Aphrodite State Ch. 01

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Aphrodite State was named after the Greek Goddess. This school wasn’t my choice but I was accepted and now I am here. It was originally a private college for girls but that changed. The uniforms didn’t changed, only difference is now men wore the suites as well. The men wore dark green suits with the same colored tie and pants, the shirts were white and shoes were brown. The women wore the same style as it originally started save they had a dark green dress, green brown stocking that was optional or green brown socks with brown heels or brown shoes. The tie was also optional as I notice some the women were lacking and I notice two of them having their shirts open which showed off a little cleavage but as they got to their destination they button up their shirts. This school has a strict code and they knew it. This school might not be so bad after all.

I enter my class room for history that was on Monday and Wednesday. The class filled up rather quickly but the teacher wasn’t here yet. I was already feeling bored and full of dread; I heard that the teacher Mr. Wilhelm was a harsh teacher. I didn’t want to take the class but it was the only one available for the fall and the second class was next semester but everyone said it was better to take the first one so you’ll know what to expect in the second class so I decided to go ahead get it over with, sigh.

The door opened but to my surprise the teacher wasn’t Mr. Wilhelm it wasn’t even a guy but a woman, a familiar woman. It was my old high school history teacher Ms. Brook Nelson. Boy was she a sight. Short blonde hair, lovely green eyes, curves in all the right places. I remember when I first saw her back in high school, always smiling, caring about her students. She was the first female I had a crush on. I would often fantasize about kissing her, of course I couldn’t do it for real, I was 14 and she was in her late 20s. That was the best semester ever and then I had her two more times for history, it was a pity that I had to graduate I almost considered failing just to stay in her class but I knew my parents would be furious.

Now at the age of 18 I, Joshua Anderson now see my favorite teacher again, how lucky was I?

“Hello everyone, I know you all were expecting Mr. Wilhelm but he no longer teaches history, instead I’ll be handling it from here. I’m Mrs. Brook Bells. I’m 32 and this is my first year at Aphrodite State.”

My heart sank but I should have known that she would be married by now. She started calling role and then pauses for a second and calls my name. “Here,” I say.

Time seemed to go fast and before I knew it was time to go. As I make my way out Professor Bells calls me to stay for minute and soon everyone else was gone.

“Yes,” I simply say.

“Is that anyway to greet your old high school teacher?” She said and went to hug me. It felt great, her double E breasts against me. Her husband is a lucky man.

“It’s a small world, now I think I might run into all my students well more or last but I’m glad I’ve run into you again Joshua you were my favorite,” she says happily.

I could have died right then and there. “Congrats on moving up from high school to university,” I smiled.

“Congrats to you as well, we should go get something to eat some day and catch up.”

“Yes that would be nice; someday soon well I should get going now.”

“Of course don’t want you to be late for your next class.”

The next class was of little interest to me but there were a few female students from the previous class, two of them were twin blonde sisters, Cindy and Mindy, Lana the only Black female and Mei who was Chinese but despite the odds being in my favor I couldn’t stop thinking about Professor Bells.

After class a few of us decided to head to the track and run a few lap. As I stop to take a breather I notice Professor Bells running as well I’m glad it was still warm because the sight of her in white short shorts and pink sports bra that showed a small amount cleavage was all the proof I needed to know that she was the goddess of beauty.

After doing another lap she comes over to greet us. “Hey Professor,” I say.

“Hello, a nice day for a run.”

“Yeah,” Mei agrees.

“Are you all ready for the quiz tomorrow?”

“Quiz?!” We exclaim in union.

“Just kidding,” Professor Bells laughed. “Mr. Anderson knows that better than anyone.”

I just smiled casino oyna at the complement.

“Well I’ll see you all tomorrow.”

“Bye.” We say in union.

I watch as she heads back, my eyes were focused on the way her ass wigged in those short shorts. Oh yes, I was definitely going to fantasize about taking off her clothes, getting between those tities, squeezing that lovely ass and cumming inside of her. Fantasizing was the only thing I could do because she was married.

The girls and I leave after spending a few hours on the track field.

“So was Professor Bells the same way in your old high school?” Mindy questions.

“Yeah, she always joked about surprise quizzes but she never once gave unless she told us about two weeks in advance.”

“I guess we can expect less quizzes,” Cindy says happily.

“Works for me,” Mei agrees.

When evening came, I went to my dorm. There were four of us, Jordan, Ryan and Anthony.

“So how was the first day?” Ryan questions.

“Great,” I answer happily. “I think I’m gonna like spending four years here at Aphrodite State.”

“Me too, I’ve seen a lot of goddesses out there, man I can’t wait till Friday night.”

“What’s happening Friday?”

“There’s a party to celebrate the new semester and the goddesses will be there!”

I nodded. This would be a good opportunity for me today find my own goddess.

The next day came and I made my way to class. As I entered I saw Professor Bells dressed in a regular classy outfit, it was nothing out of the ordinary but she was the goddess of beauty in anything she wore.

