Bailey’s Blog Ch. 02: A Friend Indeed

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Writer’s Note: If you are familiar with the first part in this multipart series you would notice the shift from 3rd person to first person in Bailey’s perspective, this was done in order to show a clear difference between her and the other characters for the convenience of the reader.

I didn’t have a chance to react, to the situation, to what was happening or the events that led up to it. I just remember waves of surreal pleasure washing threw me, it was foreign but slightly familiar. It was intense and strangely addictive, as I fell into a state of pleasure induced unconsciousness. I only knew one thing, I wanted to feel it again.

“Gooooooooood Morning Miami, It’s a hot 96 degrees outside as we enter into what some meteorologists are calling the biggest heatwave Miami will see in the century” I didn’t even realize I was awake, My hand slid over my sheets and to my alarm, turning the volume down a bit. Starting my day in the usual way, a Big yawn and stretch. I registered that my feet were dangling over the edge of my bed but at first I didn’t think it was odd, even though when I bought the thing I was nowhere near tall enough for it. Rubbing my eyes as I stood and walked to my bathroom, all that was on my mind was my need to relieve my bladder. Glancing at myself in the body mirror affixed to my washroom wall, I saw myself. Tall, much taller than I was yesterday with an incredibly chiseled and muscular physique, I took a double take.

Immediately I was dumbfounded, My biceps alone had grown to near double their normal size; Now they were large and very profound. My chest was still rather flat but the muscle mass had increased as well, I pivoted on my backfoot. Flexing my thigh and glutes, whatever had happened now complimented my booty incredibly well.

“Checking yourself out?” Her voice came from the doorway, immediately shifting my focus to the soft, feminine and recognizable voice of Melony. My jaw dropped. There she stood, one hand on her hip the other softly running threw her messy hair; completely naked. At first I was in shock, seeing her in the nude completely threw me off. The way her body curved looked more like a teenage boy’s wildest dream than an actual person, her magnificent breasts more akin to pillows in size begged to be fondled. I felt a stir between my legs.

It was odd while I’d felt myself get wet before I had never actually felt movement there, glancing down past my ripped abdomen I gasped sharply. There, swelling to the sight of my friend’s naked body was a now foot long circumcised cock. I didn’t know what to do, I was in complete shock. I couldn’t take my eyes away from it as it throbbed to life between my legs, This thick, veiny shaft and bulbous head that was larger than any dick I have ever seen before. Even the guy’s in porno would be shamed by this thing. It throbbed relentlessly, a clear bead of liquid seeping from the tip of it. It felt so hard, I couldn’t help but grip the base of it. My fingers curled around the thing that was the same girth as a soda can, Immediately I felt a rush of pleasure echo from it and shoot threw my body. Like Electricity firing off, I felt a moan leave my lips.

Then I saw the ring. It was the only thing I was wearing. Melony had given it to me the day before, when I put it on this……happened. My gaze turned back to Melony, the curvaceous woman had one hand buried between her legs as she watched me, furiously fingering her cunt as she watched me play with my new appendage. Swallowing back a heap of saliva and finding the will to restrain myself, I took a step towards Melony. My cock bounced in the air, her gaze was fixed to it and she let out a small yelp of pleasure at the sight.

“The ring….You did this to me?” I questioned her, my libido being drowned out by my building anger. I could feel the blood rushing to leave my aching shaft, rushing to my arms and legs. Melony saw the transition and took a step back, her juicy fingers slipping from her wet clit as she held her hands in front of her. “Whoa, Bailey I can explain….Just take a breath” I recognized the apprehension in her voice, she was horny but she was also frightened. A day before she would have just laughed and thought I was cute for getting angry.

Now, Standing a full foot taller than her with the muscles of an amazon she was scared. A strange satisfaction came from this feeling, I could never intimidate someone before. I grasped at the ring, trying to pull it from my finger but it stuck. I pulled so hard it felt as if I might rip my finger from the knuckle. “STOP!” Melony rushed up, grabbing my forearm in a feeble attempt to stop me. “It’s not going to come off Bailey” I looked at her, seeing the desperation in her eyes…my gaze falling to watch her breasts bounce. I shook my head when I realized what I was doing, why was I looking at her like that?

