Backscratch Ch. 05

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“Myrna, wants to come try a test shoot with us.” Mom told me hanging up the telephone.

I had been standing nude in the kitchen waiting for the coffee to brew as Mom slept upstairs. I was replaying every sexy moment from the night before, as I made us breakfast, and then the phone had rung. It was Myrna, the gal from the lingerie store. We chatted a bit until Mom came down and spoke with her, said her goodbyes and then told me that she wanted to photograph us.

“When?’ I had asked.

“Now, I guess.” Mom told me. She was on her way, planning to spend some time, watch us, take some photos. “It makes me excited thinking about having her watch us be naughty together; kissing, touching, … sucking.” Mom gazed into my eyes dreamily. Her expression grew a bit serious. “Maybe she’ll watch us, … photograph us, …” her voice drifted off for a second. With a very serious look, she said. “I want to let her watch us, … fucking.” A shiver wracked my entire body. I was feeling so faint.

I had to sit down as I was reminded of our conversations last night, about her decision to actually let me fuck her. Now my arousal was even amplified further by the thought that Myrna might watch us and take photos of my penis in my mother’s vagina. Mom was chewing on the corner of her toast and she watched me with a naughty grin on her face. I think she knew exactly what I was thinking.

“I know.” She told me. “I’m thinking the same thing.” I was startled.

“What am I thinking?” I challenged her.

“That you would love to see a photo of your sweet, thick penis half buried in my swollen, wet vagina?” Her head cocked, wondering if she was right.

“Wow!” I told her. “You really do know what I’m thinking.” Mom threw her head back and laughed, pulling her robe open further, exposing her bounding breasts as she laughed. “That is really weird, that is EXACTLY what I was thinking!”

We continued to eat and grin at each other, the cats that each ate their own canaries. My cock was bobbing in anticipation of a very fun morning. “Would you be a love, and shave my pussy for me, darling?” Mom asked, finishing her yogurt. “I want to see it completely bare, in all its glory, in the pictures.” I quickly choked down the remainder of my breakfast and she led me to her bath.

She ran a sinkful of warm water and then hopped up onto the counter, and the image of my mother opening her legs wide for me, to allow me access to her most private region, was knee-wobble inducing. I shaved the faintest shadow around her landing strip and then she leaned back a bit more, pulling one leg back and then the other, to allow me to get every faint hair from her sweet, swollen lips and around her anus. When I was done and she was completely rinsed, she reached down to feel the result. “Mmmmmm yes, baby. So nicely done.” She moaned. “Right here …” She indicated. “Right in here, is where your beautiful, hard, young cock, will squeeze tightly into me.” She had used two fingers to pull her labia back and show me the opening into her tightness. Using her other finger she eased one inside. “Mmmmmm I can just imagine how beautiful that will be.”

I moved to give her a quick lick, but she noticed my intention and pushed me back. “Oh sweetheart, no! Not right now. I would cum in an instant from your sweet tongue. I want to wait for Myrna to watch.” She hopped down off the sink and asked if I would like a touch up. I was unsure what she wanted, but utterly willing to do anything and everything for her. I took her place on the sink and she made quick work of shaving just a bit here and there, ensuring my shaft and balls were completely hairless. When I was rinsed, she took in a deep mouthful of my cock, swirling her tongue.

“Hey, no fair.” I told her, not trying to stop her. She cocked her head, her mouth still full of my thick shaft and gazed up into my eyes, smiling. My mother looked incredible! She had always been so pretty, but now her features took on goddess-like qualities, as she simply held me deep and ran her tongue around my cock lewdly. Finally she withdrew me with a naughty slurp. “But my sweet darling,” she mewed at me, “I love to suck my son’s beautiful cock, ….”

We showered together briefly, and then dressed for the photo shoot. I was barefoot in jeans and a white dress shirt, un-tucked and unbuttoned a few buttons. Mom slipped some panties on, a tiny pair of black string bikini panties, high on her sexy hips, and then slithered into a dress that I had never seen before. It was a beautiful emerald print silk dress with straps so tiny they almost weren’t visible, it was cut low in front, so that if she moved just so a lovely view of her breasts, and hard nipples, down the front was obvious. The sides of her breasts were exposed as the scoop in back began at her clavicle and ran down the sides and across her butt, low enough to show the top of her panties. It wafted softly at mid thigh, exposing her muscled quads as she moved. On her feet she pulled a pair of shiny black low pumps görükle escort bayan with peek-a-boo toes.

