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Percy entered Wendy’s for a quick lunch. The morning was a busy one and he didn’t have time to sit in a restaurant and wait for an order. Being a Senior Accountant was a busy position, but he relished in it, being rather young for someone with his title. He moved through the throng of people and got in a relatively short line, which was surprising as the place was crowded. Percy looked at the menu for several moments, and then looked ahead of him to count how many people were between him and the counter.

Percy’s eyes got big, real big. The next customer in line stepped to the counter, and she had his full attention. He couldn’t see her face, could barely hear her voice, but none of that mattered. She had one of the roundest, biggest asses he had seen in about three years! The stretchy material of the powder blue sundress with white flowers hugged that badonkadonk tightly, and when she shifted her weight from one leg to the next to get more comfortable, her ass wobbled several seconds after she had made the movement.

He watched the mystery ass the whole time the woman stood at the counter, paying attention to each time she moved. He watched her pay for her meal and move to the other end of the counter, and then he watched her lean on the side where one picks up their food. From the side Percy could see that her ass was like a basketball cut in half and stuck on a pair of legs. She looked back briefly, noticed him looking at her, and smiled. She then turned back to the counter to get her tray. As she went to find a seat, she looked him in the eyes with a quick smile and walked on by.

Percy knew instantly that she was ghetto. He had grown up a kid of the hood himself and had worked hard to shake most of that image in college, going into a profession that expected professionalism. He still had the swagger in his walk, but he cleared up his speech and changed his wardrobe, well mostly. He would throw on a hoodie and some jeans when he went home to visit his parents or one of his siblings. But most of the time he wore casual slacks and went out with so called refined women. And he loved his life. But he hadn’t seen a jiggley donk like this without clothes since high school.

The line moved and eventually Percy ordered his meal. He got his tray pretty quickly and casually made his way to her table. He noticed that she sat alone and approached her.

“May a brother join you?” Percy asked casually.

The woman looked him up and down, and then replied “Sure.” Percy sat down carefully and set şişli escort his tray in front of hers. She was pretty, although rough looking. She had long brown hair with burgundy highlights that were curled, gold earrings with a name scripted inside, and light blue eye liner that matched her light blue lip gloss.

“My name is Percy. Percy Duncan.” Percy introduced himself as he reached for her hand.

“I’m Sholita.” She replied, lightly shaking his hand. The two made small talk for several minutes while they ate. Percy asked her questions, but he wasn’t listening, as he kept thinking about the bubble she was sitting on. After half his meal was eaten, he asked her out to dinner, and Sholita answered yes. She gave him her cell phone number and her Mother’s number, and Percy gave her his business card. When she read the card, her face lit up.

“Well I must be going. I’ll call you and we’ll hook up.” Percy said as he rose to leave.

“I’ll be waiting, Percy. Bye Boo.” She responded as she also rose. They both threw their trash away and headed for the door. Percy held the door open for Sholita and watched as she moved in front of him. She felt him watching and threw a little extra into her walk. That ass shook several seconds as he stared. Percy could have sworn he was hypnotized.

Percy leaned in and kissed her. It was a soft kiss at first, but built into a deep kiss. He slid his arms around her waist and fell onto the sofa, pulling Sholita with him. Sholita’s soft body lay on Percy’s and his hands slid from her waist to her soft rump. He rubbed her ass passionately as it jiggled in his hands. Soft moans escaped Sholita’s lips even though she was locked in the long kiss. Percy broke the lip embrace and planted small pecks down her chin and along her neck. He kneaded her ass like dough, and eventually Percy’s hands started easing up the dress she was wearing. He got the dress up over her scrumptious butt and relished in the feel of her cotton panties as he rubbed her bubble.

Percy moved his hands to Sholita’s arms and gently lifted her up. She sat up as he eased from under her body, and then Percy kneeled and turned the young woman, her knees on the edge of the sofa and her bubble butt close to his face. The dress was bunched up around Sholita’s waist and her French cut panty covered butt called to Percy. The panties were green with gold writing, matching her emerald dress with golden touches. Percy laid his head on the pillow-soft ass and sighed. He then began to place small kisses on kağıthane escort the covered ass, and eventually he worked his way to the uncovered skin. He kissed her soft flesh and occasionally added licks. Sholita sighed and moaned softly as the moist kisses sent chills though her.

