At the Hotel

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He pushed through the doors at the front entrance. The staff at the front desk were busy assisting other guests and didn’t notice him enter. He walked through the lobby and spotted the elevator. As he pressed the call button, one of the elevators dinged and the doors slid open. He stepped inside and hit the button for the floor that she had told him. The elevator rose to her floor without interruptions. He felt his heart beat faster and his skin felt cold. It was a familiar feeling. It always happened in anticipation of seeing her.

The elevator dinged again as he reached her floor. As he stepped off the elevator he spotted a sign, directing him down the hall to the right. He walked slowly down the hall looking at the room numbers as he went. He found her door and stopped in front of it.

He could hear noise from inside – it might have been music or noise from the TV. He knocked and waited. Nothing happened. He knocked again. This time he heard the noise turn down. Then he heard quick footsteps to the door. The light through the peephole was blocked momentarily. He looked toward the hole and felt her behind the door. He heard the lock snap open.

She cracked open the door and peeked out.

He saw one beautiful eye; her long lashes flashed at him. She didn’t say anything. She just looked at him. It was a game they played often.

He looked down from her face. He could see that she was naked. However, she was cleverly standing at an angle, careful not expose herself. Between the door frame and the door a strip of skin extended from her thigh up to her face. He could see her hip bone and stomach. He could see her ribs and the skin at the side of her breast, the top of her shoulder and her neck.

He noticed that the safety latch was on the door. It prevented him from getting at her.

With his heart pounding, he stood waiting for her to move. She didn’t flinch. His mouth slowly turned into a smirk and then a smile. At this point, she new she had won. He raised his hand and quickly poked at the strip of exposed skin. She let out a little squeal and feigned a shocked look. She quickly shut the door, almost catching his finger. He heard the safety lock swing to the side. She made another wonderful sound from behind the door exposing her excitement.

She opened the door and appeared wearing a short white robe. He expected her to be stark naked, but she must have slipped the robe on while the door was closed. He enjoyed her tease, and she enjoyed teasing him. He could see it in her eyes.

She jumped at him, smiling and wrapping her hands around his neck. She was barefoot, which made her quite shorter than him. To maintain the hug she had to stand on her toes. She squeezed him hard. He held her and supported her weight. She smelled fantastic. She always did. He wasn’t sure if it was her perfume or her natural pheromones. Memories of her flooded his head.

She pulled him into the room and the door swung shut behind them.

He looked around the room. It was a typical hotel room. Big bed, bedside table, desk and chair. There was a hutch with a large TV. Above the bed there was the standard, ugly, framed painting. This one was of a tropical beach – crashing waves and swaying palm trees.

He saw an open suitcase on the ground. Music was quietly playing from her phone on the bedside table. Next to her phone was a bag of candy. She was never far from a bag of candy.

She looked freshly showered and made up as if planning to have a night out. She was naturally beautiful and only wore minimal makeup. Her hair was in a high ponytail and her bangs hung down into her eyes.

She jumped around him like an excited child. She asked him a million rapid-fire questions. He did his best to answer, but she answered most of them herself. He was charmed by her energy and wanted to be closer to her.

She told him to sit because she wasn’t ready yet. He had forgotten they had made plans to eat. He wished that they could just blow off lunch and spend the afternoon here in the hotel room. Unbeknownst to him, she felt the same way.

He kicked his shoes off and sat on the end of the bed. She had removed the comforter from the bed – a habit of hers since watching a news report on the cleanliness of hotel rooms.

She walked past him to her suitcase in search of something. She bent over and rummaged inside. Her short robe rode up on the back of her legs. He watched attentively as the fabric stretched over her butt. He could see the backs of her thighs and almost the folds of her cheeks. He knew that she wasn’t wearing underwear and hoped to catch a glimpse between her legs.

She caught him looking and shyly grabbed the back of her robe, pulling it down. She found what she was looking for and popped back up. She was smiling and laughing. She playfully scolded him for being a pervert. Teasing him turned her on.

