Asian Studies Ch. 02

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Daddy’s BabySpring break was upon us the following week and I didn’t see Iko until the semester resumed. After our first class she waited till all the other students were gone and then approached my desk shyly, with something of a worried look on her lovely face.

“Can I ask something?” she said. She was clutching her notebook and text tight against that magnificent chest. I had a sudden flashback of her beneath me as I fucked her, those gorgeous tits wobbling as we moved.

“Of course, Iko. Ask anything you like.”

“I’m a little embarrassed.”

“Embarrassed? After what we did together?”

She smiled sweetly. “I like very much. I think about it a lot.”

“Me too. I’ve thought of little else for the past couple of weeks.”

She blushed. I couldn’t believe she was being so coy. She certainly hadn’t appeared that way with my cock up her ass, or when I was spurting semen all over her face.

“You know I have boyfriend, right?” she went on.

This was something of a shock.

“No, I didn’t know that. But it’s not that surprising. You’re a very beautiful and sexy young lady.”

“You think so?”

“I know so.” I had another flashback of her naked on my bed, that sweet shaved pussy, that perfect little ass.

“My boyfriend, Roger, he want me to do something.”

“Oh? What does he want you to do?”

She giggled. It was all I could do to resist throwing her on my desk and fucking her then and there.

“He wants me to be with his friend.”

“His friend? He wants you to make it with his friend?”

She laughed.

“Three of us. Together. He want me to make sex with him and friend together.”

My cock suddenly twitched to life in my pants. A quiet thrill went through me.

“A threesome? He wants a threesome with you and him and his friend?”

“Yes!” Again she laughed, and put a slender hand in front of her mouth. She sometimes seemed much younger than she really was.

“And you don’t want to, is that it? Is that the problem?”

She stood there quietly for a few seconds, looking at me over her book. Fuck, she was beautiful. Long black hair, stunningly pretty face, full-lipped mouth.

“A little bit. The problem. Not really. I want to. I want to try new things. But my boyfriend and me, we’re not together so long. And I don’t know his friend at all.”

I sat there gazing at her, my cock slowly erecting in my pants. The thought of Iko screwing two men at the same time turned me on more than I was willing to admit.

“And you’re telling me this why, exactly, Iko? You want my advice?”

“I want you to be there. I feel safe with you. Will you come too?”

“And do what, you sweet girl? Chaperon you? Watch you have sex with two young men?”

“You fuck me too. Instead of two boys, three.”

I stared at her. My cock was fully erect now.

“Iko, honey, you really want to have sex with three men at the same time?”

“Sure. Could be fun.”

“And you honestly think your boyfriend will want a stranger along, fucking his girlfriend?”

“I make it, how you say, a condition. I tell him I won’t do this unless I have a friend along as well.”

I studied her. I shifted in my seat, tried to move my hard-on to a more comfortable position. And she laughed.

“You have hard-on? You get excited, thinking of me with two boys?”

“Can you blame me?” I croaked.

Before I could say anymore she had slipped to the door, closed it and stuffed her notebook under it so it would be hard to open. She came back and moved around my desk, dropped to her knees between my legs. She reached out to stroke her hand up the length of my cock through my pants. Then she began opening my fly.

“Iko,” I gasped, glancing nervously at the door.

“Is okay. Place is quiet. Nobody come. I suck you off.”

She was opening my pants, reaching in to haul out my hard-on. She pumped it up and down in her fist then sank her mouth down over the head and began to suck. Her other hand reached in to scoop my balls into her palm. She began to squeeze and massage my ball sac while she sucked.

“Iko, why are you so good to me?” I hissed. “I feel so guilty. You’re my student and I took you home, shaved your pussy, fucked you, made you suck me. I fucked you up the ass!”

“I like,” she said, pulling her mouth briefly off my hard-on. “I like you doing dirty things to me.”

“But you have a boyfriend. I didn’t know.”

“Is okay. He want me to make threesome.”

She went back to sucking my cock and I felt my balls churning. This wasn’t going to take long. And it was probably just as well. If the assistant department head decided to pay me a visit, as he sometimes did at the end of the day, I would be a goner. He was a mean sonovabitch who seemed to take pleasure in exercising his power to recommend dismissal of people he didn’t like. And he hadn’t been a fan of mine for some time, I’m not sure why.

