Aunt Caroline

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Hi my name is Steve, and this is my story.

All my life growing up I never was close to any of my family members, other than my cousin Carl.

We had a… What do you call it? Dysfunctional family.

But the worst was my Aunt Caroline.

My parents told me a lot about her while I was growing up.

Oh I saw her a few times of course, mostly at Christmas but, I didn’t know much about her, except, supposedly, she was the biggest whore on my Father’s side.

The funny thing is, she didn’t live very far from the high school that I used to go to.

Every morning and afternoon I’d see her sitting on her front porch and we’d always wave at each other, but never converse.

It was taboo for some stupid reason. I know because I tried once when I was fourteen and I got in trouble because of it.

Thing is though, I thought she was so freaking hot.

I mean, she was quite young, in her late thirtee’s, long blond hair, tight little body, and big natural breasts, as in 44 DD’s… I learned that later by the way.

And knowing she was the family whore turned me on.

I never thought I’d ever get to fuck her though, I mean, I am her nephew after all.

So you can imagine how shocked I was on that day.

I was still in high school when I turned eighteen, wasn’t proud of it but hey, that’s life.

I have been coming back from school on foot for the last three months or so, wasn’t so bad, it was only an half an hour walk.

That day in June, she waved at me again, but this time, waving me to go to her.

I decided to do so, even though I wasn’t supposed to, but I said to myself “What the heck.”

I looked on both sides of the road before crossing, my heart pumping in my chest, knowing I wasn’t suppose to do that, but did it anyway, because I was curious, because she was taboo… And because she is my Goddamned Aunt and at eighteen I should be able to talk to anyone I fucking want.

I got there in a hurry, almost panting.

She gave me a hug.

“Hey honey, long time no see.”

I hugged her back.

“Yeah I know Aunt Caro, but you know my parents, I mean, I would’ve come to see you every day… But yeah…”

She let me go and held me by my shoulders and smiled at me.

“Yeah I know honey, but you’re eighteen now right?”

“Yes, you’re damn right I am!”

I exclaimed.

Her left hand let go of my shoulder while the finger tips of her right hand slid down my body and found their way to my hand and grabbed it softly.

“Why don’t you come inside for a bit?

I mean, it’s hot here today…”

She waved her face indicating that it was warm, which is was.

“…and get something to drink, maybe even something to eat if you want to.”

My heart was racing faster than ever before, I wasn’t even sure why, but it was.

I nodded my head and let her guide me inside.

Once in I was amazed at how gorgeous the house looked from the inside.

It looked like the house was filled in by a rich woman while the house itself could’ve been bought by any average Jane… The contrast was just mind-blowing.

Or she just has very good taste and knows how to get her way, I don’t know.

“Sit down baby, I’ll get you a good tall glass of iced water.”

Getting nervous, again I wasn’t sure why, maybe it was because I was inside her house when I shouldn’t, or maybe it was because I had never been called “baby” by any woman before, not even my own mom.

I sat down on her living room couch, a very comfy couch I might add, and waited for her to come back with my drink.

About two minutes later, she had come back, wearing her thin white shirt, that left little to the imagination, especially because her breasts are so large that parts of them came out the top of her shirt, with my drink and one for herself, and sat down next to me.

“There you go baby.”

She handed me my drink, and I took it.

The second it was on my lips she spoke again.

“Don’t drink too fast, it’s so hot today, drinking something that cold will give you a headache.”

I smiled at that, she reminded me of my mom, and my mom ain’t so bad of a person, I mean, why the hell would my family ask me to stay far away from her when she’s such a nice lady?

I started to drink then and she took a sip herself.

“So, tell me about yourself honey, we’ve been so far away you and I that I seem to barely know you…”

She put her hand on my thigh, which made me stop drinking and stare at her.

“… and it’s a shame, don’t you think?”

I swallowed hard and replied…

“Yes, yes it is.

I mean, you’re so nice and everything…

Oh, and thank you for the water, I needed that.”

“Not at all, it’s my pleasure.”

She was drinking every time I was speaking and now the cold water were making her nipples erect.

And she noticed it.

She noticed it only because she noticed that I noticed.

Not to mention she still had her hand on my thigh, and now she was stroking it gently.

Even though I was drinking, my mouth was dryer than a hot day in a desert storm.

