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Big Tits

I have written before of how my wife and I sometimes spice up our sex sessions by her telling me of her illicit liaisons during a previous marriage. Despite some initial reserve on my part, I wasn’t sure that this wouldn’t be something of a turn off for me, I found that we both got really excited as she related her exploits. This story relates to an episode when she was a nursing assistant and a much older senior consultant had suggested she visit his consulting room. As I always tape her stories (well they make good wanking material when I’m away on business and stuck in a in a lonely hotel room) this is more or less a transcript of what she told me one day when we lay in bed, me pushing my already hard cock against the crack of her arse as I reached round and gently fingered her already wet slit with one hand whilst with the other I gently pinched and squeezed a breast and nipple.

“Mmmm……” she said “That’s good …….really good, lovely! Oh, I could layie here all afternoon just like this … your cock against my arse and your finger up and down my cunny – —my nips feel so hard they it’s like they could burst. Aaah so soooo good!”

“Well” I responded “We’ve no hurry have we? We can take our time and play and fuck as long as we like – or at least for as long as I can stop myself from spunking up you! W+hy don’t you tell me another of your adventures, another tale of one of your randy illicit shaggings?”

“Well you know I’m always happy to – —but you always end up so desperate to get your cock up me long before I get to the end – usually as soon as I get my knickers off to let someone get at my cunt.”

“True….. hearing about someone else getting at you in that way, does rather turn me on – but I’ll do my best to hold back.”

“Well …. …what sort of story would you like?”

“How about another from your nursing days?” I asked. “You said once that an older doctor once tried to bugger you– – tell me about that!”

She laughed softly “Oh yes, Mr Dr Nicholls the ears nose and throat specialist – –when I was married to Peter. Mind you, obviously he also had a great interest in other parts of the body! And he didn’t just try to get his cock up my arse, I have to admit he succeeded –, which well and truly ended my time as a brown eye virgin! Ok, if you promise you’ll lick the hole his cock went up, stick your tongue right up there, I’ll tell you what happened.”

Well how could I resist?

“Alright, that’s hardly a hardship for me anyway – d. Don’t I always give it a good licking before my cock slides up there.? Mind you,” I added trying to put on a sulky voice “I thought I was the first to have you there! Did he cum up you?”

“You can dream on if you thought you were first through that gate. And you’ll have to wait and see where he shot his load.” She laughed.

“Anyway, as I’ve told you before it wasn’t that unusual for doctors to try it on with the nurses – –well with the younger ones at least. I got propositioned several times, usually leading to my getting my knickers down and a cock up me, . Sometimes a bed would be available if he had a room, but we often we had to resort to a stand up quickie in a cupboard. You know – —a tights round the knees and knickers pulled or even ripped aside job. I remember once when sister tried to get into the cupboard I was in with rather a gorgeous young doctor and she couldn’t understand why it seemed to be wedged shut. She went off to find the handyman and we only just had enough time to get out and away. In fact I passed her on the way back to the ward and she asked canlı bahis me if I was alright as I was rather red in the face!!

“But to go on with Mr Dr Nicholls….as I say he was a consultant, quite elderly and near retirement, but still rather dishy – —distinguished with wavy grey hair and always well-groomed and deeply tanned. One day as he finished his round in the ward where I worked he took me aside and suggested I should consult him about my sore throat. When I protested that there wasn’t anything wrong with it he just tutted and said he was the expert and I should listen to him.”

“Now my dear, I’m very experienced and I suspect that you have a touch of laryngitis. Just you pop along to my consulting room like a good girl when you have a chance and I’ll give you the once over.”

“I must say the way he said this and the rather leering smile he had on his face led me to tell one of the other nurses what had happened.”

“Oh” she said, “he might be old but his still a right old lecher! I’ve no experience of him but from the whispers I’ve heard he loves to see women stripped apparently and then to ‘examine’ them as he calls it. But I’ve not heard there’s any real harm in him though, so just in case he has spotted something that really does need attention perhaps you should go along.”

“So I did. A few days later I asked when it would be convenient to visit him.”

