the sectional couch we’d spent the night on, her naked body looking hot from being in the steamy shower, and from being…hot! She yanked the comforter off of me, the cool air making me curl up a little ball like it was some reflexive action.

I felt Ann touch the bare skin of my upper arm, stroking it lovingly. “Come on, Neil. We’re going to have more fun today…but we really need to go. Do you want me to suck start you?”

“Do I want you to do WHAT?”

Ann’s bright smile seemed to block out the sunshine coming through the window. “Haven’t you ever heard that expression…where a woman is so hot, she can suck start a Harley…or a Corvette…or whatever?”

“Yeah…I guess I have. I’ve just never heard it directed at me, though.”

“Well, that saying had to come from somewhere…and you’re my favorite thing to ride. So, if you need me to suck you to get you going, just say the word,” she said, reaching for my cock. I laughed and moved towards the edge of the couch. Ann got a little pout on her face as I scooted away from her. “So I guess that’s a no, then.”

“I love the idea, but you’re right…we need to go. I’ll take a quick shower.”

“Okay…I’ll tidy up out here, and we can go get something to eat before we hit the road.”

When I came out of the bathroom, Ann was already dressed, and she was actually a little conservative from what I’d been used to on the trip. She was wearing a simple sundress that came to mid thigh. It was pale blue, with spaghetti straps over her shoulders, and it had little white buttons that went all the way down the front. It would have seemed plain and ordinary…your run of the mill dress off the rack of most department stores across the land. But Ann was the one wearing it, and that suddenly made it a fashion statement of erotic proportions.

She’d left the top few buttons undone, the material pealing down like flaps on both sides to create a V-like opening at the top. That also showed the tops and insides of Ann’s breasts in the most amazing way…as if they were framed and hung on a wall like a priceless piece of art. Ann had also left the bottom few buttons of the dress open as well, so that more of her perfect legs would show. And with the dress being tight, it hugged every contour of her sexy frame. On her feet, Ann was wearing a pair of white, open toed, high heeled sandals. The spikes were about 4 inches high, and they just slipped onto her feet…no straps holding them to her ankles.

Ann had put her dress from the night before back into the garment bag that it came in, along with the sexy shoes she’s worn. She had also picked up the tuxedo I’d worn, and put it back in its bag, laying it on the bed. And, she had packed up all the other things we’d brought, ready for me to take them downstairs.

I walked out of the bathroom in a pair of tan golf shorts, and I put on a forest green T-shirt over it. Slipping on my sandals, I looked at Ann, who was eyeing me.

“I’ve never met a man that can make a T-shirt look so sexy,” she said as she came over to me and gave me a hug. It was a bullshit compliment, but I loved that Ann went out of her way to make me feel good about myself. But she didn’t have to. I felt good about myself just having her in my arms, knowing she was mine.

“You look amazing too, Ann.”

“What…this? Its six years old. I can’t believe I still have it. It’s so out of style.”

“Ah…that’s right. I forgot that women’s clothes have an expiration date on them. Why would you want to wear something that makes me want to rip if off and fuck you?”

Ann giggled. “You make me laugh so much, Neil.”

“Come on, we can laugh some more on the way to breakfast…otherwise, I AM going to rip that off of you and fuck you!”

Ann smiled over her shoulder as she walked towards the door, making her hip sway in the most seductive way. “I guess that’s one more reason to have an old dress…I won’t care if you ruin it when you rip if off me.”


I was settling the bill at the front desk with Charles, who had told me the night before that he would still be on duty in the morning. Alanya Escort Bayan Still, it surprised me a little. It made sense when it was Julie at the Mountain Resort we stayed at. She appeared to live there, so she was kind of a round the clock Manager. But for a guy that worked at a hotel, it seemed like a really odd shift. When I’d questioned him about it as he prepared the paperwork, he politely said he was working an extended shift to cover for another employee.

I was looking over the details of the bill, checking all of the additional items that had been added. Like dresses, and tuxes, and limousines. I wasn’t complaining about the price…after all, it was all part of the ‘pampering’ of Ann that her Uncle had insisted on when he gave me the money to pay for such things. But I still wanted to know what I was paying for, so I was taking my time as I looked it over.

