At the Spa: Day 1 of 3

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At the Spa: Day 1 of 3I always wanted to go to one of the spas a lot of men went to, to have sex and play, but never had the chance until the Summer. I always found it hard to hook up with men, and tell if they were gay or bi, let alone top/bottom/vers, so going to the spa would make so much easier. After chatting with someone for a while, they finally asked me if I wanted to go to a spa with them. He was an older man, 42 years old and large, and we both turned each other on to no end, so I said yes. I asked though just to make sure it was all I was hoping it would be, and he confirmed we would definitely have our fun, and more. So he asked if we could hook up on a weekend, and I said sure, but I said I was going to just buy a room for the whole weekend. He said he was only able to go the one night, but we would still have a wild time.I made sure to pack a couple pairs of panties I managed to snag off my one female room mate, make up if i needed it, my one dildo, and whatever else I’d need. No clothes though, I was excited knowing I’d only wear the clothes to the spa that I would wear that day, and be naked the entire time I’m there, which apparently was fine. I also made sure that I would be smooth all over for everyone there. Just getting ready, I was so nervous but looking forward to it more than anything. I had never been in a public or big area like a spa. As I said before, it was hard to just find the right guys, so finally I could be a slut for a weekend, hoping to be fucked nonstop until I leave. Finally, the next day my friend picked me up (Mike), I carried my bag with me and drove off. He looked at me and could see I was a little flush and clearly excited, and he noticed my smooth legs past my shorts I was wearing.”So this is your first time here?” He glanced over at me with a sly smile as we started the twenty minute drive.”Ya, I can’t wait too,” I said, as I bit my lip and reached over to rub his cock through his pants. I had a craving look on my face, already incredibly horny at just the thought we were almost there.”I can see that,” Mike replied, and pulled off the highway to take a service road where no cars were, but wouldn’t take much longer to get there.I took that as a signal to unzip his pants, unbuckle them and pop his juicy cock and balls out that was already throbbing hard. “Looks like you’re excited too baby,” I said as I slid closer to him so I could lick and suck him. Mike raised his arms higher up on the wheel, making room for my head to move in and wrap my lips around his cock, already leaking precum. I twirled my tongue around his uncut foreskin, and took his 7inch cock all the way down, feeling it touch the back of my throat, while sticking my tongue out to lick his hanging balls on my chin. I could feel him shaking and trying his best not to cum just yet, so i lifted my head and sucked on his balls, shoving them both in my mouth while his wet cock rubbed on my face, covering it in precum.”Oh my god, you’re going to make me lose control sexy,” Mike said as he jolted his hips up, twitching before I knew he would cum.I continued to get his cock so wet and hard, feeling it pulse in my mouth as I kept gagging on it over and over. Mike managed to last 5-7 more minutes, before i hard him let out a nice loud grunt, and felt one of his hands force my head down all the way on his cock as his big hot load of cum shot in the back of my throat. I made sure to keep swallowing and sucking down every last drop, making sure he would be nice and cleaned off for me when we get there, and didn’t stop sucking until i felt him entirely soft in my mouth and cleaned up.”Boy are we going to have fun soon,” Mike said with a big glowing smile, now only 5-10 minutes away. I made sure to look in my makeup mirror, and cleaned my face up with a few wipes I made sure to bring along. I still couldn’t stop touching myself, looking at his cock that was still out since he didn’t have a chance to pull his pants up yet, but I was only edging for now. I wanted to explode while being bent over, sucking off and jerking a few guys at once later.We drove through the city a little bit, and took a few minutes to find the place, but we finally did and parked in a nearby parking lot. Thankfully we didn’t need to walk far, since we were both so obviously rock hard still. When we walked in, it looked pretty nice, and there was the front desk clerk who told us the prices, hrs and bebek escort all that stuff, and we both got our passes, while I also got my room key. I was also so happy to find out that the sauna, steam room and showers were available 24/7 too, so I could go downstairs anytime I wanted to. I wanted to go to my room first, as much as I also wanted to go down into the spa area first, and placed my bags there, and get changed–or rather, undressed. So we get upstairs, and I looked over the pamphlet to make sure I didn’t misread any rules or anything. It was just as Mike said though, we could walk around naked anywhere except the lobby, but there were stairs and elevators leading to the spa without needing to go through the lobby anyway. With that, I stripped completely naked, as did Mike.It was super hard for us to not throw ourselves at each other right there and start our night early, but wanted to wait. Besides, we both knew we would be with plenty other people hopefully. I made sure my long hair looked nice and full, but I didn’t wear any makeup or panties just yet. I wanted to be naked first, and if anyone wanted more, they could use me in my room all done up. Finally after having set up, we were ready to go. Mike just left his clothes in my room too, and said he;d get them later when he heads out. With that, we left the room and both walked down the halls between the rooms naked, and Mike trailed a few steps behind me. I looked over my shoulder to see him eyeing my ass.”You want to fill up and