At the Lake Ch. 04: Evening Fun

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It was a welcome relief from all the activities of the weekend so far. It seemed nice to just sit and appreciate the beauty around us, mostly what was in the boat. Not much sexually was mentioned for most of the afternoon. When the sun started to set we returned to the cabin, and I decided to get in an hour of fishing before dinner. As soon as the boat was secure I grabbed my fishing pole and sat in my old chair at the end of the dock. I didn’t catch any fish but it was a nice time. And the women were drinking wine by the fire Beth lit, and had started getting the food ready for cooking.

Grabbing another beer I threw more wood on the fire and started cleaning the grates of the griddle to cook on. I was completely surprised when Beth came out and handed me my old white apron from when I worked in the restaurant and told me to put it on, because she didn’t want anything important getting burned. I looked like an ax murderer in that apron. Mostly I use it when I clean fish, it is covered in blood and guts. No matter how I washed it it was stained for good, and definitely not the least bit sexy, at least not to me.

As soon as I tied the apron around my waist Beth pulled my shorts down and off my feet leaving me wearing nothing but the apron and my panties. With a pat on my ass she headed back inside with Lacy. “And so it begins.” I said to Beth. “Can we please wait till I’m not cooking with an open fire and hot grease to wear nothing but nylon panties?” Just as I said that I looked up to see Jessica from the cabin next door standing right next to me with a big smile on her face. “Hello” I managed to say. “I wasn’t expecting company. Are you alone tonight? Or Is your husband coming over too?” with a quick smile I went back to preparing to cook. I was doing my best to act normal, I don’t think it worked.

“Don’t worry. It’s just me. He’s already drunk and passed out.” Jessica said with a giggle. I just came over to say hello. I wasn’t expecting a peepshow. I would have brought some singles.” Jessica is a beautiful older woman, I’d say mid-fifties. She was pretty. Just not my usual style. It was still nice to be appreciated. “If it makes you feel better I didn’t get to see anything anyways.” she said, faking a frown. “It sounds interesting though” She said as she turned and headed back to her place. “Have fun you crazy kids. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

With a quick look to make sure we were alone Before she got too far away I said “Hey, Jessica. It’s nice to see you again. She turned around and smiled at me. Without even thinking I picked up my apron giving her a full on frontal view of my semi-hard dick in my shiny blue granny panties. I don’t know if they were as sheer in the fire light as they are in the daylight. “Have a good weekend” “If we get too loud this weekend let us know.” “I’ll do my best. But I can’t make any promises for them.”

I put my apron down just as Beth reached the door to the cabin. “See ya later Beth.” Jessica said as she walked past Beth. As she got in front of her, Jessica looked at Beth and said “He looks good in panties even in this light. I almost grabbed a handful.” I hope you don’t mind” acting like she was stealing something Jessica quickly ran back over to me, rubbed my panties on my ass, and ran off giggling like a schoolgirl. All we could do was laugh and let her have her little moment. It’s not like I mind a nice lady rubbing my butt.

After dinner was cooked we sat around the fire and ate in silence for the most part. We chatted about the food and had a good laugh about Jessica. After we finished eating I got up and took the cooking dishes inside. Sitting on the table was one of the bags Lacy brought back from town earlier. It was open just enough to see the packaging of a new toy from the adult video store next to the grocery market. But not enough to see what it was. All I could see was a small battery cover and the bottom of the packaging. My mind went crazy. Was it a bigger toy for her? Or was it a third vibrator so we can all use one at the same time?

All I knew was thinking about what it could be had my dick hard as a rock. Losing the apron I went back outside wearing only my panties and a smile. The loose style of the panties Let my dick stand straight out away from my body, I didn’t even try to hide it. I didn’t want to, I would have gone out naked if I didn’t have something better in mind. At that moment I was proud of my hard dick, I wanted both of them to see it. The thought of Lacy wanting to see me play with myself had filled my head all day. I really wanted to make it happen. In my mind now was the time.

I stood in front of the women for a second, It didn’t take long for Beth to mention my hard on stretching my panties. “I can take them off,” I said as I quickly pulled my panties off and held them over the last little bit of the fire. “New plan for tonight. I’ve been thinking. I want to take it a little easier tonight.” I said. “Both of you are going to strip naked right now, or I’m burning my panties.” They started Erzurum Escort to protest so I pretended to almost drop them giving the proper motivation.