Iko was going deep on my cock, driving her sweet mouth down on the shaft till she was nipping at casino oyna my balls. She kept glancing up into my face with her lovely eyes to see how I was doing. Her fingers kept gently massaging my scrotum and I felt myself nearing the edge.

“Iko, sweetie, keep that up and I’m going to come in your mouth.”

“Yes,” she panted, pulling up off my dick one last time. “Come in my mouth. I want to taste your sperm.”

That did it. My cock jerked in her hand and I started to spurt. She reared back her head, opened her mouth wide, with my prickhead resting on her lower lip. I had a clear view as the head of my prick spurted one, two, three thick jets of semen across her tongue and onto the roof of her mouth. Two more jets followed, and she closed her lips around my cockhead. sucking out the dregs of my ejaculate. She didn’t seem to be swallowing. She was saving my sperm in her mouth for some reason.

And that was when there was a scraping sound over by the door and I glanced over to see that someone was trying to enter. Only Iko’s thick notebook stuck on the floor prevented whoever it was from barging right in the room.

I pulled my still-stiff cock from Iko’s grip and stood up. I stuffed it back in my pants and zipped up my fly as I strode across the room. I got to the door just in time to kick the notebook to one side and welcome Henry Drage, the aforementioned assistant department head, as he stepped into the room and gave me his usual sour look.

“What the hell’s wrong with your door?” he snapped. “Get it looked at. Oh, sorry, I didn’t know you had company.”

He had noticed Iko standing demurely in front of my desk. Her lips were pursed strangely and I suddenly realized that she probably still had a mouthful of sperm. I blushed and adjusted my tie as I tried to think of something to say. I glanced down to make sure my cock wasn’t dangling from my pants, dripping semen dregs to the floor.

“Iko just had a few questions after class. Was there something you wanted?”

“Yes. Your student reviews for the first half semester. You didn’t submit them.”

“I thought they were due at the end of the whole semester.”

“It’s a new policy. Half-semester reviews. Weren’t you at the meeting?”

And so it went. Henry being a prick about petty changes in regulation and enjoying every minute of it. Me breathing heavy and wanting nothing more than to get rid of him. He wasn’t the sharpest guy, but I was surprized he didn’t figure out something was going on between me and Iko. Maybe he did but didn’t have the guts to bring it up. I was just glad that Iko was fully clothed. Though now, as I looked over Henry’s shoulder at her, my heart kind of skipped a beat.

She was beginning to smile at me, and as she did so two small streams of silver fluid started seeping from her lips. My semen! She had kept it saved up in her mouth and now she was letting it drool slowly from her lips. The two streams grew thicker, rolled down her chin and then dangled down in two elastic strings before snapping and soaking into her shirt. She pursed her lips even more until all the sperm she had in her mouth was pouring down her chin and off her face. If Henry had happened to turn around and look at her in that moment he would have had the shock of his life. And I would probably have been escorted from the building.

“Henry, I’ll get right on it, I promise. You’ll have the reports within days,” I told him. I took him by the elbow and tried to steer him to the door. I just didn’t want him looking back at Iko.

“Be sure to do it,” he went on, as I ushered him out into the hall. He was about to say something more but I waved him off and returned to my classroom, closing the door behind me.

“Iko, what were you thinking?” I scolded. “You’re going to get me fired.”

She was using a tissue to dab at her soiled shirt and wipe her chin and mouth. She was grinning at me.

“Sorry. I couldn’t help myself. I’m very naughty, I know.”

“Yes you are. If I didn’t think Henry might come back I would take you across my knee and spank you, making sure I pulled down your panties first.”

“Ooh, I think I like that idea. Maybe soon we can do that.”

“Maybe. Right now I think you should leave and I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“You come for threesome? Or foursome? Whatever is called. Here is address. Tomorrow night.”

She handed me a slip of paper and strode to the door, picking up her notebook on the way.

“I dress like a whore for you,” she added, grinning at me over her shoulder. And then she was gone.

How could I resist? I certainly had reservations about her boyfriend and his buddy, but I was being offered an amazing erotic fantasy. I’d never participated in group sex and wasn’t sure I’d enjoy it. But I knew I couldn’t turn down a chance to fuck Iko again, even if it did involve two other guys. I spent an evening preparing Henry’s stupid reports, went to bed late, and spent most of the rest of the day in nervous suspense.

After class Iko stopped by my desk before rushing canlı casino out of the room. “Is okay. Roger agree.

