Baby My Baby Ch. 05

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We relaxed for awhile. She leaned against me and I held her in my arms. It was very soothing to just sit quietly without having to go anywhere or do anything, but soon I felt her hand on my leg and she became more insistent.

She pressed against my chest and took my hand which had been resting idly on her shoulder and lowered it to her breast. It didn’t take long for my cock to react. I’m sure she felt it pushing against her back.

She turned to me and looked into my eyes with the wettest, most sensual eyes I have ever seen. They were almost dreamy and seemed to be liquid.

“Daddy, I have been thinking about you when you made love to me. You were so tender and so loving, and then you were so strong and passionate. I am sorry, but I am wet again. Is it too soon for us to do it some more?”

In answer, I pushed her away from me and I stood up. She could see my hard cock standing out toward her. She smiled and licked her lips in the most wantonly teasing way. I took her hands and led her to my bedroom.

I lay her down and I went to the dresser and moved it so that it was positioned next to the bed. I walked to the opposite of the bed and checked to see if the mirrors we easily visible from the bed. I was satisfied with the arrangement.

I crawled onto the bed next to her. I rolled onto my side and looked at her face. She hadn’t been in this bed since she was a little girl seeking comfort from her mommy after nightmares. Now she was here as my lover.

“Lie there and relax, sweetheart. I want to show you how much I love you.”

She smiled and let her arms lay where they were. She sighed deeply and looked at me.

I kissed her lips and as we kissed I rubbed the palm of my left hand across her nipples. My hand moved constantly, never stopping to feel her nipples, but just brushing across the nubs of them. I pressed a little harder and as I continued passing my hands over her, her nipples were pushed down and back and forth under my hand.

Her breathing was harsher. I continued kissing her, but now my hand cupped and felt the shape of her breasts. Her nipples pushed up into my palm as I fondled her breasts. I moved my hand back and resumed my flat handed rubbing. She shivered and rolled slightly.

I caressed and massaged her breasts as she heaved and groaned. After awhile, I slowly moved my mouth to her breasts and I began to suck her nipples and bite them. Her nipples stiffened and as I held them between my lips, I could feel them getting even more aroused. I licked around them and flicked across them until I felt her hands on my head pulling me hard down to her.

I continued to pleasure her breasts as my left hand slowly moved down across her belly. I felt between her legs and covered my hand with her juices. Her pussy was soaked.

My fingers casino oyna easily slid inside her, even though she was tight. Her velvety pussy was slick and so juicy, I could hear the wetness as my fingers plied into her.

She spread her legs a little more and I pressed the palm of my hand against her vulva and I cupped it and drug it up across her lips until the heel of my hand pressed over her clit. I rotated my hand slightly, causing it to bear down and grind against her clit as my fingers probed into her hot pussy.

I sucked her nipples harder and harder as I thrilled at the touch of her wet and needy pussy. My cock throbbed and begged to be let loose on that sweet little pussy, but I played on, sating my particular lust to touch her and to suck her tits for a little longer.

I wanted to prolong this pleasure before I moved to another level of sensations.

Soon I licked my way down her breasts across her belly and kissed her pussy, just briefly. I got up and stood at the edge of the bed and I grabbed her legs and pulled her to the side of the bed. I positioned her so her ass was at the edge of the bed.

I stood between her legs with my cock jumping above her pussy. She moved a pillow under her head so she could watch me.

I took my cock in my hands and stroked it slowly all the way from my balls to the head, then back down. I squeezed the shaft tight so the head swelled even bigger. It soon turned a dark pink, almost purplish. As I held my cock tight, the veins swelled from the pent-up blood pressure.

My cock looked animalistic and dangerous. I wanted her to imagine it rammed deep into her sweet little pussy with such lust and wanton desire that it would wrack her vagina as it would never be wracked by others.

I wanted her to know she was mine to use in every serious and rough way. I rubbed that hard throbbing cock against her thighs and then placed it against her lips, and as she watched in fascinated excitement, I began to spank her pussy lips with the big engorged head…slap..slap..slap..

Each slap brought a moan louder than the last and I was caught up in the pleasure. My cockhead slapped her lips over and over and over and before she could adjust to what was happening I drove it deep into her helpless pussy and began to fuck her hard.

I slammed into her so hard, I pushed her back up on the bed. I grabbed her legs and drug her back to the edge and I continued my assault. My cock thrust into her and my balls swung under, slapping her ass. The room was filled with the spanking sounds of my balls, her moans and our heavy breathing.

I rammed my cock deeper into her and I pushed her legs further apart so I could get my cock deeper into her. My mind was on fire as I slammed against her, fucking her like an animal/machine. My hot meat throbbed canlı casino inside her hapless pussy.

