At the Creek – Making Love

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I see you walking across the meadow coming toward me. The meadow is gorgeous with wild flowers in bloom, swaying in the breeze. I slowly walk towards you anticipating your warm hug and kiss when we finally meet. It feels so good with the warm sun and gentle breeze caressing us. We have on simple sun dresses that tie at each shoulder. After we kiss, we hold hands and start walking towards the line of trees by the creek.

The breeze is lifting our dresses and swirling them around us as we walk. We reach the line of trees and i lead you to a big oak tree where I have laid a blanket and a couple of pillows under its spreading branches. I have a bucket of ice chilling a bottle of wine and 2 glasses sitting in the roots of the tree. I help you to sit down and kneel beside you reaching over and pouring the wine in our glasses. I give you a kiss as I put the glass in your hand.

It’s so romantic here. The creek is bubbling and gurgling beside us, the breeze is so nice and warm with the sun dappling down on us between the branches of the big oak tree. We sit in silence, enjoying the wine and the serenity of our surroundings.

After we’ve finished our wine, I take your glass and put both back between the tree roots. I’ve been peeking at you from time to time to make sure you are enjoying yourself. I lean back against the tree trunk and pull you against me holding you tightly. I don’t want to let you go… I brush my nose against your neck and breathe in your scent. Takes my breath away. I love that scent.

You press back against me and I kiss you on your ear. Your ear becomes the center of my attention and I nip your lobe lightly, then suck it into my mouth and swirl my tongue around it and then into your ear. I love your ears. Just felt the zing to my clit with that little ear. It’s amazing to me how one of your little ears can have such an effect on me!! Those little zings feel so, so good.

You pull my head down so you can kiss me on the lips. Your lips are so soft and warm. So sensual. I could kiss you forever. I slip my tongue between your lips, exploring your mouth. I love the way your tongue plays with mine. Stronger zings are shooting to my clit and I’m starting to throb. I untie your dress and let it fall and puddle at your waist. You aren’t wearing a bra. I am delighted because I didn’t wear one either. The breeze and your breasts rubbing against your dress have made your nipples stand up and present themselves. Reaching down with my fingers, gently kneading your breasts. My fingers trace every single inch.

I pull a pillow close and ease you over so I can use both hands. Breaking our kiss, I take your nipple into my Kadıköy Escort mouth and suck on it. Moving back and forth I make sure each nipple gets equal attention. Your back arches as you push your breasts into my face and you moan. Your breasts are so smooth and silky soft, I love getting lost in them. I’m going to spend some time here burying my face between your breasts, licking, kissing, and nibbling. Pulling on your nipples with my lips, gently nipping at them, letting my teeth lightly graze them. Your breath catches, and you moan again. You pull my face closer almost smothering me.

I can’t help but start trailing wet kisses down your rib cage, moving on down to your pelvis, trying to kiss as much of you as I can. I ask you to lift your bottom so I can pull your dress off the rest of the way. I stop to stare at you. You are so luscious! I could just eat you all up (I intend to!)

I return to your thigh, leaving a trail of my wet kisses on your hot skin. Behind your knees, down the calves of your legs to your ankles. Slowly kissing you while you moan and try to hurry me along. Patience, my love, trust me. I lick the top of your feet and feel you jump. Giggles. Didn’t mean to tickle! I start kissing back up to your ankle, then your calves, behind your knee again, letting the flat of my tongue bathe the back of your knee. The back of your knee seems to be very sensitive. I work slowing up your inner thigh. Licking and kissing, using my teeth to gently nip your tender skin.

Taking my time, enjoying how your breathing changes. I look up at you to see you rubbing your nipples, your eyes closed. You are so beautiful when you’re so aroused. I keep kissing, up to the crease in your leg following it up to your pelvis, then slowly kiss my way across to the other side and begin kissing down that leg. Your hands try to pull my face towards your pussy, but I’m not letting you have your way, just yet. I hear you groan and I smile.

I am leaving your inner thigh alone right now and just kissing straight down the top of your thigh, sliding my tongue around the outside of your knee and snuffling into the back of your knee. There’s that little jump when I touch the back of your knee. So sensitive. Down to your calves licking and sucking listening to you moan and feeling you squirm. I reach your ankles, and lick all over the inside of your ankle. Then begin slowly kissing back up your left leg. Listening to your moans and gasps makes me move a little quicker now as I have started to breath faster, my heart beating faster. I get to your inner thigh, those sweet soft tender thighs and spend a little time nipping the Kadıköy Escort Bayan soft flesh lightly with my teeth.

