Auntie Fifi

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Felicia Witherspoon was horny —VERY horny.

It had been 2 weeks since her 50th birthday and over 6 months since the last time she’d had sex.

It wasn’t enough to masturbate again with her hand or favorite dildo . She needed the real thing – another hot, horny, sweaty body was the only thing that would satisfy her.

Things hadn’t been going well for Felicia lately. She never married or had children. She’d broken up with the last boyfriend she’d had over a year ago. Not too long after that, she’d been laid off from a company she’d been with for more than 20 years.

She now lived with her older sister, Rose.

Two lonely black women in a 2-bedroom townhouse in SW Washington, DC.

The only bright spot in Felicia’s life was her sister’s stepson, Reggie. Once a week, he came by to check up on his stepmother and “Auntie Fifi”.

Reggie was 26, stood about 6’3″ and worked out daily. He’d enlisted in the Marines straight out of high school and served 2 tours in the Middle East, before being discharged. He currently worked as a mechanic for the Postal Service.

Felicia first met Reggie when he was 15. Even then he showed signs of being the handsome young man he would eventually become. She asked him to call her “Auntie Fifi” (she thought it was cute) and she called him Reginald (she was the only person to call him by his full name).

His father married Rose just before his 18th birthday. (Reggie’s father passed away a few years later.)

Felicia had gotten “a little tipsy” and made a pass at him during the wedding reception – dancing seductively, kissing him on his neck. He’d returned the favor, grinding his hard-on against her ass and copping a quick feel whenever he could.

The flirting had continued – on a much smaller scale – since then. Felicia often thought of him while having sex or masturbating. Reggie had definitely jerked-off a few times thinking about her over the years.

It was just after 10AM on Saturday; Felicia had just gotten out of the shower. Rose had called earlier to say she’d pulled an extra shift at the hospital.

Felicia figured she’d make the most of her opportunity. Reggie usually came by around 11 and she wanted to look her best. Today she chose her new, red sundress, black low-heeled sandals and her sexiest black thong. She stood admiring herself in the full-length mirror as she debated whether or not to wear a bra. She finally decided that the “girls” were sagging a little too much and chose the bra that matched the thong – she didn’t want to seem THAT obvious.

“I still got it.” Felicia thought looking at her full-figured brown frame.

She’d always been considered the “pretty sister”. She was tall, 5’10”, with very ample curves. Her ex-boyfriend once described her as what Serena Williams would look like in 20 years. She was very proud of her measurements – 48-30-50 – and didn’t mind “putting her stuff on display”; especially around her nephew.

After dressing, she went down to the kitchen and made herself breakfast. It was almost 11:30 when she heard Reggie’s key at the front door.

“Hello?” he called from the living room. “Rose? Auntie Fifi?”

“Back here, baby.” She returned as she sipped her coffee.

“Hey Auntie Fifi!” Reggie grinned as he kissed her on the cheek.

“You hungry, honey? I just made some grits and I could make you some eggs too.” She offered.

“Nah, I just ate. But I will take some of that coffee.”

She admired his ass and legs as he turned to the counter across the room. He wore khaki shorts, bursa otele gelen eskort flip-flops and a t-shirt – to Felicia he looked absolutely delicious.

“So where’s Rose? Still at the hospital?” He inquired.

“You know my sister,” she answered, still ogling him. “All work and no play.”

“And you like to play?” Reggie grinned as he took the seat across from her.

“Oh, hell yes…!” she shot back, giving him her most seductive stare. “Miss Fifi loves herself some playtime!”

Reggie smiled back. They momentarily sipped their coffee in silence.

“So what’s your game plan today?” she asked.

“Nothing much. Just tryin’ to stay out of trouble. What about you?”

She grinned at him again.

“Now, Reginald. You know your Auntie Fifi also loves herself some trouble…”

There was another pause between them – both knew exactly what the other wanted, but neither wanted to be the first to say it.

Felicia gave in.

“Reginald,” she playfully asked as she walked to the sink with her empty coffee mug, “how do you think I look in my new dress?”

She posed and turned for him at the counter.

Slowly he looked her over from head to toe. He thought she was hot despite being almost twice his age. Since that first time he’d felt her tits at the wedding reception, he’d wanted this woman.

