AWhirlwind Affair

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 Top of Form Sunday morning at about half past one was always the quietest time around where I lived. The only noise in my bedroom was the occasional little squeal of pleasure from Nikki’s lips as she moved beneath me, meeting my every thrust.We came together and drifted off to sleep still locked in each other’s arms and much later we awoke still in almost the same position.Our mouths, (as we confessed) tasted like they would after a dozen large vodkas each and a nights sleep, so we shared the same toothbrush and then shared a shower before going back to bed and making love again.”I can’t believe you’re only sixteen,” I said and kissed a soft, pink nipple.Her hand reached for and found my prick and she giggled as it began to grow yet again.”I can’t believe you’re ready again, I always thought men of your age were over the hill.””Nikki,” I grinned, “Believe me darling when a forty two year old man ends up in bed with a very pretty, very sexy sixteen year old girl there’s no hill.”Pushing me onto my back she kissed me and whispered in my ear.”Can I ask you to do something for me?”I groaned inwardly, here it comes, we had a fun time at the office party, a bit of flirting a few kisses and a great night in bed, now she wants money!”Of course,” I smiled, “Anything.” but inside I’d already decided that she’d have to go, there was no way I was going to be blackmailed by an employee!”Would you use your mouth on me please, I’ve only ever read about that before, please, please, pretty please?””Is that it?”She nodded, “Yes.””Nikki,” I almost laughed out loud, “Look at yourself in the mirror and tell me what you see.”She looked puzzled at me.”I don’t know what you mean John.””Men of my age can only dream about doing what you just asked for to a beautiful young girl and you’re asking me if I’d mind doing it!”I gripped her hips and she squealed as I drew her up over my face, her shaven pussy was puffed up with our lovemaking, it glistened with her juices and I was very pleased that we’d used condoms.She gasped as I pursed my lips and took her clitoris between them, I sucked hard and she squealed, I ran my tongue down in between her lips, her fragrance filling my nostrils as she writhed above me.”John,” she hissed, “Oh my God John.” Quickly she scrambled up off me and turned round.As her cunt descended on my mouth again, I felt her lips enclosing my prick, I snaked my tongue into her wetness again and pushed myself up into her mouth as she sucked, her secret rear hole was in front of my eyes and I couldn’t resist exploring it.At first, she tried to pull away but I held her there and feasted, she squealed, screamed and whimpered as she came and without realising that I was close to it, I came to.Not once did she try to pull away, far from it, in fact, she swallowed eagerly again and again as she worked her crotch down on my face until finally we were still and she turned Escort Pendik round to lay her head on my chest and we slept again.”Get off you little hussy,” I laughed as I felt her naked breasts pressing into my back and her hand delving into my shorts, “You’re shameless.”She had a very healthy appetite too scoffing down the whole plateful of bacon and eggs with fried bread and mushrooms and over our coffee, I asked her what she had planned for Christmas in two days time.”Not much,” she grinned ruefully, “I’ve got a half bottle of vodka, a box of chocolates and the TV guide, that’ll do for me on Christmas day.””What about your Christmas dinner?””I’ve got a whole turkey leg,” she laughed, “I’ll be full up when I’ve eaten it so I’ll probably watch the TV in bed after I’ve eaten.”I was horrified, she couldn’t be serious!”What about your family?””I haven’t got one John, I was reared in an orphanage until I was sixteen, then I was given a flat, a little bit of money and an interview was arranged with a local company as an office dog’s body, you know the rest.””That’s awful!” I exclaimed but she just smiled as she got up to clear the dishes.”Oh it’s not too bad,” she giggled, “The money’s ok and the boss is bloody great in bed.””No, I mean about your being bought up like that.””It’s what I’ve got John,” she said sadly, “So I’m just making the best of it, yes I’d love to be part of a family and spend Christmas day with them, mum and dad, aunts and uncles, nephews and nieces, but it’s never going to happen.On Boxing day I’m going back to the orphanage, I’ve saved a bit of money and I’ve got a few presents for the kids there, the staff do their best but it’s not the same, so I do what I can for them.”I couldn’t comprehend what it must have been like for her in the home with no family or friends to visit her, but it was her matter of fact manner that made me think that there was a lot more to this girl than just a slightly scatterbrained albeit very sexy little teenager.I sat quietly for a moment admiring her lovely little bottom in the tight panties which along with her tee shirt were her only garments and thinking about the things she’d just told me.”Look, Nikki, now please don’t take this the wrong way.”