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It had been two weeks since Jess and her boyfriend had sex. Tonight they had went to see the new superhero movie, starring a good looking hero and a hot love interest. At one point the hero had his love pinned on a table, a heated conversation and fiery sparks between them. Christian had leaned over and whispered in her ear, “That position looks familiar,” that sent shivers down her spine as she smirked at him. He had put his hand on her thigh several times throughout the rest of the movie, which left her craving him.

When they got home, Christian asked her to smoke with him. Jess didn’t get high often, so she still got the spins every time she did. She took two long hits, before passing it off to him. He took a hit and beckoned her closer to him, and he kissed her blowing smoke into her mouth. She had leaned further into him, their lips moving together as smoke escaped between them. She pulled away to let him finish smoking, and let her mind wander.

The high hit her lungs first, then her brain. He looked so good sitting across from her on the couch. The ideas that were going through her mind right now. Maybe it wasn’t her brain feeling the high so much as her pussy. She felt weightless, like she was floating. She wanted to straddle him and grind on him while he sucked on her tits. She wanted to feel him get impossibly hard through his boxers as she licked and nipped at his neck. She wanted him to grab her hair and fuck her face, making her take his dick all the way. For a moment, she thought she was too high. Jess went to grab a water and a snack. Christian was almost done smoking, which gave her just enough time.

Ten minutes later they were sitting on the couch again, watching a show on the T.V. that she was not paying attention to at all. Jess had her hand on Christians very upper thigh, and she palmed his erection through his pants. She feigned watching the show while her hand made gentle strokes and circles. Fuck, playing the long game was making her way too horny.

She unbuttoned his jeans and continued her torment. She had her hand wrapped around his manhood through his boxers. Her thumb circled the tip, and she felt him buck his hips slightly. She smiled, reveling in this small amount of control. Jess used her other had to knead her breast, pinching her nipple. She was about to move down to kneel in front of him when Maltepe Escort he stopped her.

“The curtains are still open,” he said softly.

She shrugged, “So go close them?” With how high and horny she was she did not care who saw, she only wanted her boyfriend to fuck her. Maybe bent over the arm of this couch. Yes, he could bend her over, but grab her hair to keep her face up. One hand on her tit, rolling her nipple between his thumb and pointer finger while he slid into her slowly. Whoever saw could have a show.

“Let’s go to bed,” he said, grabbing her hand to lead her into their dark room. She stripped down to her panties and long sleeve top, while he stripped to his boxers. It was their normal sleeping attire, but neither of them were planning to get sleep for a while. They layed down on their sides, and he pulled her as close to him as possible. She could feel his hardness on her ass, which he lazily put a hand on. He was rubbing circles. He slapped her ass once, twice, three times before rubbing again. She gasped with each hit, it felt like electricity. She pushed her ass back into his hardness, practically begging him to fuck her already.

He had the control now and just slapped her ass again, hard enough to make her whimper. His cock was right against her entrance now, though their undergarments were still in the way. Christian moved his hand around her hip, right to her clit. He teased her, making light strokes. God he was making her lose her mind. Jess took a moment to take off her shirt, which allowed her to sneakily position his tip to be on her clit, and still curving to touch her entrance. Christians hand moved to her tit, wasting no time in squeezing it. He kissed her neck, sucking and biting. He knew how much she loved it. She started to grind on him.

All she could think about was how good it all felt. His lips leaving a hickey on the crook of her neck, her nipple being punished by his fingers. Breathy moans fell out of her mouth, she felt like she was floating right to heaven. She used his cock to pleasure herself, she was getting very close to cumming already. Her moans were getting loader now, still very breathy. She was so close, just a few more grinds and…

He pulled his boxers down, and had his hands pulling down her panties. She was in a trance-like state. So close to cumming Ümraniye Escort she would do anything to get it. Usually she would suck him off, but she was feeling greedy. He positioned himself right at her entrance, but he was still showing he had control. He teased her with his tip, putting it slightly in before pulling it out and tracing back up her clit. Over and over. Jess tried to push him deeper, make him fuck her, but he wouldn’t let her.

