Anything For My Baby Girl

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I laid in bed, listening to my parents yelling downstairs. They had been at this every day for the past few weeks, but I could never hear what they were fighting about. All I knew is that daddy was always grumpy in the morning from sleeping on the couch. They had ceased their fighting for a few days so we could celebrate my 18th birthday, but it started right up again a few days later.

I heard the front door slam shut, signalling that one of them decided to stay at a friend’s house. I sighed into my pillow.

I heard heavy footsteps coming up the stairs, meaning mommy was the one who left. I tried to stay quiet, hoping daddy wouldn’t be grumpy with me too if he came in here. I watched the door and saw it open a tiny bit.

“Baby girl, are you still up?”

“Yes…” I mumbled, keeping the covers around my chin.

He moved into my room more, closing the door behind him.

“Did you hear mommy and I fighting again?”

I nodded slowly and watched him sit down on the edge of my bed.

“Do you know what we’ve been fighting about?”

I shook my head and watched him carefully. He moved around, as if he was trying to get comfortable.

“Well, you’re getting older, and you’ll be leaving soon… so daddy wants to have another baby.”

“Oh.” I said quietly, not sure why he was explaining this to me.

“But mommy doesn’t want another baby.”

I nodded in understanding, but still a little confused.

Daddy placed his hand on my waist, on top of the covers.

“But you’re 18 now, so you’re an adult. And I was thinking… you would give daddy a baby.”

“M-me?” I asked, unsure.

He nodded and gently rubbed my waist. I sat up and leaned against my headboard, a little nervous about what he was saying.

“It would make daddy really happy, baby girl. It could be a gift to me when you leave.”

I liked making daddy happy. I liked it when he smiled. I didn’t want him to be grumpy or sad because I wouldn’t do this for him.

“But we can’t tell mommy, okay? You’ll have to say the baby’s daddy is a boy at school. Is that okay?”

I sat and thought for a few minutes, not sure if I really wanted to do this. I didn’t like lying to mommy, but I wanted daddy to be happy when I left. I slowly nodded my head, telling myself that making daddy happy is a good thing.

He smiled at me and moved his hand from my waist.

“Do you know how to make a baby?”

We had learned about it in school, but that was a long time ago so I didn’t really remember. I shook my head and watched him.


He stood up a bit and pulled down his pyjama pants, revealing the thing he uses to pee. I knew that’s what it was because I’ve accidentally walked in on him a few times. I stared at it and realized it was bigger now, and it was standing up straight by itself.

“Do you know what this is?” He asked, wrapping his hand around it and moving it up and down slowly.

I shook my head again.

“It’s daddy’s cock. You know what I’m going to do with it?”

Once again I shook my head, unable to stop looking at it.

“Daddy’s gonna put it inside of you. It’s going to feel really good for you and daddy.”

Inside if me? How would that work? I continued watching as he stroked it. The length of it was thick and there was a large vein on the bottom of it. It looked hard from what I could see. The head was purple like a plum, and it almost looked like a mushroom.

“How does that make a baby?” I blurted out, looking at daddy’s face.

“Well, if you do certain things to daddy’s cock, like put it inside of you, eventually this hot white cream will come out and it will go into your pussy. Then it will make a bayan esmer escort bursa baby inside of you.”

I had heard some people at school talking about pussies once. They meant the part that I pee from.

“It goes down there?” I pointed to my lower region.

Daddy nodded.

“But before we do that, daddy needs you to do something else for him.”

I nodded, now eager to make daddy happy.

“You’re gonna put daddy’s cock in your mouth.”

I slowly nodded, letting daddy move so he was sitting with his back against the headboard. He took my hand and gently led me so I was sitting between his legs. He ran his fingers through my hair, encouraging me to move down further so I was almost laying down. My face was right next to his cock now.

“Open your mouth, baby girl.”

I did as he said and watched him put the mushroom part of his cock between my lips.

“You’re going to suck on it, no teeth though. Just like a big lollypop.”

I wrapped my lips around the huge head, letting my tongue swirl around. I watched daddy moan, keeping his eyes on me. I continued doing this for a while, making daddy moan louder.

“I want you to hollow your cheeks.” ??I did, and watched him as he lifted his hips off the bed. His cock went further down my throat until it hit the back, making me gag a little. Daddy jerked forward a bit, squeezing his eyes shut. My lips were almost at the base of his cock, and he had his hands on the back of my head holding me there.