Charles must have wondered too, because he said, “Are you finding everything in order, Mr. Thomas?” in his thick British accent.

“It’s Neil, Charles. And yes, everything looks okay. By the way, we left the tux in the suite. It’s on the bed,” I said as I looked at that line on the bill.

“Very well. I’ll make sure we get that returned. If there’s something you wish to dispute on the bill, I’ll gladly get the invoices of the…”

I looked up from the paper and smiled as I shook my head. “There’s no need Charles…it’s fine. I’m not disputing anything. Actually, it just really hit home with me how much Tina really orchestrated. Seeing it all in black and white…it’s a little overwhelming.”

“You have no idea, Neil. As I said yesterday, Miss Roberts is very detail oriented.”

I paid Charles…in cash, which seemed to surprise him. But he just smiled as he handed me my copy of the bill. It was an odd grin, and he let out a little chuckle.

“Something amusing?” I asked.

“More interesting than amusing. I just found it odd that you looked over the bill so carefully, but you didn’t seem to notice the most important detail.”

I looked at the paper again, scanning it over and over to find out what he was talking about. Finally, I noticed at bottom that there was a typed in note…from Tina.

‘Neil, I hope you and Ann enjoyed last night. But no matter what happened, I personally promise that tonight is going to be better. In fact, it won’t even be close. Tina’

I looked at Charles, who said, “As I said…VERY detail oriented. I even had to send a facsimile of that to prove I’d typed it exactly as she’d dictated it to me.”


“Wow?” Charles asked.

“Yeah…wow. If Tina was so concerned about what you typed, it REALLY makes me wonder what she has in store for us tonight.”

“Wonder indeed,” Charles nodded.

While I was at the desk, Ann had finished putting our things in the car for us, and she’d even driven it into up to the door. I just had time to put the bill in the back pocket of my shorts as she walked into the lobby. I didn’t want her to see I’d paid cash…and have her wonder about it. But she seemed to have other things on her mind, just based on the look on her face. When she got to the desk, I introduced her to Charles, and that wasn’t lost on Ann.

“Oh…you’re the one that was working with Tina.”

“Yes Miss Franklin,” Charles said with a nod. “I trust you enjoyed your stay with us?”

“Absolutely,” she said with a wink. “You’re the one that arranged for us to have Molly as our driver, right?”

“Yes…that would be me. Did you find her satisfactory?”

Ann giggled and said, “She was way beyond satisfactory. She was amazing!”

“I’ll be sure to tell her you were pleased.”

“I don’t think you have to…we showed her last night,” Ann winked again. Then she looked at Charles and said, “I’m surprised you’re working this morning…are you here much longer?”

“I’m here for another few hours. Why do you ask?”

“Wow…that may make this a little easier than I thought. Molly said she’d be coming here today to pick up another party…will you be seeing her?”

“Yes. She’s picking up another couple and driving them to Lincoln for the day. I believe she’s due to arrive around 9.”

“I wonder if you’d be good enough to give her something for me.”

“Of course, Miss Franklin…I’d be happy to help.”

Ann put her purse on the counter and opened it. Reaching in, she pulled out one of her ‘Antonio’ dildos, and placed it front and center on the countertop.

“I’d like you to give her this. Let her know it’s my personalized model, and it will help remind her of last night a little easier. And it will keep her from having to shop for one herself today…okay?”

Charles blushed a little, especially when he picked up the rubber phallus and placed it down below, out of sight behind the counter. “Yes, Miss Franklin. I’ll make sure to tell her.”

“Do you need to write that down, or can you remember? Maybe you should say it back to me,” Ann said in a rush.

I looked at Charles with a smile. Shrugging, Alanya Escort I said, “What can I say…she’s a stickler for details too.”


“I feel like I should go to the car and put on the dress I had on last night!” Ann said as she looked around the restaurant. She was referring to the slinky, sexy red evening gown she’d worn to the dinner theater.

“Yeah…I feel like a brown suit in a room full of tuxedos,” I said with a laugh.

Ann and I had gone to a restaurant that Charles had recommended we try for breakfast. It was just down the road from the hotel a couple of miles, and it looked enticing as we headed inside. But as we sat down in our booth, both Ann and I looked around as we looked at the menus. It was eerie, because we seemed so out of place. It was like everyone in the place knew just by looking at us that we weren’t from the area.

