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Anything to make a sale“David, you are not the right sales person for this account. I know the CEO of Cybertix very well, he’s been a client of mine for years, and he won’t relate to you.”I was sitting in the office of Victoria, my boss. There was a big sale opportunity at Cybertix and I badly wanted to be placed on the account so that I could win the sale and earn a big fat commission. Yes, I was desperate. It had been a bad year for me and I had earned almost no commission. I worked as a salesman for Software, Inc., a company founded and managed by Victoria. I liked working for her, although we did clash heads at times as I could be a bit cocky and headstrong. But I needed this deal. I needed this commission.“You know I can relate to anyone, Victoria,” I complained. “ I can and will close this big software sale to Cybertix.”“Listen to me David, you are not the right person. I know it. Now get out of my office and focus on your existing accounts.”But I wouldn’t let it go. I kept at Victoria about her putting me onto the account. I’m sure I was annoying her intensely. In fact, I could see I was. But, as I said, I was desperate. I’d do anything to be put on this account.Eventually Victoria, with an exasperated voice said, “OK. So you want it badly. But will you do exactly as I say if I placed you on the account? I’m not going to risk losing this longstanding client or this big sales opportunity just because you wouldn’t listen to me.” “Yes, yes”, I responded, “I promise that I would do 110% of what you wanted me to do. You tell me and coach me on how to deal with the Cybertix CEO and I will follow your instructions to the smallest minutiae.”“OK, you’ve got it. But you may regret ever taking this one on. Now go home and pack your bags. We’re flying to San Francisco this evening to meet with Jim, the Cybertix CEO. I’ll go with you for the first meeting and I’ll make sure that you handle him correctly and that he likes you before I hand it all over to you”, was Victoria’s response. Relief! I could almost smell the commission I was going to earn. Victoria also told me to make arrangements at home for being away for at least a week.Late afternoon I met Victoria at the airport and we set off for San Francisco. On the flight Victoria gave me a detailed briefing on Cybertix. She said she’d address Jim’s likes and dislikes later, once we were at the hotel in San Fran. The last thing she did before we landed at SF, was produce a legal contract in which I committed every penny I owned if I didn’t follow her instructions exactly. She said she wanted this because she was not going to risk me losing the sales deal by not listening to her. It was too important to her and Software, Inc.I happily signed my life away in the contract. After all, I was absolutely going to follow her instructions. I needed this deal as much as she did.We got to the hotel and Victoria said “Just dump your bags in your room, don’t bother unpacking, and join me in the cocktail bar for a drink and then we can discuss what you need to do in order to gain Jim’s trust and acceptance.” “OK, see you shortly”, I said and headed for my room. Mmm, I thought when I saw my room. Victoria is being “cheap” because my room must be the smallest room in the hotel. No desk space even for working at.I dumped my bags and went down to the cocktail bar to meet Victoria. She was waiting for me. We ordered drinks and then she led me to a quiet corner table.“OK hon, here’s the buzz”, Victoria said. “I’m going to get straight to the point. We don’t have time to waste because we are meeting Jim in two hours time for dinner. ”OK, shoot”, I said in my usual cocky manner. A smile played at the corners of Victoria’s mouth and there was a definite twinkle in her eyes.“Babe”, Victoria announced, “Jim doesn’t like aggressive arrogant guys.” No problem I thought, I could tone down my demeanor. “No problem”, I said. She let out a short laugh. “No sweetie, I don’t think you understand. Jim likes submissive girls! And that’s what you are going to be! And he likes them with bigger clitties than what I have. You are going to be just perfect!” I was stunned into silence. Victoria continued. “So we are going to transform you into a beautiful sexy girl and you are going to have a submissive attitude. The clitty you already have. Everything is arranged. I’ve got an appointment for you at the hotel’s beauty parlor. Finish your drink and let’s get going. They are waiting for us. Oh yes, and I’ve got a full wardrobe ready packed