I watched her entranced as she fastened a tight tiny black choker at her throat and a collection of dainty gold bands at her left wrist. She checked herself in the mirror and then turned to face me fully. “How’s that?” she asked, instantly grinning at my reaction. “You like?” she chuckled at my goofy smile and nod. Her eyes drifted to the erection in my pants, painfully obvious and simply painful. “You poor dear, I’ll fix this shortly.” She told me running her hand smoothly over the bulge as she passed me. “Come. Let’s prepare.”

I helped Mom strew candles about her bedroom, figuring we’d pull the drapes and light them later. We straightened up the room and then did the same in the living room. She had me fetch the champagne bucket from the top cupboard and fill it with the bottle and ice, grab 3 flutes and lay them out with a fruit plate by the Jacuzzi. I could tell her head was turning with ideas about what and where to shoot photos. I poured us some juice and we drank it, standing in the kitchen, gazing silently at each other, waiting for Myrna and quietly anticipating what was about to happen. My heart was pounding for the many minutes that we simply stood there.

My heart began to beat even harder when we both heard the sound of a car pulling into the drive. Mom slowly close the space between us, kissed my lips softly and whispered in my ear. “Showtime.” Was all she said.

Myrna entered with her camera mounted to a tripod and she and Mom hugged and made small talk as she was given the 5 cent tour. Myrna kept looking over her shoulder at me as I simply followed, smiling as if she wanted to eat me for lunch. She was dressed to thrill in a tight charcoal pencil skirt, red high heels, and a blouse that was sheer enough to read through, not quite covering a shelf bra underneath, that left her large dark areolas and hard nipples completely uncovered. I was told to grab a few other cases and bags from her car as they sat on the couch to chat quietly.

Their conversation stopped when I reentered. They simply smiled at me. “You two look so delicious!” she finally said, after a long pause. “Where shall we start?” She and Mom discussed the wonderful natural light outside, and Mom’s idea to shoot in and around the Jacuzzi, but later. “I love your backyard.” Myrna told us, “Why don’t we just shoot some fun stuff out back for a bit, … while you’re still dressed.” She added with a smirk.

Our backyard is very deep, with some tall hedges on the side against the Conner’s backyard. It was reminiscent of a garden in Tuscany. Many years before Dad had installed some sculptures and a fountain into an inset in the hedge. We would start there.

“Maybe we can get a little naughty over by the herb garden.” Mom said, indicating the raised beds where she grew her herbs, on the opposite side of the backyard. “In case Mrs. Conner wants to be nosy again.” She added under her voice. My gaze flicked to the window in the neighbors house, where Audrey had been last night.

Mom explained to Myrna what had transpired last night, to Myrna’s complete delight. Myrna agreed that Mom was perhaps the naughtiest mommy she had ever met.

“And the sexiest, I must say.” They shared a look and then Mom slowly moved towards her and they kissed. It was a soft touching of the lips, but it lingered, leading me to believe that maybe this kiss would be explored more deeply later. “So, I’m not the only one that wants to watch you two.” They both tittered like girls. “Possibly more interesting photo-ops.” She said to no one in particular, but Mom’s eyes briefly cast to the Conner’s house.

We took photos of us strolling hand in hand, Mom’s head on my shoulder, us hugging, laughing, kissing. I picked her up and held her in my arms; her shoe daggling from a toe. I stood on a ledge with Mom standing in front of me. It was tall enough to place her face even with my crotch. She was looking to the side, with her cheek and inch from the obvious budge in my pants. Myrna then moved her a bit back so that, placed in the same way, looking the same direction she would be looking just past my hard cock. Mom brought her hand up and placed it on my hip, making the tableau a bit more intimate. She then slowly brought her hand closer and closer until her pinky finger was obviously touching my cock, even though she feigned not to notice. I then placed my hand on her shoulder, low enough to dip my fingertips into the top of her dress, contacting the top of her breast.

Myrna then had her turn to face me a bit and I reached down to slip a finger into one of her tiny shoulder straps. We took a series of photos where I slowly pushed it off her shoulder. Once off, her the dress completely gave way and her entire breast was exposed to my eyes. I crouched down and she leaned back so that we could kiss, my hand finding the softly yielding swell of her bosom. Standing again, she stood altıparmak eskort facing me, breast exposed and gently cupped my aching erection, squeezing, releasing, squeezing again.

