Asian Games: Event 2

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He landed in Singapore’s Changi airport in the afternoon and was at his Orchard Road hotel within an hour thanks to this city-state’s phenomenal efficiency. He walked around the shopping district, and enjoyed the bargains. Even more he enjoyed the beauty of the Singaporean women. There were the women of Chinese heritage, with their long straight, highlighted hair, their small eyes. He loved their tight asses snuggling in fitting pants. Every woman seemed to be wearing thong panties which he could see outlined against their pants, inviting him to remove them with their swaying walks. There were the Malay women with their almond eyes, wavy hair, and lips you knew could suck you off in seconds. Many of them also had luscious tits and were not shy about showing ample cleavage for their muscle-bound boyfriends. There were the South Indian women, taller and thinner than any Indian women her had seen before, but whose dark skin intrigued Mike. He wondered what color their nipples would be, how dark their pussy lips were and what his white cum would look like lying on their flesh. Finally, there were the expat white, blonde women with large bouncing breasts, bra-less in this tropical heat.

He slept well in the comfortable hotel bed, enjoying visions of dark Malay tits, fair Chinese asses and Indian skin. He woke up in the middle of a dream in which Sammy, the Taiwanese tennis pro from the day before, had been rubbing her luscious, round breasts on his cock. Waking with a painful erection, he went to the toilet and sat on the toilet and stroked himself until he ejaculated meagerly into his hands. Strange that the same act when performed by a pair of wet female lips, preferably with his mouth on a pussy, could result in such a hug amount of cum, cum that would fly out like a squirting water pistol. But in his own hands, the jism just dribbled out sadly.

He decided to postpone shower until after a quick session at the hotel gym on the 5th floor. He found it with some difficulty, hidden behind the swimming pool changing rooms and some large tropical bushes. Not surprisingly, it was empty. He stepped onto the treadmill after some stretches and ran, watching himself in the floor-to-ceiling mirrors.

He heard the gym door open and saw a gorgeous, dark woman walk in, her sports bra covering juicy tits. An expanse of flat tummy separated the yellow top from a matching, loose pair of gym shorts. She smiled at him and stepped directly on the treadmill, and started walking at a brisk pace. He noticed that the shorts did not completely cover her chocolate colored ass and he could see the lower side of both butt cheeks. He tried not to stare, but she was lovely. Her eyes were black, large and flashed brightly in the mirror. She had high cheekbones and her straight hair had the brown highlights he had noticed all young women in this part of the world now used. But it was her full, red lips that captivated him.

Until, that is, she picked up the pace and started running. Her bra seemed to be fighting a losing battle to restrain her heaving tits and they bounced madly with every step. Mike tried focusing on his own steps, even stared at his running shoes, but always found his eyes drawn involuntarily back to her lips or her tits.

She stopped running after 10 minutes, but Mike still had another 5 on his routine. He noticed her begin working on some floor exercises, although his mind was already deep in a fantasy, but he could not decide if the fantasy should end with him cumming in those red, full, erotic lips or if whatsapp escort he should explode screaming onto those twin mounds of heavenly pleasure.

“Excuse me, could you help me out here?” he head a voice interrupt his decision making process. He looked to his right and there she was, lips, tits, eyes, hair …all of her was looking up at him. “I need some help with some of my exercises. Could you help”

“Sure, what do you need me to do”…I could lick your asshole, suck your clit, nibble on those titties and paint your face with my cream if you asked me to, he further thought.

“I want to do a handstand against the wall, but I need help raising my legs …they always fall to the side. Usually my trainer helps me, but could you?” she looked into his eyes and then let her eyes wander lower as he stepped off the treadmill. His mental debate on where to cum had left his 8-inch pecker standing tall, and she must have noticed. She licked her lips and smiled before walking toward the wall where she wanted to do her handstand.

“I’m Devi” she said grabbing his hands, but looking at his rising member, “Just grab my legs when I lift them up” a request he could hardly turn down. He mumbled his introduction still staring at this goddess’ body.