“Please baby,” was all she could say. He didn’t oblige, teasing her clit again, sliding her along his dick. He chose the pace, agonizingly slow. She was still close though, and she knew by how easily she was sliding that she was really wet. Higher she went, until he finally stopped teasing her and slammed into her. She let out a heavy moan while he groaned. He pulled out almost all the way and slammed into her again. It felt so fucking good, with each thrust she couldnt help but moan. She pushed back, meeting his thrust with her own. She came hard, and he rode her through it, hitting the deepest, sweetest spot. “Fuck that’s hot,” he breathed as she tightened around him. She was seeing stars, and she felt another wave coming fast.

Christian rolled her onto her stomach without missing a beat, and continued to pound into her from behind. Fast and hard. His cock brought her to a finish again in record time, “Fuck, fuck, don’t sto-” interrupted by both of their moans. Her orgasm triggered his own this time. He slowed down, pushing deeper into her, making small moves, before pulling out. He rolled onto his back and gestured her over.

Jess wanted to please him now after those explosive orgasms. She crawled between his legs and licked his hardness, sticky with their cum. She swirled her tongue around the tip. He moaned quietly, his dick proud and clearly ready for more. She took the head into her mouth and sucked, twisting her tongue on the tip still. Her hands were wrapped around the base of his cock, stroking what her mouth was not. Before long, he moved her hands away.

He grabbed her hair and gently started to push her head further. Being high, her gag reflex was almost non-existent. She was tasting every inch of his thick dick. She readily took more as he began thrusting. She dragged her tongue up on the upstrokes, and sucked on the downstrokes. Finally he pushed her head until İstanbul Escort her lips were wrapped around the base. She was fully deep-throating his length. He let her adjust before thrusting into her mouth. She let him use her throat, let him use her to find pleasure.

He pulled her mouth off of his dick, and leaned back. She took this moment and kneeled over him, lowering herself onto him. Each agonizing inch making her feel fuller than the last. She bounced a few times, until her greed took back over. She began to rock on him while he filled her, rubbing her clit on him. She knew he watched her use him to get off, and she didn’t care. She ground herself faster and faster, letting him know she was getting off before him. He gladly accepted, and even held her hips down on him so she didn’t lose momentum. She came with a series of “Oh,” “Fuck,” “Mmm,” and moans. It felt like the world was just him and her, floating through. She continued to grind her way through it, then leaned back slightly.

She started to fuck him again, properly this time. She was still riding, but leaned back now and used her arms to prop behind her. She never let more than two inches out, determined to make him cum again as well. She kept her tempo up, but this angle felt fucking amazing. She wasn’t sure when she started cumming again. Christian took this moment and placed his thumb on her clit, rubbing light and fast, making her finish again. Or maybe she just didn’t stop. He kept his thumb there, out threw a pillow to her.

“Cover your mouth baby, I don’t want anyone else to hear those sounds from your pretty little mouth,” he said. She could barely bite it before he was rubbing her clit again and she was no longer able to prop herself up. She was riding a wave, she felt like she was ascending beyond heaven. She couldn’t tell if Christian was an angel or the devil right now, because he still didn’t stop rubbing her clit. He thrust from beneath still, just as fast as before. She was a moaning mess, and moaned his name twice into the pillow. If she were sober, she wouldn’t have been able to take how much she was cumming.

Christian finally let up with his hands, and his thrusts were getting more fervent. With a moan, he came. He spilled his seed into her again, not pulling out until he was done. They stayed like that for a moment, too tired to move. Jess was still seeing stars, reeling from how good the sex was. Maybe she should get high and fuck more often.

“I love you,” she said, once they were cuddling. “I love you too,” he said, giving her a kiss on the head before whispering their goodnights.

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