Auntie Has Her Ways

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Auntie Has Her Ways•Auntie has her ways…•I had found out about where my father’s porn stash was being held, under the seat of the passenger side of his car. Back int the 50’s seats had significant room beneath them. My father would leave his porn textbooks under there. While I was waiting for him to get a few beers I would check out his stash. WOW was I thrilled that some folks would write about the private activities of men and women. I would get hard on seeing the first paragraph about explicit sex. I would revisit them as much as possible. Then on a sympathetic note, I got hooked up with my auntie’s girdles and stockings. I would put them on at any given auntie visit when she would not be watching me take her lingerie. One day, while she left me at her house to go shopping for groceries, typically a couple of hours, I got dressed determined to put some makeup on my face to get the full feel of being a fem gal. I was into it for about an hour and she pulled into the driveway cutting my 2 hour time to 1/2 and I tried to run for cover. Since I was in the living room, feeling my hard cock and hoping for a nice orgasm, she opened the front door and said, “what are you doing all dressed up like that” and I got kind of quiet at that point. She then changed her attitude and said, “I think you look good, I see that you are enjoying your silky lingerie, please continue where you were going, I might join you if you like.” I heartily agree that she should explore her long lost fantasies about me dressing in her house. She agreed and said she had not considered this but would like to participate in a sexual act with me. I could not have wanted anything more than being in love with my auntie and to make her feel young and vivacious in her enjoyment of sexual pleasure. •Auntie took me to her room and took off all my lingerie, she directed me to shower and then shave all my hair off, which I gladly did. Then she did my makeup and me into a young female, except I had a cockette, which she kept brushing making it very hard. She said I was her 6th sissy boy she had helped convert to sissydom. I love hearing her tell me this. She said she had been converting sissies for about 20 years getting them as they turned 18 and making them dress female in sexy clothes. Auntie is kind of a lesbian but with tranny gurls who like to have her dress them. I fit right into this category kaçak iddaa according to her. My mom will be interested to see auntie dress me I am sure, ha.•She asked me if I liked girdles and tight lingerie, and my cock jumped at the question. She brought out an all-in-one with legs and an opening for my cock. I put on panties, then the all-in-one which was very tight and had like EEE cups. She filled these with silicone forms which were heavy, but I loved the full out-front feeling. Next, she pulled up stockings that hooked on a garter belt she put on over the all-in-one and secured the stockings. I was starting to sweat with all this lycra on and she turned on the fan. My wig started blowing in the wind and I looked like a sex queen in the mirror. I loved the look.•She had me bend over and inserted a steel butt plug, that stretched my ass so large it really hurt, but then slipped inside and felt full and fine. I was loving the intern bumping and movement of the butt plug, it was hitting my prostate for sure. Then the cock ring which made my cock harder, then elastic wrist bands behind the cock ring, which really pulled my whole balls and cock out about 4 inches. The panties were a tent with my cock oozing precum which auntie swiped into my mouth, which tasted a bit salty. She came up and looked me in the eye, looking for that female inner girl in me and once she saw it she closed in for a gentle kiss, as we sucked each other’s tongues slowly. She was in the groove and was pulling me into it as well.She asked me if I would like to have sex with her and I nodded rapidly, she asked me if I would want to party with her and some of her other sissy creations and I agreed heartily again. She said she loves lesbian gurls since they are so soft and sensitive and let her have her way. I was not going to disagree with that thought. I was wondering who these other sissy boys were, family, friends, neighbors?Auntie was playing with my butt plug, pushing it in and out, getting me really hot. She pulled out another panty girdle and pulled it up over my butt pushing the plugin deeper, then over my hard cock. Over top of this she pulled a slip that when rubbed made my cock sing with joy it was so hard and slippery. She was giving me some frottage which really felt great. I reached over and caressed her right boob, making her squeal with delight. She kissed me kaçak bahis deeper again and I pulled her tit out and sucked the nipple very hard, which