Percy playfully smacked Sholita’s ass, and it wobbled for several seconds. He slid her panties from her bubble to her knees, eagerly watching her butt come free. Percy massaged Sholita’s ass for some time, thoroughly enjoying the soft mound in his hands. Sholita’s moans and whispers were an encouraging song to his ears.

He eventually mixed kisses in with the rubs. Sholita’s back arched and that bubble poked out even farther. Percy covered every inch of that round brown with kisses and small licks. After a few more moments of kisses, he stood over Sholita’s bubble and kissed the top of the crack. Slowly his tongue ran down to where the fleshy mound took over.

“Ooo, you freaky Percy.” Sholita said in surprised.

“Just relax girl. I ain’t gonna hurt you.” Percy responded, and with that, he spread those cheeks apart and ran his tongue down to her hole. He kissed and licked at Sholita’s asshole, and she moaned and wiggled wildly. She had never experienced anything like this, and although it was weird to her, it felt very good. Percy had been holding her cheeks apart, but he pushed them together, smothering his face as he kissed her hole like a lover.

He then dropped to his knees and kissed her juice covered lips. A loud moan escaped her as she was startled by the switch. Percy sucked at the lips and ran his tongue over Sholita’s clit. He could feel her shiver, which fueled him to further licks and kisses. Her moans got louder and she started grinding against his face. Percy’s hands found her big, soft ass and began to rub each cheek on their own accord. Percy couldn’t take it anymore. The buildup was driving him crazy. He slid from under the young woman and slapped that fat bubble, making it jiggle like those old Jello commercials.

“Don’t be so rough, boy.” Sholita said impishly.

Taking a few seconds to put on protection, and a few more seconds to stare at her dreamy ass, Percy grabbed the vixen by the waist and pulled her to the edge of the sofa. He stood over her and rubbed his stiff dick against her vagina, feeling for the opening. When he felt one spot wetter and warmer than the rest of the area, he pushed forward slowly, hoping he was in a hole, and that it was the right one. taksim escort Her wet lips practically parted like curtains and let his hardness in. Eyes locked on the edge of the roundness, Percy watched his cock disappear under her flesh. He kept perfectly still as they both drew in a deep breath, and then he slowly pulled out.

The next thrust was a little more forceful and the third more than the second. After taking several moments to find a rhythm, Percy looked down to his desire. His eyes took in the site of Sholita’s round brown mound moving back and forward as she loudly took his stiff inches.

Percy didn’t change his stroke. He selfishly sped up the tempo, occasionally slapping that ass and throwing the back and forth motion out of wack. The jiggling went crazy, and it drove him crazy! He leaned forward and grabbed a handful of Sholita’s hair, not pulling too hard in case it was weave, and slowly made her lift her head.

“Ooo Percy, this dick is too good!” the young vixen shouted, getting caught up in the spine tingling thrusts Percy was providing. Instead of kneeling on the sofa receiving him, she focused as much as she could and found his rhythm. Then she started rocking her hips to match his thrusts. Now both of them was moaning and talking.

The site of her plump posterior smacking into his hips soon became too much for Percy and his thrusts slowed, but came much more powerfully. His breathing came in great gulps and his grip on Sholita’s waist tightened to iron. With an very audible grunt, Percy pushed forward as hard and as deep as he could, and just stayed there, Sholita’s ass pressed fully into his waist, as he came.

The single, powerful thrust resonated throughout Sholita’s body and she slammed her body into it, releasing a powerful orgasm within her. Her body started to quiver as her insides tightened around Percy’s throbbing member, helping to milk him dry.

They stay locked in that pose for what seemed like an eternity. Then slowly Sholita fell forward onto the sofa as Percy slid back onto the floor. They both gathered themselves, Percy’s eyes still locked onto the bent bubble poking out in front of him. Sholita fixed her clothes and turned around smiling, and Percy couldn’t help but smile back.

They shared a drink and some small talk, and then Sholita informed him that it was getting late. He gathered himself, then Percy grabbed his keys and followed out of the apartment and out to his car, the whole time enjoying the swaying of her perfect posterior. The short ride to her place was filled with more small talk, and as she got out of his car, he promised to call, a promise he actually meant to keep. He watched her walk up to her door and go in, and then he headed home, enjoying the memory of Sholita’s badonkdonk.

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