Annual Medical Exam

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Annual Medical ExamIt was time for my annual medical exam and my appointment was booked. I got myself ready in my shorts and tee shirt and walked round to the surgery looking forward to Sally’s beaming smile but was soon disappointed as this grumpy middle-aged woman greeted me at reception, “Name?” she asked and I guessed it had been a long day for her, I gave her the required information and was told that Dr West was seeing me today and lucky old me she was running on time, ‘She’ I thought and hoped she was as good as Dr Gross.The bell rung and I was instructed to go to room 2 which was at the end of the corridor and opening the door saw Dr West sitting at her desk, she was quite plain looking with customary glasses and looked like she had just graduated from medical school, mid 20’s at best and she looked over as I entered the room. She smiled as I sat on the chair at the end of the desk and gave her an admiring look, her body was in fine form and she had white coat with popper front and I could see she wasn’t wearing mush underneath, can’t say I blame her as it was rather warm today.After we exchanged the normal pleasantries, and she did have a soft voice, she leant forward to put the blood pressure strap on my arm and in doing so I had a good peep between the poppers on her coat and could see her small little titties tucked into her thin black bra, it was almost see-through and I am sure I saw the darkness of her areolas, Mmm nice.As she turned back to record the results I looked down and got a good glimpse of thigh between the poppers, I was even thinking that they could burst open at any time, interesting.“Could you slip your shirt off for me please?” she asked in her soft voice and I saw her look over the top of her glasses as I slipped it off and put it aside. Dr West then reached over with her stethoscope in hand breathing on it to warm it up which caused us both to giggle, she placed it in numerous places on my chest and back, “Hmm” she sighed softly with each one, it wasn’t that which concerned me it was she soft way she was saying it, I am sure I heard a sigh as she checked my back and it was arousing, I hope I wasn’t going to embarrass myself.She asked me to stand and walk over to the scales, she glanced down and noticed the slight bulge in my shorts and obviously realised I wasn’t wearing any underwear, “Hmm” I heard her mumble as I stepped on the scales, “Hmm” she sighed, “Good weight sir” she continued and as she turned to walk back to her desk I could see the ‘Y’ outline of her black panties and she had a cute rounded arse.I sat back down while she updated her records and kept glancing across at me, “Could you stand up and drop your shorts please?” she asked almost nervously, I obeyed the instruction and luckily my cock was quite flaccid now so it wasn’t an embarrassment, she looked me up and down before scooting her chair over so she was in front of me looking at my meat and two veg, “Hmm” she mumbled as she surveyed what was in front of her giving me a nice view down her coat at the two lovely puppies that lay within.She reached out and cupped my balls with her left hand, her warm touch made my cock twitch especially when she gave them a gentle squeeze, “Cough” she instructed, “Hmm” she sighed giresun escort and she must have asked me to cough half a dozen times while she squeezed each testicle in turn, saying “Hmm” each time, my cock was starting to fill with blood and was quite noticeable, “Hmm” she sighed while releasing my balls from her warm hand. She scooted her chair back to the desk while I stood to her side in all my glory, she made notes and then asked, “Are you sexually active?”Of course I replied that I am although not always with the same partner, she smiled as I gave her a cheeky wink, “Hmm, I see” she commented,“And do you masturbate?” she asked, trying not to make eye contact, again I told her that I did and then had a vision in my head of me wanking and shooting all over her face which wasn’t the best thing as it made my cock start to rise.Dr West noticed this and couldn’t help but look, “My next question was do you have problems getting an erection but I can see that you don’t” she said softly making more notes before glancing back.She spun her chair around so I was right in front of her, “Turn around please” she instructed and again I did as asked, she put her arm onto my lower back motioning me to bend down, I was preparing myself for the worst!!I felt her fingers pulling my cheeks apart, “Hmm” I could hear from behind me as one of her fingers poked around my hole, “I am just going to check your prostate” she said as I felt her finger, “Don’t worry if your bottom feels wet, its quite natural for lubrication purposes” she said in her soft voice and I nearly jumped out of my skin as I felt her warm tongue flicking and spitting around my arse, “What are you.. oh!” I said as the sensation was overwhelming, “I’m sorry, I ran out of lube so using saliva, don’t worry” she explained and then got her tongue back to work, I wasn’t going to ask any more questions.I felt my arse dripping as her tongue forced inside before I felt her warm finger push slowly inside me, wiggling as it went, my cock was rigid now and I felt her other hand between my legs cupping my balls and gripping the base of my cock. Her finger still wiggled as she slowly finger fucked my arse, “Sorry, I’m not very good at this” she said as she pushed her finger deeper and tightened her grip on the base of my cock, I had to disagree as I thought she was doing a great job and she could definitely feel the stiffness in her left hand, OMG it felt good, “Hmm” she sighed softly.She slowly removed her finger and with her hands on my hips spun me around, my cock nearly hitting her in the face, I looked down and watched her staring at it, moving her head around to check it from all angles and again I could see down her coat but this time there was clear evidence of stiff nipples, “Hmm, wow! very impressive” she said softly as she tentatively reached out taking the swollen shaft in her hand and gently pulling the skin back to expose the wet head, she held it in her hand admiring the head and shaft and totally subconsciously she started to rub it slowly but obviously, “Hmm, you do have a lovely cock” she sighed and as she moved it around admiring it was getting very close to her mouth, she was tempted..I could see she inched her gaziantep escort chair closer and her tongue lick the end of my helmet, “Mmm” she murmured as the head disappeared into her mouth