We traded places so that I was below her, her dress now replaced demurely, until she leaned over me a bit, offering a lovely view down the front, exposing both breasts. She was looking off into the distance, as if not noticing the show she was giving me. We took a series of photos where I was either feigning not to notice, to stealing a glancing look, to completely ogling her perfect tits. I then grabbed her hips and lifted her into the air before gently settling her on the ground in front of me. As I did so her dress rode up a bit giving a cheeky view of the swell of her bottom. We then did a series of us making out from a gentle petting to a heavy groping of each other.

Having exhausted this particular spot, we then moved to the herb garden. Myrna placed us in the best sun exposure, which put the Conner’s house in the background. We did another complete set much like we had at the fountain. Myrna then took quite a while setting us up so that I was once again above Mom, my cock facing her and she in turn facing it. Myrna worked us in this position for a while.

“You weren’t kidding” Myrna finally said under her breath. We both looked to her confused. “Don’t turn around, don’t even make a move, but, …” she whispered, pretending to work the camera’s dials, “your Mrs. Conner is at her window again.” We held still for a moment as Myrna slyly zoomed way in, casually panned over enough to view the peeping-Audrey and snap a few photos of her watching us. “Audrey is wearing her bathrobe, and ooooh!” Myrna whispered again, sharply. “It isn’t tied in front.”

“Are you getting photos of her like that?” I asked excitedly. Mom gave me a smiling, but accusing look.

“Why, yes I am.” Myrna said into her eyepiece, clicking away. “Very nice, lovely big breasts! What beautiful, … large, … dark nipples.”

Myrna returned her gaze to us. “Maybe a bit of showtime?” she whispered. She returned to directing our movements. “Now, act like you’re noticing your son’s erection for the first time. Yeah. A hint of shock. No too much, just like ‘Wow, he’s hard.’ Yeah surprised. Now a bit of interest, like ‘Wow, he’s big. Mmmm yeah. My son has such a big penis.’ Yeah that’s great.” I was noticing Mom’s head turning a bit so that she could clearly see my penis. I continued to look off into the distance, pretending not to notice her.

“Now bring your hand up and gently touch it.” Myrna continued. “Yeah, hesitate for a minute, this is your son, you can’t touch his cock; his lovely, thick, hard, cock. Now, very softly, just cup it. Yeah! Now Benjamin, you notice that she knows. Yeah, you look down in shock. Not so obvious, gently, be sly. Yeah, head up but eyes down. You’re really shocked, but excited! Your Mom is touching you!”

Myrna’s direction was oddly matching my own thoughts at this point. Mom was now stroking me quite openly. Myrna, panned left for a moment to get more photos of Audrey in her window. “Oh my, …” she murmured softly, “your Mrs. Conner is nude now.” Mom shuddered slightly; I was thrilled that Myrna was getting photos of that. “Mmmm yes Mrs. Conner, pull on those sexy nipples.” Myrna said, unheard to Mrs. Conner.

Refocusing on us Myrna continued her direction. “Alright Benjamin, you can look openly now. You’re excited but nervous. Your mother is obviously caressing your hard cock through your pants. You love it but are nervous about letting her know that you know.” I heard the continual imitation shutter sound from her digital camera. “Mmmm yeah, Jeanne. Stroke that hard cock. You love it don’t you?”

“Yes I do.” Mom moaned to her in response. “It is so beautiful!”

“I bet.” Sighed Myrna. “I can’t wait to see it.” Myrna moved her position just a bit so that I wondered if Mrs. Conner might be in the background. “Now, Benjamin, I want you to watch your mother stroking you. Jeanne, just keep doing that yeah, show his size. Now gently touch your mother’s head. Jeanne you look up to discover that he’s caught you playing.” Mom’s eyes came up to mine. “Yeah! You are so busted! Stroking your own son’s gorgeous hard cock! But you don’t care. Smile at him. Lovely!” Myrna continued clicking.

“Benjamin, now lean down and kiss your mother’s lips.” I did as I was told. “Oh yes! So soft. So loving.” I noted Myrna zooming into the Conner’s window again. “Oh yes, she loves it. Your neighbor is pulling her nipples and playing with her pussy.” I was instantly dying to see these photos. “Jeanne, I want you to turn Benjamin towards you a bit. Yeah, a bit more. Perfect!” I was now completely profile to Audrey Conner. “Now gaze into your son’s eyes and lovingly open his pants and withdraw his treasure, your prize, his wonderful big penis.

Mom did as she was told, her eyes locked on mine, her smile angelic, yet wildly passionate. nilüfer escort I felt rather than watched her open my pants. My lack of underwear made my cock instantly available to her. She withdrew me gently, letting the cool air sooth its incredible heat.