She placed her head and neck against the wall and pushed her legs up. Mike grabbed her shoes and then held her ankles. He was amazed at how long her dark legs were and as he followed them down with his eyes, he noticed her loose shorts were now revealing all of her ass. He made not pretense of not looking. Her eyes were shut, but she let her legs open just a little and Mike could see where her panties should have run from her ass to her pussy. But he detected no fabric, just a hint of darker skin. Her legs were amazingly creamy and soft and he ran his hands up and down a little as he pretended to get a better grip.

“OK, done” she said and he reluctantly let go of her legs. “Would you like to try that, it’s great to feel the blood rush to your head.” He did not want to say that my blood was pumping to my head right now, the other, lower, head. So he did a handstand too, she holding my ankles. The two of them were very different heights, so his crotch ended up pressing against her tits in that position. She must have felt him throb, but rather than move away, she seemed to rub her boobs against him before letting him down.

She lay down on the floor and said, “Could you let me grab your feet while I lift my feet up.”

The classic ab exercise. He stood there, very aware that she could see up his shorts and that she must be able to see how far in front of him his cock was standing, even under his shorts. He looked down to see that she was indeed looking straight up. When it was his turn, things turned even more erotic as she stood above his face with her legs apart so that she could plant her feet on either side of him. He could now see that she was indeed wearing no underwear and that her outer pussy lips were darker than any he had seen, almost purple.

He then had her sit on his feet as he started his crunches. The combination of the cool AC against her sweaty skin had made her nipple stand up under her sports bra. He could see their outline and size

“You’re good” she said throatily, and then ran her hands over his abs.

“MMmmmmm, so hard and well defined.” She had no idea what hard was unless she touched him lower. “How many crunches do you usually do?”

“50 on a good day,” he replied reaching istanbul escort bayan 40 with ease in her presence.

“ Maybe I can help motivate you to do more today. I tell you what, for every one that you do over 50 today, I will let you kiss me with repetition, OK?”

“…48, 49, 50, 51” and Mike brought his lips to her soft lips. And again. And again. At 57, Devi opened her mouth and brushed her tongue against his lips.

At 58, she stuck it in his mouth, and 59 she kissed him deeply and at 60 she squeezed her boobs together and said, “Do another ten and I will let you kiss me somewhere else each time you come up.”

She really knew how to motivate a guy. Mike’s abs and back were killing him but he kept coming up. She lifted the bottom of her bra and out popped the most amazingly round and firm tits he had ever seen. Her nipples were nearly black, and they stood out against the fairer part of her skin, the few square inches that were not as tan as the rest of her body. She clearly sunbathed with a tiny bikini. But here they were, standing proudly as Mike repeatedly kissed them, and as she counted

“65…66 …67…” He had started sucking them. Finally, at 70, he had to collapse regardless how great her nipples felt in his mouth.

She laughed as he lay back, sat above him for while and then let some swear drip from he tits onto his face.

‘Come motivate me at the weight machines” she called as she headed toward the weights. She sat down and started bring the weights from her sides to her front in a smooth action. Her breasts were still exposed and Mike licked them, but he found he was in the way. So he dropped to his knees, grabbed her shorts and yanked them off. She squealed. Her pussy was completely bare. He had been right, her exposed pussy lips were the nearly purple and they were gleaming with arousal.

“What will you do? What if someone walks in?”

“You do want motivation, don’t you?” and she simply moaned, as he brought his tongue to her slit and licked her sweaty, aroused cunt. She tasted spicy and sweet, and Mike wanted to eat her like a fruit. He licked around her lips feeling the smoothness of a recently shaved pussy. He inserted one finger into her and started thrusting it in with the same rhythm she was using with the weights. He kept up his licking as long as she was pumping the weights. She fought to keep pumping, but had to stop. Mike reluctantly stopped licking her.

“Only when you pump, do you get ‘pumped” he grinned.

“Come to the bench” she said “and help with the barbells.”

