Anything For The Company Ch. 02

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“Fuck.” (Author’s Note: Every erotic story should begin with a good fuck)

I worked my way through the kitchen, dodging cooks and waitresses. The fact that none of them responded to my exclamation proved one point to me: I walked through the kitchen crying “fuck” way too often.

I was on my way to the restaurant manager’s office…and not happy about it. I knew what he probably wanted. I would be working overtime.

As one of the hostesses I didn’t have the benefit, if you want to call it that, of receiving tips. Tony, the manager, had found a new way for me to increase my income— and for him to work his way up the corporate ladder.

It always upset me when he called me in, adjusting my social calendar for me, just to fit his needs. Or rather, the needs of executives visiting the restaurant from the corporate office.

OK. I always ended up enjoying the experience. But it seemed like such an inconvenience at the time. This was one of those times.

I tapped on the manager’s door and entered, not even waiting for a response.

“Ah. Traci. Have a seat.”

Tony was in his thirties, rather short but otherwise attractive. It was his philosophy on the use of the restaurant staff that set him apart. At least, his philosophy on the use of ME set him apart.

I sat down, watching him shuffle papers for a second before looking up.

“We have somebody coming in,” he said. I always enjoyed his use of the term “we”. I had as much control over this as I did over when the sun rose and set. “An auditor. I’d like him to be…uh, happy while he’s here.”

“When is it?” I asked.

“Next Wednesday evening.” He looked at me hoping I wouldn’t explode. He didn’t need to know I had absolutely nothing going on that night.

“Shit,” I moaned. “This will cost you.”

“Hey. It’s not the weekend. The usual rate applies,” he countered.

“Anything I should know?”

We’d done this enough for Tony to know what I meant. I hated to be sent into a situation where the guy wanted something and I wasn’t made aware of it in advance.

“Well, actually, yes,” Tony replied. He fidgeted for a second, then said, “He wants a schoolgirl. He’d like you to dress up like a schoolgirl.”

This was a first. Normally the guy didn’t care what I wore, but was specific about what we did in the room. This guy was taking it a step further.

“A schoolgirl? You mean like a Catholic school outfit or something?” I asked.

“I guess,” Tony said. “But I was thinking more along the lines of a short plaid skirt and a shirt…”

He finished the description but my mind was already lost in a myriad of images. The one I settled upon was a pleated, plaid mini skirt and a white shirt that tied in the front. No buttons. And books pressed against my chest as I walked in. I smiled.

“OK. I can do that.”

The guy’s name was Charles. Apparently that’s what he went by. Typical auditor, I thought. Tony told me where to be and when and let me get back to work.

I was kind of excited about this one, but didn’t want Tony to know. He paid handsomely for my services—I mean the restaurant did—and the more I made it seem it was a burden the better it was for me in the long run.

So I spent that evening on the Internet looking for places to buy pleated, plaid mini skirts and white shirts that tied in the front. There were plenty available, but getting them delivered in time was the problem. It ended up the restaurant paid for express shipping and I had the stuff in three days.

The day the box arrived I eagerly ripped it open as if it was Christmas all over again. On top was the skirt, a very, very small looking 11 inch long skirt. I held it up to my waist and wondered how you sat down in it without exposing everything. I guess that was the idea. And I loved the little Velcro connection on the side.

The shirt was even better. It wasn’t much more than a large piece of material with short sleeves and strips in the front that tied it together. I didn’t have the largest breasts in the world, but most of what I had would be visible in THIS thing.

Wednesday arrived and I slipped on a red thong before pulling up the little skirt and fastening it in place. I ran my hands down the back of the skirt, touching my skin just a few inches below the bottom of my butt. I needed the mirror to convince me nothing was showing…yet.

I pulled on the shirt and experimented with different ways to tie it. I ended up with it fairly tight against my skin, nipples clearly visible through the material on both sides. To say it showed plenty of cleavage was a gross understatement.

I fixed my long brown hair and put on sneakers before grabbing my books and heading out the door. This was going to be fun.