He saw a small bag in her hands. He guessed it was her jewelry bag. She walked past him towards the bathroom. As she did, she touched the side of his face and dragged her fingers antep escort along his chin. He hadnt shaved in a few days and his face was rough with stubble. It was the length that she liked on him.

He took it as a signal for him to follow her. She walked into the bathroom and stood in front of the mirror. He followed her, but stopped in the doorway and lean on the door frame.

She continued to chat with him while examining the contents of the bag. He looked her up and down. He focused on her legs. She shifted her weight on to her right foot, lifting the heel and slightly bending the knee of her left leg. Her muscles looked firm and her skin looked soft and smooth. He imagined her smooth skin on his face.

They looked at each other and talked through their reflections in the mirror. She pulled some earrings from the bag and held them up to her ear. She wasn’t satisfied and put them back into the bag. She pulled out another pair and modeled them for him. He shook his head. She pouted and dropped them back into the bag.

He walked over to her and positioned himself directly behind her. She watched him in the mirror. He was taller than her so she could see his face looking down a the back of her head. He looked up in the mirror and saw her looking back at him. She felt her body tingle with anticipation. He reached his arms around her. She felt her heart pound and she inhaled deeply. She imagined him pulling off her robe and grabbing her naked flesh.

Instead, he reached passed her. He reached into her little bag and grabbed a pair of earrings.

He enjoyed teasing her too.

She smirked and relaxed knowing that she had been momentarily beaten at her own game. He smiled back at her and lifted an earring to her left ear. She tilted her head and he brushed a few fly-away hairs behind her ear He then dangled the earring near her lobe so she could see what it would look like on her. She examined herself in the mirror and nodded her head in approval. He slipped the wire through the hole in her ear. A man had never done that for her before. The feeling of the wire sliding slowly through the hole made her shiver.

He grabbed the other earring and placed it gently on her other ear. Her body tingled. She was turned on and wanted him.

She spun and pulled him to her. Their bodies pressed together at the hips. She felt that he was also turned on.

They looked at each other and felt their hearts beating faster. She pulled her lower lip in to her mouth and licked it. She transferred the moisture to her upper lip and slightly opened her mouth. It made her mouth irresistible and she knew it. He couldn’t take the tension anymore and kissed her.

They kissed like teenagers.

She pushed off the counter and turned his back to the door. They continued to kiss. She guided him backward through the doorway towards the bed. She was in control and he was at her whim. At the end of the bed she kissed him hard and pushed him. He fell onto the bed surprised and a little unsure of his position.

She pounced on him, making the bed bounce. She slid up on his body, grabbing his hair and pressing her lips against his. Their tongues wrestled in their wet mouths.

She wanted to feel his skin, so she reached her hands up, under his shirt. He wriggled and allowed her to pull the shirt off, over his head and arms. She threw the shirt over her shoulder.

He had soft skin and there was no hair on his chest. She placed her hands on his chest and felt his muscles. Her hands were a little cold, probably caused by her slightly nervous, aroused state.

She kissed his chest and stomach. He lifted his head and shoulders from the bed to watch her. As he did, his lower abdominal muscles tightened. She looked at the lines disappearing down into his jeans. She saw a trail of hair start from below his belly button and disappear below the waist of his belted jeans.

She grabbed the front of his pants with both hands. He fingers were tucked under the waistline of his underwear, against his skin. Her cold fingers felt good against his warm skin and he breathed in. Showing her eagerness, she yanked down on his jeans. The jeans moved about an inch exposing a slight tan line and more hair. She could see that the hair was short and trimmed. She buried her face in the skin below his belly button. She kissed and licked her way back up to his chest.

She straddled him and looked down at him. He could see her knees and the lower part of her thighs on each side of him. He wanted to see her body, but it was still covered by the robe. He imagined her bare pussy hovering over him, hot and wet, inches from his crotch.

He reached for the lapels of her robe. He planned to pull the robe open and expose her chest. But, she anticipated his impulse and was ready for him.

She caught his hands as they moved towards the robe. She held his wrists and pinned his arms to the bed on either side of his head. He struggled playfully and she held him firmly. She taunted him for failing at his plan. She laughed at him and teased him for being beaten.