Looming over the woman who only the day before towered over me, I looked down at her, I could feel a sense of Ataşehir Escort guilt wash over her. “I-im sorry okay? It won’t come off…..will you just….will you listen to me?….please” She was on the verge of tears, were they real or was she trying to manipulate me? I couldn’t say but I decided to give her the benefit of the doubt. Folding my arms over my stomach I nodded down at her, giving her the go ahead.

Melony huffed, letting go of me and taking a step back. She crossed her legs and folded her arms under her breasts, heaving the mounds of flesh up. Why was I so fascinated by them? So drawn to them? I had never felt a pull towards body parts before but now, It took all of my will just to avert my focus from her funbags.

“The ring is part of a set…..It goes with my necklace and a bracelet.” She thumbed the silver chain necklace that hung from her neck, It didn’t look like anything special. No words or pendants hung from the chain, it was just a chain. It looked like the same material as the ring on my left ring finger but neither appeared to be remarkable in any way. Just plain Jewelry.

“I couldn’t say where the bracelet is but when I put the necklace on I got….these” She gestured to her heaving breasts. “The lady who sold me the Necklace and Ring told me the three pieces were once an amulet, worn by a witch centuries ago. After the witch was killed in the Salem Witch Trials, the amulet was melted down and reforged into three pieces of jewelry that were supposed to ward off evil but as you can guess that didn’t happen.” Melony was telling me this like she believed this fairytale, I didn’t believe in witches or magic…..

“I just thought the necklace was pretty when I bought it, but the day after I put it on my tits grew four sizes Bailey, how do you explain that?” I couldn’t help but look at her tits, they were large, I’d guess triple D or maybe E cups? Either way they looked soft and voluptuous, they bounced effortlessly and seemed to have a hypnotic pull towards them. “Wait, the Witch could charm people? That would kinda explain why I can’t seem to take my eyes off your tits. The Confession was blunt and caused Melony to smirk, her legs rubbed against one another as she chuckled. “Or Maybe you just like them?” she took a step closer to me, I felt my cock twitch.

“I-” Taking a moment to clear my throat as the very attractive and very horny woman stared up at me, her eyes letting me know that I could use her as much as I wanted to. Truthfully at that moment I did want to give this new body of mine a test run, find out exactly what I can do but that would have to wait.

“N-not right now” I managed to stutter through weakly, stepping away from Melony. “Why can’t I take the ring off? Can you take the necklace off?”

“That I don’t know, I just know I haven’t been able to take off the chain since I put it on a little over a year ago now.” A Year, Melony had known about this for a full year. Had she been planning this all that time? I needed coffee.

Walking past her was harder than I thought it would be. It took an absurd amount of my will power not to stuff my face between those two melons on her chest….hey Melons, I think I just found her new nickname. Giggling to myself I made my way to the kitchen, everything felt different at this new height. I was so used to living life as a 5’4 petite woman, now I had to become accustomed to being a 6’6 muscle bound amazon with a python between my legs….I mean my god I’m going to go broke just getting a new wardrobe and how am I going to explain this to my family!

My mother would be shocked, I can see her now. The Twins, my younger brother and sister who had just graduated from Highschool would likely accuse me of cosmetic surgery.

I managed to clumsily stumble my way through operating my keurig and after a few minutes had a nice, hot cup of coffee in my hands. The mug felt so small now, I chuckled when I realized my new cock was thicker on the round than it. Melony found her way to the kitchen shortly after, having thrown on one of the shirts I used to sleep in. Which would likely be the only thing I own that would fit me now.

In silence she made herself a cup and hopped onto the counter beside me, giving me a top view of her cleavage threw the large collar of the shirt. She caught me looking, giving me a wink before I turned my gaze back to the sliding glass door leading out to a balcony. My view of the city wasn’t terrible but it could be better, for the most part it was blocked by another building but for what you could see it was breathtaking. This city was a living thing and now it was one I would have to live in as….this.

“Soooooo……” Melony broke the silence after fifteen minutes, both of us had laid our cups down and just stared out the glass door. “What now?” Her question was what I had been pondering for the last fifteen minutes, What now. What the fuck am I going to do? The ring won’t Anadolu Yakası Escort come off, I’m stuck like this…maybe for the rest of my life.