Nine o’clock.”

Before I could respond she was gone, and so I went home and showered and at the arranged time tapped on the door of her modest apartment. When she opened up I could see that she’d kept her word. She really was dressed like a whore. Or at least like the most erotic and desirable exchange student I had ever had.

She wore an amazingly short tight black mini skirt, so brief that I could see the tops of her sheer black stockings attached to her black garter belt. Her black lace top barely covered her tits. They were exposed almost to the nipples. Her mouth was painted with a scarlet gloss and her eyes were shadowed almost charcoal. I wanted to fuck her on the spot.

“Come meet Roger and Hal,” she grinned. “They really want to meet you.”

She took me by the hand and led me into the small studio, which was almost filled with an enormous bed. Standing at the foot of it were two of the largest and handsomest black men I’d ever seen. Before I could register any surprize they both stepped forward to shake my hand.

“So you’re the guy who shaved Iko’s pussy,” Roger smiled. “I’m glad you did. I like it.”

Talk about breaking the ice! No small talk here! I glanced at Iko, suddenly liking her even more, if that was possible. It would never have occurred to her to even mention that her boyfriend was black.

She prepared some drinks in the tiny kitchen and we sat around sipping them for a few minutes making small talk. But we all knew why we were there. We were just waiting for Iko to let us know when she was ready. Which she did soon enough.

She was sitting on the foot of the bed, leaning forward to place her drink on a small table.

Her large tits swayed forward, damn near oozing out of her top. As she straightened up she gave the top a little tug and let both tits pop into the open. Hal’s eyes widened. He was obviously seeing her boobs for the first time. And they really were a sight. So full and heavy for such a slender slip of a girl, the nipples nut-brown and erect.

“Who first?” she grinned.

Both Roger and Hal stood up and moved in front of her. They were both wearing loose basketball shorts and from where I sat off to one side I could see the bulges of their man-meat. Iko used a hand on each to stroke gently up and down on their cock mounds.

“Big, beautiful cocks,” she muttered, squeezing the shafts through their shorts.

“Big, beautiful tits,” Hal murmured, reaching down to caress one swollen breast.

They were each pulling off their T-shirts and while they did this Iko stuck both hands into the waistband of Roger’s shorts and yanked them down. Whatever underwear he was wearing came down as well and suddenly he was standing there naked, his huge cock swaying up and down in front of Iko’s face.

It was far from fully erect, but already thick and heavy, its pink head gleaming in the soft light. Iko curled her slender fingers around it and raised it toward her mouth. But before she could begin to suck Hal shoved his shorts to the floor and his prick sprang free and jutted straight into her face. It was a monster, at least nine inches long, though it too seemed not yet fully erect.

“Oh my!” Iko gasped, raising her free hand to grasp this second hardening cock. “So big! So big!”

I suddenly understood at least part of Roger’s desire to have his friend along. He probably wanted to see how his girlfriend dealt with such a monstrous dick.

She shucked both cocks in her fists, and I swear they both grew even bigger. Then she was dipping her head, licking up the underside of Roger’s shaft, sinking her pretty mouth over its glistening head. She began to suck in earnest, taking in three, four, five inches of man-meat on each stroke. At the same time she kept up a gentle shucking motion on Hal’s swelling dick.

My own cock was pretty stiff by this time and I stood up and undressed, waiting my turn with my lovely student. I watched as she gamely switched over to Hal’s cock, trying her best to wrap her lovely lips around its massive crown. She managed to stuff the head and maybe two inches of shaft into her mouth but that seemed to be it. The thing was just so fucking thick. And now it loomed through her fist like a giant hunk of pipe. It appeared to me to be almost a foot long.

She backed off after about a minute and began to lick up the underside of the shaft, as she’d done with Roger. Then she was dipping her face even lower, sticking out her tongue to lick Hal’s balls. She curled her tongue this way and that on his bloated scrotum, then drew one ball into her mouth and began to suck. Hal groaned with pleasure and cradled the side of her head with one huge hand.

She moved to suck his other ball for a second or two, then backed off and grinned up at him. She switched over to Roger’s ball sac and began to give it the same treatment. Her hands kept up a steady gentle rhythm of masturbation on both cocks.

I kaçak casino was naked now and held my blazing hard-on in my hand. I moved forward and Hal made room for me between him and Roger. Once Iko was through massaging Roger’s scrotum with her mouth she swung back and quickly took my aching prick into her mouth.

