At The Stables – Mary’s Deflowering

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At The Stables – Mary’s DefloweringI’m David, 35 attractive with a hard body. Toned after two years fixing this place up. I was your average horny husband and never strayed. My wife and I enjoyed an active but vanilla sex life. I have no complains. We would fuck at the drop of a hat and enjoyed oral especially, if one was tired or we had time limitations. That ended two years ago in a car crash in which my wife died. The compensation from the crash paid for these rundown stables and the money to fix them up. Oh and I can’t father c***dren! Other than that I now have six very wealthy horse owners. Their fees alone will keep the stables at break even and we’re expanding.Yesterday I caught Mary enjoying lesbian sex with Julie. Catching Julie desperate to cum I accepted her request to fuck her. Julie, after being fucked finishes me off with a very lovely blowjob, before offering me to Mary to play with. I declined as Mary was under the age of consent. Until today.I had started early as usual. This allows me to greet staff and owners alike. Just as the yard clock strikes 9, I hear Julie’s little car roaring down the lane; a new exhaust is needed. Nothing unusual about this until I see Mary exiting from the passenger’s seat.An embarrassed Mary rushes into the tack room leaving Julie to say “Good morning David,” sealing the wish with a wink and a cheeky smile. “Hi Julie, You two an item then?” “Wouldn’t you like to know?” I say “Isn’t Mary going to say hello today.” Julie replies, “She’s embarrassed that you caught us….unknow.” “Well she has nothing to be ashamed about. She is a lovely girl.” Julie adds, “I know.. …..Could we have a chat after lunch, I have a favour to ask?” “Ok I will working in the north paddock; fencing,” I offer.Whenever Mary sees me she would blush and scamper off. I need to sort this hiccup out. I waited my chance to catch Mary alone. Seeing an opportunity I corner her by the cars. “Mary Hi. I think we need to talk?” Still she won’t look at me. With a finger I lift her chin. “You have nothing to be embarrassed about. Your relationship is none of my business and believe me you are a beautiful young lady.” “Then WHY,” she barks at me. “Why what?” I ask. “Why wouldn’t you let me…us……HAVE SEX WITH ME. You think I’m too fat. Yes?” Finally the ‘elephant in the room’ is out. “No you are not Mary. I would love to make love to you.” “Then WHY?” “Simple, Mary I know that yesterday you were f1fteen. If it had happened today I would have fucked you and Julie.”For the first time today Mary’s smiling face returns. “I must get back to work.” She says and as she passes me she stops long enough to kiss me. My dick twitches. I watch her plump ass swagger up the yard singing. Happy for the first time today.I’m repairing the fence in the north paddock when Julie finds me. “I see you have patched things up with Mary. She took it badly when you left…… Yes we are having fun, she’s experimenting with me but she really wants to try a man….you know….to see what she prefers……I…..Well, we were hoping……… after yesterday that you might…….” “Stop there,” I say, “if you want to know kaçak iddaa if I would fuck her the answer is yes, of course. BUT I’m not going to ruin the smooth running of this pace. Is that understood?” Julie nods, kisses me on the cheek and swaggers off. I was planning to do a little fly fishing in our top pond after closing. Trout for tea, lovely. As I pass the car park to get my rods I see Julie’s little car. As they should have left 2 hours ago I reluctantly have to see if they are OK.I’ve searched the entire complex. I’m just getting worried until I hear a faint whisper of an air con unit firing up. That’s on the new extension the General had built to stable his new horse. This is no ordinary stable block and not in use yet. The first floor is furnished as a house. One room is full of monitoring and filming equipment. If you haven’t read the first story, the General has asked that I fuck his pretty wife; as he can’t. The General normally wants to watch but if his wife wants an impromptu fucking, he has the cameras automatically record the events. The girls have tripped the sensors.Opening the stable door I see a thick carpet of best hay and two naked teenager’s rolling around laughing. They both greet me with a friendly “Hi”. Julie flips Mary onto her back and pins her shoulders down under her knees. Mary thrashes her legs around wildly. Julie bids her time and just as I’m about to say something stupid. She see her chance. With the flat of her hand Julie spanks Mary’s already bright pink pussy, “Ouch she cries.” You lost again now lick.”Mary starts licking Julie’s pussy. Both girls are have a great time. Julie is a loving sexual partner. Even though she has apparently just won she is toying with Mary’s clit. This game must have been going for some time. The smell of sex permeates the stall. I strip off. Julie is expecting me to offer her my dick to suck but, believe me, my dick can’t get any harder. Lifting Mary’s legs I shuffle closer. I hold my shaft down onto Mary’s sex and start humping her pussy-lips. Meanwhile I’m kissing Julie. I can taste pussy as my tongue probes her mouth. Julie takes over holding my dick on her new best friend’s clit, allowing both of my hands to maul her precious tits. Julie won’t last long now with her tits being used and two tongues working on her. Sure enough her kisses become more urgent. I torment her nipples as Mary licks pussy. Julie dismounts her friend who is covered in female sex juice.Mary is a littles surprised as I pin her down under my body. Taking this opportunity I savour their pussy juices as we kiss. My hands are not idle either. Each is full of s1xteen year old boobs. Julie scamper between my legs and frees my dick that was struck between Mary’s legs. She places my dick at Mary’s entrance expecting to fuck her. No, I lift my hips and drop, trapping my dick along her pussy-lips and clit. “Oh. Oh fuck that’s good, “she says as I slide back and forth on her juices. Her breathing is building as her first orgasm with a man approaches. Covering her mouth with mine and tweaking her nipples, has her screaming into my mouth as kaçak bahis she explodes.Rolling off of her to allow her to