for you, because you will also not be staying here at the hotel. You will be moving into Jim’s apartment for the week. That’s what he likes to do.”I started protesting heavily. “Shut up. You will do as I say. That’s what you promised and that’s what you’re going to do. If I say that you are going to be Jim’s ‘bitch’, then that’s what you’ll be! Do you hear me?” Silence from me. “Do you hear me?!” she repeated. “Yes Victoria.” I had no option. I was proverbially stuffed.Like a lamb to the slaughter, I followed Victoria out of the bar, down the passage and into the beauty parlor. The beauticians were waiting for me with great big grins on their faces. “Hi darling, welcome to our parlour”, the head beautician announced. Victoria laughed and they all laughed with her. “I’m going to watch this transformation sweetie”, Victoria told me. And then they took control.My clothes were stripped off, I was placed on a beauticians table… seemed more like a torture table to me. I was waxed from head to toe; every bit of hair from my eyebrows down was ripped from my skin. And when I say everything, I mean everything. I had never felt so naked. bursa escort And with Victoria watching all the time. Then I was moisturized, facial-ed, pedicured, manicured, eyelash curled and tinted, makeup-ed and, yes, pierced. My ears were pierced and long dangly earrings attached, my belly button was pierced with jewelry….a little gold and diamond chain. And, horrors, a two-inch sized bright pink butterfly was tattooed just above and to the right of my penis. Nothing could have looked more feminine than that little pink tattoo and belly button jewelry.Then my hair was cut, dyed and styled. Victoria said that I would be wearing a wig, but she announced, “I want you to look feminine even without the wig on.” As I have shortish hair, the hair stylist cut my hair in a short spiky feminine style and then it was dyed black with pink bits at the ends. I must admit that it looked rather sexy.Once the physical transformations were complete, they whipped lingerie onto me. Pink bra, pink g-string, matching suspenders, smokey-grey stockings, six-inch high patent leather shoes and then a shoulder-length black wig with red highlights and wispy strands…very sexy.At that point they made me stand in front of a full-length mirror. I could not believe what I saw. A beautiful sexy girl. The type I have also chatted up at clubs and bars and seduced into my bed. Long smooth legs set off by beautiful sensuous lingerie, bright red “kiss me lips”, vivid eye shadow, long long mascara-ed lashes and beautiful jewelry. I looked gorgeous! And, yes, fuckable!Victoria again laughed. “Mmmmm, you look even better than I thought you would. Jim is going to be delighted with his latest account manager. Not that you’d be doing much ‘account management’. Now Didi darling. Yes sweetie, that’s your new name”, Victoria said, “Let’s get that clitty of yours under control. Can’t have you meeting Jim with your clitty sticking out of your panties like that.” I was horrified. I had a raging hard-on from looking at myself in the mirror. The beauticians laughed and the sexiest of them all immediately knelt down in front of me, released my ‘clitty’ and gave me the best blowjob I’d ever had. “I suggest you concentrate on how Emma is sucking you darling”, Victoria giggled, “as you will be doing plenty of that in the week ahead!”I moaned loudly as the orgasm rippled through my body. After I was cleaned up, Victoria instructed me in how to walk, sit and everything else I needed to know about girls’ movements and deportment. Oh yes, and Victoria had me practice my sexiest girlie voice. As she said to me, ‘I suggest, for your own sake and to spare you embarrassment, that you don’t speak in your normal deep male voice while looking all pretty and girlie’.Then they produced the sexiest dress you can imagine. A short tight dress in shocking pink with a black lace overlay. My stocking tops were barely covered and if I wasn’t careful, my panties showed at the front and my bare bottom at the back.After a liberal spray of perfume….Paris….I was ready for the night.