As they finished removing their clothes I explained the first action on my list. There was going to be a private solo show performed by each of us. The other two could play with ourselves or whatever, but you can’t cum until it’s your turn. I didn’t even give them a choice. I just stood in front of them slowly pulling my dick in the yard by the fire, In full view of anyone that was looking. By now they were both naked, wow they were beautiful. I told them to go in and gather any toys or whatever they needed while I put the fire out.

It took a minute for me to put the fire out with the garden hose. By the time I went back into the cabin Beth was standing in the entrance to the living room, naked, slowly rubbing her little vibrating friend over the outside of her pussy. I kissed her, told her I loved her and held her close to me for a second. With a smile she gave me one of the condoms and the baby oil, took my hand and led me into the living room where they had set the scene. Beth asked me to sit on the couch and play with myself until my dick was totally hard. Without another word she positioned herself on the blanket in front of the couch.

As I sat there teasing my dick, when Lacy came into the room with the bag from the table, and handed me the contents. It was a soft plastic purple vibrator called ‘My little friend’. It was about the same size as Beths toy, maybe a bit longer. However it had the basic shape of a penis with a narrow base that flared out at the end so it wouldn’t go too far in or fall out easily. Lacy quickly pointed out that the base was a suction cup in case I wanted to use it in the shower. The package promised it was quiet. We all laughed at that, obviously quiet was optional this weekend.

Beth smiled as Lacy turned to her, holding the new toy projecting out over her pussy like she had a little purple dick, and held it in front of Beths mouth. “I hope you don’t mind that I bought your husband his own vibrator, do you? I did it just so I can put in his tight, sexy ass.” “I wasn’t going to get one that looked like a dick, but they only had these or butt plugs the size of a beer can. And that guy at the video store counter is kind of creepy. So I just grabbed that one and got out of there.” Lacy said.

Beth never even answered, she just buried her finger deep in her pussy and wrapped her mouth around the head of the little purple toy, like she was giving Lacy a blowjob the same way she did me. After a minute of sucking the toy like a good porn movie Lacy looked at me with a kinky little grin. “Now. Your turn” she said, pulling the toy away from Beth, and turning back towards me, stroking the toy softly, like I was stroking my dick on the couch, matching me stroke for stroke.

“I’m not going to give you a blowjob” I said. “But, when it’s my turn, you can be the first to put it in my ass, If you want.” Lacy just smiled. “Will you put in a battery?” I asked Lacy as I gathered the included battery from the package and gave it to her. As Lacy turned it on she gave me a quick lick across my balls and up my dick, and climbed up my body brushing her tits across me. With a kiss on the cheek as she sat next to me on the couch spreading her legs and started to rub her pussy.

Letting go of my dick, so I wouldn’t cum until it was my turn, I looked at Beth and said, “Are you ready to go Sweetie? It looks like you can’t wait much longer.” Beth, and was laying on the blanket, legs slightly apart, slowly rubbing baby oil all over her naked body. Lost in her own mind, I was convinced this was how Beth masturbated when I wasn’t around. She was so sensual in her movements. We were both watching as she softly lifted her hips off the floor, and buried two fingers deep inside between her legs, and started moaning my name, letting her cum once again flow like water. It was like we weren’t even there.

When Beth would give me a show at home, she usually liked to start out slow and tease herself, like she needed to work her way into the point that someone was watching her. After about five minutes of teasing us and a long great orgasm, Beth continued rubbing herself. I guess Lacy didn’t care about that. “Come on Beth, let me see your inner slut. We know your a hopeless romantic, but this weekend is about fucking, and sucking, so lick the pussy juice off your finger and fuck yourself like you did on the table.” “If it makes it easier I’m about to bury my finger deep in your husband’s ass. And he’s already dripping that delicious pre-cum all over his dick.” “I know you want to lick it off”.

Evidently this was the queue her inner slut needed. Beth spread her legs to give us a better view. “Ok. Slut it is. “she said. “Give me my vibrator. I’ll give you a show you won’t soon forget.” Pulling her finger out of my ass Lacy dropped to the floor next to Beth and turned her toy on. “Kiss my nipples Erzurum Escort Bayan bitch.” Beth commanded. “Suck my tits while I fuck my pussy.” Oh my god this feels good. I wish it was his cock inside me, not this little toy. I love when his big hard dick fills my wet hot pussy.” “Are you playing with yourself Lacy? Put the vibrator deep in your pussy, and let me lick it off. I want to taste your cum while I fuck myself.” She said as she pounded her vibrator as deep in her pussy as she could get it.

