Annie and Selene

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Annie and Selene“Annie and Selene” Chapter oneBy J. J. ScribeSelene reclined on her bed thinking about the she planned to wrap her tongue around later that night. She anticipated the excitement of sucking his thick penis and savored the thought of his foot-long plus two inch hot dog sliding down her extended throat. And then her mind flashed back to the first day she learned about her little abnormality. Her thoughts returned to August 10, 1998, the evening when she’d attended a birthday party in Santa Monica for her best friend, Annie, who was about to turn eight at the time. Selene was a year younger. Annie’s mother had arranged for everything. She and one of the other moms transported a giggling gaggle of nine girls to an ice skating rink not far from their home in Santa Monica. After an hour of fun, they returned home so Annie could open presents and share her birthday cake and punch with her friends. As a special treat to her birthday girl, Annie’s mom had agreed to allow Selene to stay overnight with her daughter. After the other guests departed and they’d finished watching their favorite Nick At Night TV shows, the two girls retreated to Annie’s room to get ready for bed. It was when they were brushing their teeth in front of the bathroom mirror that Annie noticed something unusual about her friend. “Look at how big your tongue is, Selene! It’s really long.” Selene stuck out her tongue. It was bubbling with toothpaste. Selene looked at it in the mirror and saw nothing so remarkable about it. “It’s just a tongue. What’s so big about it?” Selene asked as she wiped a toothpaste drool from her chin. Annie stuck out her own tongue. “See? Yours is like about twice as long as mine!! And it’s fatter and rounder, too. Selene!!” The only thing Selene could think to say at that moment was this: “I’m rubber and you’re glue! Everything you say bounces off me and sticks to you!! Nah, nah, nah, nah!!”Later, as the two of them lay in Annie’s bunk beds, Selene found herself still awake long after her friend had drifted off to sleep. She was wondering if she had some kind of problem, if her other friends would see her tongue and tease her.Selene remembered asking her mother to answer those questions when she returned home the next morning. “No, you sweet thing,” her mother assured her. “No two little girls are exactly the same, dear. Thank God for that. Did you ask yourself if Annie might be the one with the problem? Maybe her tongue is shorter than everybody else’s. No, sweetheart, the only thing that makes you different from other little girls is how beautiful you are.” She kissed her and whispered, “ You were the loveliest girl at the party, let me assure you.” Satisfied, Selene sahabet güvenilirmi didn’t think anything more about having a strange tongue until four years later when she was 11. She and Annie had convinced their parents to let them go to the YWCA Bear Mountain Summer Camp for girls, up north in the Big Sur area.She and Annie were on a nature walk with some other girls and a camp counselor when they came upon a small pond and began looking for frogs and salamanders. The two of them came upon a large salamander and lifted it from the water’s edge with a stick. It writhed around at their feet, trying to escape. Selene held it at bay with the stick, inciting the little lizard to flick its long tongue in and out of its mouth, doing its best to threaten them. They laughed and giggled and Annie exclaimed, “Oh, gag me. Yuck! That’s so gross. Selena, throw him back!” Later as they retraced the trail back to camp, Annie said, “Remember that time when you showed me your tongue at my birthday party? That salamander reminded me of that day. Would you show me your tongue again, Selene?” Selene looked around and when she was sure no one was watching them, pushed her tongue out for her friend to inspect. “God, Selene, it’s even bigger than it was then. I can’t believe how much it’s grown.”Selene continued her show. “I can touch my chin with it. I’ll bet you can’t do that with the little stub of a tongue you’ve got, Annie.” Annie ignored her friend’s little challenge. “Do it for me, Selene, ok!!”“Later,” she promised. “Maybe tonight.” That evening, before bedtime curfew they were dressed in bathrobes brushing their teeth. Annie glanced into Selena’s reflection in the long horizontal mirror and asked to see her tongue again. Selene waited until no other girls were around and then ushered Annie into one of the stalls and closed the door. Annie kneeled as Selene sat down on the toilet and displayed her tongue for her curious friend. “Selena, it’s mass big. Look how far it goes down your chin!!” Selene stretched her tongue to its full length and curled it around part of her neck. It was slightly more than 6 inches long. “Oeee!” Annie screamed. “That is SO big, I can’t believe it!!” As Selene retracted her tongue, she put her fingers on Annie’s lips to shoosh her. “Stay quiet, ok?”Annie’s eyes widened and her heart pounded her chest. She watched in silence as Selene opened her mouth and raised her tongue up into her eye. Selene wiggled it for her. Annie moved closer and whispered, “Can I kiss it?” Surprised, Selene snapped her tongue back inside her mouth. “Can you what?!” “I want to kiss it. Can I?” Selene began to feel a tingling sensation all through her pelvis sahabet yeni giriş and her nipples began to harden. Blushing, she looked Annie deep in