“OK darling, let’s go meet Jim for dinner. And after dinner you can start earning your commission by moving into Jim’s bed and closing the deal.” Victoria laughed. She was enjoying herself.We walked out of the beauty parlor, through the hotel lobby, and into a waiting limo. Victoria and I received lots of leering glances from the businessmen in the lobby as we passed through. Victoria, by the way, is a stunning tall woman. Very beautiful in fact.And then off course I gave the onlookers an unintentional flash of my bottom as I got into the back of the limo. I’m sure I heard a wolf whistle, but I was so embarrassed and humiliated that I blotted it out of my mind.In no time at all we were at the restaurant. Everything was happening in a blur. My mind was struggling to grasp what was happening to me. The intoxicating scent of the perfume didn’t help. It seemed to accentuate my fuzzy blurred mind. Or maybe it was the pills Victoria gave me to drink just before we left the beauty parlor. She said the pills would help me relax and be less inhibited.Jim was waiting for us in the bar at the restaurant. Victoria and Jim shook hands and then she turned to introduce me. “Jim, this is Didi. Didi is the new account manager that I told you about.” “Hi Didi”, said Jim as he moved towards me, “I’m delighted to meet you.” I extended my hand and responded, most demurely, “Hi Jim, nice to meet you.” Jim however ignored my out stretched hand, moved right into my personal space and give me a kiss on the cheek. Wow, he’s forward. Didn’t see him do that to Victoria. I could see Victoria smiling as Jim stepped back with a big grin on his face.“Well ladies, what drink can I get for you?” Jim said. “Champagne thanks Jim”, said Victoria. “Yes, likewise thank you” was my response. “OK, champagne for Victoria, but Didi, let me suggest a nice cocktail for you”, said Jim as he smiled at me. “They make a really interesting cocktail here which the ladies really enjoy. It’s called ‘Desire’. And it’s a delicate pink….you’ll like that.” I smiled back and nodded ‘yes’. That’s not like me at all. Normally I would have insisted on the drink I asked for, but for some or other reason my mind was becoming more and more submissive with a strong inclination to please Jim. In fact, with the little sense I had left in my brain, I thought….hey, that must be exactly how a sexy bimbo would be acting. Yes, for a moment the realization hit me that Victoria had introduced a bimbo mindset into me, either through subtle suggestion or through the pills she gave me…or maybe through both means. But at that point my bursa escort bayan mind blanked out and all I could do was giggle and bat my eyelashes at Jim. Again he smiled and Victoria gave a little laugh.“Come, let’s take a seat and enjoy our drinks before we go through for dinner” Jim said as he ushered us to some high bar stools next to the bar. Oooo, this is going to be tricky I thought as I tried to get onto the high stool while keeping my bottom and front covered. I didn’t do a very good job of keeping my modesty and I saw Jim’s eyes flash first to my bottom as I got onto the stool and then to my stocking tops, garter belts and panties as they peeked out while I was trying to tuck my short dress in under me. I crossed my legs, pulled the dress over my exposed panties in the front, tried to get it down to cover my stocking tops and then abandoned that attempt when I realised that it was too short to cover anything more than my panties.Jim was enjoying all of this. I could see the lecherous looks that he wasn’t even trying to hide from me. Victoria took another chair….her dress was less short and she comfortably managed to sit down without exposing her lingerie or bottom…..and Jim came and stood next to me. He put his arm around my waist and then started chatting away as if nothing was untoward. Victoria and Jim largely ignored me in their conversation, chatting away about mutual acquaintances, holidays and other things of shared interest. The only attention I received was Jim’s wandering hand caressing my back and every now and then straying down to softly rub my bottom. Actually, I was happy. I was sipping my pink ‘Desire’ and enjoying the male hand stroking my back and bottom. It was a wonderful feeling that had my whole body tingling in no time at all.Without thinking, I put my arm around his waist and gently pulled him towards me so that I could feel his body against mine. He gave me a little squeeze as I did that. His hand then moved further around my body and under my far arm until he could softly touch my left breast. His fingers caressed my nipple through the fabric of the dress and bra. My nipples instantly became hard and a warm strange feeling ran through my body. I’d never experienced this feeling, which manifested itself in the pit of my stomach….and off course in my nipples and clitty.The rest of the time at the restaurant is a faint haze in my mind. I know we ate…me very little….and I know that Jim touched my legs and body whenever he could. For my part I can remember plenty of sexy glances at him with lowered eyelashes so that he could admire my beautiful long lashes and shadowed eyes. I also did a fair amount of provocative lip licking.Sometime during the evening Victoria suggested that the two of us ‘go powder our noses’ and escorted me to the ladies room. There she announced to me “You’re doing really well Didi darling. Jim likes you. That’s very plain to see.” “Thanks Victoria”, was all I can say.