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He sat down behind me. I didn’t think much of it. My girlfriend’s brother was obviously gay although no one had ever seen him with another man. She was Asian, tall, slender, and hot. He was the male version of her but she had really gotten the good looks.

He was very touch feely and I’m on the gay friendly side so he didn’t bother me. I was spread out on the sofa, legs across my girlfriends lap, head in the middle of the sofa on a pillow. There was just enough room for him to squeeze in behind me and he did just that.

We sat watching a reality show while the two of them chit chatted. They lived together and were very close. As we watched the latest wanna be talent on the television. After a while I noticed his warmth while I sat there with my hands behind my head. My girlfriend had a blanket partially on me and her and she had her hands casually in my crotch.

It was just enough to give me a little hard on and she noticed after some time and gently rubbed me until I had a full erection. I sat there with my eyes half closed for a time enjoying the sensation and half watching the TV when her boyfriend began to fidget.

I had my hands behind my head and I could feel his legs when he shifted over to one side and I thought I felt something hard brush up against me. I’d never touch a man before but I had thought about it and although my first instinct was to flinch away I stayed where I was and let him shift.

I sat there thinking, “That is a penis”. I wondered if I should move but my girlfriend was still gently stroking me through my shorts and he hadn’t moved so I decided to stay where I was. He was not fully Kars Escort hard when this first started but as I laid there no longer focusing on the TV it was obvious he was getting harder.

I was totally confused at this point but his erection was getting harder against my hands and neither of us was moving so I decided to gently rub the back of my hand along his erection. He was hard as a rock at this point and it was obvious he knew what I was doing.

At this point the three of us were totally quiet. No one acknowledging what was going on. The TV going on and ignoring our clandestine touching. After a while he started to playfully run his hands on my chest. I had a hairy chest and he being Asian and bare chested I think he was fascinated by it. I made a joke about it and my girlfriend pretended to be jealous and the two of them began playing with my chest.

As they ran their hands through my hairy curls they pulled my shirt open, unbuttoning it all the way and teased about how soft it was. He made a joke about me being hairy all over and stuck his hands down the front of my pants just a few inches. Normally he would not have found anything but my girlfriend had been rubbing me most of this time and I was hard as a rock. He just slipped in under the bottom of my erect penis and it was obvious he felt something.

At this point he jokingly said, “What’s that”, and flicked his fingers at the top of my slacks. My dick was so hard now the tip of my penis just popped out of the top of my pants. The three of us started to laugh a little but instead of my girlfriend covering me up she pushed the bottom of my Kars Escort Bayan dick so that more of my shaft was sticking out of my pants. With the tip of his fingers the brother gently caressed my dick head down just a couple of inches to the most sensitive part.

He obviously knew where to squeeze and my girlfriend tightened her grip on the bottom of my shaft making me harder and more sensitive. I sat back with my eyes half shut enjoying the two of them arousing me. I still had my hands behind my head and his erection was rubbing up against my hands as he shifted further toward me. He had on a pair of stretchy pants and I was able to tug them down just a little so the head popped out and I could feel how soft and warm he was.

I curled one hand around his dick and caressed the head suddenly feeling just a little precum on the top. He continued to rub his hand on the top of my dick just enough to keep me aroused but not enough to get me off. This went on for maybe five minutes when my girlfriend reached over and grabbed the top of his head and pulled him toward my crotch. “Look at you” she said to her brother. “You haven’t had any in forever. Now suck it”!!

And he did. Just the top. Just gently circling with his tongue. He had to push me away from the back of the sofa to get past my head and the pillow. In doing so he pulled the pillow out to make some room and I could feel his dick, still in his pants, up against the side of my face. I let him circle my tip for a while and finally my curiosity got the best of me. I turned my head toward his crotch, tugged his pants just a little and his erection popped Escort Kars out of those pants like a jack in the box.

I started licking the underside of his dick and that really made him hard. It was softer and warmer than I thought it would be and as he played with me at the same time I was really getting more and more excited. He finally took two fingers around my shaft and gently started to tug on me. After my precum started to drip out he finally reached out and put the top of my dick in his mouth.

I was able to get the top of his dick toward my mouth and while I couldn’t get the whole thing in I was able to lick the top and taste his precum. Eventually I settled into licking the underside of his shaft, a position I knew I liked during 69 with my girlfriend so I thought he might too.

My girlfriend was squeezing my balls, making me harder and watching intently. Her brother and I continued licking for 15 or 20 minutes. I was so excited it became obvious I was going to cum. I arched my back and could feel myself getting harder in his mouth. I continued to lick his shaft which was at this point turning a deep red color.

I let loose with a blissful orgasm pumping into his mouth which he kept securely fastened to my dick. Just after I came he let loose with an orgasm that shot across my chest leaving me a sticky mess. I was so excited I wanted to eat his cum but I was not at the right angle to catch it and I settled for wiping a finger across my chest and taking just a tiny taste.

Next time I thought, if there is a next time, I want him in my mouth. He collapsed on me, and I fell back panting. My girlfriend took the blanket she had and whipped off my chest making it cum free. After the sensation went away and I was totally embarrassed. Eventually we got up and he went into his room and we went into her room and crashed. I wondered if we would ever do that again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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