I drove to Manavgat Escort Bayan the motel where Charles was staying and right before getting out of the car popped a sucker in my mouth. I figured it was easier to get rid of than gum and opened up more opportunities for licking. I liked to lick…a lot.

Soon, I was knocking on his door. Charles opened it and welcomed me in.

I entered the room and laid my books on top of a dresser. Now that they were no longer held in front of me I turned to face Charles as he closed the door and walked into the room. His eyes quickly roamed over the shirt and ample cleavage it showed.

We introduced ourselves, exchanging a polite handshake.

I rolled the sucker in my mouth and walked in front of him to the side of the room containing a table and chairs. On top of the table were two ice buckets: one held a few cans of beer and the other a bottle of wine. Two motel glasses sat next to the buckets.

I peered down into the ice, making sure to bend slightly when I did. When I turned around, Charles was standing close behind me.

“Would you like something?” he asked.

“Whatever you want,” I said casually.

“Do you like wine?”

I pulled out the sucker. “Oh. I sure do. That would be great.”

“Have a seat,” he said, motioning toward a chair.

I looked at it for a second, then moved toward the bed instead and flopped down on the edge. My skirt rose far up my legs and I smiled as Charles gazed at them. The bedside table was nearby and I leaned onto my side stretching for it to lay my sucker down. I felt my skirt rise nearly to my waist. As I moved back to my original spot I pulled on the skirt gently and sat up.

He poured us each a glass of wine and when he turned to hand me mine, I was leaning backwards on the bed with my hands behind me. It was the most casual, flirtatious position I could think of without actually laying down. I hesitated for a second before leaning up to accept the glass from him.

“Thanks,” I said.

Charles sat in a chair opposite me as I began to drink my wine. We talked for a few minutes while I occasionally played with the ties in the front of my shirt, rolling the material around my finger. I looked for any sign of a reaction in Charles’ crotch, but so far I saw nothing. It was either going to be a long night or there wasn’t much there to look for. Neither scenario excited me.

It wasn’t difficult trying to hold a conversation pretending I was in my mid-teens. Most of my friends accused me of doing that all the time anyway. So I concentrated a little more on giving Charles as much skin as possible from different angles by repositioning myself on the edge of the bed whenever possible.

When my first glass of wine was nearly empty, I stood up and moved to the table holding the ice buckets. Charles offered to refill my glass for me, but I told him I’d get it. I thought it would be better for him to be seated for what I had planned next.

After filling my glass and returning the wine bottle to it’s bucket, I moved back toward the bed, purposely walking closer to Charles. My foot tapped his and I stumbled forward. Wine spilled out of my glass and floated down to Charles’ lap in a steady swirl. I didn’t want to drown him, just cause enough of a mess to get to step two of the plan.

I cried out as I stumbled and regained my balance, lifting my glass until it was upright and straight once again. When I finally had a chance to look at Charles’ crotch I saw a giant wet patch covering both legs. Perfect.

“Oh, Mr. Patterson. I’m SO sorry. I’m such a klutz,” I said, hurrying to set my glass down on a nearby dresser.

“No. It’s OK, Traci. Don’t worry about it,” Charles said, beginning to stand.

“Wait. Let me get a towel.” I ran into the bathroom and grabbed a hand towel, returning to the spot of the accident just as quickly. Luckily, Charles was still standing.

Without hesitating I reached out with the towel and began wiping the wet spot on one of Charles’ legs. I kneeled down in front of him and moved the towel over his crotch. I lightly dragged the towel from one side to the other, feeling his cock shift at the same time. I dried each pant leg before returning to his crotch. I pressed a little harder.

“I bet that’s uncomfortable,” I said, referring to the damp trousers. “Let’s get them off you and let them dry.”

I began to undo his belt. Looking down at me, Charles almost certainly could have seen inside my shirt and all the way to the very tips of my breasts. I concentrated on the belt, then the button at the top of his pants. By the time I was beginning to pull the zipper down, his erection was much more evident.