She bursa escort grabbed my hand again and stood up, looking down at me, her breasts a foot in front of my face.

She spoke softly.

“Want me to show you around the house?

You never stepped in here, right?”

“Yeah, I mean no, I mean, OK…”

I had to calm down and get my head right.

“No I have never been in here, and yes, I wanna see.”

She giggled lightly and made me stand up by pulling on my hand.

I followed her through the house until we got to the bathroom.

“Do you need to go pee honey?”

I had to stop and think to see… To feel if I needed to, and I did.

So I went.

Once there, I unzipped my pants and let my dick out, to my surprise, I was rock hard, not only that, but my underwear were wet from pre-cum.

“Oh shit… I hope she didn’t notice.”

I actually had to get bottomless and stand in the bathtub to pee because my thing wouldn’t go down.

As I was desperately trying to urinate, my Aunt called for me.

“Why is it taking so long?

Are you having too much fun in there?”

She said in a pleasant voice.

“No no…”

I replied.

“I just get shy peeing in a new place.”

I had to lie.

After I was done, half of my erection was down, I put my clothes back on, hoping she wouldn’t notice the bulge in my pants, and got out.

“Took you long enough hot shot.”

I laughed a little at that and apologized.

“It’s all good honey… Well, there’s only one room left to venture to… But I doubt you’d be interested in it.”

“What room?”

I asked, even though I knew.

“My bedroom.”

She said, with a smile on her face.

Even though I knew her bedroom was the room she was talking about all along, I felt a hot flash going straight to my head and I felt dizzy for a moment.

“So, wanna come?”

I looked at her, with a goofy smile on my face, and replied…

“I’d love to Aunt Caro.”

Don’t ask me how I was able to muster the strength it took me to say these words out loud, but I did.

She smiled back and led me into her room.

It was dark as hell inside.

Her windows were covered by thick, red shades and you’d think that her bedroom was a weird portal to somewhere else in the world where it was night.

She led me further into her room and turned on two lamps on each side of her bed.

The room wasn’t brightly lit, but it was more than enough to see perfectly well.

At least around the bed it was.

Aunt Caroline tapped on the bed lightly and invited me to sit on it.

Which I did, with a thump.

“Ooh careful there, you seem… Weak.”

I couldn’t do anything but stare at her breasts as she sat next to me, our feet firmly planted on the floor of her thick carpet, side by side, her to my left and me to her right.

“Baby… Maybe you need to eat, you seem pale, even in this light.”

Same thing, completely hypnotized by those huge tits, that looked even bigger in this light somehow.


She said with a sigh.

“… maybe you need to feed on these… They’re full of milk.”

That is when she took off her shirt and bra and let her big fucking tits fall down in front of her, staring at me, inviting me to get a taste.

“Oh… my… God.”

That’s all I could say to that heavenly vision.

“Come on baby, touch them.”

She said, with a wicked smile on her face.

She took my hands and planted them on her sweaty breasts.

At first I couldn’t move them, I was now looking at my hands where breasts once were, my eyes never moved.

I was in a different mental state, a state where dreams and reality intertwines.

She put two fingers under my chin and lifted my face so my eyes could connect with hers.

“Honey, there’s nothing wrong in wanting to fuck your Aunt, or any other family member in fact, it’s just natural, but only a few gets to act upon it… You’ll be one of the lucky few… Sex is a great thing and everyone should act upon their greatest fantasies.”

She put her hand on my crotch, which turned from a bulge from earlier to a massive mountain enrobed in human clothing. And she squeezed lightly.

Her other free hand went to my face and caressed my cheek for a moment, she leaned in slowly, closed her eyes, and kissed me.

After kissing me she leaned back, her eyes half closed with passion and whispered…

“Don’t tell me you haven’t heard the stories about me… Don’t tell me you never jacked off thinking about me.”

She was right about both.

I have been jacking off to her off and on ever since I can remember.

But part of my brain was incapable of understanding the situation, incapable, and maybe even unwilling, to see that this wasn’t a dream, or a vivid fantasy I’d think when I was masturbating…

This was happening, this was real.

I leaned in again and kissed her myself this time.

More passionately this time actually.

Gropping her huge breasts as I did.

My penis couldn’t take it bursa escort any longer.