“Before the party yesterday, I knew you as just our new office girl, obviously last night was a lot of fun, more fun in fact than I can remember having for a long time but –.””It’s Ok John,” she smiled, “I’m just washing the dishes and I’ll be gone in a few minutes, I understand and I agree, it was a lot of fun but back in the office after the new year it’ll be our secret and I’ll be calling you sir again.””Why?” I said and once again she looked puzzled.”Why what?” she finished washing the dishes and leaned back against the sink.”Why do you want to go?””Well, I thought that’s what you were going to say.””Wrong,” I laughed, “I was Beykoz escort going to ask you if you fancied watching this ancient old man playing football this afternoon, I’m far too bloody old of course but I sponsor a local team and they’ve asked me to turn out for them this afternoon.We usually end up in the pub afterwards, then we’ll come back here and send out for a meal, what do you say?””I need to go home and change.””I’ll take you, no catch and no strings Nikki, I’m enjoying having you around and with respect, I don’t want it to end just yet.”She came towards me and sat on my lap with her arms around my neck, the heat from her pussy made my prick stir as she put her mouth to my ear and whispered.”On one condition John.””Name it.””Fuck me stupid tonight.”I played my heart out for the team, I was wet, cold and thoroughly uncomfortable until about ten minutes from the end.Our right winger sent a cross over into the penalty box, with the last tiny bit of energy left in my tired old legs, I threw myself forward to meet it with my head, the goalie dived despairingly but could only get up to fish the ball out of the net.There were only about fifty or so spectators but the noise they made was enough for thousands and I caught sight of Nikki jumping up and down shouting and cheering with glee.”You have to bring her again John,” a couple of the lads told me as we sat in the pub with our pints, “She can be our mascot.””Well she’s certainly my lucky mascot,” I laughed, “But sorry lads we have to go now, I’ll see you next time.”I managed to persuade her to come straight back to my house instead of calling in at her flat, I was aching in every bone of my body and wanted nothing more than to soak in a nice hot bath, she protested that she didn’t even have any fresh panties but giggled dirtily when I said that she wouldn’t need them, so I got my own way.She drew a bath for me and I had the pleasure of watching her undress beside me.”I’ll wash these to go home in tomorrow.” she laughed but I took them from her and washed them myself.”About tomorrow Nikki,” I said wondering if I was doing the right thing. “Like I said earlier, I’m really enjoying your company and I’d be delighted if you’d allow me to take you shopping for a couple of Christmas presents.I was wondering if you’d like to accompany me on Christmas day, I’ve been invited to spend the day with my sister and her husband, they’re nice people Nikki and they’ve got two lovely little kids.”She sat there looking at me for a minute until I realised that her bottom lip was beginning to quiver and her eyes were filling with tears.”Don’t Nikki, I didn’t mean to make you cry.””Christmas day with a family.” she said and then the dam burst.It took about five minutes of holding her tightly and hugging her before she finally stopped crying then she said, “And kids too.” and started Cevizli escort bayan all over again!She was like an angel that night, she washed all the mud off my knees and legs and then insisted that she gave me a massage, I felt a bit silly stretched out naked on the floor, but she poured out what seemed like gallons of oil into her hands before pouring it onto my back.Her fingers dug and probed, soothed and caressed so much so that by the time I turned over onto my back she had to stifle a giggle.”I was going to sit on you,” she laughed, “But something seems to be in the way.”She solved the problem by sitting on it and bouncing up and down laughing as her hands worked their magic on my tired old body.We called for our dinner to be delivered and ate it in front of the television, Nikki loved old fashioned love stories and actually cried at the end so I took her into my arms to hold her but she giggled softly and drew me down on top of her.”Is that erection permanent?” she smiled and kissed me.”It is when you’re around,” I told her and eased into the welcoming warmth of her womanhood.”I’d better stick around then hadn’t I?” she breathed into my mouth and I nodded as I looked into her eyes.”Yes darling, you had, hadn’t you?””You called me darling yesterday,” she said as we drove to her flat, “I loved it, you’re the first person ever to call me that.”Something else for me to think about, an everyday word that parents or lovers use every day and this sweet little thing had never had it used for her before, what had started out as a bit of a drink induced fling was rapidly turning into something else and if I were honest, I was loving it!”In that case darling,” I smiled, “I’ll use it all the time for you darling.””No silly, if you use it all the time it’ll lose its impact.”Her flat was above a little shop and I was amazed at how neat and tidy it was, the furniture was pretty basic but nothing was out of place.”This is it John,” she said brightly, “My first proper home, I love it.””You keep it nice,” I said, “Everything’s spotless.”I followed her into the tiny bedroom where she calmly stripped naked and took her dirty clothes through into the bathroom, she giggled as I groaned at the sight of her tight little bottom wiggling with her naturally sexy walk.”Down boy, she laughed, “Come and help me to choose something to wear tomorrow.””You’re fine just as you are” I laughed, “But seriously Nikki, just put something on for now and let me buy you whatever you want for tomorrow, we usually play with the kids for a while and then change for dinner, they’re very formal you know.””I can’t do that,” she really looked amazed, “It’ll cost a fortune!””Come here,” I laughed and grabbed her, “Nikki, I’m a millionaire, I’ve never been married, nor have I ever had a serious relationship that lasted for more than a bloody week, let me have the pleasure of spoiling a gorgeous little thing who seems to have turned my life upside down.””Tell me who it is John,” she said softly and kissed me, “I’ll scratch her eyes out.””She’s a lovely young girl who’s brightened my life up over the last few days.””All right” she grinned as I cupped her buttocks and drew her closer.

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