“Fuck me. Do It Now! Fuck my ass with your vibrator While I pound my pussy with mine.” “Fuck my ass like your going to fuck my husband.” It was like a whole new Beth this weekend. It took all I had to not grab my dick and make myself cum as hard as she was. “Fuck my ass bitch.” Beth moaned. “Do it! Make me cum now! Fuck me. Fuck me hard. Put it deep in my ass and make me cummmmmmmmm.” Beth was almost pleading with Lacy, she wanted it so bad. “I’M CUMMING!” Beth almost screamed. “Watch me baby! Watch me fuck my pussy while Lacy fucks my ass.” “Watch her fuck my ass when I cum.”

“You like that honey?” She said, “Do you like jacking off watching us? I love the feeling of you watching me when Lacy fucks my ass, and I play with my pussy.” Beths voice started to quiver as she went on. “Fuck me. Fuck me hard! Fuck my ass while I cum.” OH God. Oh g o d! F U C K ME!” Her entire body was bucking up and down as Lacy let go, and just left the toy buried in her ass. It wasn’t as strong of an orgasm as the one on the table. But it was still amazing to watch. I love to see this side of Beth, and I think Lacy did too.

As Beth slowly came down; she collapsed on the floor, once again with her legs wide open wide enough the toy just slid out onto the floor. I climbed off the couch, gathered up the toys and turned them off. “Give them to me. I’ll go clean them off while you clean her off. I know you’re hungry. Go on sweetie. Your wife is waiting.” Lacy said, taking the vibrators from me and going into the kitchen. Without a word I buried my face between her legs. I tried to be gentle and not get her excited again. It still sent a shiver through her body every time my tongue brushed across her delicious pussy lips and swollen clit.

As Beth relaxed she pulled me close and we just enjoyed the moment, this was the first time I had held her like this all weekend. I almost fell asleep. When Lacy came back in she tossed a warm damp washcloth on my face. “Here, wipe your face off, you look like a glazed donut.” We laid there all cuddled in close for a moment, just enjoying the feeling. Lacy had taken my place licking Beths pussy clean, then crawled up next to us gently kissing and caressing us both. We laid there for a few minutes recovering from a very intense show.

The longer I thought about my part of this little talent show. the more nervous I got. I think I was more nervous than excited. I’m typically not as vocal when I masturbate as I have been this weekend, and it was painfully obvious this couldn’t be my usual solo session. I never really did anything different when I let Beth watch me masturbate. I don’t know if watching each other was a typical event for the two of them or not. All I knew was, I was definitely not prepared to put on the level of entertainment that Beth provided.

After getting another round of drinks and relaxing for a minute the girls were ready to continue the show. Eventually they settled in on the couch softly rubbing each others bodies doing their best to tease me, and get me as hard as they could. I kissed each one on the lips, each nipple, and gave both a few licks on their sweet little pussies. Only to be pushed away and told to get started playing. Standing in front of them, I slowly started pulling my dick watching the girls getting into the show and using their toys.

I was a bit disappointed when I noticed Lacy had already pushed my new purple toy deep inside her eager wet pussy, as well as having her own vibrator in her ass, both buzzing away. She looked so happy. Who was I to deny her all that fun. And it was really hot to watch. It only took a couple seconds for me to be rock hard again. I was still nervous, and not exactly sure what I was going to do. All I knew was I finally got to masturbate in front of both of them without caring what they saw. And this time it was intentional.

“Sit down before you fall down,” Lacy said. “I don’t want you to land on that big hard dick and hurt something important.” As my stroking slowly continued I once again started to drift off into my own little world dramatically creating the fantasy playing in my head. “Here sweetie. It’s all warmed up and wet for you.” Lacy said as she took Beths’ hand and climbed off the couch and pulled the purple toy fresh out of her pussy and pushed me back to lay on the floor sitting between my legs, giving a great view of her perfect tits just above my rock hard dick.

Beth positioned herself with her tight little pussy directly over my head to give Escort Erzurum me the exact view she knew I loved, yet not close enough to reach with my tongue. She knows I love to look at her pussy unobstructed while I jerk off. “I thought you were going to put the rubber on.” Beth said. “I was waiting since you bought them special so we could watch you jack off in a condom. I know you do it when you’re alone, but I’ve actually watched you do it. My pussy is dripping just waiting to watch you.” Just for a second Beth lowered herself down for me to run my tongue across her pussy, licking off her hot dripping cum.

