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Asked to Flash (cont 2)Cindy left later that afternoon and the wife and I sat talking about what had happened. She said letting cindy see me was all that was supposed to happen but when she walked out and saw us sitting there and you jerking off for her, I couldn’t help it I wanted her to see that too. I told the wife it was an accident I had forgot she was there but when she asked to watch I was nervous because I didn’t know what you would think about it, but after letting her just see it all day I wanted her to see that too. The wife smiled and said good then it wont bother you doing it again. I asked if she meant showing or jerking off, she said hopefully both. I told I would let her watch again if she really wanted too and the wife said I don’t mean just cindy. She said I want to see you have fun with that thing anytime and anywhere you like. She said if it was up to me I would take all your clothes away and keep you like this. We kept talking but got up and started putting things where they were supposed to go. We had gotten a lot done for the day and were in the bedroom and my wife brought a box over to me and said here’s your robe and shorts. I just looked at her and she said I had to find someway to get you to wear mine, then laughed. She said I think we should go out and buy you a whole new summer wardrobe. She said I know where we can get you all the jogging shorts you need.The rest of the week went pretty normal with work and coming home putting things away and by Wednesday we had everything done. On thursday I got home from work and showered and about an hour later the wife came in. She worked in the city so she had to put up with traffic everyday. I was on the couch relaxing when she came in. She was smiling when she came in and I asked her why she was so happy. She sat down and said she found a new way to break up a boring drive home. She said traffic was bumper to bumper and while sitting there I started thinking about you showing off for cindy. She said at first I didn’t realize what I was doing when I heard a truck horn honk. She said I looked over and there was a truck next to me and I noticed my hand was under my skirt playing. She said she moved it real fast then after thinking about it I started playing again. She said when I told you I had done it before that’s what I meant only today I gave a couple truckers a good show. She said the truck had gotten ahead of her and while she was sitting there she decided to go for it. I looked around to make sure it was safe and when we got stopped again I lifted up and slid my panties off and laid them on the passenger seat. I started playing again and it felt so nasty driving along with no panties on. She said I worked my way back up to the truck and stopped right next to him so he could see. I sat there playing and knowing he akkışla escort could see got me hornier, (she was wearing a mini skirt) she sat back and said I really wanted him to see me so I pulled my skirt up over my stomach and let him watch while I played with myself. She said I let two truckers see me, she was sitting there playing with herself and looked at me and asked if it bothered me. I sat there watching her playing and said yes but only that I couldn’t have been the guys that got to see. She said now you know why I want you to show off so bad. We talked a bit longer then she said she was going to take a shower.When she came out we had dinner and I asked what we were going to do over the weekend. She said Saturday we can go out shopping for you but Saturday night cindy and I have that bachlorette party to go too. I said that’s right then said i guess I will go out with the guys then. She asked if I was going to wear any of the new shorts I get so I can show off. I told her probably not with the guys and she said why not im sure there will women there too. I said I know but I think I will wait for now, just do it when we are together. She seemed a little disappointed but said ok. We were cleaning up the dishes and the phone rang, my wife answered it and a bit later she asked me if it was ok if we stopped over by her moms Saturday and said she wants to know if I could help her clean out the attic. I really didn’t want too but said yeah, the wife told her sure and said we will see you then. On Saturday we got up early and went shopping and the wife picked out a dozen pair of jogging shorts she liked that she said would show me off good. When we got threw shopping we left and started heading home and she said she was hungry. We stopped to eat and when I parked, before we got out my wife said how about wearing a pair of your new shorts. I told her I wasn’t going to go in there and change and she said do it right here. I said are you k**ding and she said no you can do it real fast. I looked around and then slid my shoes and socks off then lifted up and pushed my pants and underwear down and took them off. I sat there in my t shirt while she sat there looking threw the bags. She pulled out a pair then looked at me and said how about just going like that. I said yeah, right then said let me have them before someone does come out and catch me like this. She finally gave them to me but not before having me sit there a bit.We went in and got seated but it wasn’t that busy so no one got to see anything. We ate and left and were heading home when the wife said oh damn, I asked what and she said I forgot we have to go over to my moms to help her. I said lets go home first then we can go over and she said no lets go now and get it over with so I can get home to get ready for tonight. We got there and talked with her mom a little then she said we may as well get started. We got up and