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Subject: Horny Dad Tales 10 Horny Dad Tales Bill Drake (billdrake@hotmail) The usual disclaimers apply: for adult readers only. Contains graphic depictions of sexual activity between men, some of whom are related. This series is not one story but a collection of tales involving, you got it, horny dads. Back in the listserv days there was a great series called Horny Guy Tails. They were the inspiration for my White Collar Tales, and I thought it would be fun to have a series of father-son stories: some shorter, some more developed. A forum for the usual Bill Drake plots and themes, and for developing ideas I don’t normally do. The series has gotten a lot of great feedback, so thanks to those readers out there who’ve taken a moment to write. Send those comments and story suggestions along: billdrake@hotmail. For more of my stories, check out the Authors page at Nifty, or join my Yahoo group: hoo/group/drakestories/ Horny Dad Tales 10 Away at College Greg Barrett was bored and horny during his 9AM History of Western Civ class. He was never a morning person, well except for one part of him. Nonchalantly, as Professor Tills was droning on about the Middle Ages, Greg reached down between his spread legs and started massaging the morning bone that stuck up high and proud. Real high. One of these days Greg would have to thank his daddy good and proper for passing down the family inheritance. The sophomore had done pretty well in the genes department all around. Tall, strapping and naturally gifted with coordination, he’d developed into a fine athlete. Full jock scholarship free ride and a backup QB slot at a NCAA-I school wasn’t bad. And he loved being treated like a hero. The young Barrett was getting laid pretty much nonstop. He was tuning out the lecture completely now. His hand felt great on his hard, horny rod. He’d rolled out of bed, just tossing on a pair of sweats, an old T shirt, a ballcap to hide his bed head, and some flip flops. No underwear even, so istanbul travesti the material of his sweatpants massaged his cock into a full-on fuckhard and the slickness of his cock dribble was making a nice sticky surface for his johnson to rub against. At this rate he’d be walking out of class fully erect for everyone to see, but that never bothered him. He was proud of his equipment, and besides… who was gonna fuck with him? The vibrations felt so good against his stalk. Vibrations? What the fuck? Greg pulled his hand back and remembered his mobile phone tucked into his pocket. He had a new message. Hey bro. how’s it hanging? Greg smiled. He and his little brother Ryan got along really well. Ryan loved having a QB star older bro to brag about and look up to and, well, Greg got off on the hero worship and the mentoring role he played in the 17 year old’s life. He quickly texted back. Not much dude. Am in class now. Boring as shit. Ha ha. College not what it’s cracked up to be? College is great. Pussy, beer, ball. Only if I dont’ get a 2.0 this semester, coach is gonna have my balls for breakfast. Sounds tasty, bro! You little pervert. Don’t tell me my horny brother is not getting enough. I do OK. I bet. Big jock on campus, huh? Following in your steps, big guy. You boning up in class again, kiddo? Yep. Mr. Decker’s giving me that stare, like he’s gonna knock the phone outta my hand. Spread your legs. That always gets him. Fuck. His eyes just about popped out. Stick around after class if you wanna nail him. He’s ready for it. You nailed Mr. D? Many times. Fuck. Exactly. Sweet ex-wrestler manpussy. You’re gonna love it. I can’t believe I’m ready to fuck again. Got majorly laid last night. Lucky dog. That cheerleader you been chasing for two months? Nah, better. Yeah? Instead of a reply a picture came through. A man’s heavy, muscular buttocks, brawny hairy cheeks. Definitely a man’s ass, not a teen’s. Nervously, kadıköy travesti Greg looked around behind him to see if anyone could see the image. The athlete always sat in the next to last row of the big lecture hall, so the likelihood of someone seeing over his shoulder wasn’t that great. But one never knows. Turns out someone was behind him. Moose. That’s not his real name, but it’s what everyone on the team calls him. Burly linebacker, with curly dark hair everywhere. Greg looked up and saw his shit-eating grin, “Hell yeah, Barrett!” he seemed to say. The QB blushed a little but figured what the hell. He and Moose had been in some compromising positions themselves. The guy was a horned up dickmuncher and many days after practice the two would go back to Greg’s dorm room and Moose would get between his legs and works up a couple of liquid meals. Just forcing the guy’s head down on a hard rod would make Moose come half the time. Greg started to turn back to reply to his brother when he looked down and noticed it. Moose’s fat stalk pushing right past the hem of his shorts, which he was hiking up further and further. Then pushing back to cover the dripping head. Fuck! Moose was using the material to jack off right here in class. Barrett felt the vibration again, through the desk. Another message. Fucking hot, huh? You said I wouldn’t have the balls to try it. Then it hit him. He recognized that ass after all. His dad! He should have known. Greg thought he’d memorized every inch of that beautiful butt during the last visit home. He smiled. So my little bro finally grew some cajones, he thought. How’d you do it? Took your advice. Acted like I was gonna give my ass up for his bday present. Turned the tables. Yeah? Ate him out for like an hour, bro. Didn’t know dad could whimper like that. I told ya. Memories came flooding back. College was great, but at that moment Greg wished he was back home. Sure did. And then I crawled up onto bakırköy travesti his back and started licking that spot between his shoulder blades. Just like you told me to. Works like a charm, huh? In spades. Dad couldn’t reach for the lube and rubber fast enough. Nothing beats the rush of fucking your old man, right? Fuck yeah. His mind drifted back to my own times topping Dad. Especially the first. Junior year of high school. Night of the first game of state championships. Back in the hotel room, he was pumped from adrenaline big time, he wasn’t even thinking. He and Dad got to fooling around and soon Greg was crawling on top of his 6’3″ 220 frame. And they were making out. “Stick it in me Greg,” he muttered, and soon the young athlete felt the biggest high ever. Like he was crashing full force into manhood. Snapping back to the present Greg took another look at that picture. His father’s butt cheeks. Just enough of a part so you could see into the crack and gaze upon that glorious pucker, slightly puffed from the recent fucking and freshly wet with dots of runny sperm. He quickly texted my brother. Wait a sec. Dad always makes me put a raincoat on. How’d you seed him? Hah. He made me too. I just stopped midfuck and stripped it right off. Dad didn’t say anything when I plunged back in. Greg shook my head. Damn. Yeah. Maybe you can learn something from your little bro. He was about to type something back, when he felt hot sticky sperm paint the back of his head and neck. Moose was hosing him down good. Trying not to draw attention to myself, Barrett pulled off his baseball cap and flung the gloppy seed to the floor. He pulled up my shirt collar to wipe his neck as best he could. He looked back and shot Moose the biggest “fuck you” expression he could muster, but inwardly he had to laugh. He thought about tossing a load out as well, but decided to wait for a nice, long session back in the dorms. Maybe he’d call Dad at work for a surprise phone session. Class was about over when another picture came from Ryan. Another man’s ass. Blue shirt tails covering half of it, but you could still make out the meaty cheeks and the seed deposit Ryan had left behind. Mark Decker had gotten jock fucked once more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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