At Long Last…

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I am finally at the airport, waiting at baggage claim where you are to meet me. I have waited so long to finally see you, and I am apprehensive about our first meeting. My stomach is in knots, as I see people beginning to file off of the gangway from your flight, but the tension melts away when I finally see the face that I have seen so many times from afar.

Our eyes meet, and with a smirk you head straight for me. We hug, and I finally smell you, feel you…your scent, clean and masculine, is overpowering, and my knees go weak. We pull away, and I look at your face while I am still holding you. It looks so much better in person than it did on the webcam.

We move together for a kiss, and it’s as if I melt into you, finally touching those soft lips that I have only looked at until now. Your short beard tickles my chin as your tongue seeks entry into my mouth. Our tongues dance around one another as we are locked in a long-awaited embrace, not caring about the curious glances and knowing smiles cast our way. When we hear the announcement for your flight, we make our way to the baggage claim, our arms around one another’s waist, talking and laughing, all of my tension gone now as I am finally in the arms that I wanted so long to hold me.

We stand waiting for your bags, still holding one another, making small talk. We are so happy to finally be in one another’s arms that we hardly know what we’re talking about, and I lose my train of thought every time I gaze into your blue eyes. You see the look on my face, know my heart has skipped a beat, and look back at me with the same wonder that I feel now that I have finally Travesti met my prince. Your bags finally come around and you grab them with one fluid motion, and we turn to head for the door, and my car.

As the doors open, the chill October wind whips my leather trench coat open, to reveal the outfit I had worn just for you: knee-high black suede heeled boots, black tights, a short pleated skirt, and a white blouse with just one too many buttons undone. You lick your lips as your eyes wander over my body, and then meet mine once again. The look in my eyes, and my half-smile, tell you that I am thinking the same things, as we make our way to the car.

When we get there, I open the trunk so you can put your bags inside. I slam it closed and attempt to walk to the driver’s side, but before I make it to the door you grab me and pin me against the side of the car, pushing your hips into mine and kissing me hungrily. I sigh as your hands travel over my body in this secluded parking lot, as the contrast of the chill air on my legs, and your hot lips on my mouth, drives me crazy.

Your lips move from mine, to my neck, and your hands begin to massage my breasts as you bite and suck my neck. I moan into your ear, and you move to whisper how long you have waited for this. Still pinning me to the car, you kiss me again deeply, and begin to unbutton my blouse to reveal a black lace bra. My nipples are hard from the combination of the cold and the excitement, and your mouth covers them. Feeling your hot mouth through the lace of my bra sends chills down my spine, and sensing my excitement you move one hand down to my pussy izmir Travesti to feel the excitement there.

I feel you pause as you realize that my tights are thigh-high, and I am not wearing any underwear. I wanted you to have easy access, and the cool air on my swollen lips as I walked through the airport was an incredible high. You bite my nipple and simultaneously slide a finger inside me, and I feel like I’m going to come right then, but you bring me to the edge and stop. I look down at you, a little annoyed, but I see that you are moving into a crouch, a smile on your lips that tells me exactly what you want. I look around, still a little nervous about being discovered, but there is no one in sight. My fears melt away as I feel your lips on my thighs, teasing me.

Your whiskers scratch me as you nibble the delicate skin of my inner thighs, meticulously avoiding that one spot you know I want you to touch. I lift one leg over your shoulder, to give you easier access, and you surprise me by throwing the other leg over your other shoulder, and lifting me up slightly, so that I am sitting on the trunk of my car, with you kneeling between my legs. Your lips move closer, and when they finally touch mine, I almost lose it. I manage to hold on, and keep my orgasm under control, until you start working on my clit. As you flick it with your tongue, it sends waves of pleasure through me. I look down to see your eyes smiling up at me, and then you take my clit between your lips and start sucking on it. Unable to take it anymore, I finally explode, and just as I am coming back down, you shove two fingers inside of Konya Travesti me, and I come again almost instantly.

You continue your assault on me, making me come over and over, but only making me want you inside of me even more. I reach down and put my hand in your hair. You look up at me, and I tell you I want you inside me. You stand up and undo the button of your pants, and I can see the bulge there that tells me you want me just as badly. You unzip your pants and slide them and your boxers down a bit, and your cock springs free. My mouth waters for you, but that is for a later time…right now I want you inside me so badly I can’t pause for anything. You lean in, and begin to nuzzle my tits again as you rub your cock up and down my slit, driving me to distraction. I am glad now that there is no one in the parking lot to hear my moans as you tease me. You bring your hand up to my mouth, and I eagerly lick my cum off of your fingers, as you watch me.

I stare into your eyes, your fingers still in my mouth, and unable to wait any more, you ram yourself home, forcing me to take all of you in one thrust. I cry out as you fill me, but you muffle my cry, covering my mouth with yours once again. I can taste myself on your lips, and that combined with your cock thrusting into me drives me over the edge again. I come several times before you speed up your momentum, and I know by the way your muscles are tensing that you’re almost there. I whisper in your ear, asking you to come, begging you to fill my pussy with your cum. That is too much for you, and I feel the hot spurts as your whole body tenses and you empty yourself into me, as I come one last time. You kiss me once more, and withdraw your cock, along with a flood of your cum, and mine. You button up your pants, and ask me how it was, a smirk on your lips. I smile back, and say, “It’ll hold me over, until we get home.”

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