As she began teaching she eyes shifted on me about three times but I felt like they were on me the entire time. Time seemed to slow down but I didn’t mind as long as she was there.

The class soon came to an end and I exit the desk.

“Mr. Anderson, could you stay for a minute?”

I wait as Professor Bells goes through some notes. Soon it was just the two of us.

“Mr. Anderson, do you have class Friday morning or the afternoon?”

“No ma’am I don’t.”

“The back to school bash is Friday and they need some more volunteers, want to help?”

“Sure, I can help.”

“Good and could you erase the board for me, I have so much to do?”

She gets up to hand me the erase but then trips. I grab her to prevent her from falling but then I realize that in my attempt my left hand was touching her right tit. “Oh pardon me.”

“That’s quite alright; on second thought I can handle the board you may go.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes I’m sure.”

I was a bit confused and yet happy, my left hand touched her right tit. For the rest of the day my thoughts were on what happened now I couldn’t wait till Friday.

Friday came; I arrived to help as soon as I could. Professor Bells came in and she was wearing the outfit of a female student!? But that dress made her look so divine and the shirt which lacked a tie showed cleavage! I approached her. “Um teach?”

“Oh this, well since we’re having a party, I decided to show the students that I’m into the school spirit.”


Just then the teacher Mr. Lopez appeared.

“Mrs. Bells why are you dressed like a student?”

“School spirit,” she answers.

“Oh. You shirt!” He points. “Are you trying to up this male student’s spirit, we have rules that not only apply to the students!”

“It wasn’t deliberate I assure you, there was something on the shirt, I guess I forgot to button it.”

“Well please do so now, we need to maintain order.”

Professor Bells nodded and quickly does it before other people show up.

“Now that that’s done let’s get to work,” Mr. Lopez says sternly.

Friday night came and it was full of students, faculty and staff but mostly students.

“Man look at this place, it’s full of goddesses,” Ryan cheers.

“I know,” Jordan agrees.

“Let’s put on our game faces,” Anthony smiles evilly.

As for me there was only one goddess but I couldn’t, that was wrong! I had to get her out of my mind. The girls came wearing regular clothing like many others but I was still dress in my school clothing. I should go over and ask one of them to dance they’re all single but I don’t. I just sit at the table and watch as one by one of the girls go off dancing. I sigh. I’m an idiot!

Someone sits next to me. I turn to see Professor canlı casino Bells still wearing the student uniform draining her cola. She had time go home and change but then I thought about it so did I.

“Sucks not being on the dance floor, right?”

“Yeah,” I agreed.

“It’s becoming rather boring here.”

“Yeah,” I agreed.

“How about we leave and do some catching up?”


We head out, no one would notice us leaving and even if they did they would just think it’s just two students leaving. We hopped in Professor Bells’ Audi R8 Road Car. I didn’t question where we were headed to I just went alone for the ride; she knew I had to be back by midnight that was the curfew for dorm students who were not 21. It was 9:00 now.

She drove without talking and I remained silent. Professor Bells finally stops at a store.

“I’ll be right back,” she finally said.

I wait. I look at my watch but there was nothing to worry about, it was just 9:15.

Five minutes later Professor Bells returns with a bag. She opens the door but trips and the contents in her purse came out. I help pick up what I could find. A minute later we resume driving.

“So how do you like Aphrodite State?” She asks.

“It’s great so far.” I answered.

“You know for awhile I wasn’t sure if I should have taken the job but I decided to move on and plus there was a bigger pay.”

I nod and I notice a picture of a man on the floor. “That guy in the picture is that your husband?” I points.

“Yes that’s him,” she says flatly and remains silent.

I shut up as well as Professor Bells drives. She continued driving and then turns down a dimly lit road. She reached a parking lot of an abandon building and turns off the car and remains silent for a minute. “We should head back,” Professor Bells finally says.

“Um is everything alright?”

“I sorry, I shouldn’t have dragged you into this. I meant to take you somewhere nice so we could catch up but I thought to myself why?”

“Is it because I mentioned your husband, is that what killed the mood?”


“Oh, I’m sorry.”

“It’s not your fault, you didn’t know.”

“Are things not going well? Um sorry it’s none of my business.”

“Things are rather rocky. Don’t get me wrong I love him, it just he works almost all the time and barley has time for me. The last time we made love was… I should be mentioning that.”

“Things will get better,” I say.

“How do you know, what if they get worse! I’m sorry I shouldn’t have yelled, I guess I needed someone to vent to and what’s better than an old friend.”

I smiled.

“This isn’t awkward is it I mean we are friends, right?”

“Of course teach.”

“Good, if you ever need anything or just need to talk than I’m here for you.”

At that moment Professor Bells touches my hand. I look at her and she looks at me and we just stared at each other. “Um teach.”

“Shhhh, it’s Brook, it’s time for us to catch up.”

“Teach, I’m mean Brook, are you sure because…”

“Joshua be honest with me, you find me attractive, don’t you?”