Our three cocks jutted out at her like steel bars.

Her mouth was so sweet on my prick, and she could take more of it than she could with Roger or Hal. While she shucked both their cocks in her fists her mouth drove down on my shaft damn near to the balls. Her nostrils flared and she made soft snorting sounds as she sucked.

I reached down to heft her big tits, weighing them in my hands. I flicked her erect nipples with my thumbs and she gave a little groan as she sucked me. I could feel my balls churning and I was concerned I might come right then in her mouth. I withdrew my hard-on and took it in hand. I began gently rubbing my cock all over Iko’s face, letting my pre-cum juice streak her cheeks, her nose, her forehead. Hal and Roger both knelt on the bed and moved closer. They retrieved their pricks from Iko’s grip and began massaging her face along with me. For a few seconds her lovely face seemed to disappear under the three marauding cocks. Her features soon glistened with trails of slimy pre-cum goo.

Again I felt I might spurt, and though I wanted nothing better than to paint Iko’s gorgeous face with sperm, I didn’t want it to happen yet. I pulled back and knelt down between her slender thighs. I ran both hands up over her black silk stockings, pushing her tiny mini-skirt up around her waist. She was wearing no underpants and I was suddenly facing her sweet shaved pussy. I gently eased her back on the bed and Roger and Hal moved with her, keeping their hard-ons locked to her face. Once she was flat on her back I spread her legs wide and began to lick her pussy. It was already wet and as I ate her the pussy lips gaped wider and wider. I touched her swollen clit once and her whole body quivered. It wasn’t going to take much to make her come.

Hal and Roger were still massaging her face with their cocks, though from time to time one or the other would slot a cockhead into her mouth and begin to fuck her face. At one point I looked up to see her try to stuff both cockheads into her mouth at the same time, but it was a hopeless task. Both cocks were just way too big.

Her pussy was getting wetter by the second and I was mashing my face onto the gaping maw, licking and probing as deep as I could go. But I concentrated mostly on her sweet swollen clit, and as I did so her gyrations became more and more erratic. I diddled the pink bud with my tongue, sensing how close she was, and suddenly her crotch heaved up onto my face and she gave off a kind of strangled gurgle. She was coming, her gaping twat suddenly spurting geysers of juice all over my face. I was taking a shower in sweet twat juice and loving it. I had to back off for a second to breathe, but then I was back in there, teasing her clit like crazy.

The gyrating and spurting seemed to go on for some time and I was worried I might drown in pussy juice. She kept on gurgling the whole while.She couldn’t really cry out because her mouth was full of cock. Eventually she settled down and I backed off and stood up, my cock jutting out like a steel rod in front of me. I took it in hand, knelt between her legs and slotted my cockhead between the quivering lips of her cunt. She began to groan, and the sound grew louder as I eased forward and slid my hard-on inside her. I buried it all the way, till I could go no deeper, and then waited a second, my cock throbbing inside her. I began to fuck her, driving my prick to the hilt on every stroke. Her big tits wobbled with the movement and I grabbed one in each hand and squeezed and mauled them as I stroked.

Roger and Hal were still rubbing their cocks around on her face and taking turns to fuck her mouth. The sight of those two huge black cocks rolling around on her face almost had me spurting, and after a few more strokes I had to pull out of her, with my cock damn near steaming.

Roger immediately lay down on his back and motioned for Hal to help Iko climb onto him.

And she did seem to need the assistance. She was in a kind of post-orgasmic trance, her body limp and quivering. She looked like some gorgeous Asian doll, her big tits lolling in front of her as Hal almost lifted her up off the bed and turned her towards Roger, who lay there waiting, his monster cock jutting up through his fist.

Hal helped her straddle him, held her up as Roger slotted his cock between her legs. Then she was sinking down, down, onto the massive hard-on, the shaft splaying her cunt lips wide. She groaned again, braced her hands on Roger’s shoulders. Her tits heaved and swayed in front of his face. She began riding him, humping herself up and down on the glistening prick. I could see her pussy lips warping out of shape around the thick shaft.

I could also see the tight cheeks of her ass flexing and unflexing as she moved, the black strips of her garters loosening and tightening around the gorgeous buns. And I could see the puckered ring of her asshole winking at me just above her stuffed cunt.

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