Bad Penny Ch. 08

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In simpler, more innocent days I had lain with Penny in the long grass by the Lagan and we had kissed for hours. Just kissed. Well, hugged and cuddled, and pressed against each other, but not a button or belt or zip was touched, nothing pulled up or aside, no flesh apart from faces and hands ever touched.

Five years later no flesh was secret.

But we still went for walks along the tow-path, although the grass was short and the wind was cold, so there was no rolling about never mind clothing removed.

It was the Wednesday of the week following our brief encounter with Mike’s Uncle Peter. We had barely had time to see each other in the last two days, as family and University commitments got us both tied up. But at last we had time to spend together, and I brought Penny for some fresh air and nostalgia.

I had thought about those innocent summer moments from the first year we had been together. The contrast with the wild experiences of the last few months had hit me hard. I think it was something to do with Tara’s revelation as well. Her being pregnant had made me think. We weren’t children any more, and we could be parents.

It was all very serious and grown up. As you might expect. After all I was twenty one, and in my mind I was a man in my own right. Looking back now, I have to smile at that naive child.

Both of us were still living with our parents, partly because of laziness and the cheapness, but also because of their ill health. My father had a heart attack and retired early suffering from acute angina. He was very restricted in what he could do. Her parents were considerably older and needed support. But both of us chafed at the restrictions that imposed. I had moved out for a few months in the year before dad was ill, but that was also before Penny and I had full intercourse. And I had a flatmate who was always there behind the thin walls of my bedroom, which severely inhibited us, never mind her Catholic upbringing.

Now an opportunity had arisen. On Sunday evening in the pub Peter had offered his flat to Penny for the time when he was going to be in Hong Kong. He said she could flat sit for the six months, rent free. But he was going away in five days and needed an answer. So we talked about it.

Of course the decision was to take it. But we agonised over it, and eventually agreed that we wouldn’t move in together permanently, but we would stay there at weekends and keep an eye on it during the week. Except when we were staying at Mike and Tara’s.

So we went to see Peter.

He was embarrassed when he opened the door to us. He had obviously been thinking about what he had done at the weekend. It had been his first time in that sort of scene. He had never before had sex in a group, he had never had anal sex, he had never had sex with another man’s girlfriend while the man was watching, and sharing. He had done all those things with Penny, and he was torn about it. He was also clearly aroused by her presence again, and found my presence disturbing.

But we had a cup of tea and chatted about our circumstances, and he expressed admiration for our devotion to our parents. Then he have us a tour of the flat, and we arranged to meet again on Sunday evening to get keys, once he had a spare set cut.

“Unless, of course, I might see you before that?” he said cautiously. “Will you be at Michael’s this weekend? I could drop by?”

I looked at Penny. She shrugged. I said “Well, perhaps. But we sort of had plans for the weekend…”

He hastily made backing off noises and apologised, so I had to interrupt him “No, please, it isn’t that you aren’t welcome, it is just that we had arranged to have dinner with Mike and Tara and another couple. A couple who haven’t been there before. We thought they might like to join in. But it is easier with even numbers.”

Peter nodded and said “Yes. That makes sense. Oh well, another time maybe.”

Penny said “Of course. Maybe Sunday afternoon or evening again. After Friday night and all day Saturday I think they will be pretty open to the idea. You could give us call then.”

Peter brightened, but sounded unsure. “Well, yes I could do that.”

“And if course there is always now.” Penny said, smiling.

“Eh?” said Peter.

Penny had glanced at me as she said that, and I nodded. So she stepped over to him and ran a hand down from his chest to his crotch, letting it come to rest on the bulge made by his cock. “I said there is always now. Tara isn’t here, and I’m sure you would like to have her, but I am here, and if you like you can have me. You want to have me again, don’t you?”

Peter stammered. Penny leaned in to bring her lips close to his and whispered “I haven’t had an orgasm for two and a half days. Sean and I haven’t been able to get together naked since Sunday. Please, say yes.”

How could he refuse?

She kissed him soundly when he was only half way through his reply. I saw him look at me with one eye as she pulled herself against him and gaziantep bayan escort opened her mouth. I just smiled as I stepped up behind her and reached for the fastener on the waistband of her skirt. Peter closed his eyes and brought his hands beneath her jacket to pull her to him.