“Stay right there, baby. Take daddy’s cock.” He said in a low, husky voice.

He let go of my head and let me move back, taking a large amount of air into my lungs. Daddy watched me with a lopsided grin on his face.

“How ’bout you suck on daddy’s balls for a bit?” He said, lifting his cock so I could see his large balls.

I nodded slowly and lowered myself back down. I gently sucked on one of daddy’s balls, knowing that they can hurt sometimes.

“Harder than that, baby girl.”

I pulled away and looked at him.

“But what if I hurt you?”

He chuckled before answering.

“They only hurt if I get kicked there. You suck as hard you want on them.”

I bite my lip a little and went back to work. I sucked one of them into my mouth, surprised at how soft they were. I slurped at it when it started to slip out, making daddy moan even louder than before. I moved onto the other one, making sure get as much of it in my mouth as I could. Daddy tasted good.

“Shit. You’re gonna make daddy cum if you keep it up.”

Daddy pulled some of my hair and made me move away. I pouted because I liked sucking on daddy’s balls. I liked knowing daddy was feeling good because of me.

“I think you need to feel a little pleasure, baby girl. You want daddy to suck on your pussy for a while?”

“Uhm, like put your mouth down there?”

He smirked and nodded.

I shrugged and nodded, thinking maybe it would feel good.

Daddy helped me take my clothes off and told me to lay back where I was before. He moved down between my legs this time and spread them wide.

“Look at that pink pussy. M’gonna devour you.” He growled.

I watched as he pressed his tongue to my slit, making me squeal. It felt so weird. He licked me a few times, sopping up some of the strange juices that has made my panties wet.

“You taste amazing, baby girl.” He mumbled, quickly getting back to work.

His tongue traced my hole, making it contract. He kept licking and waited for me to relax before delving into me. I let out a high pitched yelp. It felt so good. Daddy wiggled his tongue around, licking inside of me.

He bursa ucuz eskort kept doing this for a few minutes until I was moaning above him.

“That’s right baby, you make as much noise as you want. Daddy wants to hear him making you feel good.”

He moved away a bit and stared at my pussy.

“Look at that clit.” He cooed.

“T-that what?” I asked nervously.

“You’re clit, baby, it’s how daddy’s going to make you feel extra good. You’re going to cum for daddy, okay?”

I didn’t know what he meant but I nodded in agreement.

Daddy used his fingers to spread my folds, letting him look at my pussy better.

“Ou, look at it. Nice, and big, and swollen for daddy. I haven’t even touched you yet, baby.”

I squealed again when he touched me. It felt different this time, like there was electricity moving through my hole body. Daddy rubbed circled against me down there, making my pussy and stomach feel really good.

“Daddy, I feel weird.” I said after a few minutes.

“You’re gonna cum, baby. Cum for daddy.”

He kept rubbing and eventually I felt my hole contracting over and over again. My legs shook slightly as daddy kept rubbing me. He kept rubbing me after I stopped shaking, but this time the feeling was even more intense.

“You’re sensitive aren’t you? Your clit’s even more swollen, baby girl. You want daddy to suck on it?”

I didn’t know if I did or not, all I knew is that I wanted to feel that again, so I nodded. Daddy covered my pussy with his mouth and started sucking, just like I did with his cock. I watched him as he took two of his fingers from underneath my thigh. After a few seconds I felt some pressure on my pussy, and then I felt his fingers inside of me.

“Daddy, that feels good.” I giggled.

Daddy moved his fingers in and out of me, and it surprisingly made me feel even better. Daddy rubbed inside of me with with finger tips, making this weird feeling form in the pit of my stomach. Daddy kept slurping at my clit, taking it between his lips and rubbing his tongue against it harshly.

After a few minutes of this, the feeling in my stomach and pussy was getting even more intense. Daddy rubbed me inside one more time and then I felt his fingers leaving me. I closed my eyes and screamed as a new feeling washed over me. I felt a burst of something and the sound of pee. I opened my eyes and say that daddy was all wet.

“Good girl.” He growled before attaching his mouth to my pussy.

I screamed again at the feeling, my pussy being extra sensitive after whatever just happened. Daddy sucked up all the extra liquid and licked his lips as he pulled away.

“I’m sorry for peeing.” I let out quickly.

“You didn’t pee, baby, you squirted. Girls do that when they cum really hard.”