catch her breath, I see Julie playing with her pussy watching her friend cum. I crawl over and pushing her legs further apart. I dive in tongue first into her soaking cunt. Immediately she holds my head encouraging me, “Oh God David that was so hot….Yes.. Yes just there. That’s it…….don’t you dare stop, Oh fuuucckkkk.” She flops down. Both girls in post orgasmic bliss. I’ve moved beside our virgin teen and wrapping her hand around my shaft, I demonstrate what I want. Sure enough she starts pumping my dick at a lovely rate. Just enough to keep my dick interested but not so fast as to make it cum. That will happen is just a little while.As Julie recovers I settle her into a sitting/lying position with her knees up and apart; what a sight! Still recovering I move Mary to lie with her shoulders supported between Julies thighs, resting her head on her lover’s abs. I move Mary’s knees high and wide; feet on the floor. Two naked teens, four boobs and one pussy displayed and ready to fuck.With my abs resting on Mary’s virgin pussy I can kiss and creasing her boobs. Her kisses becoming more urgent tells me that I have her warming up. So I slip back until I face her maiden pussy, which is open and aroused. Yet again I taste her juices and as they start really flowing I kneel. Mary protests as I leave her teen folds.I gaze at the two lovely girls just idly stroking my dick. I move forward until my dick touches her virgin lips and watching my knob, I locate her entrance. My hips holds my dick in place as I tease Mary with small movements. As I’m supporting my weight on my arms I can still kiss the scared virgin. “As you sure Mary?” I ask. All she can do in nod then, “Please.” I look at Julie and she looks worried for her lesbian lover under me.I raise my chest as high as possible so that the girls have the best possible view of my dick. Mary holds her hands up for her lover to grasp. Julie takes them and says, “Ready.” I start rocking until I meet her cherry. I take my time watching my dick entering and being stopped. Then looking into Mary’s eyes I withdraw. Taking a deep breath her young boobs swell. I firmly push forward. The resistance is temporarily there until, with an extra thrust, I force half my dick in. Mary squeals gripping Julie’s hands hard. Using a gentle sawing action I eventually bottom out.After giving Mary a little time to get used to the intrusion I start fucking. The soreness subsides and she starts thrusting back. Releasing her lover’s hands she pulls me to lie fully on top of her. Now I can really fuck her as she lovingly wraps her arms around me. Mary is now enjoying her first fuck so I was surprised when she said, “Stop…. I want to change position.” I stop. She moves Julie so she is flat on her back with her knees high and wide. Mary moves into doggy style above Julie, with her knees either side of Julies hips. They start snogging while Julie is plays with Mary’s hanging tits. Their pussies are rubbing against each other’s. I just sit back illegal bahis and watch this expression of love.Not wanting to be left out, I slip a hand under Mary’s pussy, she automatically raises it. I would really love to fuck these two. Alternating between the two pussies. I resist the temptation. Its Mary’s fuck after all.I think in Mary’s mind that now she is being fucked by her girlfriend. She is eagerly fucking back onto my thrusts. Mary and I are getting close to cumming. With that in mind I almost shout, “Julie….. Julie rub her clit as I fuck your girlfriend and YOU make her cum!” Instantly I feel a hand rubbing near my dick. Mary now joins in, “Yes Julie fuck my virgin pussy…..Make me a wooooooman.” The new woman drops onto her lover. I thrust no more than another 6 times, flooding her with my seed. What a great fuck.As I slip out I can see slight blood spots on my cum covered dick. Julie rolls Mary off and scampers over to clean my dick with her friend’s virgin juices. That done wraps her arms around her lover to doze. I dress, kissing them both tenderly before leaving them to enjoy their moment.Two days late the General comes by and I have a quiet word. “You wanted to see me fucking other women as well?” He nods. “Well I have a film for you to see.”I escort the General and his wife, Lucy, to the monitoring room. I sit the General down and kiss his wife. He watches us as we take turns stripping each other naked. Today I sit as he watches his wife back up onto me. She too sits slipping my dick into her excited pussy. She sits up proudly resting her bum on my thighs; her knees outside mine. Lucy is fully displayed to her husband. The General is delighted seeing his beautiful wife being lovingly caressed. I have edited the tape so that the stables shows images from four cameras. The screen shows the whole of Mary’s and Julie’s love making before I arrive. The excitement in the room builds from the moment I appear. Lucy is slowly fucking herself on my dick. As the steamy on screen sex get closer to Mary’s deflowering, the quicker and harder Lucy fucks herself on my dick. I fondle her boobs and tease her clit as we watch the scenes unfold. The General is very excited as her watches the girls on screen and Lucy fucking me. Lucy is mesmerised as Mary moves into doggy style. In time with the film I push Lucy off me and bend her over. As I start fucking Mary on screen, I roughly drive into Lucy’s divine sex. Like Mary was thinking it’s her lover taking her, Lucy imagines it is her being fuck for the very first time. Increasing my fuck pace I’m ready to blow my load into the General’s wife. She cums just after seeing me cum in Mary’s freshly fucked pussy. The General really enjoyed the film and so did Lucy. He was disappointed when he asks for a copy; I refused. Breaking the disk in front of them I say, “The girls didn’t agree to being filmed. So no. Really you are lucky to have seen this performance.” He accepted this. However, I change the subject when I ask him, what theme he has in mind for his wife’s regular Sunday night’s sex session. He says, “Naughty school girl. And I will spanker her before you get to fuck her. I don’t suppose those two would like to join in?” “No General. Nor yet.” I reluctantly suggest.If you would like more stable stories just let me know?Kind regardsJack

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