I helped Penny off with her jacket and to step out of her skirt while their embrace continued. She had slipped her hand down the front of his trousers and eased his cock upright inside them, and Peter was working on her blouse buttons as I unclipped her suspender belt.

I left the stockings in place and carefully slipped her panties down over them, and undid her blouse cuff buttons, helping her slip the sleeves off and then undoing her bra. In the time I had taken to strip Penny she had removed Peter’s shirt and undone his trousers, pushing them and his underpants down to his knees, and taking his long, hard cock in her hand to stroke it slowly as she kissed him and he explored her body with his hands.

I stood up and stepped back, admiring her almost naked form.

These were the days before the Internet, when porn in the UK was heavily regulated. Very soft core, nude with a bit of bush, was about as strong as it got. There were some ‘sex shops’ where under the counter copies of American video tapes could be obtained, at a very high price. And sometimes a visitor to the continent smuggled in a pack of hard core playing cards or a copy of Climax or Rodox, but in general hard core porn was very difficult to get. So watching someone else have sex was a rare treat. I now realise that in a way Penny had become my personal porn star. And she did everything that they did in the movies and more.

She slid down Peter’s body as she knelt before him and kissed his erect shaft. Her eyes were smiling and locked on his as she pulled off his shoes and trousers, pants and socks, and at the same time kept licking up and down that long stick of flesh.

He was naked when she finally took his knob end in her mouth and I saw her cheeks pull in as she sucked on him and pushed her face forward to take him deep.

Then she pulled off him, smiling, and said “Let’s take this to the bedroom.”

She rose, helped by his willing hands, and led Peter away, walking with a louche, deliberate sway, glancing back at him coyly over her shoulder. I am sure that fired his blood as much as it did for mine.

I knew that look. She was going to get fucked. She knew it. She wanted it. She was looking forward to it. She had a twitch between her legs as she thought of his cock sliding into her, pounding her. This was not lovemaking. It was going to be the pure physical pleasure of having a big, long, thick, hard, relentless cock. She could hardly wait.

I stood in the doorway as Penny stopped by the bed and turned, putting her arms around Peter’s neck again and pressing against his naked body. I could see her nipples were hard as they contacted his hairy chest. She moaned a little, and then said “I heard you telling Tara about how you fantasised about her. Have you been thinking about me in these last few days?”

Peter’s voice was thick with desire as he said “Yes.”

“What have you been thinking about?”

He almost growled “Everything.”

Penny’s rich and sexy laugh as she turned and got up onto the bed was also full of unspoken wants. She crawled away from him on hands and knees, bottom high in the air, exposing herself to him. “It this what you have been thinking about?” she said, looking back at him.

Peter mutely nodded, unable to speak. I was equally silenced by the tension and sheer erotic power of the scene as I stood only five feet away.

Penny turned over in a lithe and wanton way, rolling onto her back and opening her legs. “Or have you been thinking about me like this?” she asked. As Peter simply stared at her she cupped both breasts and squeezed them, and then slid her right hand down her body.

With casual grace she bumped her middle finger over her navel and steered it over the prominent firm mound below, smoothing and parting her dark curls, sliding the tip inside herself. She pulled it back, glistening wet, leaving her pussy lips slightly parted, pink and shiny.

She looked coyly at Peter as she sucked her finger, and then said “I you want me, I’m all yours.”

I would not have been surprised if Peter had simply leapt on her and ravished her. I was sorely tempted. He climbed up onto the bed between her open legs and looked down at her for a second, taking in her pussy, her peaked nipples and her wicked smile. Then he reached down and took her left ankle in his hand and lifted her foot to his face.

He kissed her sole, making her squirm and giggle, then pressed it down to kiss her instep, and the inside of her ankle. His mouth moved up the stockinged calf and over onto her kneecap, leaving a trail of kisses.

Penny sighed when his lips finally touched bare skin at the top of her stocking on the inside of her thigh. He kissed a little along it’s edge before drawing another line of tiny touches upwards on the softest flesh of her inner thigh.