and her hands came around my arse grabbing my cheeks pulling me closer and I felt the tightness of her throat, her tongue swirling around the shaft as her head started to bob up and down, OMG this doctor certainly knew how to suck cock.She was slurping and slopping and I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer and I think she knew it as she upped the pace and I could feel her suction raise up a notch, my balls tightened and as my cock started to pulsate she squeezed my arse cheeks pulling me closer, my hot cum shot straight down her throat, “Mmm” she sighed as she swallowed profusely.She sucked on the head to get the last drops out of me and then looked up at me as she scooted back to her desk, “Wow! you do ejaculate well” she said licking her lips making notes on my record, “Tastes good too”I sat back down as she typed away and noticed that one of the poppers at the bottom of her coat had come undone and not only could I see her smooth white thigh I could also glimpse the little black triangle between her legs, Mmm.“Hmm” she sighed as she looked down at my softening cock, her legs had parted slightly and I now had a better view of her little black panties, they looked full and I did notice a couple of stray hairs poking out the sides, she made no attempt to do up the popper as she carried on typing her notes.“What are your sexual preferences please?” she asked with her gaze switching from her screen to my cock and then to my eyes, “I am bisexual” I told her with a smile, “Hmm” she replied making more notes.“Do you practice anal sex?” she asked with a straight face, my cock was starting to react with her intimate questions,“Yes I do” I replied and she noticed my cock was coming to life again, “Hmm, I see” she replied in her soft voice. “And do you lubricate beforehand?” she asked as my cock twitched, “Oh yes, I find saliva works excellently” I replied in a ‘matter of fact’ manner and she looked up at me.“Really, that’s interesting” she replied still making notes. I could tell from her body language that the thread of questions was more for her benefit but was happy for her to continue.“Hmm, do you find that oral lubrication works well?” she asked with a trace of a smile on her face and was sure that she could see me looking at the heavenly sight between her legs.“Oh yes, it is very pleasurable for both myself and my partner” I replied and my cock was now standing to attention once more.“Hmm, I can see from your erection that this subject turns you on” she said softly and she turned her chair to face me, her legs spread wider as she scooted closer, this forced another popper to pop open and now she was exposed to the waist as she looked down at my stiff erection, she reached out and took hold of the shaft and pulled the skin back, “I am just checking for splits in your skin” she said as she took a long close look at the swollen head.“It is often the case that anal sex can split the skin, maybe your lubrication technique works” she said softly with a wry smile,“Hmm, well it eskişehir escort all looks good” she continued but she had given me an opportunity which I took with both hands, “Would you like me to demonstrate for you Doctor?” I asked smiling, she scooted back to her desk and began typing again, I could see she was thinking about my offer as she blushed and refused to make eye contact, “Hmm” she sighed, “Maybe that would help me to understand the technique a little better” she continued and stood up and walked over to the couch pulling a stool over and placing it by the end. I walked over and she told me to sit on the stool while she stood at the end and bent over, I was at the perfect height.I lifted up her coat and placed it on the small of her back, OMG her sweet rounded arse was just crying out for my attention, the string of her black thong was tight up between her cheeks and her legs spread slightly allowing me the perfect view of her tight panties between her legs, I wasted no time as I leant forward and pulled her cheeks wide exposing the sweet shaded arsehole, Mmm.I could hear her breathing increase in anticipation as I slowly ran my tongue up and down her widened crack, I heard her sigh and murmur something as I flicked my tongue around the darkened hole.“Hmm, OMG!” she sighed as my tongue flicked between her arsehole and down tasting the fabric of her panties, I could sense they were slightly damp already and as my tongue went back up I could feel her push back slightly as I flicked around her hole.I reached up and put my fingers inside the waistband and slowly pulled her thong down and she gracefully stepped out of it leaving herself naked from the waist down, I now had a clear view between her legs with her pubic hairs and protruding labia lips but my tongue diverted back to the job in hand, anal lubrication.I pulled her cheeks wide again and attacked her pouting hole with vigour, my tongue darting in and out as I started to tongue fuck her moist opening, “OMG YESSS!” she sighed, “This certainly feels.. OMG YESSSS!” came her muffled cries.Her hole was nice and wet and my cock was throbbing with hardness, I decided to stand and offer up the swollen head between her wet cheeks, she showed no resistance as I slowly pushed the head into her willing arse, she cried out, “OMG YESS, FUCK ME… YESSSS” and luckily her cries were muffled as I pushed my cock into her arse, she gripped the side of the couch as I slowly started to thrust in and out and it was very quick before I felt her body shake and her muffled cries as she orgasmed, I upped the pace and got into my rhythm and began pounding away, the couch creaking under the strain.I knew I wasn’t going to last long and soon felt my balls tighten and my cock start to pulsate, she cried out again as she felt the hot creamy cum shoot deep into her back passage, I felt her pushing back on me not wanting to waste any and very soon I was done, we were both quite breathless as I pulled my softening cock out of her, she quickly stood up and turned to face me, her face covered in a broad smile as she looked down at my softening cock, a bit of cum still evident as she crouched down and taking the head into her mouth sucked the remaining liquid out of me, I was empty.She picked up her panties pulling them back on and buttoned up her coat while I pulled on my shorts and tee shirt, she sat back at her desk. “Hmm, I can see that your technique really works” she said softly.“I will let you know if I need anything further” she said with a wry smile and I left knowing I had a clean bill of health.

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