I could feel tears well in my eyes as I thought about it. My life had truly changed in the blink of an eye. How am I going to be able to do anything? How am I going to explain how a tiny woman suddenly sprouted into an amazon? It seemed impossible. “Hey…” Melony said softly, turning me to face her as she sat on the counter. With my head on her shoulder I cried. She softly rubbed my back and did her best to soothe me, we stayed like that for what must’ve been an hour. There was no more talk of sex or of indulging ourselves, Melony was now understanding that what she had done was not a good thing.

We discussed what to do next, I needed clothes. This proved to be VERY difficult as most things that would fit me weren’t exactly appealing. Of course she had to go out and send me pictures of damn near everything because I had nothing to cover me. In the end she purchased for me a few pairs of nice yoga pants and jeans that were form fitting and snug. She said they did wonders for the sausage I was hiding beneath them, To which I would have to agree. I had to own what and who I was now, There was no point in hiding that I was packing. I modeled everything for her when she came back, tops were not that hard. Mostly ones that complimented and showed off the impressive musculature of my body, I was happy with it all.

By the time we were finished the sun was starting to set, Melony was beat after a day of running around looking for outfits for a giantess to wear. She insisted that it was only right to do it, but I still felt grateful, Giving her a small hug after I finished modeling the last of the clothes. Feeling her breasts pressed up against me had my blood rushing to my nether region, There was no point in trying to hide it as she could feel it press up against her belly. “Mmmmmfff….” I heard her moan softly as she wiggled against my erection. My heart was racing. If there was ever a moment to find out what I can do it would be now and who better than the person who caused it? Images of her butt naked flashed into my mind, Fantasies of what we could do together. What she would let me to do her.

My hands slid down her back, cupping her firm butt cheeks in each palm. I could feel her breathing against my chest as she wiggled against me, she wanted it as much as I did. Softly I squeezed, While her chest is her best feature she wasn’t without curves on her backside, It was plump and squishy. No where near the size of my own….or that of my Mothers but It was nice.

“Bailey….Are we going to….?” She muffled against my chest, I could feel her steaming breath against my pert nipple. Then I scooped my arms under her, spreading her legs around my waist and holding her against me by her rear. Now face to face, I could see the desire in her eye, A lust filled gaze that told me she wanted me. She wanted my cock.

Our lips found each other, locked in a wet kiss that was not one of passion or love. But the kiss of two people who wanted to fuck eachother raw, With her cunt pressed against my erect cock; confined by the gray yoga pants she had bought me earlier in the day I took a seat on the edge of my bed. At first it was just a kiss, then she began to grind. Threw the thin fabric I could feel her folds sliding along my swollen shaft, already twitching with stimulation. Finally the kiss broke, Our lips leaving each other after our tongues had wrestled for what was 10 minutes. In a haze of lust we stared at each other, In that moment we both knew things between us were about to change forever.

My fingers hooked the fabric of her shirt, pulling it over her head to expose her breasts. Two tanned orbs of bouncing perfection that begged to be squeezed, Cupping one in of the soft mounds of flesh in my hand I felt a tinge of excitement run through me. She was getting off at just my touch, The woman had her eyes closed and was softly moaning with every squeeze I gave her ample chest. She stopped grinding, Biting the corner of her lower lip. “Enough foreplay, I want you to fuck me.” Her voice was sultry and low, she was ready.

I flipped us over, now she was below me. Her breasts propped up by her arms folded over her belly, her chest was heaving as she took in big gulps of air. I could see the stain of wet her pussy had developed in her jeans, Her gaze was hungry. Pulling her jeans off was surprisingly easy, I heard them tear as I forgot to unclasp the button but I didn’t care; I needed release as much as she did. My cock was aching, It had been swelled and ready to plunge into her for nearly twenty minutes. With her hairless pink pussy, glistening up at me I hooked my own pants and let my monster loose.

It sprang forth in a rage, My shaft throbbed violently as It hung over her casting a shadow nearly to her chest. Her gaze was fixed on it, This Kadıköy Escort foot long monster was about to ruin her, she would never be able to get satisfaction from another cock; she would be Bailey’s. Something stirred in me when I realized this, a certain satisfaction that I would come to enjoy immensely.