Teasing him even more, she bent forward until her hair touched his chest. She dragged her bangs up his chest and across his face. It tickled him and he squirmed.

He playfully struggled and she laughed and used her strength to keep his arms pinned to the bed. She kissed him, lightly teasing at first and then deep and hard. As they kissed he caught a glimpse of the tops of her breasts tucked into her loosening robe.

She kissed him grinning, sucking and pulling on his lips. Her mouth was wet and slippery.

She continued to hold him down and he played along. Her robe was beginning to open. Her upper chest and the insides of her thighs were now exposed.

He noticed that as he struggled, her robe was opening more and more. The tie around her waist was no longer held together by its own friction. He shook her side to side. She realized what he was doing and rather than loosen her grip on his arms, she let her robe fall open.

She had an incredibly sexy body. Her curves fell in all of the right places. Her breasts were round and firm. They bounced and jiggled as they wrestled. Her nipples were small and round and cut a nice contrast against her white skin. He recalled that her breasts looked the same as they did 10 years ago. Her body, however, had become more womanly and desirable. He wanted to drown in her flesh.

She hovered over him. Her firm breasts hung from her body. She lowered her body slightly and dragged her nipples across across his chest. She moved side to side and her nipples hardened. She knew from past experience that this drove him wild. She dragged her soft breasts back and forth, up and down.

She started to shimmy up his body. She brought her breasts to his face and teased the nipples around his mouth. He tried hard to catch her nipples is his mouth. She let him just barely graze her skin. She told him to relax and he obeyed, resting his head on the bed. She then carefully traced his face with her breasts. She started by sliding her nipples across his closed eyes. She lowered slightly and pressed the fleshy curve of her breasts into his face. He felt her ultra soft skin caressing him. She ended the tease by slowly and carefully tracing his lips with a hardened nipple. He was in ecstasy. Finally, she gave in and lowered her breast into his open mouth. He sucked gently at first and then harder. She alternated her breasts for him, allowing him access to different parts each time. Usually, she felt a little self-conscious of her body but, with him she felt at ease. The way he appreciated her body always made her feel comfortable and sexy and up for anything.

She moved further up his body, shuffling her knees along the bed on either side of him. The loose robe was dragging over his skin. Her crotch was moving closer to his face. His mouth watered in anticipation.

She moved her right knee onto his left arm, pinning him and freeing her right hand. She repeated the movement with her left leg. She now straddled his face, one knee on either side of his head. She straightened up and mimed a victory stance above him. Her arms akimbo, her robe hanging open and a look of triumph on her face. He loved her energy. Looking up he could see her beautiful body – finally exposed. Her legs were thin and strong . She had a faint bikini tan (he wasn’t sure when she had acquired it). The tiny tan lines showed off her sexy package. The lips where thin and pink. He could see her red clit poking out between her lips. Her opening was obscured by her lips, but he could see her lips were wet and shiny. She took great care of her pussy. She had changed her public hair style since they had last been naked together. Instead of a small triangle, she had a thin perfectly manicured strip. It was driving him wild. Her tan lines showed off her hip bones and tight stomach. He briefly imagined her in her bikini. He pictured them fucking on a warm, deserted, tropical beach like the one on the wall above them.

His eyes moved up her body. Her posture made him laugh. She was still posing victoriously above him. Her breasts looked large and firm from his angle. They looked youthful and perky, slightly pointing to the sides. They held her robe open.

He was immobilized by her knees; her hands were free. She gently touched his face, sending sensations all over. He raised his head in an attempt to get closer to her pussy. She pushed his head back down to the bed with her left hand. With her right hand she touched her pussy lips, collecting wetness on her finger tips. She then touched his lips, spreading her juices from side to side. He licked his lips and tasted her. Her taste and smell brought back memories of being between her legs. She pressed her wet thumb into his mouth. He sucked on it and she felt his tongue and teeth.