The zipper reached the end and I was staring Manavgat Escort at a lengthy protrusion in the front of his boxers. The pants slid down his legs easily and bunched up around his ankles. I took off Charles’ shoes, followed by the pants.

Then I looked back at the man’s cock pressing against his shorts. I used the towel to wipe the area, wrapping his cock the best I could inside my hand. Once I had a firm grip on it I stroked it up and down several times.

“These are wet, too,” I said, looking up at Charles.

I waited for a response.

“You better take them off, I guess.”

That’s all I needed to hear. I put the towel down and ran my fingers over his cock one more time. Then I grabbed the waistband of his boxers and slowly lifted them over his erection and down his legs. Once they were off I had a chance to finally see what was a pleasantly large cock pointing out at me.

I leaned forward and licked him from the base of his cock to the tip. Then I put the head in my mouth and slowly took him all in. My tongue rolled around his thick shaft before I began sucking him in earnest.

It only took a minute for his hand to be on the back of my head, pulling me closer as I bobbed up and down on his cock. I put a hand at the base and sucked the upper two- thirds, pumping him at the same time with my hand. I heard him moan as my sucking became more intense.

I pulled him out and licked him again–all around his thick cock. I could feel the heat coming from it. I put him back in my mouth, but I wanted him in my cunt.

Eventually, I stood up and took off his shirt. The whole time, my body pressed against his hard cock. When he was naked I held him tight and we kissed. His hands were all over me, ending up under my skirt and on my ass. I felt him play with my thong before squeezing my butt tightly.

“Teach me how to have sex,” I said to him quietly.

He smiled for one of the few times since I’d arrived. Maybe he was relaxing a little. We’d find out soon enough.

His hands moved to the front of my shirt. It only took him a couple seconds to get the knot untied. The shirt loosened around my breasts and hung open with him holding the two ends.

Charles put his fingers on my exposed skin. His touch was light and tender as he slid his fingers inside my shirt. Soon he was cupping my breasts with his palm and fingers. He pressed them against my chest and pushed them up, squeezing and rolling them lovingly.

He leaned forward at the same time his took off my shirt. Before the shirt was on the floor his mouth was on my left breast. My nipple tingled at the feel of his tongue and lips sliding across it. He bit lightly and I moaned, feeling it clear down to my cunt.

Charles switched breasts and I put a hand on his fully erect cock. The more I stroked him the harder he sucked on my breast. He put his hand around one and licked it all over, driving me crazy with lust.

Finally, he moved to my skirt and pulled open the velcro waistband. He just let it fall to the floor and watched me kick it off. Charles was looking at my tiny thong, tracing the edge of it around my hip and down to my cunt. When he reached the small patch covering my wet pussy, he placed his entire hand on it and pressed against me. I felt the material on my skin as a single finger moved from my cunt to my clit.

I pressed my mouth against his as he played with me. His cock felt like a rock. A second later Charles’ hand was inside my thong, feeling me and rubbing me.

“Oh God, Charles. You’re going to make me cum. Fuck me, please.”

I felt him pulling my thong off. I looked down and saw his face disappear between my legs. I spread my legs to let him lick me. An instant later his lips were wrapped around my clit, sucking it and licking it until it was hard. My legs began to buckle and I had to sit on the bed. Charles followed me down and continued sucking on my clit as I laid down.

My legs hung over the end of the bed. He put his hands on my ass and held me up so he could slide his tongue inside my cunt. I was on the brink of cumming when he finally stopped.

He stood up at the end of the bed and just stared at my naked body. I took the opportunity during this break in the action to slide up so my head was on a pillow. Then I stretched out my arms, motioning for him to lay on top of me.

As he climbed on the bed I couldn’t help but gaze at his hard cock. It sprung up and down as he moved towards me and I wanted him inside me so desperately.

Charles lowered his body onto mine and we kissed. He was a great kisser…with a great ass. My hands glided over it, pulling him closer.

“I don’t know what to do,” I whispered to him. “You show me.”

“Just keep doing what Escort Manavgat you’re doing. And tell me when you’re about to cum.”

