Awakening to the Darkness

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He came to her in the night. It was like a great romantic novel… too intriguing to put down for more than a few moments. The kind one carries with themselves, eagerly devouring every word even while performing the most mundane tasks.

He carried with him the answers to dreams and hopes and wishes just waiting to be brought into the light. His gentle manipulations of her soul filled her with a flood of feelings which were fresh and exciting to her and fed a hunger deep within. His hypnotic voice made her tremble and flush with previously unknown desires. And his touch…! It was as though he knew her body better than he knew his own. Each caress, every breath across her skin left her weak and dizzy.

He appeared to her and swept her into his loving embrace. She could feel his warm breath brush against her neck, and she melted into his strong arms. He slowly lifted her chin and gazed longingly into her deep green eyes conveying passion and lust and something she didn’t yet recognize. His fingers lightly traced the outline of her face, her neck, her shoulders. His hands slipped back to her long auburn hair, copper highlights glistening in the mellow candlelight filling the room.

Suddenly, he gripped her tresses, pulling back and down, exposing her neck fully to him. He softly trailed kisses from her jaw to the top of her cleavage, making her heart quicken and pound. His nimble fingers adeptly released the constraint of her blouse in a fluid motion revealing a lace brassiere just barely able to contain her luscious orbs. Through the thin material he could see her dark pink nipples, stiff and straining to break free. He undid the front clasp, her breasts springing forth as she moaned softly.

He lifted her like a child ready for bed, and she slipped her arms around his neck, resting her head against his chest. With great care, he laid her on the large bed in the corner of the room. Somewhat Sivas Escort dazed, she watched as he revealed his body to her lustful gaze, and he removed his clothing one piece at a time. She admired his broad, downy chest, the way the muscles moved beneath his skin with every motion he made. She watched, entranced, while he took off his pants. She loved the firm thighs and the bulge straining at the cotton of his briefs. Once fully unclothed, he stretched his large frame across her waiting body making her own stature seem diminutive by comparison.

He brought his warm, soft lips to hers and kissed her with a tenderness that filled her entire being with a rush of dizzying emotions. Nothing else existed in that moment. She floated in her own passion, a willing slave to every feeling and thought he chose to awaken within her. Slowly, he ran the tip of his tongue around her moist lips, making a full circle. Gently, he probed further as her lips parted to allow him more complete access. As he licked and teased the caverns of her mouth, she began to meet his tongue with her own. Timidly, at first, her sweet, gentle tongue danced with his pulling them further into their desire for one another. He grabbed her face in his hands and started drawing her tongue into his hot, demanding mouth.

Sucking almost rhythmically, he moved his hands lower to massage her aching and responsive breasts. She arched beneath him, pressing harder to meet his eager explorations of her flesh. As he worked his way lower, he removed the last vestiges of cloth covering her upper body. He trailed his tongue down to her tight, crinkled buds and encased one with his lips. Rolling it over and around his tongue, he lightly nipped, eliciting a moan. She squirmed beneath him, and he removed her slacks, leaving only her white, lace panties covering her.

He could see the moisture the soft lace was unable to hide and smelled her Sivas Escort Bayan musky scent rising to him. Kissing down her tummy, producing shivers of excitement, she raised her hips to allow him to expose her most private and intimate of bodily secrets. He sensuously dragged the backs of his fingers up the inside of her thighs. She quivered beneath him awaiting that exquisite contact he would soon make with her throbbing pussy.

She was fully aroused by now, and her clitoris stood out from between her shaven pink lips. At first, he stroked along the outer folds and rushed his hot breath across her nub. As his fingers probed her more deeply, he brought his lips to lightly kiss her sensitive pussy. At the first touch, her hips took on a life of their own, raising higher to receive more from him. With one hand, he parted her flesh as the other began exploring her deeply. Her slippery, fiery membranes clenched around his fingers begging for more. He lapped at her inner lips, briefly avoiding what she wanted most, and her moans turned into frustrated grunts of wanting and needing him to consume her.

Finally, he rolled his tongue in small circles around her clit and she trembled, bucking wildly to take in more of his fingers and meet his teasing tongue. Her pleasure was evidenced in the profuse juices flowing around his hand as well as her cries of ecstasy. Sensing she could no longer wait, he sucked on her as his hand fucked her cunt with wild abandon. She stiffened and gave out a loud cry as the waves of her climax washed over and through her. Her screams of pleasure filled the room as she continued to ride out the sensations filling her.

Before she could come down from this high, he rose to his knees before her. Staring down into her eyes, yet without her speaking a word, he could see the pleading on her face for him to take her. His own need having built exponentially, he could Escort Sivas not hold back. She spread her legs wide apart, and he accepted the invitation by lowering himself onto her. Kissing her passionately, he used one quick thrust to plunge his cock deeply into her drenched cunt. With all of the fire and explosion of the universe, he pounded his stiff member into her again and again.

She cried out beneath him, hips rising uncontrollably to meet his, as the second wave of orgasm tumbled over her, and he was overcome. His balls tightened and he plunged deeply into her heat, groaning his pleasure, his seed spurting out and filling her quivering cunt. She felt his gift hit the walls of her inner sanctum and shuddered, clenching tightly around him. Spent, he fell to her side on the cool sheets.

As their breathing returned to normal, she rolled herself against his chest and listened to the beating of his heart. She wrapped her arms around his torso and ran her fingers through his chest hair. He reached around and pulled her closer to him. He stroked her hair away from her face and she sighed, closing her eyes. As he kissed her lightly on the forehead, she again opened her eyes.

She was alone. Only the faint light of morning through the curtains greeted her. As reality set in, and her mind began to uncloud, she realized that he had merely been a dream. Her body began to shake as great sobs of despair overwhelmed her. She cried out to the semi darkness knowing it was futile, and that no comfort was to be forthcoming. When her tears and breathing started to slow, she thought about what she had seen in his eyes. Suddenly, she realized it had been a reflection of the unnamed desire within her. Awakened to a new awareness, she wasn’t sure if now knowing this dark passion existed for her would be unbearably sweet or simply unbearable. After all, this need was not one which was easily exposed to the harsh light of day and still allowed to survive. It dwelt in the darkness, the night. It could bring her to never before known heights or toss her naked and empty to the deepest depths. In resignation, she rolled back onto her bed and tried to sleep, hoping again to dream.

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