“You look a’ight.” He toyed with her.

“Excuse me?” she shot back, faking outrage. Placing her hands on her ample hips and striking her defiant pose. “You mean you don’t think that I look damn good right now?”

He continued to play along and study her, openly staring at her breasts and ass.

“Hmmmm, maybe…” he pondered. “I think maybe I need a closer look.”

“A closer look?” She smirked.

“A closer look.” He nodded walking to the door that led to the den.

“Mmmm-hmm.” She mumbled following him down the short flight of stairs and into the family room.

Reggie switched on the floor lamp in the far corner. With no windows, the den remained dimly lit.

“Now, where were we?” Reggie continued as he sank into the chair he usually flopped in whenever he came by to watch the Redskins with them.

Felicia’s heart was pounding. She could feel the moisture in her shaved pussy increasing and her nipples began to throb. He was teasing her just as much as he was being teased.

She loved it.

“As I was sayin’,” she continued, posing barely 2 feet away from him. “I look good and you know it!”

“OK.” he replied with his best deadpan expression.

“You like everything you see.” She slowly passed her hands over her thighs and her slight belly. “You like it, and you want it, Reginald. You have for a long, long time.” Her hands were now on her breasts, squeezing and teasing her nipples through the fabric.

Reggie continued to stare, feigning disinterest. He loved the game they were playing as well, and he was just as affected. His 10-inch cock was almost fully erect, causing him some discomfort cramped inside his shorts. He shifted slightly to allow himself more room.

Felicia continued to gyrate and touch herself, her eyes remained locked on Reggie’s. She was working herself up almost to the point of having an orgasm – she needed some physical contact soon.

“I’m still not too sure, Auntie Fifi,” Reginald continued. “I think I’m gonna need more convincing.”

That was Felicia’s cue. Without saying another word she pulled up her dress and straddled him. They kissed and groped bursa eve gelen escort bayan each other like horny teenagers.

Reggie filled his hands with as much of Felicia’s ass as he could. She in turn ground her crotch against his. She was so close to cumming she couldn’t take it anymore.

They broke their kiss and Reggie’s tongue found her neck and then her ear. That was all it took to push her over the edge.

“Reginald, baby! Oh shit!” she yelped, as an intense orgasm ‘shook her so hard she lost a shoe.

Reggie smiled at her clenched face and shuddering body.

“You OK, Auntie Fifi?” he smiled coyly.

She collapsed into him, breathing heavy. He gently stroked her back, occasionally allowing his hands to trail down to her ass. She trembled each time he did.

He continued to hold her like that until he felt she’d rested enough.

“Sit up Auntie Fifi.” He said nudging her to her feet.

She stood shakily, still leaning against him. Reggie led her to the love seat against the adjacent wall and lowered her into the corner.

She lay back, still horny, watching him as he slowly undressed. Soon he was standing there wearing nothing but a grin. Reggie’s long, thick, rock-hard cock pointed directly at her forehead.

As if on cue she wrapped her lips around his member.

Reggie stood there, hands lightly guiding her head, allowing her to do the work. Felicia hungrily sucked his cocked, her hands exploring his rock-hard abs, his sculpted ass, and his firm thighs. Never in her life had she been with such a physically perfect man.

She could feel the orgasm building up inside her again – she hoped that she could hold out this time.

Reggie slowly guided her head away from his cock. It slipped out of mouth and he continued to rub himself against her face, spreading a mixture of saliva, sweat and pre-cum across her cheeks.

“Open up wide.” He told her. With both hands holding her head firmly, he slowly fucked her mouth and throat, occasionally causing her to gag.

“Stand up for me.” He then said, suddenly pulling Felicia to her feet. Turning her around, he sat on the couch and indicated that he wanted her to remove her dress. She continued until it was over her head and on the floor.

Next he tugged at her bra strap and she promptly shed it, dropping it on top of the dress. And without a word she finally removed her thong.

“This a close enough look for you now?” she asked, smiling at him wearing only her shoes.

“Yep, plenty close,” he smiled back, as he slowly stroked his cock. “Why don’t you turn around and bend over for me?”