“Come this evening my dear.” And again he seemed to have something of a leer to his smile. “You finish at seven don’t you? Just pop along then. No need to get changed, just come as you are.”

“So that evening found me tapping, perhaps rather tentatively, on the door of his consulting room. He opened the door and invited me in and after saying how pleased he was to see me he, rather to my surprise, offered me a drink.”

“Whiskey my dear?” he asked gently waving an expensive looking decanter in my direction.

“Oh,” I said, “I didn’t realise this was a social occasion!” trying to make light of it.

“What?” he exclaimed “Oh I see, well I certainly do intend to having have a look at you, yes I’ve been looking forward to it all day, but a little tipple first won’t do any harm will it? Now then here you are.” And he handed me rather a large whiskey .”

“Down the hatch eh?” he said raising his glass

“Bottoms up,” I responded – —which in view of what was to follow was quite prophetic of me! I took rather too large a gulp however and spluttered and gasped.”

“Careful my dear, Come and sit over here.” And he guided me to a large well-padded leather arm chair placed to one side of an ornate fireplace.”

“Just sit down there,” he said gently pushing me down by my shoulders.

He then stood in front of me and putting his glass down on a small table he leant leaned towards me.

“OK then” he said. “Let’s have a look.”

“I leaned forward slightly and opened my mouth tilting my head back a bit. He kept leaning forward and before I knew it his lips were sealed to mine and his tongue was down my throat!”

“What did you do?” I asked her.

“Well, at first I resisted a bit but to be honest he was rather a good kisser and my resistance didn’t last long. After a bit he pulled back a little and looking into my eyes began unbuttoning my blouse.

“Oh Mr Nicholls” I murmured, a little breathlessly “I thought you were going to examine me!”

“Oh I certainly intend to” he whispered as he slid slipped a hand into my bra and cupped my breast before his fingers found my erect nipple and began gently squeezing it. I couldn’t bahis siteleri help giving a low moan and this encouraged him to reach behind me with his other arm, I admit I leant leaned forward a little to accommodate him, and expertly undo my bra.”

“Very nice!” he said gazing at my tits when they were free of restraint and he bent down and sucked first one and then the other teat into his mouth, gently chewing and sucking each in turn. I moaned again and he stood up and asked me to undo his trousers – –which were already sporting a rather exciting looking bulge. I reached out and unclasped his belt and top button before tugging down his trousers. He stepped out of them and if anything the way his cocking was bulging out his pants was even more expressive.”

“Take them off now.” He said, quite firmly this time and I tugged them down. I had a bit of trouble getting them over his hard cock – which once free leapt forward towards my mouth.

“How big was it?” I asked

“Oh it was big, a lovely cock! Maybe not the thickest but one of the longest I’d ever set eyes on.”

“Suck it!” he commanded me and I did so;, cupping his balls and doing my best to suck in as much of it as I could. I couldn’t get much its length into my mouth but I did my best and he seemed to like it for he began to moan and thrust forward, pushing his fingers into my hair and pushing my head down. After a while he pulled back, his swollen nob wet with my saliva and with a tiny drop of his own juice dribbling from it.”

“I had better get on with my examination hadn’t I? Stand up.” I did so and he then pulled my dress and slip down, slipped my bra off and then knelt kneeled down before me, (a little stiffly perhaps but he was getting on a bit after all,) before me to roll down my knickers.

“Oh such a wet lovely cunt!” Hhe murmured and began running his tongue up and down my slit. I bent at the knees a little to help him get his tongue in and he licked quite firmly up and down my slit, flicking my clit at the end of each upwards lick. I was moaning and now I had my hands in his hair urging him on.,

“Oh yes, oh yes! Suck it. lick it! I want your tongue up me and then your cock. Harder, harder that’s it – –oh yes like that, just like that.” And then I felt it coming – —rising from deep inside me and then as I cried out it hit me and I knew I was squirting into his mouth as I orgasmed. I came around his tongue, gasping, trembling and gushing! Unable to stand any longer I sunk sank into the deep pile of the rug in front of the fire. He lay down next to me, stroking my shoulders and belly as gradually my breathing returned to something nearer normal. Then he helped me up and pointed to a couch that stood against one wall. Thinking I knew what he wanted I walked over to it and started to get up on to it.