“Now Didi darling, remember that you need to give him whatever he desires if you want to win this sales deal” Victoria said. “But,” and she smiled at me and gave me a wicked little wink, “I suspect I don’t need to give you that little speech at all. Looks like you’ve got the hots for Jim, don’t you, you sexy little bimbo. Mmmm, I think you’re going to enjoy your week with Jim at his apartment.”I just giggled.After dinner, Jim invited us to his penthouse apartment for a nightcap.Interestingly, at no stage during the evening did we ever discuss the sales opportunity. Wonder why not?! But then that thought slipped out of my bimbo-mind and I just giggled. Jim and Victoria looked at me and laughed. I just giggled again and batted my eyelashes.Arriving at Jim’s apartment, he led us through to his lounge. It was huge and beautifully furnished with views over San Francisco Bay. Really magnificent. He poured all three of us a glass of champagne…finally I was getting champagne as opposed to that pink drink that had been making my mind more and more woozy.I sat down on a big couch and Jim came and sat next to me while Victoria seated herself in a very comfortable chair opposite us.Jim put his champagne glass down on the coffee table, then took mine and put it down as well, and then he leant into me, took me in his arms and started kissing me passionately. His lips where against mine and then his tongue was probing my mouth. My lips and tongue responded. It was wonderful. My body started tingling again and my mind was flooded with sensual thoughts and feelings.His one hand moved to my breast and he pinched my nipple. Without thinking, my hand moved to his crotch and I softly ran my fingers over what was obviously a huge erect penis. I rubbed his cock through his pants, took my lips of his and moved my mouth so that I could nibble his earlobes and softly blow hot breath into his ear. He gave a most satisfying…that is to me….moan. Wow! I was able to sexually turn-on this powerful businessman. My clitty stirred with that realization.Both hands moved to his belt, which I unbuckled and then I unzipped his pants, moved my hand inside his jocks and….for the first time in my life….held another man’s erect cock in my hand. It felt wonderful and I squeezed and caressed it.“Yes baby,” Jim responded, “touch my cock, play with it, make me hard and angry.” I needed no encouragement. I wanted to feel, see and taste it. Jim leant away from me, lowering his back onto the couch and he pulled me forward and downwards towards his exposed cock. I opened my mouth and licked the head of his cock with my tongue. Then I ran my tongue softly down and back up his beautiful shaft. escort bursa When his cock was wet with my saliva, I made my mouth into an ‘O’ and slowly lowered it onto his cockhead. I pushed my mouth down and his cock went into the ‘O’ as if my mouth was a tight virgin pussy. He groaned and thrust into my mouth. “Suck me bitch” he commanded and started thrusting his hips as he fucked my mouth. I moaned and sucked and licked and sucked. I was in heaven and delirious with the desires running through my mind and body.A flash went of and I looked up, without removing my mouth from Jim’s cock, to see a grinning Victoria with a camera. “Gotcha baby” she laughed. She had stripped down to her lingerie and had the camera in one hand and her other hand was buried deep inside her panties. I could see how wet her panties were. She was turned-on by the sight of me sucking Jim’s cock. “You’re just a right little cock-sucking slut, aren’t you sweetie”, Victoria laughed as she continued to take photographs and play with her pussy in her panties.I just smiled as I continued to suck Jim’s cock. The feeling of the silky smooth but hard flesh was intoxicating and my mind was filled with no other thoughts than ‘cock’. I wanted it and needed it…..yes, I had become a ‘bimbo cock-sucking slut’. Jim sat up on the couch and pulled my head off his erect cock. “Onto your back, you sexy little slut”, he commanded. “No, not on the couch, get