Penny was holding her breath when his cheek brushed against her hair, and he kissed the tendon at the join of her leg and body. She blew it out in playful frustration when he suddenly pulled back, not moving to kiss her where she most wanted his mouth to be.

He started on the other foot. This time he varied things a little, keeping Penny in suspense and surprise, running a finger along the whole length of the back of her leg, making her flex and jump a little. When he reached that sensitive spot where the top of her thigh met the edge of her mons he paused for a second and then carried on up and over it, skirting around the edge of her hairline,kissing her stomach and down the other side to her inner thigh again.

Penny was wound up with anticipation. She sighed when his nose slid across her mound, ruffling her hair, and she could feel his breath on her pussy. She lifted her legs wider, and I could see his lips were touching the hairs that covered her swollen outer labia, and that they were opened slightly, exposing the pink softness within.

Time stood still as Penny and I both waited for him to finally kiss her there. We both sighed when his tongue extended and he gently pushed the tip into the furry cleft.

His first touch was soft but relentless, slowly pushing into her and down the length of her slit, opening her and wetting her, and penetrating her as deeply as he could reach. He paused for a moment with his tongue deep inside her, and then began to devour her. Penny clutched the duvet beneath her with both hands and whimpered as he used his tongue to open her up, lapping at her clit, dipping deep and swirling round. Peter had lain down on his front to free his hands. Not needing to support himself allowed him to caress her and let his fingers roam around her legs and stomach and breasts and her pussy. He ended up with a hand on each breast, squeezing and rolling her nipples as he pressed his mouth firmly against her and flicked her clit with his tongue, making her gasp and buck.

After a few more moments Penny started to make higher pitched sounds that indicated to me that she was very turned on and could be brought to orgasm shortly, but Peter suddenly changed places. In a swift, smooth move he was up on his hands and knees, and then forward to bring his cock tip against her wet and open slit. I saw Penny’s eyes go wide and heard her groan as she was penetrated.

“Oh, gosh. Oh gosh that’s big!” she gasped, and she shuddered as the long thick cock was slowly pressed into her body.

He fell on her then, full body to body, lips seeking hers as his hips found their own pace. It was fast and the strokes were not too long, and Penny was instantly responsive.

I had heard her orgasm so often, either at my hands or someone else’s, that I knew every stage of her arousal by the sounds she made. So I knew just how much she was enjoying Peter, and how good he was at turning her on and raising the heat. He seemed to have a natural affinity for her needs, pushing her on smoothly from level to level, changing his movements as she reached each new plateau. He subtly began stroking deeper or slower, or longer or shallower or faster, driving her breathing and her twitching, meeting the rhythm of her body. He read the rocking of her hips, the thrust of her pelvis as she pressed against him, the pull of her hands on his back or buttocks. He brought her to wild abandon, a sudden release of every animal passion.

Penny became a writhing, thrashing, clasping, crying mass of quivering flesh. She was beyond rhythm or reason, consumed by the experience. It was a perfect moment of pure carnal pleasure.

It was beautiful. She was beautiful.

I had seen her like that a few times. It always left me in awe. Peter had never experienced anything like it. He talked to me about it long afterwards. When she let go and went wild he was shocked at first, and then suddenly liberated. Her abandon gave him freedom. She revelled in the feel of his flesh and the sensations in her own, and he was able to do the same. It sounds selfish, but at the same time it is more deeply intimate and more fully exposes you to your partner than mere nudity or even the most frantic fucking.

Something changed about the way they both moved. They rubbed and touched and flowed against each other, lips locked and breath shared, hips and arms in synchrony, their bodies together in an undefinable union that was more than just the skin contact.

She came again, and cried out, and clutched him to her and pumped her hips against him. She came again as he shafted her deeply and bit her nipples and dug his fingers into her back. They rolled over so she was on top and she rode him hard, hands clutched under his shoulders and bottom bouncing fast, body rocking and rubbing her breasts against his chest. She came again, and froze with back arched up as he held her bottom and forced it down on his cock, pumping up inside her rapidly, grunting and gasping and finally calling out as his back arched and he drove his body up, deep inside her, flooding her with his come, feeling her pussy clamp around him as he hugged her to him and took her mouth with his tongue.

