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ANONYMOUS SEXOne of the delights of gay life that has pretty much disappeared in the US is anonymous sex. In the good old days, bathhouses had dark rooms. In there it was all about dick and ass. There was no pretty boy posing, stand and model, pick the most glamorous boy in front of all the others and make a big show of taking him back to a private room.No, it was just about sex, and that was what made it so exciting and attractive. It didn’t matter what you looked like, as in the dark we were all the same, just men looking for sex. We were all there for the same thing, so it didn’t matter. Find the right size dick, suck it up or off, or stick it up your ass. Feel around for a ripe hole ready to be used and give him the ride of his life. All around you, moaning and grunting, and the smell of sweat and cum. Occasional snatches of conversation, harder, deeper, that’s it, more, give it to me, suck it, take it deeper, and the sounds of orgasms, simple grunts to explosive outbursts.I can tell you so many stories of darkroom sex. Feeling your way around the room, touching bodies, hearing the sex noises around you, feeling a man’s head bobbing and realizing he is canlı bahis sucking dick, feeling another man bent over and realizing he is both getting fucked and sucking cock. Having someone touch your dick and then feeling a warm mouth on your rod as you get the pleasure of feeling your cock come alive in another man’s mouth. Then he pulls off and you realize he’s guiding your tool into his pleasure canal, and you wrap your arms around him and pull him close and yourself deeper. When you’re in, he bends over and you hold onto his hips and give him the ride you both need so badly. He’s urging you on even as you slap his ass and bury that bone and plant your load.Then as suddenly as it began, it’s over and he’s gone. New lips suck your cock clean and then move to your asshole and you hold your cheeks open for a wonderful rimming. Then suddenly that tongue gets a lot stiffer and you realize a cockhead has parted your ass lips. Now it is your turn to bend over and feel the man holding on to your hips as he works his meat in deep. Now it’s your turn to tell him how to proceed, when to drill harder, bear down on the prostate, till he hugs you, bahis siteleri grips your nips hard and you feel his meat get rigid and that warm, full feeling surrounds his fuckpole.Then it’s your turn to steal away, feeling your way out of the room towards the light, and eventually the showers. You have one of the best showers of your life, rinsing off the cum running down the back of your legs and cleaning your dick and balls well, wondering if any of the men in the shower were your sex partners just now. As you towel off you feel so relaxed, released, drained, but now refilled and refreshed and ready to go do it again. You rub your hair sort of back into place, but it doesn’t matter, no one will know what your hair looks like in there. So you return.This time you find a ripe ass and slip in easily, a ‘buttered bun’, easy fuck. There is no lube better than cum, especially another man’s cum. You’re really getting into it when you feel tongue in your hole again. Is it the same tongue? Is it the same cockhead? You tell him to stand still, so you can be the filling in a fuck sandwich. It always works best when the ends stand still and the middleman bahis şirketleri does the work. Nothing like a stiff rod in your ass to get your rocks off while you fuck, so you breed the guy you’re fucking, and then when he disappears you tell your fucker to go to it. You wonder what color the hands are that are working your nips and balls and chewing on your ears. That dick is so big it must be a black man. But he gives you no hints, just a big grunt on that final stroke that almost lifts you off the floor.You suck a few more cocks on the way back toward the light, but this time will probably be the last trip today. You eat a big load of cum and wonder what kind of man produced it. He sure had big hands and held your face firmly as he fucked that load down your throat.Well, there’s a bareback party coming up in a few days at a buddy’s house, and he has a sling, so the next time you have sex, you’ll be able to see who is the fucker and who gets fucked. But will it be any better than this? Will you feel any more satiated from fucking than you do now? Will your ass feel any more ‘happy sore’ than it does right now? In the shower you wonder if you could go back for another round. You decide that you’ve had enough for today and you will save yourself for the party.Your ass hurts nicely in the car on the way home, and you smile remembering what great sex you had today. That’s what anonymous sex is all about.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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