“Reginald….what kinda lady you think I am?” she asked feigning shock.

“The kind who’ll turn that big-ass aroun’ an’ spread them cheeks if she wants her nephew to lick that pussy.” He shot back.

Without another word Felicia did exactly as he said, resting her hands on the edge of the coffee table for support. She stepped out of her heals once she realized that her balance was a little unsteady – she wanted no distractions.

Reggie leaned forward, took both of her ample butt-cheeks in each hand and spread her wide. He immediately attached her moist snatch with his tongue, starting with the clit and slowly working his way back to her tight, puckered asshole.

It took less than five minutes for Felicia to have her second orgasm of the day. She felt it building the moment he told her to bend over. Sweat poured into her eyes and her knees went bayan eskort bursa weak as she attempted to catch her breath.

“Baby – oh shit – Reginald! I’m cummin’ baby – I’m cummin’!”

She let out one final short squeal before almost completely losing her balance. Reggie helped guide her hips back into the loveseat next to him.

“You ain’t done yet, are you Auntie Fifi?” he asked with a sly grin.

“No, baby,” she panted. “I just need a second to catch my breath.”

He gave her 20 seconds – before easing her onto her back and climbing between her legs.

“Oh shit!” she cried out. Felicia hadn’t realized how a 10-inch long six-inch thick cock would feel.

They worked at a steady pace, locked in a long, wet passionate kiss as they fucked. Felicia’s toes curled as he steadily pounded her pussy with his member. She dug her nails into his well-muscled arms and back.

Breaking from their kiss, Reggie sat back on his knees. He took both of her ankles in his hands, pushing them back until her knees almost touched her shoulders.

It took Felicia some effort to catch her breath and maintain her balance on the cramped loveseat. Reggie smiled at the amount of control this gave him over his aunt.

Slowly withdrawing his cock, he pulled her forward into his arms. They kissed briefly before he began to reposition her, motioning that he wanted Felicia to face the other way.

Doggie-style was Felicia’s favorite position by far. She anxiously crawled onto her knees as he pushed her towards the arm of the loveseat, until finally her entire top half, arms and breasts hung over the edge. This left her ass high in the air and feeling a little concerned about falling.

“Don’t worry, Auntie,” he reassured her, “I got you.”

Firmly gripping her hips, Reggie placed the tip of his cock against her pussy lips. He gave her left cheek a playful slap as he slipped himself in to the hilt.

Felicia let out a loud gasp as he entered her. From this position she thought he felt bigger than before, filling her pussy completely.

Reggie pounded away at his aunt’s ass with everything he had, his thighs loudly smacking against her ass. Beads of sweat trailed from his temples and along his back and chest.

He knew that he wouldn’t last very much longer.

“I’m cummin’ Auntie.” He gasped, “I’m cummin’…”

“Oh yes, baby.” She panted, “Cum for your auntie, give it all to auntie!”

With a loud grunt Reggie blasted his load into his aunt’s hungry, hot pussy. Ounces of cum filled Felicia and began to spill down her thighs and onto the pillows of the leather loveseat.

Pulling her back into a comfortable position next to him, they sat facing each other, catching their breath. Felicia even briefly dozed off.

“You ready for another go?” Reggie grinned, gently nudging her awake.

“Wha…?” she said sitting forward. She slapped him on his arm and fell into his arms giggling.

They kissed and cuddled for a few hours. Later that afternoon they went out for dinner and a movie.

Shortly after 6:30 that evening, Rose returned home from a double-shift at the hospital. Bone weary, she took a beer from the refrigerator, kicked off her shoes and walked into the den. She plopped down into the loveseat and proceeded to channel surf on the 50-inch plasma TV.

Slowly she sat forward.

“What the hell…?” she said aloud, sniffing the air. The smell was faint, but distinct – although she hadn’t been in a relationship in almost 2 years, Rose still recognized the odor of hot-and-sweaty after-sex.

For some strange reason, the smells seemed particularly “familiar”.

Looking around, she found her sister’s still damp thong under the coffee table.

“Guess Fifi got lucky.” She said examining the undergarment between her fingers. “Wish her lazy-ass woulda cleaned up.”

Then another thought occurred to her – did Reggie come by today?

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