I squeezed her lips tight around my cock to increase the friction on the inner walls of her lips. My cockhead plowed deep into her soft pussy and stretched it open for my shaft.

I stared at her eyes as I fucked her, so she would know I owned her then. She was mine as she is now. That pleasure I gave her was full of lust and desire, but also love. I wanted her to feel it all with every deep thrust. I wanted my cock to message her pussy and her heart and mind. I wanted her to feel the bursting excitement I knew. I wanted her to cum for me.

“Cum for me Baby.”


I drove on deeper and harder and then suddenly I stopped, pulled my cock out and knelt down and began to lick her lips hungrily. She looked surprised, then began to coo as I softly licked inside her, then sucked her lips together. My mouth covered her pussy as I kissed and licked her and I saw her relax back onto the bed as I ate her.

Her legs fell limp and she stared at the ceiling as I continued. I felt her shudder as I flicked my tongues inside her, then slid it between her lips from her ass to her clit, again and again. And in the rhythm, I found her need and she responded by groaning.

“Yes….yes….yes….oh yes Daddy.”

Then she became silent and I felt her cum. I planted my face against her pussy and I held that kiss as she flew into and through her climax. And when she was calmed again, I kissed her lips with little soft kisses.

I helped her back into the middle of the bed and held her in my arms for a few minutes as we kissed.

“See the mirrors.”

She looked over at the dresser and smiled.

“I want you to watch us as I continue to make love to you.”

I got up and crawled between her legs again. Her head was turned to the mirror as I placed my cock between her lips and pushed inside. I slowly stroked inside…long, slow, deliberate strokes. My cock filled her little pussy.

It felt like we were in slow motion and almost in a fog as I made love to her. My cock was so excited, but my mind was calm. I wanted this to be special. I wanted her to feel the passion I felt for her without the violence and urgency.

She stared at the mirrors and I watched as she began to rub her hands across her breast, feeling the shape and lightly teasing her nipples. I wondered if that was the first time she ever saw herself as she touched her breasts. She was fascinated and began to pull her nipples and pinch them.

I heard her breathing speed up and I felt her pelvis pushing up against me, so I began to thrust my cock into her. The faster I fucked her, the louder she moaned and the faster she rubbed her tits. I slammed my cock into her with all of the kaçak casino force I had and she screamed and pulled her nipples hard.

Her eyes were fixed to the mirror. I drove into her harder and harder, and then I grabbed her and roughly turned her on her side so she faced the mirror. I held her leg up and I pounded her pussy with my cock, driving it deeper into her.

She screamed with each thrust and that caused me to ram my cock harder and harder. She never took her eyes off of the images playing across the mirror and I felt her pussy throb and squeeze my cock as she started to cum. I drove on, fucking relentlessly as she continued a long succession of orgasms.

She groaned and then screamed as the next overtook her and after a few minutes her body quivered and shook without control.

I rolled her over on her belly then went to the side of the bed opposite the mirror and raised her ass up. I stood on the floor behind her for leverage, and pulled her back to the edge of the bed, until her legs and feet were suspended and her knees on the edge. I moved between her legs and slid my cock between her legs into her sopping cunt.

I held her hips and as she watched in the mirror only a few inches away, I fucked her. She could see my expression as well as hers and she saw me become desperate to fuck her. I rammed my cock into her helpless cunt and I pulled her back to me.

I spanked her ass and I reached under her to pull her nipples and bat her tits back and forth as I slammed deeper. She watched as I wrapped my arms around her waist and raised her up on my cock, and held her impaled and suspended in the air.

She watched as I pushed her down on the bed on her belly and climbed over her and put my cock into her tight pussy. Her legs were closed together and held there by my legs over them. She saw me fuck down into her. My cock was shiny and wet as I pulled out and then disappearing into her cunt.

She watched as I held her down with my hands on her back, subduing her and forcing her to lie still while my cock stretched her little cunt. She watched as I lifted her up and turned her over on her back.

She watched as I crawled across her chest and sat over her stroking my cock until it shot cum all over her beautiful face. She saw the spurts hit her chin and lips and tits. She saw me pumping frantically to make sure she got all of my cum.

And when I wiped my cock off on her lips and made her suck the last drops out and then clean my cock, I saw her smile in satisfaction.

I lay down and pulled her into my arms.

“Baby, did you like seeing that?”

“Oh God, Daddy, that was so sexy and hot. Can we do it again like that?”

“Yes baby, but the next time, we will video us so we can watch it together when we make love in the future.”

She snuggled in closer to me and we held each tight. I lay looking at the ceiling after she drifted off to sleep. I felt wonderful in that perfect moment with her. I knew I was the luckiest man alive.

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