She lay down, with only her sports bra covering her neck. He noticed that her breasts did not fall to the side when she lay down; they thrust upward, proudly and firmly. Her nipples were at least an inch long, he figured. Her abs were clearly defined. He removed the barbell from its support and she reached up for it. She lowered it and then raised it a few times. Each time, he supported it when she raised it to her full arms’ length.

“Where’s my reward?” she demanded. Mike pulled down his shorts to reveal his 8-inch cock with its swollen, mushroom head.

“Oooooooh, better than candy,” she said, gobbling the head into her mouth. She was still on her back, so her head position resulted in her nose tickling his scrotum as she sucked his cock into her mouth. Without letting go of him, she started her bench pressed with his assistance. Soon, he found himself fucking her face, thrusting into her mouth. She was gagging with its full length, özbek escort but she kept sucking and lifting weights.

When she finally could lift no more, he returned the dumbbell to its struts, but he did not let go of his throbbing member. Mike reached toward her boobs and squeezed them roughly. He removed her sweat-drenched sports bra from around her neck, leaving her in only her sports shoes and socks. She moaned into his cock and he kept mauling her tits with his hands.

“No weights, no sucking” he told her and pulled himself out of her mouth just as he felt his orgasms build. Instead her lifted her up and took her place on the bench. She returned the favor by helping him with his bench presses.

“But what will be your reward” she asked.

“Just put that juicy twat on my face, baby” and with that, she sat down on his mouth so that he could lick her savory cunt juices. He loved its bareness, the simplicity of pussy with no hair made his precum flow freely. She moaned loudly and threw her head back. He licked her up and down and from her ass to her clit.

“Yessssss… right there .. oh ya, oh ya, oh ya …ini, ini …saying” she drifted into her native tongue as his rubbed against her swollen, purple clitty. It entered his mouth like a sweet berry and he sucked it hard.

Devi leaned forward and took his hot rod in her hands. She stroked him, and licked him from tip to base and further to his balls. She could not reach further, but she allowed her fingers to play between his sweaty balls and puckered ass hole.

“Yummmmy,” she cried, “I love the flavor of sweat and sex” …a woman after my own tastes, Mike though, but his mouth was too full of pussy to speak. She was pushing against his mouth, moving, fucking and soon he could feel small waves of contractions inside her. He grabbed her ass hard and let one finger press against her butt hole. Devi took all 8 inches of his cock deep inside her lips so that he could feel her lips against his pubic hair, and moaned as her body was hit by a monster orgasm. Her ass clenched and she pushed hard against his face.

The taste of her orgasmic juices, the feel of her asshole contracting and the thought of those juicy, red lips around his cock made him lift his ass high off the bench and come in her mouth. The first few spurts flew directly down her throat. He felt her bare pussy clench as she felt the cream run down to her belly. This made him come even more. He screamed as she took him out of her mouth never stopping wanking him firmly. Amazingly, he stayed hard even after he had unloaded such a mass of cum in her throat. She moved so that she could rub his cock head against her fleshy, sweaty, slippery tits, and he started fucking them. She pushed her well-muscled, sinewy arms together so that her globes made a deep, wet fuck valley for him. He placed his hands first on her strong shoulders, then on her head, losing his fingers in her dark hair. Every time he thrust up, the tip of his cock reached her lips and she kissed him. Soon she was sucking him with her mouth and fucking him with her tits.

Mike wished this could go on forever, but when she said “Cum on my tits baby” he felt a jolt through his lower body and his orgasm forced a few more spurts of his creamy cum out of his cock.

Finally, they were both drained, She turned around and he kissed her luscious lips. He could taste his cum all over her mouth. He looked down and saw his white jizz dripping down both her amazing, gravity, defying boobs.

“My husband will be wondering where I am.” she said pulling her sports bra over her breasts and finding her shorts, “Thanks for the work-out.” She smiled naughtily.

“Thanks for the motivation” he said as he caught one last glance of her dark pussy before she replaced her shorts. I love traveling, he thought.

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