The Head of my cock met her welcoming folds, she took a sharp breath and gasped. The task she had now obvious to her, she had to take me….all of me. Slowly I pressed against her, I could hear her moaning loudly and cursing as my tip pushed its way inside of her. She shook, a violent orgasm rocketing threw her as the head of my cock finally popped inside of her. I let it happen, Her breasts jiggled deliciously as she experienced what I’m sure was a powerful orgasm. “Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkk” She finally breathed after nearly a minute of silently screaming. “I’ve never cum so hard in my life….Bailey you are amazing!” I couldn’t help but giggle, to which she gave me an inquisitive look. “Melony….We haven’t even begun.”

“Wha-” Was all she managed to say before I plunged my throbbing member inside of her, Instantly I felt myself bottom out inside of her. The tip was firmly pressed up against her Uterus, Her pussy clamped onto me so tight I thought it might rip my cock off as another orgasm forced its way through her. It was too much, my cock wanted to fuck her. My hips wanted to move, I wanted to fill her belly with my cum. I didnt let her orgasm fade this time, this time I planted my feet and fucked her. Long, powerful strokes of my throbbing cock that had her shuddering and yelling obscenities with each one, Each one forcing another earthshaking orgasm to take over from the last. She was in a blissful heaven while clenching onto my shaft and I was feeling what guys feel. I understood why guys blew their load so quickly now, the grip she had on my cock was sending pulsing waves of pleasure through me. Every fuckstroke into her I felt a new wave of pleasure that was flooding my senses, I needed release. Watching her tits bounce with each pump into her was doing wonders for me, the way they jiggled with every movement only adding to the building pressure. The room filled with the sloppy sound of our lovemaking, the sound of skin on skin contact as I sloppily slapped my abdomen against hers, the sloshing of liquid as she came over and over again on my shaft. Her legs wrapped around my waist, I couldn’t pull out now even if I wanted to.

Then It happened, With one final pump into her depths I felt an eruption. A burning, white hot liquid spilling from the head of my cock. Filling her with my seed was perhaps the best thing I have ever experienced, I felt a rush of pleasure starting from my vomiting cock and rushing threw me. Her walls clenched onto me as I flooded her depths in the sticky substance, Melony experiencing another orgasm from feeling it fill her.

I stumbled backwards, my cock exiting her with a soft ‘pop’ left a trail of white goo leaking from her gaping cunt. My cock still throbbed, the last remnants of my first real orgasm like this lingering in my bones. Heaving gulps of air filled my chest, I fell back with my butt hitting the floor. Leaning against my bedroom wall, With my own orgasm now ended I watched Melony shake and shiver as my cum leaked from her. The poor girl was unable to move, her energy had been sapped by the numerous orgasms she had succumbed to. It was an oddly erotic sight, watching a constant stream of my seed leak from her used and stretched cunt. I wondered if I was able to impregnate her? I glanced down to my cock, softening after a momentous release and while I had that, I did not have balls to accompany it.

For a moment the thought of breeding Melony made my blood rush but with the realization that I likely produce no actual semen that rush soon faded. It was nice to know I could fill Melony whenever I wanted without the need for countermeasures though. I looked at the time, It was still early at 8:00 PM. There was no sense in sleeping now, Still Melony looked like she would need the rest. Cautiously regaining my footing, my legs still weak from expelling so much of my hot load into my friend I left the bedroom and made my way to the sliding glass door. I opened it and stepped out into the cool night air of Miami, I could hear the noise of the city, it was still very much full of life….and so was I.

Standing there on the balcony, my muscled body and spent cock being cooled by the night air I breathed in what my life had become….and I was fine with it. This new dynamic would take some getting used to but there was no way I was going to give this up now, not after experiencing it.

Still I had to explain this to my closest friends and family…..that’s going to be a whole thing by itself, but I’m certain it’ll work out in the end.

End of Part 2

Up next is Part 3: Blood is Thicc

Six months after first putting on the ring, Bailey has grown accustomed to her new life. Melony insists that they discuss their relationship, Bailey doesnt want to be tied down to one person. Bailey heads home for a few weeks to clear her head, an old flame resurfaces and someone unexpected makes a confession.

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