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Just an accumulation of thoughts/memories that may evolve into a story to publish.

Mostly it is just figments of my Imagination, of so I tell myself.

No names, as names have power.

Real or Not, it was memorable or will be if it ever happens.


As I walked up the stairs, the butterflies appeared like normal. Apprehension, anticipation, nerves…no idea what causes them, but they help remind me I am still alive…

A brief backstory, I am late 40’s (sigh 50 very soon), Married with a loving wife, two great kids, and a solid but unconventional business that keeps me busy. A few health scares, and a lack of comforting attention at home due to the pressures in life has lead me to trying to resolve my needs for attention, that despite my best efforts I was no longer getting at home. It would crush my wife if she ever found out, but it was destroying me as I felt like I was spiraling out of control into a deep metal abyss of loneliness. No excuses, I am doing wrong, but at the same time it has saved my sanity. I keep trying to find ways to awaken the fire my wife once felt for me, but it still remains a work in progress, with very little to show for my considerable efforts.

The lead up to this visit with one of my new “friends”, starting with brief discussions last visit, to a few texts whilst arranging the booking for this evening, a few of which I hesitated before sending, held my breath over the reply. Even though I was pretty sure of the answer and the acceptability of what I proposed, it still was a leap of faith.

So I find myself knocking on the familiar door, one part of my brain really feels like this place was becoming my “Happy Place”. Dammit heart back in my mouth as I hear the lady inside take what must be just one or two steps to the door…had she been hovering Malatya Escort awaiting my arrival, as I too had been counting down the minutes in the car outside till the agreed time to arrive.

Door opens…my company for the evening greets me with what I want to call a “wicked smile”. I pause briefly to take in the sight… Black mesh long sleeve top, Tiny black panties, her nipples show she is aroused too… oops time to get inside before the neighbours notice this… I shift forward, close the door behind me, and then move to give her our customary hug and kiss, but this time it is different, there is a noticeable fire in her eyes. As my arms envelope her for our hug, my hands naturally drift downward to cup her young firm butt cheeks. But something is different…one of my fingers brushes against something firm. Even though it was part of our pre meeting discussions, it still takes me a little by surprise. Discussions by text, and the reality of encountering it in person are two different things. She has met me at the door wearing a butt plug…and when my fingers brush against it, it shifts enough inside her that she knows I have found it, and then her body just seems to hug me harder, she moans and then just smiles at me in such a way as to say “surprise, now what are you going to do about it”.

My reaction took me, and probably her by surprise, I pivoted, guided her to lean her against the door I just walked in by, flicked the door lock to prevent future interruptions, and then kissed her as hard as she was kissing me, ran the back of my hand over one of her breasts, making sure to tease the nipple by using two of my fingers as they passed over it to give it a little tweak. Another moan, God you seem like you have been looking forward to this almost as much as I have.

My left hand drops down to caress Malatya Escort Bayan the front edge of your panties, as my finger touches your thigh, it feels like you twist your body to try and make my fingers get to your pussy sooner, I feel the wetness as you manage to get my fingers near where you want them. I start to feel like I am starting to lose control of the situation, so decide that the best way to regain control, is to distract you as quickly as I can. My fingers dive under your sopping wet panties and immediately find you are even more wet in what I assume is anticipation than I could have ever imagined.

As my fingers caress your aroused body, they seek out your clit which my soft fingers proceed to caress, and your moan once again sends my mind into overdrive as I decide that what you really want is an Orgasm…right now… and so my caress turns from soft to more forceful and firm, with the corresponding reactions, your body starts to quiver, the moans change tone as you climb to a peak. Your eyes are wild with desire, your body starts to thrash a bit as now I feel like I am starting to have to support your weight as your legs start to go weak. But I do not let up with the teasing and the pressure on your most sensitive nexus.

Your body starts to writhe against the door enough that I can hear the butt plug strike against the door as my fingers from my left hand have their way with your pussy lips and your clit. As my brain registers what the noise was, my right hand immediately is drawn to caress it and apply a little pressure to remind you even more that I know it is there, a flick, release, a flick again and the fingers on my left hand decide that your moans on the verge of orgasm will not do…one last caress before driving two well lubed fingers into your pussy, attempting to not break Escort Malatya my wrist as I try to stimulate the areas around your g-spot, whilst using my thumb to continue teasing your clit, and using my right hand to both help you remain standing and to “fiddle” with the butt plug to try and drive you over the edge…

I can feel the orgasm wash over you as your whole body trembles, your moan is an exquisite symphony to my ears. Your heavy breathing confirms to me you are still alive as you come down from your peak. I think I hear the words “oh my God!” Maybe I am not so bad at this after all, but maybe that’s just my inner monologue talking as it was one of the most intense experiences of my life.

As I step back I reflexively check my watch, part of me is shocked, barely a minute has passed since I glanced at my watch as I prepared to knock on the door…

OMG!…we have arranged to meet for two hours …how can I top that first minute…she was obviously happy to see me, my body was crying out to play with my 25’ish year old plaything… right, next steps… get to the room, hand over the envelope for the agreed compensation for her delightful time. Get myself through the shower to remove the grime from my work day. and then back to her workroom for a couple of hours of more fun.

I can do this, one foot in front of the other, don’t let your mind over plan or over think, just go with the flow, but get your self into the shower to cool off a bit. Clean up and regather your control. Control is key, if they see you lose control of your emotions and your thoughts then this fun may end.

But maybe they want me to lose my self assured control, I know on the inside my mind is churning with possibilities, but will the be well received. Maybe that’s why I like the my friends to lead me down the paths they want to travel. Less chance of stepping off the right path into oblivion.

Right shower over, once last glance in the mirror, facade of control back on my outer shell. Deep breath. the best part of two hours of their company to go, lets see how memorable we can make it for both of us…

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