I gulp. “Well um yes. To be honest I had a crush on you in high school. I’ve um…”

“It’s okay, tell me the truth.”

“Fine, I would often fantasize about you and me doing things sexually.”

She smirks, “Typical teenager, but I must admit when I was sixteen I thought as you did with a teacher of mine but alas it was a fantasy left unfilled. But just becaause mine didn’t come true doesn’t mean I can’t make yours come true.”

My eyes widen in surprise.

“That’s right, you’re about to have your fantasy fulfilled only you can’t cum inside me.”

I watch as Brook goes into the bag and takes out a box of condoms “That’s what you bought at the store?”


“So you wanted to this from the start?”

“At first I didn’t want to but since it’s been awhile I thought why not and you are my favorite student, think of it as a late graduation gift.”

She gives me the condom box. She exits the car and head to the passenger side. I couldn’t believe it, this was going to be my first and in a car!

“You know Joshua; I wasn’t sure at first so I tested you, I deliberately came up to you during field track so you could get a good look and then I walked slowly so you could take a good look at my sexy ass, Wednesday when I ask you to stay kaçak casino after class I deliberately tripped so you could catch me in your arms but I wasn’t expecting you to respond by touching my breast and let’s not forget this morning, I deliberately wore this outfit and with cleavage showing.”

“I didn’t mean to touch your breast.”

“Well nevertheless you still did it and you enjoyed it right?”

“Yes,” I admit.

“Well let’s get started, you have to be back at midnight.”

She enters the car and pushes the seat down as far as it could go. I already had my paints down and the condom on. She unbuttoned my shirt and takes off her suit coat and unbuttons her shirt. I could see her green brown bra now.

“Are you ready for the goddess?”

“Yes, this, this will be my first.”

“Well all the more reason I have to make it magical. I’m going to turn you from an 18 year boy into 18 year old man!”

She pulls off her green brown panties and gets on me. She begins riding me. We share a kiss and then she tells me to kiss her on the neck which I do and there was no need for her to guild me any further. I kiss her lips again and start burying my face between her cleavage. I put my hands around her back and pull down. “Oh ugh, ahhhh, oh yeah, yes this is happening!”

“Put your hands on my cheeks.”

I did it and I knew the cheeks she was talking about. “Oh yes!”

“Remove my bra please.”

My hands go through her shirt and I did it slowly and finally her beautiful tities were now free for me. She takes my right hand and brings it to her to left breast.

“There now you have touched both.”

I squeeze it and shake it.

“Suck it please.”

I do that. I kiss it first and then lick it and then suck her pink hard nipple. My hand was now groping her right breast.

“Oh yes,” she moaned. “This is what I’ve been missing,”

My mouth was now sucking her right pink hard nipple.

“Oh ahhhh, ugh, ugh, yes that’s right!” She moaned happily.

This was great; my fantasy with the goddess was being fulfilled. I didn’t know how much longer I was going to last but I was going to make every minute of it count. She continued riding me to her hearts’ content. We knew this was wrong but at that moment we didn’t care, the deed was being done and there was no turning back!

“Oh Joshua!” She shouts happily.

“Oh Brook,” I sigh happily.

“Slap my right ass cheek!”


“Slap my left ass cheek!”


“OHHHHH,” she moaned.

She rode me faster, I couldn’t believe I was fucking my hot teacher or rather my hot teacher was fucking me. But this was my fantasy and I was going live it out.

“Oh this is it; I’m gonna CUM, AHHHHHH!”

Brook was satisfied and soon I came and was satisfied. Brook laid on me for a few minutes and then got up. “How was it? How did it feel to have a black one inside of you?”

“It was great! But it’s not about color it’s about the man and his penis, remember that.”

I nodded.

“Thank you for relieving my stress.”

“You’re welcome, Brook.”

“It’s Professor Bells again. You’ve sampled the forbidden fruit of the goddess once and only once, there won’t be second time. This was just to satisfy both of our needs. What happened tonight stays between us and will be taken to the grave understand, Mr. Anderson?”

“I understand, Professor Bells.”

“Good, my bed is with my husband and that’s the way it has to stay. As for you there are other goddesses out there, find one of your own, now let’s get you home.”

We drove the rest of the way in total silence. We were coming up on the school when Professor Bells stops the car.

“I’m afraid you’ll have to get out here, it might look suspicious to the guard if he sees both of us this late.”

I nodded and opened the door.

“Wait before you go, here!”

She gives me her panties.

“Take them in remembrance of the goddess.”

I nod. “Have a good night.”

“You too, see you Monday, Mr. Anderson.”

I start walking and then I see her Audi R8 Road Car pass by. I wave and made my way. I enter the school and give the guard my ID and act normal; this wasn’t unusual for students to appear this late it would be midnight in ten minutes. I head over to my dorm. I notice that the lights are off. Good, I thought to myself no one will be asking where I’ve been but if they did I would lie anyway.

Once I enter my room I get ready for bed. My fantasy with the goddess was fulfilled. I was going to enjoy my time at Aphrodite State.

To Be Continued…

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