I feel like I have left your breasts with no attention, but see you are pulling on your nipples and cupping your breasts. I like that. I watch as you massage and push your breasts together. I think if you could reach them, you would suck your own nipples. I reach under you with both hands lifting your pussy to my face. I look down to see your pussy spasming, the muscles working to grab something to pull in. Your pussy is on fire right now. I let the tip of my tongue touch your labia. Letting it slide between your folds. I moan as the heat from your pussy hits me in the face. You are squirming and begging me to touch you. My tongue dips into your love hole, so wet now, such an exotic taste. Passion fruit is the first thing that comes to my mind with a bit of cranberry. *giggles* (not sure where that came from.)

You moan and thrust your pussy up to meet my tongue. Tongue fucking you, licking in as deep as I can go and lapping up your sweet juices. You are a mess, sweetie, thrashing around, your juices beginning to really flow. My hands are gripping your butt and I spread your cheeks apart, letting your juices roll down to your tight little bum hole. I coat my fingers with your juices and gently push against the tight little hole until I can feel my finger pop through your muscle.

The breeze picks up a bit and blows across your hot body causing you to shiver and squirm more. I’m smearing my face with your juices and rubbing my nose against your clit as I continue tongue fucking you. My finger is in your bum hole up to the 2nd knuckle now and I’m sliding it in out in rhythm with my tongue. Easing another finger into your bum hole, your mewls and moans letting me know how much you enjoy that.

A beautiful butterfly lands on the other pillow and stays there as if we are all part of nature. Your cries do not disturb it. I can tell you are so close; You are finally able to grab my head (I let you) and hold my face hard against your pussy. I do my best to stay with you, tongue fucking you faster and deeper, my nose pushing hard on your clit, my fingers in your bum fucking you faster and harder. Your clit is throbbing so hard and I take your clit into my mouth, sucking it as hard as I can and then bite it. OMG!! You are thrashing and arching, pushing my face so hard against your pussy. As you buck against my face, I keep sucking your clit and finger fucking your bum. I reach with my other hand and plunge 3 fingers into your pussy as far as I can get them, curling them up so I can stroke your Escort Kadıköy g spot.

Your 2nd orgasm starts. Your muscles are clamping around my fingers not wanting me to pull them out, I won’t, baby. Finally, I can feel you slowing down a bit, but I keep my fingers going in and out, I can feel your clit getting so sensitive, lightly running my tongue back and forth across it. Your hands relax against my head so I can finally look up at your face. Your eyes are closed, your face glowing. Such a beautiful sight!!

I want to keep you going for at least one more orgasm, so I keep fingering your g spot. my fingers tapping on it, making sure I touch it with each thrust into you. Slowly building you back up, not so intense this time, but still urgent, needing the release. I lap my tongue up and down your juicy slit, drinking in as much of your nectar as I can, so as not to waste any. The nectar of the gods. *giggles, thinking what Zeus would do with you* Aphrodite could not come close to matching what you look like or how you taste right now. You are a goddess.

I look up to your face and notice you are looking at me. I watch your face as I begin to fuck you faster with my fingers, still rubbing your g spot. I lean close and blow across your pussy lips and across your clit. You mewl as your body shivers. I let my fingers come almost completely out of your bum hole and slide back in, doing that over and over. You are getting close again. You moan and gasp, grabbing the blanket and knotting it in your hands as you arch up and up again and again and again. Your body finally collapses. I let my fingers slow down and then just stay inside you while you relax.

I lay my face on your thigh watching as your muscles quiver and quake. Then I move up to your head and give you a long slow, gently kiss. Letting you taste yourself. I pull you into my arms and hold you as the spasms slowly subside, whispering in your ear how beautiful you are, how I loved being able to give you pleasure here in this woodland setting. The breeze blows across us, making you shiver again. I pull the blanket so I can cover you and wrap my arms around you to help warm you. The butterfly is disturbed as I pull the blanket and flies away. I sigh against your hair and thinking how lucky I am to have found you. You snuggle close to me and we drift off to sleep.

Mari: I loved sitting between your legs, my back against your front as you hold me and we continue just talking and enjoying being with each other.

I could just feel your arms around me as you held me after I came for you. Your soft skin and hands as you held my breasts and gently fondled my nipples, and your soft kisses on my neck. I could feel how wet I am, and how good your fingers felt in my bottom and on my clit…gently touching them as you let me calm down.

I am speechless…with joy. I cannot believe how hard I cum for you, and how my orgasms just go on and on with aftershock after aftershock.

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