Having it so big and hard in my pants started to hurt.

I winced a little and my Aunt stopped kissing me.

“What’s wrong baby?”

“It’s… it’s my… you know?”

I looked down at my dick, or my pants if you will, and she understood right away.

“Oh, is it hurting you baby?”

I nodded.

“than I guess we need to let it out.”

She got on her knees, her tits pressing against the bed, making them even larger, and I did too.

she unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned and unzipped my pants, and pulled it down to my knees.

“Get up on the bed honey.”

I did, almost fell over though, because the strength of my legs were almost all gone, but I managed.

She pulled down my underwear very slowly and carefully.

And there I was, in all my glory… Well if you think seven inches and a half can be called glory, and there she was, now only her knees, in front of me, with my dick making a little up and down dance in front of her, spewing pre-cum on her big tits as it did.

“Oh wow, such a big cock for such a stunning young man.”

She moaned as she leaned closer and touched the tip of my penis with the tip of her finger.

Getting some pre-cum on it and putting it in her mouth, tasting me.

“Mmmm, you taste so good baby… Can I put it in my mouth?”


She grabbed my dick at the base and put her closed lips on the tip of my penis, wetting them with pre-cum, and she went forward, sinking my penis deeper and deeper into her mouth and throat until it was all in.

I screamed in pleasure as she deep-troated me, feeling the back of her throat.

I almost came right there and then.

She slowly made her way back and released her grip on my dick as she let it out of her mouth, making it bounce up and down.

“God you cock tastes so fucking good… Family cock is always the best.”

I looked down at her and smiled, I ran my right hand on the left side of her face and she followed it, moaning.

I was really getting into this and there was nothing that could stop me from fucking the shit out of her.

So I grabbed my cock in my left hand and the back of her head with my right and shoved my dick inside her mouth again.

She started sucking my cock a bit faster now, grabbing my hands and guiding them, one to the back of her head, and one to her breasts.

I grabbed her breasts and squeezed them hard and ran her head to my crotch, I wanted her to deep-troat me again, which she did, without any effort.

I found myself fucking her mouth before too long, and entirely enjoying it.

She was much better than my hands let me tell you.

I never thought I’d lose my virginity to my own Aunt, but I didn’t complain about it either.

“Hold on.”

She said, then she let my dick go and went on her back, taking her pants, panties and socks off in no time.

In a flash she was back at sucking my throbbing young cock.

“Tell me what your parents has been telling about me.”

She was rubbing her pussy now, and still sucking my cock, and she was doing it much faster now.

“They told me to stay away from you.”


I let out a moan and then said…

“And They’ve told me you were a whore.”

“Well they were right.”

She said, playing with my balls as she blew me.

“They sure fucking are…”

I moaned.

“… You’re a fucking whore for sucking your nephew’s cock.”

She spat on my penis, using her spit as lube to stroke my cock, she used her other hand, which she was using to play with herself, and used some of that spit on my dick to use as lube for herself as well.

“And you’re a whore for letting me do it.”

I smiled down at her, completely agreeing with her.

I mean there I was, been masturbating thinking about her all my life and now my cock was in her mouth…

I guess I am a whore as well, and I loved every moment of it.

“Do you think you could handle cumming baby?”

“You want me to cum all over your face and tits Aunt Caro?”

I said with a wicked smile.

“Only if you can keep up after.”

“Horny as I am for you, I could go all day even if you made me cum a hundred times.”

She smiled and really started to work on my cock.

She was alternating between sucking and jacking off, still using her spit as lube.

She was rubbing herself faster and faster as we both got closer to our climaxes.

We stopped talking then, just enjoying what was happening.

We moaned and groaned until I told her I was about to cum.

“Oh me too baby, just fucking cum all over me.

I want to be drenched in your young warm cum.”

And so I did.

I came all over her face, and I mean all over.

She directed my cock to her tits and came on them as well.

I wasn’t even done cumming when she did too.

Her back arched back and fluids hit the bed and my ankles.

Before I was completely done with my orgasm, she used my cum on her tits and bursa eskort rubbed it all over and in between her tits.

With one hand she pulled me a bit closer and with the other she took off most of my cum on her face and rubbed it around my own penis and shoved it between her tits.

“Fuck my tits baby, come on!”