For the record, I’d never been uncomfortable in the Midwest. Everywhere I’d gone, no matter the state, I felt at home. And part of that was the way people there accept you. As a general rule, they’re warm, friendly, well mannered folks that welcome you even if they didn’t know you. Sure, there were always going to be those few in a crowd that could go out of their way to make you feel bad or unwelcome. But for the most part, those were few and far between to me.

But this was strange. While Ann and I weren’t being stared at, we certainly had been noticed when we’d walked in. And at the same time, we had noticed everyone else. How could we not…it was just too odd to be a coincidence.

Our waitress came over, and bluntly said what everyone in the place apparently already knew before we even sat down. “Hello…you two must be passing through.”

“Uh…yeah,” I said, while Ann slowly nodded as she tried to concentrate on her menu instead of the people around us.

“Well…welcome to Omaha. My name is Trudy, and I’ll be serving you today. Can I get you some coffee?”

“Yes…please,” I said, speaking for both Ann and myself.

“Okay…I’ll be right back to take your order.”

As Trudy walked away, Ann looked at me from behind the menu she seemed to be using to shield herself. Leaning over the table, she whispered, “Have you ever seen anything like this in your life?”

“Not that I can remember.”

“Do you think this has something to do with that rodeo you were telling me was in town?”

“I don’t know…maybe. I don’t know anything about rodeos to be honest. But there has to be a reason for this.”

While Ann and I were still pondering the odd setting we found ourselves in, Trudy came back with our coffee, and pulled out her little pad.

“Are you ready to order, or do you need some more time?”

We were ready, and we went ahead and ordered. But as Trudy was about to leave, Ann caved to her curiosity. Truth be told, if she hadn’t, I was going to a second later.

Ann cleared her throat and politely asked, “Can I ask you a question, Trudy?”

“Sure sweetie. What is it?”

“Why are all these people wearing red?”

“Because…it’s Saturday!” she said as she winked and walked away.

Ann looked at me, the confusion written on her furrowed brow. “What does Saturday have to do with it?”

I looked around the place again, scanning the people that were sitting down. I couldn’t tell what they were wearing, other than the vast majority of them were wearing some kind of red shirt. I was struggling with the meaning of what Trudy had said as well…it seemed too simplistic an answer to make sense. But then I spotted a young guy in a hat at the far end of the restaurant. It was a red baseball cap, with a big white ‘N’ on it.

I looked at Ann, my mouth opening in surprise. “Holy shit…that’s it!”

“What’s it?”

“We’re in Nebraska!”

“I already knew that, Neil.”

“We’re in Nebraska, Ann…on a Saturday in September.”

“So what…that means you have to wear red?”

“In a way…yeah. Unless you’re not from around here.”

“I’m not following, baby.”

“The Nebraska Cornhuskers, Ann. University of Nebraska…in Lincoln, just down the road from here.”

“You mean football?”

“Yeah. They don’t have any professional sports teams in Nebraska. College football is like a religion here.”

“Really?” Ann said, a little surprised.

“Yeah…just like basketball is in…”

“INDIANA,” she said, finishing my sentence. “Oh my God…no WONDER! So all of these people are going to the game?”

Trudy came back with a refill on our coffee, and heard Ann. “Figured it out, did you?”

“Yeah,” I said with a sheepish grin. “I feel really stupid now.”

“Nonsense…it happens a lot. And no…these people aren’t going to the game…not unless they get a move on. We’re playing at Minnesota today.”

“So they’re not even playing at home, and all these people are still wearing red? Why?” I asked.

“Because…it’s Saturday!”


I felt rested for the first time all day. But waking up from a nap always seemed Escort Alanya to do that for me. I couldn’t believe how much I needed it…and I was so grateful that Ann had insisted that she start out driving, since she’d slept most of the day as I drove the day before. Since she hadn’t driven at all on our trip from Colorado to Nebraska, she told me she felt obligated to drive when we started.