her eyes and said, “Ok.” Selene slipped part of her tongue into her friend’s warm mouth touching her tongue. Annie began moving her mouth back and forth, sucking the long, thick, erect tongue. A few seconds later, Annie reached into Selene’s bathrobe and caressed her tingling little breasts. Annie pulled away from the kiss only long enough to whisper, “I want to suck it some more. Please.” Selene wanted more, too. Both girls breathed heavily through their noses as they kissed again. As Annie drew the taut appendage deeper into her mouth, Selene put her hand between Annie’s legs. Both of them whimpered quietly there in their impromptu sanctuary, hoping no one would interrupt them. Annie offered her little tongue to Selene. “Here, suck on mine. I want to see what it feels like.” Annie’s diminutive tongue felt surprisingly erotic to Selene. Annie pulled her tongue away and put her arms around her friend in a lovinglittle hug. She sighed, “We’d better get going before somebody catches us.” They vowed their love for each other the next night in that same bathroom stall and confirmed it by removing their panties and rubbing their soft little pussies against one another while they French kissed and explored each other’s breasts. At 11, the girls knew about orgasms from friends and Sex Ed classes; but neither had come close to experiencing one. Now they found themselves drawn toward a climax they had only imagined having someday with a boy. Suddenly their magic spell was broken by someone entering the bathroom outside their stall. They left the booth undetected and held hands walking back to the bunkhouse. When they climbed into bed a few minutes later, both of them had wet panties. They touched each other’s moist spots and smiled, sharing their special secret. And their heads were filled with a passion, longing for more lovemaking. When they returned home from camp, they arranged to meet at Selene’s house two days later on Wednesday, the day her mother invariably left to go shopping with friends. As soon as Annie knocked at the door, Selene dropped her robe to the floor. She was wearing nothing underneath it. Annie rushed to her, kissing her, inhaling her musky fragrance. She was out of her shorts and halter in less than 15 seconds, proudly exhibited her body to her lover. Selene’s tongue shot out of her mouth like an uncontrollable spring, long, moist and erect. It wrapped around one of Annie’s large, round breasts. She breathed deeply, “Oh, yes, Selene I want you to lick me, Lick my pussy. I want to come sahabet giriş for you.” Selene panted, “Let’s get in my bed. Come with me. Hurry!” They ran to Selene’s bedroom and she ripped back her bed. Annie climbed on the bed, got on her haunches and spread her legs for Selene to see her peachy soft virgin pussy. Selene did the same for Annie. Then they rolled together, Annie lying on top of Selene. Their lips brushed over each other’s bodies as lightly as paintbrushes. Their lovemaking tryst became increasingly urgent. As they concentrated on licking each other, neither of them uttered a word; they whimpered while they played each other’s body like musical instruments. Their tongues made audible slurping sounds. Selene was careful to keep control of her tongue in deference for her love mate. She held half of it inside her throat so Annie would not be distracted or overcome by its length and hardness. Their breathing came in quick gasps through their noses. They wrapped around each other like a Ying and Yang symbol, inseparable, two parts of a single entity about to become whole. Sensitive and considerate, they looked into each other’s eyes for approval and encouragement with each new move they made, each new cavity they explored. Their passion was uncontrollable. They were hungry for more, thirsted for filling, for the climax they needed so badly, had dreamed of so long. Sexual tension built inside them to an almost unbearable level. And then Annie and Selene began to meld into one. Almost in unison they said,“Now!!” Each knew instinctively what the other needed. They dropped their heads into the other’s lap and began licking their swelled vagina lips. And then they moved to their clitorises. Their tongues lapped them lightly, almost furtively at first, as only a woman can do for another. Then, timed perfectly to an unspoken signal they both sensed and understood, the two girls traced their tongues around the base of the other’s erect clitoris. They sucked the firm little love nubs into their mouths, holding them there momentarily. Their movements were perfectly synchronized as theyflicked their tongues against the very tip of their clitorises. Then it grew faster, their tongues dancing around the little erect female penises.They exploded. They quivered in each other’s arms, shivered, jiggled, and reached powerful orgasms in unison. It released the tension from every muscle in their bodies. Finally, the pent up tension released, they fell beside each other, limp as rags. Annie and Selene had become One in those few seconds and what they experienced in that bedroom on that hot summer day changed them forever.No man would ever replace Annie for Selene, nor Selene for Annie. But their love lives would be challenged by a new discovery. Selene’s supernaturally large tongue was not her only abnormality. They would soon discover another. End of Chapter One. For the next chapter of this saga, e-mail Your comments are welcome.

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