Lacy licked a little pre-cum from the tip of my dick as she pushed my legs all the way open. Ever so softly, she covered my body with baby oil, paying special attention to my dick and ass. It was amazing to feel her rub it all over me, taking a second to tease my ass hole, slowly pushing the tip of her finger in and pulling it out getting it ready for the new toy. My hands were shaking as I poured just a touch of baby oil into the condom and slowly unrolled the condom down my hard cock. By the time I had it all the way on, I felt like I was about ready cum. My hand slid the rubber effortlessly up and down over my dick as I started to jerk off.

I had to stop playing for a second, and let it subside. I didn’t want it to end that quickly. As Lacy teased my butt she commanded me to keep going, ”Do it. Stroke your cock real slow. Oh God yes. That’s it. jerk off for us. look at her pussy and pull that big hard dick. “While she talked Lacy slipped a finger in Beths’ hot throbbing pussy, pulled it out and licked it off. “Let me know when you’re ready. I can’t wait to shove the new vibe in your ass.” “I do, however, think I need to tease you a little more before you get it all. Pull your dick nice and slow now.” “I love the way your balls bounce under your hand, it’s so sexy I could just eat you up.”

As Lacy spoke she gently pushed the tip of the vibrator into my ass just enough to let me feel the ridge of the head pop in and held it still for a second. I had to sit on my hands to stop from grabbing my penis and frantically jerking off. I wanted to cum so bad. My dick twitched a little when she pulled it back out. She did this several times giggling each time as my throbbing dick twitched as she teased me. Finally she pushed it in all the way and slowly fucked me for the first time with my new toy. Finally I grabbed the toy from her hand and pulled it out. “It’s my turn.” I said. “Give me a minute. Then I will masturbate like you have never seen before.”

After a minute of laying there in the middle of the floor, and letting my dick soften a little I took hold of my dick and started masturbating again. This time I had the vibrator, after all it was my show. “Now. Watch me play with my dick.” I said. “It feels so good with you watching me.” I asked Beth as she stood above me. ” You like that?” I said as I worked myself slowly back into my fantasy. “Look at me rubbing the purple toy on my dick.” “Can I shove my finger up my ass? I want to finger my ass with the purple dick on my cock.” As I spoke my stroking grew faster and faster. “Are you ready? I love jacking off looking at your pussy.” I told Beth. “Are you ready for me to fill my rubber with cum?”

“Cum for us,” one of the women said. “Fuck your ass, and play with your dick. Make yourself cum for me.” So here I am, I thought. Naked spread eagle in front of Beth and Lacy, with a condom on. And I’m jacking off while shoving a purple vibrating dick in my ass. I thought, This was awesome. As both girls stood up and went back to sit on the couch moved over closer on the floor in front of them. I put my feet up on the front of the couch giving them the best possible view. I looked like something out of a cheap porno.

“Ok, now masturbate for us you kinky little boy toy.” Beth said. “I love to see that big hard cock in your hand. Stroking it, pulling it, playing with it for me. I love this side of you.” she continued. “Now look at me for a second. Look at my naked little tits and pussy. I know you like my pussy. My dripping wet, hot pussy. Even Lacy likes the way it tastes. Now get that dick in your hand, and god be the horny little guy we all want to see.” Both Beth and Lacy leaned back and sat on their hands, spreading their legs as far apart as they could. “Play with your dick like the first time you saw Lacy in a bikini. Only try to last longer this time.” “I wish Lacy could have seen you that day. All three times you came for me.”

Beth had been teasing me all day at the lake about the hard on I got the first time I saw Lacy in her bikini. All the way home all she talked about was the show she was going to get. I was naked as soon as we got home and brought the last of the luggage in. Immediately I was laying on the bed not even hiding the fact that I was going to jack off thinking about Lacy. Beth just pretended not to notice and let me play with myself, while she started a load of laundry, including every stitch of clothes she had on. “Here, playboy. don’t make a mess.” Beth said. She wrapped a pair of her soft nylon panties around the tip of my dick, placing my hand on top of them, gently started rubbing my balls. My whole body shook as I shot my full load of cun into the soft sexy fabric.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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