When she rolled off him and lay on the bed I looked between her open legs and saw his come leak from her pussy. She was slick with sweat, her hair plastered to her forehead and cheeks, her face and neck and breasts flicked with blood, her leg twitching with aftershocks.

When Peter’s hand landed on her stomach and his finger reached down to slide along her pussy lips and dip between them, Penny reached down to hold him still, and sighed “Not yet. Just hold it.”

On the way over to his flat Penny and I had discussed what might happen. I knew he would want to have her again. So we had agreed she would seduce him and play with him and make him come, and that I would wait until after, rather than sharing her. As long as I got to watch. Now I wanted to release the tension that seeing them fuck had built up in me. But Penny was clearly quite exhausted.

I knew she would get her breath back and be roaring and randy in half an hour, but I didn’t want to wait. I hesitated. I could walk around the bed and pull her head over to the edge and just drop my trousers and put my painfully hard cock in her mouth. If I just wanked between her lips and maybe pushed it in to fuck her throat a few times I would surely come in a minute or two. Or I could just fuck her. Drop my pants and put my cock in her come filled pussy and fuck her until I came. She would lie there and take it, and call me Master and beg me to come in her if I told her to.

But neither of those scenarios would be as good as if I let her recover and gave her the opportunity to do her best to please me. Her body freely given and thoughtfully engaged was so much better than this limp doll that would willingly let itself be fucked, but unable to add to the pleasure.

So I went to the kitchen and made tea.

By the time I got back with a tray and three mugs, Peter was beneath the covers, half asleep and looking embarrassed. Penny, by the sounds coming from the adjoining bathroom, was in the shower.

“Oh, thanks, Sean,” said Peter as I offered him the tray.

“No problem. Thank you.” I said as I sat on the end of the bed.

“What for?” said Peter, warily.

“Giving Penny such a good time. And letting us have this flat, which I assure you will mean that I get to give Penny a very good time, very often.”

Peter blushed. I went on “You may fill your fantasies with whatever images you like you know. I am fairly sure that they will all be enacted. You do realise that? If we stay here we will have sex in every room, on every floor or bed or seat or table. Penny will roam around naked, or clothed in everything from lingerie to chains. I will tie her down to this bed and take her in every orifice, with Tara and Mike as well. And probably others. This flat will be the scene of orgiastic revels not witnessed since the fall of Rome. At least, so Penny hopes.”

Peter laughed. “She is quite something isn’t she?”

“You wouldn’t believe it.”

Penny reappeared, naked, drying her hair with a towel. “What wouldn’t he believe?” she asked.

“Just how sexy, liberated, adventurous and amazing you can be.” I said, and as I said it I realised I meant every word.

“Why thank you, darling. But it is all your fault you know.” She turned to Peter as she sat on the stool at the dressing table to brush her hair and said “Before Sean showed me the way I was so inhibited and wound up. I never really looked at my body, I never touched it. I never thought about it. I didn’t know anything about sex, or about what a man’s body looks or feels like, or how to make a man feel good. And then Sean showed me. He was so kind and gentle and never pushed me or rushed me, I was never scared or felt I had been made to do anything I didn’t want. It’s hard to believe sometimes.”

I laughed “Ah yes, she was so innocent before I corrupted her.”

Penny shook her head. “No. Ignorant. Fearful. And I am not corrupt now. What we do does not harm anyone.”

She put the brush aside and sipped her tea. She caught the look I was giving her, and smiled. “What?” she asked.

I laughed and glanced at Peter. “She’s right. She is still innocent.” I looked back to Penny, who was puzzled. “You are just so beautiful, and sexy, elegant and desirable, and you sit there naked, gorgeous and wonderful and don’t know it. You have no idea what it does to us,” I gestured to take in Peter, “to see you sit there like that.”

She glanced at Peter, who grinned and nodded. She smiled. Then she stood with a graceful unfolding of her lithe form and stepped over to me she bent to kiss me and then said in a soft, rich, tone “I’m glad you think so.”

She was still turned on. Her lips had that warm springy softness. Her breath was sweet, her hands were insistent, her breasts were velvet and nipples firm beneath my fingers.

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