“Now Jeanne, I want you to step back just a bit and slip the straps from your shoulders.” She did. “Oh yes that is so lovely. You have the most beautiful breasts!” I silently agreed, eyeing them lustfully. “Cup them for your loving son, lift them display their beauty for him. He loves them!! Don’t you Benjamin?” I stated that I did, very much.

“Now Jeanne, show me, show us all, how much you love you son; how much you wish to give him pleasure; give him oral pleasure. Bathe his sweet cock with your tongue. Engulf his thickness in your mouth. Let him fuck your lips. Yeah! Do it Benjamin, take hold of her head. Gently baby, gently now. You adore this woman. Guide her on your cock, Feed her that sweet penis.”

Mom was feasting on me now. Myrna muttered, “Benjamin, you really do have such an incredible penis, darling.” I glanced to her, noting that she was not shooting this at the moment, simply watching; practically drooling. Mom agreed and then went back down, deeply. Myrna continued clicking away. I backed her up as I was about to shoot, but didn’t want to yet. “Lean down and kiss your mother again.” I did as I was told and we French kissed at length.

Myrna then changed our position, though never moving us out of sight of Mrs. Conner, who I noted was still nude in her window. When I glanced up at her, she didn’t even flinch. She stood, plainly visible and continued watching. Myrna had Mom bend at the waist and lean over, hands on the raised planter. I was to strip nude now and kneel behind her, hands on her rear. Mom’s dress was casually flipped up over her hips, gathered at the waist. It was obvious from the camera angle that I was gazing straight into her pussy. Myrna snapped as I leaned slowly in and buried my face in her crotch. I couldn’t resist licking her with a flat tongue, drinking her flowing wetness. Mom was now crazy turned on.

Myrna was openly panning her camera up to the window to include the masturbating neighbor, who apparently knew, but didn’t care anymore. I reached around to gently cup and stroke Mom’s sexy tits, which drew praise from Myrna. Mom reached back to hold my head and draw me tighter into her. I moved up to lick her anus, which caused convulsions in her hips. Mom came hard and loudly, flowing sweet juice out of her pussy and into my mouth.

Myrna then had us slowly, lovingly undress each other completely, then had me gather Mom into my arms and carry her across the back lawn and into the house.

We took a brief break, getting chilled wine and a snack while Myrna changed her chip. Four Gigs had been filled in no time. A couple of times Myrna reached out to gently stroke my raging erection when she past me. I was dying to see her big round tits in the nude. She caught me staring openly, and then with a sly grin began to slowly remove her blouse as we both watched and then removed her bra. Her breasts were quite large, D-cup perhaps, but stood as if floating, lifted magically by some unseen force.

“100%, completely natural.” She stated proudly, gently taking them in her hands and caressing them. Her nipples looked ready to pop!

She led us to the bathroom and set us up in a scenario where Mom was in the bath and I happened upon her, hoping to use the shower. We were both nude and what started out as surprised reactions, turned into relaxed, sensuous acceptance at our predicament. Mom slowly exposed more of her nudity and I showered with the door open. We were obviously watching each other.

I got out of the shower, dried off while she watched surreptitiously, and then offered to wash her back. I remained nude and quite aroused as I stroked my soapy hands over her back and then all over the rest of her. I rinsed her breasts and then suckled her nipples, while she laid her head back and caressed my head.

She had me rinse Mom completely, help her up and out of the bath and then dry her, head to toe. I leaned in to kiss her sweet pussy as I knelt there drying her. Myrna was silent, simply watching and photographing our play as we did as we pleased. Mom held my head, thrust her hips forward lewdly, and guided my tongue around her pussy, helping me to give the maximum pleasure. Myrna recorded her loud orgasm and then the near fainting spell, wherein I lifted her back into my arms and carried her to the bed; her bed; our bed. I laid her into a pile of pillows and then crawled over her, kissing her mouth. Her hand found my cock.

Almost on auto-pilot I moved to a position, kneeling between her legs, where my throbbing cock was suddenly lined up with her aching vagina.

“You two have done this before?” Myrna asked quietly. We both froze at the question.

“We have not.” Mom stated simply as I slowly shook my head.

“So, … Benjamin’s penis, … has never been in your beautiful vagina?” Myrna asked with increasingly aroused inflection. Mom shook her head. “Are you ready for that?” Mom and I gazed into each other’s eyes, smiling slightly, as we nodded our heads in unison, slowly. “This will be a first then?” We continued to nod. “And I can watch?”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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