went down the hall and her mom had a ladder there to use to get to the attic. We went up and started getting things going and the phone rang and her mom told my wife to go answer it. The wife was gone for awhile and eventually her mom got down and went to see what was up. I kept working away while they were down stairs and found out it was her sister that called. Her mom finally came back up and told me, and started helping me again. We got it cleaned up pretty good and had a bit of stuff to bring down. Her mom took some things down and asked if I could get the boxes. I started getting them over to the opening and got out on the ladder and was standing there when I heard her mom say let me hold the ladder for you. I didn’t think about it at first then it dawned on me and looked down too see her mom standing there looking up at me. It was a little to late and I just got the boxes and brought them down. Every time I went back to get more her mom stood there holding the ladder. Her mom was looking threw a couple of them when the wife finally came in and said ok what else do you need. Her mom said nothing we got it for now. We were getting ready to leave and her mom asked if I would close the attic and put the ladder away first. While her mom was looking threw the boxes I whispered to the wife to come with, when we got down the hall I told her that I think her mom got a show and told her what happened. She said go up there and stand like you were and let me see. When I got up there I looked down and she was standing there smiling shaking her head yes. I closed the attic and put the ladder away and we left.When we left I asked the wife how much she saw and she said you could see everything. I told her I was sorry I didn’t think about it and she said well its too late now, then said she must not have minded too much since she kept coming back holding the ladder and didn’t say anything. I thought about it and since her mom had been widowed for about six years figured she was right. When we got home we both started getting ready to go out. I was ready first and was about to leave and the wife called cindy and told her to come over and they would just leave from here. I took off and went out with the guys and went I got home cindy’s car was there and thought they were home. I went in and realized they weren’t home and had taken my wife’s car. I stretched out on the couch watching tv and was woke up when my wife came and asked if i could help her with cindy. I asked her what was wrong and she said she was passed out in the car. My wife was drunk and really shouldn’t have been driving either but she made it home. We went out and I grabbed cindy and threw her over my shoulder and carried her in. I put her in the guest room and was about to leave and my wife stopped me and said give me a had getting her undressed. We got her down to her bra and panties and I started leaving and looked back and my wife was unhooking her bra taking it off then grabbed her panties and pulled them off. The wife sat there looking at her and I said lets go to bed. She sat there then said she does have nice big nipples doesn’t she and reached out and started rubbing her hand over one of her tits. I had to admit she did have nice nipples they were almost half an inch long. I went over and grabbed my wife and said leave her alone before she wakes up and catches you.We got in the bedroom and I got the wife undressed and in bed. We finally got to sleep and I woke up a bit later when the wife got up to go to the bathroom. I dozed back off but woke up again later and she still wasn’t back. I got up to see if she was alright but when I looked in the bathroom she wasn’t there. I looked thru the house and couldn’t find her then went and looked in the guest room. When I pushed the door open I couldn’t believe it, my wife was kneeling on the bed and had cindy’s legs spread wide open and was licking her pussy. I stood there watching and got hard as a rock but went over and grabbed her and asked what she was doing. She said after seeing it in the porno’s she wanted to see what it was like to taste another girl. I said what if she wakes up, the wife said she wont she’s too drunk. Before I could say anything else she bent back over and started licking her again. I stood there watching and started stroking my cock. The wife looked up and saw me and stopped and said do you like seeing me eat her. I told her yeah and she looked at me stroking my cock and said I thought so. I asked if she liked it and she said yeah I just wished she was awake and wanted to try eating me too. Only thing I don’t like is getting the hairs in my mouth, I told her now you know what I deal with. I said I thought you said all we would do is show off there would be no sex. She said I did but I wanted to know what it was like and besides she wont know. I was still stroking my cock and she said since she wont know, would you like to see if she will suck you. I just stood there looking and she said go ahead let me see. I stepped over and turned her head and started working my cock in her mouth but she was too far gone to do anything. I told her it was no good and she said you want to just watch me then, I said sure and she went back to eating her while I stood there stroking. I was getting close to cumming and started moaning a little and the wife lifted her head and told me too shoot on her tits. When I was ready I stepped up and started cumming over cindy’s tits. When I was threw my wife moved up and licked everything off them. When she was thru I grabbed her and said lets go back to our room before she wakes up and catches us.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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