fuck my tight round ass, baby?” I said as I strut and popped my ass out.”You’re going to make me cum again before we even get there sexy, fuck I want to eat and fuck that ass,” Mike said, and started to jerk off his cock, smacking and squeezing my bouncing ass.”I can’t wait to feel your big cock inside me daddy,” I couldn’t help myself, I was so horny and hot now, loving to tease him knowing how much he wanted to use me.”Everyone’s going to see how big of a slut you are, and I love it,” he said giving me one last smack on my ass before we got to the elevator.We only waited a moment before it came up to us, and when the doors opened there were about four men in there, also completely naked. Some were also sweaty, as though they had just fucked in the sauna or something, and I found it so hot. A few left and went down the halls to their respective rooms, while Mike and I went in to go down to the spa as the other two inside were doing, not sweaty or drained just yet. There was a bit of an awkward silence at first, and we all just kind of smiled at each other, but I actually felt free to check them out for once which I did, and boy did I love their cocks. I looked them up and down, and met there eyes with a grin as I also caught them staring at my ass while they stood behind me. One even couldn’t resist and lightly groped it. I moaned like a good slut though, and slowly inch backward until my ass was touching his semi-hard cock, as the other rubbed his while watching. “You like my nice young ass, sexy?” I turned to ask, as I reached back to put his cock between my cheeks, grinding up and down on him.”Oh my god yes,” the man said through a cringing voice that was trying to hold in his cum.”How about you?” I asked the other man as I looked over, and reached to start jerking his cock for him before his head flung back and moaned, as I also reached over for Mike’s cock. They were rubbing their hands all over my body and cock, while the one man’s rock hard cock covered in slippery precum, was sandwiched between my ass, sliding up and down.Soon enough though, the elevator doors opened, and we were all on the spa floor. It was only a couple of minutes to pleasure them, so they didn’t cum, but they were certainly throbbing hard and wanting more. I wanted more too, but couldn’t wait to step out onto the spa floors.It was a giant steam room with a bunch of men of all sizes, age and color. I felt unbelievably horny being naked around them all as they walked past one another, or some were even sucking and fucking right there. There was also a few hot tubs where people were having sex, getting dirty, and then the sauna’s were off to the side. It already looked like everything I wanted and more.”I’ll let you go off and take it all in the first time,” Mike whispered as he looked to have his eyes on the hot tub for now, and the other men had levent escort already walked off, wanking out what I started.It was pretty hot and steamy in there and as I walked out into the crowd of naked men, I felt so hot, on top of feeling so naughty and horny at the same time. I made sure to pop my ass out, letting everyone know I was a slut to be taken and used if they wanted, as I checked out every last cock in the room. There were some places to sit along the giant steam room and showers, and walked along slowly to look for a spot to lure in anyone. That was when I saw someone near the end of the room staring right at me, but all I noticed first was his massive looking cock. It was a little steamy and far to see, but it easily looked like a 9-10 inch cock, so I marched over before anyone else spotted that hog of a cock.When I saw him up close, I was right, that was definitely a throbbing thick 10inch cock, easily the biggest I would ever ride. He was a tall black male, who was a little larger, and looked to be in his mid 30’s or so, cleanly shaven too, but with that hog of a cock he was working. “I saw your ass the second you came down here and knew I wanted it,” was the first thing he said to me, still jerking his cock, now with both hands.”Thanks, I can’t stop looking at that massive cock baby, my ass is craving a nice big cock to use it.” I turned around to show him my ass, and jiggled it around for him, shaking it right in his face, and as I turned my head around, I could see him really jerking that cock now with a tense face of pleasure. “You want to fuck this tight round ass baby? It’s all yours if you want me.””Fuck ya baby, give me that white ass,” he said before grabbing my hips, and pulling my ass toward him as he buried his face in my ass, spreading around his face to smother him completely. I let out a big slutty moan, as my legs immediately began to shake the second I felt him smelling my ass and licking it so fast, getting it nice and wet for that monster cock. I then bent over and reach down with both hands to jerk his cock off while he still ate my ass, smacking and squeezing it. I was mesmerized by his cock, working it up and down, I was so fucking horny knowing that would soon be inside me. I kept shaking and bouncing my ass on and around his face, which only made him smack my ass harder and go wild.”Ya baby use that ass, get it,” I say to him as I keep milking his big black cock, coating it in precum and my spit.He doesn’t say anything but smacks my ass one last time, and kisses it, then turns me around to face him and pulls me in as he stars to stroke my rock hard cock, and suck it a bit too while holding onto and squeezing my ass. “You got a condom baby?” He asks.”I want that cock raw, besides, i wouldnt have one big enough,” I say and joke, breaking the ice if it hadn’t been already.He had an excited horny face all over him, he couldn’t wait to stick his massive cock inside me and stretch my tight round ass. First though, he pushed me down to my knees, gathered all my long hair up while pulling it, and pushing my head down on his cock.I gag right away, and feel it down my throat only