made her moan with deep sensual pleasure. Auntie started feeling my breasts up and making like she Is a lesbian, which made me feel like a young girl with her mother and feeling like a lesbian as well.She took off her blouse, pulled off her bra, looked me in the eye and said, “you are such a fucking beautiful gurl, I will have to fuck you until your gurl cum spills all over.” I totally agreed and puled her pants down revealing a fake cock strapped to her groin, it was 9” long and fat. She said she uses this on all her gurls, and I will get used to it. As she kissed me again, she turned me around and being bound by two girdles and hose I was easy to grab and twist. Then she bent me over the back of a stuffed chair and cut my girdles up the back with a pair of scissors opening up my butt for her usage. She slowly pulled out the butt plug and inserted her dong. It was so big, I was stretched to the limit as she sunk in up to her pussy, the other end of the dong inserted in her pussy. My cock was now against the chair and I was all about rubbing it in to the cushion. She impaled me on her dong and started to hammer my butt with all she had, teasing my prostate and making me start to reach the peak of my dreams. I was loving the fucking she was giving me when we were both surprised by the knock at the door. She said, “ah shit, who could that be?” I said, “yeah really I feel the same way, can we hurry up and finish?”, and she pushed harder and faster for 10 seconds and I came as she did blowing our minds for joy. She pulled out fast and left me feeling empty, I wished she could have kept me filled. She noticed my look and put the butt plug back into my hole and pulled up my panties. Then she threw me her robe and I put it on while she put another on and went to the door.Upon opening the person outside threw their arms around auntie saying, “I am so glad I found you home, I was really needing your hugs today, can I come in.” Auntie said “Sure, come right in, I have Alba, my nephew here, he and I were playing a few games today. Auntie called for me to come out and meet this person, and I was not so interested still dressed with makeup and all. I cautiously went into the living room, eyes cast down, and saw a young illegal bahis person dressed in a skirt and blouse with big boobs, nice makeup, and stockings. Auntie said, “this is Josie, she is my last conversion project, doesn’t she look great.” I said, “indeed she looks great, out in public as well, how does it feel?” Josie said, “Alba, you will love being out in your fem garb and being a gurl in public, people are so accepting and loving the fact that you free them up from their everyday fantasies and suggest new ones in their head.” I was checking Josie out and getting the feeling that she was more female than male now, and Auntie would sense that as well.Auntie said, “come on let’s go have some fun, I want to see how you tow handles each other and me at the same time.” I grabbed Josie’s hand and off we went to Auntie’s bedroom with Auntie caressing our butts as we walked along. Once in the bedroom, auntie pulled us to her as she grabbed both of our tits. Turns out Josie’s were real DDD tits and mine were fake, but we all got into it. Auntie said, “I want to see both of you suck each other, let’s get into a 69 on the bed, Alba you get on the bottom, and Josie on top.” We both follow instructions and once we were joined, Auntie produced a strap and she belted us together, so we had to keep our heads in each other’s crotches, which we did. Then she freed our cocks and forced us to suck each other deeply which we did. We were both getting hard and licking the cock in our face.Auntie brought out a thin cane and started lightly tanning our butts making them red and us groan with pleasure and pain which was new to me, and I was starting to see how it felt so good. Josie was used to this and asked for Auntie to beat her harder as she gobbled my cock down her throat. This lesbian sex was good. Auntie could sense that we were ready to cum and beat us harder and I was overcome with pleasure and came hard into Josie’s open mouth. He swallowed as fast as he could, with my cum filling his mouth and running down my cock, he licked it up. Auntie saw this and made me suck him hard as he came into my mouth, and I was so happy to have him fill me. She said, “you gurls are so good, I love fucking you and beating you off and then seeing you suck each other makes my juices flow. Come here and suck my pussy so I can feel your slippery tongues on my pussy. I love seeing us all together, makes me feel so “bad”.” I hope we can work out some arrangement to have these parties weekly, Josie and I looked at each other and smiled, we knew we would be well taken care of from now on.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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