I was in no mood to argue. I was actually relieved. I hadn’t wanted to get out of bed in the first place, so it didn’t take much arm twisting to get me to ride shotgun instead. I fell asleep sometime just after we crossed the Missouri river into Iowa. When I woke up I was looking out the side window of the car, the dizzying blur of cornrows appearing to fly by as we drove past them. Moving the lever on the passenger seat, I sat up and turned off my right side to face the front of the car.

I usually slept on my side, and somewhere along the way, I must have reverted to that natural position to feel more comfortable. But that was when I was asleep. Now that I was awake, I quickly realized just how uncomfortable it was to be lying there like that. As I sat up, the sharp pain in my neck and the ache in my back hit me at the same time.

I let out a low groan as I attempted to stretch to get the kinks out. Shaking my head for a second, I looked out the window, seeing nothing but miles of cornfields ahead along the long, straight highway we were currently traveling on.

“Are you okay, Neil?” Ann asked, as she drove.

Blinking my eyes, I looked out the windshield again. “Yeah…I’m just getting the kinks out. I shouldn’t have slept on my side. How long was I out?”

“About four hours.”

“Four hours? Where are we?”

“In the middle of the biggest cornfield I’ve ever seen in my life,” Ann laughed. “The damn thing is endless.”

I closed my eyes again, and then opened them, trying to get some kind of focus. I was still groggy, and the sun was making it hard for me to see because of the glare. I fumbled around for my sunglasses, finding them in a little nook on the dashboard, and put them on.

Seeing better, I let out a little sigh, my hand going to my neck as I tried to rub the pain away. “So we’re still in Iowa?” I asked.

“Illinois. We crossed over the Mississippi a half hour ago. But it’s the same, at least from what I can tell. Flat and full of corn.”

“I slept all the way through Iowa?” I said, leaning back into my seat with my eyes closes, still trying to get the kink out of my neck.

“Pretty much. But you obviously needed it baby. You had to be tired after yesterday. And we’ve both spent a lot of energy on this trip. Are you okay?”

“I’ll be fine…just a stiff neck.”

“Anything else stiff?” she asked with a giggle.

“Ha…a little…I always wake up with a hard on. Wait…that means we missed the sign coming into Illinois!”

“Yeah…so? And way to change the subject, by the way.”

“So! We missed it,” I said, upset that the opportunity to take pictures of Ann next to the welcome sign was long gone.

“I know. But you said last night it was going to be too dangerous because of the bridge. And it would have been…trust me. Anyway, I thought you said we were going to stop at some place going into Indiana so we could do both of those at once…didn’t you?”

“Oh…yeah. I guess I did. Man, I must be losing it.”

“No you’re not. You’re just tired. So, care to go back to the OTHER subject?”

I glanced over to Ann for the first time since I’d woken up. Her left foot was up on the dashboard, next to the steering wheel. She’d slipped off her high heeled sandals, once again choosing to drive barefoot. I noticed that she’d unbuttoned one more button on the top of her dress, and at least one, maybe two at the bottom. Ann was showing a little more flesh, which I didn’t mind at all. But what struck me as odd was that she’d moved her dress, so that she wasn’t sitting on the back of it. It was bunched up behind her back, so that she was sitting on her bare bottom on the cloth seat as she drove down the interstate.

I looked down at Ann’s left hand, resting on her thigh near her groin. Her right was obviously on the steering wheel, as she kept the car centered in our lane as we hurtled down the highway. But that left one seemed to be tantalizingly close to her crotch, and the way her fingers were positioned, it made me wonder what she’d been up to while I was asleep.

Taking her cue, I asked, “So, you were asking about the other subject. I assume you’ve had that on your mind for a while.”

“What makes you say that?”

“A couple of things…but, I’ll just go with the fact that you’re sitting on your bare ass.”

Ann looked over and flashed me a sexy grin. Then she moved her hand, lifting up the front of her dress for me. There, buried deep inside her very wet pussy, was one of her dildos…just like the one she’d left for Molly. “Very observant,” she said as she grabbed a hold of it and started moving it in and out of her pussy very slowly.

“How long have you been doing that?” I laughed.

“Three orgasms worth…about once an hour. I’m due for my fourth here pretty soon, but I was hoping I wouldn’t have to do that one myself. After all, we ARE in a new state,” she said with another one of her sexy winks.

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