“Oh. I liked it…” I mumbled, feeling shy.

Daddy grinned.

“Good. Daddy will have to make you squirt again sometime.”

Daddy pulled his shirt over his head and put it in the pile with my clothes.

“Are you ready for daddy to put a baby in you?” He asked, stroking his cock again as he watched me.

I nodded, excited to make daddy happy.

He moved to so he was hovering over me with his cock still in his hand. He rubbed the now even darker purple head over my clit, making me giggle at the feeling.

“Daddy’s gonna fill you up, baby. You’re gonna love it.”

It was a strange feeling when daddy finally pushed his cock into me. He put it in the same place where his fingers were, but this time it stretched a lot more. I could feel myself squeezing his cock as he pushed in even more, filling me up, like he said.

“Mm, daddy… bursa anal yapan escort I like this.” I moaned.

“My baby girl has a nice, tight pussy for daddy’s cock.”

I nodded, feeling him push in even more.

I know a lot of people say this was supposed to hurt apparently, and I felt a little bit of pain, but it just felt amazing.

Daddy didn’t move once he was all the way in. He let my pussy surround him and stretch. I could feel his head deep inside me, and his cock was starting to pulse.

“Are we making a baby, daddy?” I asked innocently.

“Not yet, baby girl. You just wait.”

After that daddy pulled his cock out a bit, making me whimper. He kept the head in and then buried himself in me again. He continued doing this, spreading me wider with each thrust.

“How does that feel?” He asked, looking down at me.

“Amazing, daddy. Why didn’t mommy want this?”

He chuckled and didn’t answer me, instead he moved into me harder, letting his skin slap against mine.

“Can you go even deeper daddy? That would feel great.”

Daddy pulled out of me completely. That wasn’t what I wanted.

“You’ll have to turn over over onto your hands and knees, baby. Then daddy can fuck you real good.”

I did as he said and kneeled on my bed like a dog. I looked over my shoulder as daddy spread my legs wide for lots of access.

“You want daddy to fuck you hard and deep, baby?”

I nodded, knowing that it would probably feel really good.

“And then you’re gonna take all of daddy’s cream deep in your pussy, right?”

I nodded again.

“Good girl.” Daddy said, as he slapped my ass cheek.

I yelped but then moaned at the burning sensation.

Before I knew it daddy was one knee, pushing his cock into me again. I moaned when he went deeper than before. He started thrusting again, letting me feel him against my walls.

“Daddy won’t last long.” He mumbled, squeezes my ass cheeks as me moved in and out.

I felt him reach his arm around my waist and start rubbing me again. I looked down between my legs and saw him rubbing hard, probably trying to make me cum again. I moaned loudly and listened as our skin began to slap again.

He removed his hand from my clit and focused on thrusting again. I moaned even louder when I felt his huge balls slapping against my clit. He was moving even faster now, obviously aware of the pleasure he was giving me.

I felt daddy moving behind me, and soon I saw his other leg next to my waist, meaning he was squatting over me with his cock still deep inside of me. He gripped my hips tightly, continuing to thrust mercilessly, my clit throbbing as his balls slapped it harder and harder.

“Daddy’s gonna come, baby girl. You’re ready for daddy’s cum?” He asked, gripping the headboard above me.

I nodded quickly, excited to feel his cream.

Daddy gripped the headboard even tighter, pulling himself forward to he could go even deeper, if that was even possible. I screamed when he did, feeling a warm sensation inside of me.

“Oh, daddy! Keep doing that daddy!”

Daddy stayed there for a few minutes, moaning loudly as his cock spurted his cream inside of me. Daddy thrusted into me a few more times.

“We have to make sure it’s really deep. Gotta make sure we have a perfect baby.”

I nodded and moaned quietly as daddy kept thrusting.

He finally stopped and I whimpered when he slowly pulled himself from me.

“Move your hips up so it stays inside, baby.”

I did as he said and watched him sit next to me on the bed. His cock was getting smaller.

“Did you like that, baby girl?”

I nodded, unable to talk.

“Daddy made you feel good, didn’t he?”

I nodded again and grinned.

“Daddy can keep making you feel good. You might not have a baby in you yet, so we’ll have to keep doing this to make sure.”?

“Yes, daddy! I want to… will you suck my pussy more later?”

Daddy smiled.

“Of course I will, anything for my baby girl.”

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