halfway down, but i crave to try and gag all the way on his juicy cock. I let him keep pushing my head down as he grunts so loud, it’s almost echoing in the steam room. Eventually I keep getting further down on his cock, as my eyes keep watering with his cock so sloppy from me gagging nonstop, feeling his cock almost stretch my throat out. “Fuck ya, that’s a good slut,” he says as he keeps pushing me down his cock, almost at the bottom, and grabs my throat to feel his own bulge inside. “Get that cock nice and sloppy for me baby, i love it.” Suddenly he pushes down hard, and makes me reach the bottom of his cock, and I force myself to stay down gagging on his cock, as I drool all over it and his balls, running down his legs there was so much. After he thrust his hips a few more times, letting out deep grunts with each one, he pulled my hair and head up, before he smacked and rubbed his cock all over my slutty face.”I love how you us me baby, do anything you want with me, I want that cock so fucking bad,” I say to him with a dirty sloppy face, and his monster cock right in front of me, dropping wet. “Then get up here and ride his cock, I want to stretch that sexy white ass,” he said as he kept jerking and halkalı escort milking his cock, and tapped his legs as if he signaled for me to sit on his lap.I climb up on his lap, and position myself over his cock with my long legs on the bench so I can really ride him well. Right then it really hit me that I was about to take the biggest cock I ever have by a wide margin. My dildo was 8inches, but nowhere near as thick, and still smaller in length. I was beside myself with excitement though, and slowly squatted my round ass down, feeling his juicy tip teasing me, before he spread my ass open, feeling his giant cock stretching me out. It felt so good too, his cock and my ass were nice and wet and sweaty at this point it slid in so well at first. My legs and ass even shook all the way down his cock, and I was convinced I was going to cum just from this.Finally, I decide to slam my ass down as I notice him wincing, holding back his own cum, and it made me really want to work that cock of his and let him use my ass. The second my ass slammed all the way down, stretching me out so roughly, I let out a loud scream of pleasure that everyone heard. It felt good more than it hurt for the split second, and it was worth it to see his wide open mouth and concentrated face, trying his best to not cum just yet. I started to really grind down deep on his cock, as he was all the way inside me, and I could feel him continuing to stretch my slutty ass out.”Fuck ya baby, grind on that dick,” he said.I kept grinding and swaying my hips on him for a while, before I couldn’t control myself any longer and started to bounced up and down his cock, and couldn’t stop moaning before my eyes started to roll back and I panted like a good slut as I started to really get worked over, now dripping with sweat with him. I started to get out of breath and slowed down, but that was when he lifted me off of him, and stood up, turned me around and bent me over against one of the walls.My ass was popped out for him, and he rammed his cock deep inside of me over and over. I couldn’t stop moaning loudly, and kept panting like a slut with my eyes rolled back, moaning and begging for him to cum inside me in my head. “God damn, I love this ass, so fucking juicy,” he said through a deep grunt, and smacked my ass as I kept feeling his balls smacking against me, along with him spitting in my cheeks for more lube.As tired and worn out as I was, my body couldn’t help itself, and I started to back up and grind my ass on his cock, as though it were trying to swallow it all in.”Oh fuck I’m going to cum,” he said.”Fill me up baby, I want that cum inside me,” I said, and he proceeded to pound my ass harder than ever, and his body all tensed up, before I felt his last few sudden thrusts, and the huge load of thick cum that shot inside of me. I kept grinding my ass on him, and felt his cum overflowing in my ass, dripping out and down my legs, but I felt him still hard.”This hasn’t happened to me before, but I need more of that ass baby,” he said, keeping his big cock inside of me and continued to pound me as cum kept dripping out of me.I felt like a good mindless slut just like I always wanted, and almost felt entirely numb all over my body, as I couldn’t even say anything back now as he manhandled my body as I wanted him to. He carried me over to the floor, and had me face down ass up before he stepped over and drove his cock in me so deep, and felt even deeper than before. After a little bit, he finally flipped me over on my back, and lifted up my long legs as his sweat dripped down on me, and my cum dripped out on the floor as he watched my body shake and moan.”Please baby, give me more of your cum, make me your slut,” I say out of breath, and feel his pace quickening, pounding me harder and harder as though he craved to unload everything else he had.”Here it comes slut,” he said before pulling out this time, and drenching me in his cum, moaning loud as he shook and curled over as though all his strength had been sapped from his body. “Baby there’s so much,” I say as I rub his cum in all over me, and lick up what I can as we both smiles at each other, and see his dick finally going soft. I didn’t know long we had been fucking, but when I saw the clock, it was an hour, and some of the people in the room weren’t there before, we’d been at it so long.”I’m definitely going to come back for that ass, and bring my friends to use you too baby,” he said as he got up to leave.”Anytime baby, take my ass anytime you see me,” I reply, as I get up, dripping in cum and sweat, before I go off to the shower as well to clean off.Thankfully, that was only the first part before the first night, and the whole weekend was just amazing. More to come!

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