Removing her thumb, she grabbed his hair with both hands. She shuffled up a little more and lowered her body. She planted her dripping wet pussy onto his face. He felt her soft warm lips press against his nose and mouth. The contact exhilarated her making her body tingle all over. She pulled at his hair and ground his face into her. Her smooth, sexy thighs were pressing on the sides of his face. He could hardly breath and loved every second of it. He used his nose to stimulate her clit. His tongue licked between her lips looking for the vaginal opening. She thrust her hips, sliding her wet pussy along his nose. He could see her biting her lip, trying to find just the right combination of head position and hip thrust. He had never seen her be this aggressive before, it made him hard as a rock. He could feel his cock throbbing.

His excitement mounting, he freed his hands and grabbed her ass. The skin was smooth and firm. He squeezed and felt her muscles move as she bucked. He pushed her crotch harder into his face to encourage her. She increased her pace.

He reached up behind her back and grabbed her ponytail. He stroked it feeling the smoothness of her silky hair. He was having trouble reaching, so he gripped it and slowly pulled down. Her chin raised, her back arched and her chest thrust out. The hair slightly lowered. He could now reach her hair elastic. He pulled it the length of her hair and her hair exploded around her face and shoulders. She shook her head side to side and her hair assumed a sexy style. Her earrings jingled. He put his hand up the back of her neck, his fingers gliding through her soft hair. He pulled back and the long hair slid through his fingers. She had beautiful, long hair.

She felt herself approaching orgasm. Her chest heaved and her body became hot. She forgot where she was for a few seconds. She lost her balance and leaned forward. To brace herself she lifted her hands from his head and reached for the wall above the headboard. She hit the painting and it rattled against the wall.

He looked up and saw her braced against the wall. Her mouth was open and she was panting. Her eyes were foggy with ecstasy.

She wanted him to continue eating her but she also want him deep inside her.

He asked if she was OK. She nodded yes and remarked how good it felt to sit on his face. He agreed. He could have stayed in that position for much longer, but he also wanted to be inside of her.

He slid out from under her and she flopped on the bed breathing heavy.

He stood at the side of the bed looking at her splayed on the sheets. He took a handkerchief from his pocket and wiped the moisture from his face. He put the handkerchief on the bedside table.

He took his socks off and started to unbuckle his belt. She noticed what her was doing and popped up with new energy. She scampered towards him and knelt naked on the bed in front of him.

She grabbed his belt and popped the buckle open. She pulled the belt through the loops and completely off of him.

She looked cute in a kneeling position. He had never seen her in that position before. Her legs were together and her butt was resting on her feet. Her hips look soft and round. The size was exaggerated. It made her waist look tiny and gave her a striking hourglass shape. Her pussy was buried between her legs. All he could see was the top of her manicured pubic hair disappearing into a triangular crease made by her abdomen and her tightly closed legs.

She looked up at him as she undid his pants. Her hair was thick and wild, partially covering one of her eyes. She bit her lip again and smiled, pulling down his jeans. He stepped out of them and kicked them aside.

He stood in front of her wearing only a pair of small navy blue boxer-briefs. The stretchy material clung to his body. She could see the outline of his package clearly. He was erect. From her point of view, his shaft was extended up and to the right. The tip was barely contained by the waistband of his underwear.

She loved the size of his cock. It was thick and long, but not too long. The size was perfect for her body. She recalled how he fit inside her and filled her up completely. She remembered performing wild and difficult sex positions – moving between the positions without loosing penetration. She also remembered that she had to open her small mouth wide to fit him inside.

She pushed him away from the side of the bed and climbed down to the floor in front of him. Again, she was kneeling in front of him. With the palm of her right hand, she gently rubbed his balls. Her fingers extended up his shaft. The touch made his cock throb, causing the head to peek out the top of his underwear. She caressed him again and the head further emerged. The clingy fabric felt good in her hand. She played with his balls and outlined his shaft with her fingers. She was fixated on his package. He looked down at her and fixed a few tangles in her hair.

The bulge in his underwear was irresistible to her. She moved in and tilted her head, placing her teeth around the shaft. He liked the feeling of her teeth through the taught fabric. The pressure caused the head of his penis to expand more. It pushed its way out, above the waistband. She moved her mouth up and licked the v-shaped groove on the underside of the head. She moved her tongue around and circled the head. It was large and smooth and hot.

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