That was easy. I didn’t have the nerve to tell him I was about ready to cum. I decided it was best to let him fuck me for a while, no matter how tedious that might end up being. Besides, he might surprise me.

The surprises start right away when Charles began licking and sucking my breasts again rather than immediately plunging his cock into me. I love having my nipples licked and this guy knew what he was doing. My entire body was shaking inside by the time he was done.

Then I felt his cock at the entrance to my cunt. I was so wet. I expected him to enter me and I’d barely notice, but he must have gotten even bigger because I felt the tip of his cock—then the shaft—stretch my cunt as much as it had ever been stretched before.

“Yes. Yessss.”

By the time he was all the way in I was gripping his butt with my hands, digging my fingers into his soft skin. He grunted during the final thrust and I thought I was going to explode.

I quickly wrapped my legs around his waist and concentrated on not cumming. He was great. The way he entered me over and over, occasionally leaning down to suck on a breast, was incredible. Our bodies slapped together as we became much more frantic. We rolled on the bed, Charles never leaving the inside of my cunt. He held me by the ass and slammed his cock into me with a force that energized me but never became brutal.

I would have been perfectly happy to lay there and been fucked. But this guy was making me want to please him. He rolled us again and I ended up on top. This was not the position I was most experienced at, but his huge cock was easy to keep inside me and I rapidly found a comfortable position.

He played with my breasts and nipples. Then, to my surprise, he said, “Make yourself cum.”

I might have balked at this any other time, but I really wanted to cum and it was, after all, my job to please him. If he wanted to watch me play with myself, I would.

My hand gingerly found its way between my legs and brushed against his cock as it slid in and out of me. It took a little courage, but eventually I managed to make my fingers touch my clit. Charles watched intently, pushing his cock into me more slowly now as he concentrated on my masturbation.

The sensation was incredible. His thick cock filled my cunt while my hand stroked my engorged clit. Shivers ran through me as I began a more intense rubbing. I let him worry about the fucking part of it while I took care of myself.

I leaned forward a little. His cock rubbed the inside of my cunt and my fingers took care of the outside. I didn’t know how long I had before Charles would cum. It ended up not mattering because I couldn’t hold back any longer.

I cried out twice that I was about to cum and Charles urged me on. He grabbed my nipples and squeezed them. That was all I needed.

My orgasm burst from deep inside me and down to my pussy. I bounced on Charles’ cock trying to get it as deep inside me as I could. I thought I heard myself moaning loudly with each rush of the orgasm, but sounds weren’t registering in my brain. I just wanted to cum.

I lost count of the number of times I came. When one ended, another began. Charles never let go of my body, holding either my breasts or my ass the entire time.

Then he started to cum. I squeezed the muscles in my cunt tightly around his cock. I felt it throbbing right before the first shot of cum exploded out of it. Then I felt another. And another.

Charles groaned with each thrust up into me and with each blast of cum. I rode him the best I could using my hand to make sure he stayed inside me. I felt the cum running down his cock combined with my own juices. He cried out one last time before his limp cock fell out.

I moved down his body and wrapped my lips around his cock. I sucked him until I tasted one last, small spurt of cum.

I laid on top of him for a minute before he pulled me up so we could kiss.

“Not bad for a schoolgirl, huh?” I said.

“You were wonderful. Just what I imagined a schoolgirl would be like.”

“Since this was my first time, can we do it again so I can learn some more?” I asked, kissing his ear.

He laughed. “If you put it in your mouth again in about fifteen minutes I think you can do whatever you want.”

“Good. You on top this time,” I said with a smile. I moved up so he could suck on my breasts, the usual tingle returning to my pussy. It wouldn’t take fifteen minutes, I thought.

We fucked once more and showered, with Charles making me cum a third time. He even seemed to enjoy watching me get dressed. I left his room fairly confident our audit would go smoothly.

Now it was just a matter of waiting for Tony to call me back into his office.

Watch for Traci’s next assignment. Did she get in over her head?? You decide. And…all you history buffs, check out my profile on .com to find out about my new website. Thanks.

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