onto the floor. Here, lie on the Persian rug. But first take your dress off. I want to see and feel your naked body.” I meekly did as I was told and got off the couch, took off my dress and lay down on the floor. Jim knelt down on the floor in front of me and pulled my g-string panties off. Victoria also joined us on the floor and she pulled my bra down so that my nipples were exposed.As Victoria bent down and started sucking my nipples, I felt Jim touch my pussy opening with his fingers. He played with my pussy by rubbing circles around it and then I felt a finger slowly push into me. My whole focus however was on the extreme sensations that were being caused by Victoria sucking my nipples. No one had ever done this to me and I couldn’t believe the wonderful sensations. My clitty was rock-hard simply from having my nipples sucked.This carried on for a while and then I heard Jim say to Victoria, “I want to fuck her now. I want to fuck my slut till she screams with pleasure.”Jim lifted my legs and placed it on his shoulders. My legs were spread wide apart and my pussy was totally open and exposed to him. Victoria, in the meantime, pulled her panties off and removed her bra. She was now only wearing black thigh-high stockings and her high-heeled stilettos. Victoria knelt over my head and lowered her pussy to my mouth. “Lick me you sexy bi-lezzie slut”, she commanded. My tongue came out, and as I felt Jim’s cock-head push slowly into my cunt, I started giving Victoria’s pussy a tongue-licking I hoped she’d love.Victoria was moaning loudly and grinding her pussy onto my mouth and tongue, I was moaning like a slut on heat and Jim was making grunting sounds as he started fucking me with long hard strokes.Victoria was the first to orgasm and the most beautiful pussy nectar flooded into my mouth. Then I squirted my pussy cum all over my tummy as Jim pounded away deep inside me. It was agony and extreme ecstasy at the same time.Victoria rolled off my face and lay next to me on the floor, softly moaning.At this stage I was no longer simply moaning. I was screaming in high pitched short bursts as Jim fucked me. “Yes slut, scream for me,” was Jim’s encourgament.Then Jim groaned and pulled his cock out of my cunt; just before his cum started squirting. He moved up to my face, pushed his cock into my mouth and as I sucked his cock, he filled my mouth with his sticky gooey cum. I was in heaven. Not only was I a cocksucker, but I had also been fucked for the first time in my life and now I was a cum-eating slut.All three of us lay on the floor in the glow of sexual satisfaction. I could feel Jim and Victoria’s bodies against mine and Victoria was softly kissing me, cleaning Jim’s cum off my lips.After what seemed like ages, Jim got up and poured more champagne for all three of us. Jim and Victoria went and sat on the couch, while I continued to lie at their feet on the carpet.Jim produced a thick document and handed it to Victoria. “There you are my dear”, he said to her, “all signed, sealed and delivered. Congratulations with winning the new software upgrade at Cybertix.” Victoria kissed him on the cheek and said “Thanks Jim. I told you we had the best software product and I told you I’d deliver you a sexy slut, with the type of clitty you like, as a deal closer.”“Well Hon”, Victoria said as she leant down towards me, “you did as I told you to and followed my instructions and now we’ve closed the deal, as you can see. So darling, enjoy the next week with Jim. You don’t have to do anything more on this sale. All you have to do is be pretty, sexy, horny, slutty and do everything Jim wants you to do as his sex toy.”So that was that! She and Jim had planned the whole thing and she had suckered me into believing she was doing me a favor by giving me this account. What an idiot I’d been. I was humiliated in realizing that I’d just had myself turned into a slutty she-male when in fact Victoria had already closed the deal and simply used me as a final sex-toy present to Jim.But, I now realised that not only did I look the part of a feminine sexy she-male, my mind had also been transformed through the whole experience of the past 6 hours. Transformed through a combination of suggestion, d**gs, experience and….yes….I guess my subconscious desires had also been released and moved into and taken over my previously inhibited conscious thoughts and control.I was a bimbo slut that loved cock and being fucked…… By Didi

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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