“Oh no” he said “Not like that” he said. “Turn around, lean forward and spread your legs”. i I did as he told me and leant leaned with my elbows resting on the surface of the couch, my legs spread so that I knew my cunt was available to him. Once again he got down on his knees and began to lick, and again I bent my knees to accommodate him.

He was very gentle at first, nuzzling my lips and sliding up and down my slit. But gradually his tempo increased and again I felt my passion rising as he tongued me. His hands were grasping my arse, kneading and slapping it but then he started running a finger up and down my arse crack, initially resting for just a moment or two on my arsehole. Gradually though his finger lingered there longer and with more and more pressure. bahis firmaları Then he started to lick me there and his finger started to worm its way into my arsehole. When it was well in he began to lick my clit again and again I felt an orgasm was about to hit me.”

“I’m going to cum again!” I cried.

He stood up and pressed himself against me. I could feel his hard cock against my crack as he reached round and began wanking my cunt – flicking my clit and then shoving fingers inside me, frigging me, his fingers sliding easily in and out of my by now very sloppy gaping cunt. Then I felt it! He began to push harder against the crack of my arse. I felt his hand grasping his cock as he positioned it against my hole. Then he began to push it in.

“No” I cried “It’s too big it’ll split me!”

“Rubbish my dear” he panted “The anus is very expandable. I’m just going to get my knob into your rim – —you can milk me then but first let’s see to you shall we?” and he went to work with a will on my cunt, one hand frigging my clit, the fingers on the other thrusting in and out of my cunt. God I was wet! I was squelching…….. …just as I am now.”

But I had to interject. “Hang on” I gasped “Let me up help you!” and rolling her over on to her stomach I shoved a pillow under her and having spat on my hand and rubbed saliva onto my cock I positioned it against her brown eye and began pushing. After a slight initial resistance I felt her relax and I began to make headway – first my knob and then, bit by bit, my shaft going up her whilst, just like Mr Nicholls, I reached round and fingered her wet cunt.

“Slow down” she murmured “Or you’ll shoot your load before I’ve finished my story!”

“OK” I grunted “But quick, what happened? Tell me!”

“Well, I came again and then again, my whole body racked by a really lovely orgasm, – one of the best I’ve experienced. And as I did so my rim tightened around his knob and I felt his cock get even bigger as he began to spurt, his cock throbbing, pulsating as it shot its load.”

“So he did come up your arse!” I grunted

“Oh yes he did. He certainly did! He shuddered and slapped my arse cheeks until finally he was spent and he slumped against me just as my knees began to buckle. As we both sank floorwards his cock came out with a loud slurp and I felt his spunk running down my thigh, warm and wet and sticky. And then he reached round and rubbed his fingers into his spunk before bringing them up to my mouth for me to lick of the cum from my arse! And then- ……..”

But by then it was too late! I felt my own orgasm pending and I stopped thrusting before giving her a few deep, slow strokes. Then I was coming and she joined me as we both together bucked and writhed, our sweat soaked bodies slipping and sliding easily against each other. I spunked, long and deep – until my balls felt totally drained. She too had a long, intense orgasm and I knew the sheet would be saturated as she always squirted like a fountain when she came that deeply.

And then we lay still. Gradually my cock softened and I gently eased it out. Her arsehole gaped and my cum was seeping from it. I grabbed my phone from the bedside table and fired of a couple of shots. (W, which I published on the web that evening to much critical acclaims. Of her arsehole that is not of my photography.)

Finally I rolled of her and she snuggled against me, stroking my now much diminished cock.

“Well” she said “That seemed to fit the bill didn’t it? But don’t think you can stop there. You can have a little rest and then I want you to have me up my cunt. I want a nice long, slow fuck.”

“God” I exclaimed “You’re insatiable aren’t you?”

Yes!” She responded “And don’t you just love it?”

I could not but agree.

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