She exclaimed.

I bended my knees and grabbed her by her shoulder and started to fuck her tits.

One last shot was delivered from my cock and went to her throat.

She moaned at that as she started to help me fuck her breasts by squeezing them tight and going up and down on my cock.

“Oh my God, that feels so good.

I always jacked off thinking about your huge fucking tits.”

“Oh God, hearing you say that makes my pussy so fucking wet.”

I fucked her tits some more, until I couldn’t take it anymore… I needed to taste her.

“I fucking need to taste you Aunt Caro. Please.”

She went to my cock, sucking it a bit more, tasting my cum on it, or what was left of it, and went on her back, hard.

“You fucking eat that pussy baby, fucking eat it!”

I got on my knees and got over her, kissing her passionately as I fumbled her big tits, rubbing my fingers on some of my cum that was left on her breasts.

I brought my cum filled fingers to her mouth and she sucked on them, moaning, as I made my way down to her naked, wet and pulsing vagina.

I immediately spread her pussy with my fingers and shoved my tongue inside.

It was wet, warm and fucking tight as hell.

I noticed how tight she really was when I saw that I could barely fit a second finger in it after I introduced a first.

She moaned loud as I shoved my fingers inside and began to lick and suck on her tiny clit.

“Fuck yeah baby… Holy shit you’re good.”

Again, there it was, my first taste of pussy, and it was my Aunt’s.

I started fingering her fast and licking her clit just as fast.

My tongue was getting tired as hell but I kept on.

Her pussy was getting wetter by the second, just like her moans, that were getting louder by the second as well.

She started grinding her pussy up and down on my fingers as I tried to keep up on the licking.

“Oh God baby I’m gonna cum.”

She tried to push my fingers out of her pussy but I kept at it until the last second.

She came all over my chest.

I went down on her, spreading her pussy and opening my mouth to get the rest of her cum right in my mouth, which I did.

There was so much of it that I actually gagged on it.

As I was swallowing her juices she got back on her knees and started licking my chest to taste herself.

Her hands visiting my body, she finally got a hold of my cock and went down on it, sucking it faster than ever before.

“Oh fuck… blow that fucking cock you fucking whore!”

On her knees, she was playing with her wet clit as she was moaning with my cock in her mouth.

She took it out and looked up at me.

“Treat me like the slut I am Steve.

Make your Auntie your own little personal sex slave whore.”

I took my cock and slapped her face with it.

“Again baby, do it again!”

I did it again, slapping her face with my hard cock.

She grabbed her heavy breasts and brought them up so I could slap them as well.

After slapping them a few time, I shoved my cock right back in her mouth and started fucking it just like it was her pussy.

It was her time to fucking gag.

She pulled out after a few second to take a breather.

When she did that, I went on her, spat between her breasts, and squeezed her tits together around my cock and started fucking them some more.

She held them together after a few seconds so I could lay back a bit and keep fucking her tits as I fingered her as deep as I could.

“You love your Aunt’s big fucking tits, don’t you?”

“Fuck yeah, I love all of you.”

She lightly came again and I went down to drink a little of it, licking the interior of her pussy as I did.

“Fuck me now… You need to fuck me now or I’ll explode.”

My heart was pounding in my chest, I felt weak and nauseated.

I got on my knees and got my cock as close as possible to her wet, dripping pussy and slapped her clit a few times.

She giggled at it and gave a smile.

This smile was different though, it was a smile that said “Hey, you know you fucking love it, and you know we’ll be doing this a lot in the future.”… And she couldn’t be more right.

I slowly put my penis inside her, very slowly, until the head was all in.

I took a deep breath, then I went all in.

It felt so good, like I never imagined.

I started to fuck her deep, as deep as I could, and it felt even better than her deep-throats.

I laid on her, and started to fuck her good, sucking on her big tits as I did.

“Oh God I’ve been wanting you for years, I had to wait until you were all growed up but fuck, it was worth it.”

“Me too Aunt Caroline, I’ve been wanting to fuck you for so fucking long.”

And I was finally doing it, fucking my own blood, my own Aunt, and I knew even then, that no other women could satisfy me the way a family member could like her.

I grabbed her from behind her neck and started to fuck harder, faster, and with more passion.

“Oh my God, nobody ever fucked me like this before.”

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